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Capricorn Aquarius Cusp – Cusp of Mystery and Imagination

Dates January 16th until January 23rd Capricorn aquarius cusp compatibility Like all cusps, the Capricorn/Aquarius is attracted to other cusps, especially Cancer/Leo(July 19-25) and Scorpio/Sagittarius (November 19-24) Capricorn aquarius cusp personality Positive Traits The Capricorn/Aquarian is thought to be ambitious, broad-minded, business-oriented, careful, cautious,competitive, experimental, fixed opinions, intellectual, introvert, multitalented, offbeat, original, reserved, responsible, self-confident, […]

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Aquarius Pisces Cusp – The Cusp of Sensitivity

Dates February 15th until February 21st Aquarius pisces cusp compatibility Cancer/Gemini(June 19-24) and Leo/ Virgo August (19-25). Like all other cusps Aquarius/Pisces is attracted to other cusps. Aquarius pisces cusp personality Positive Traits The Aquarian/Piscean is thought to be caring, compassionate, extrovert, flirtatious, imaginative, intellectual, modest, multi-talented, offbeat, open-minded, original, quiet, romantic, sensitive, sentimental, shy, […]

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Virgo Libra Cusp – The Cusp of Beauty

Dates September 19th until September 25th virgo libra cusp compatibility  Like all other cusp people, the Virgo/Leo is attracted to other cusp people with Capricorn/Aquarius(January 17-22) and Aries/Taurus (April 19-24) being especially attractive. virgo libra cusp personality Positive Traits The Virgo/Libran is thought to be ambitious, attractive, charming, clean, communicator, cooperation, devoted, diplomatic, efficient, even-tempered, […]

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Libra Scorpio Cusp – Cusp of Drama and Criticism

Dates October 19th until October 25th Libra scorpio cusp compatibility As with all cusp people, Libra/Scorpio is attracted to other cusp people with Taurus/Gemini (May 19-24) and Sagittarius (December 19-25) being most attractive. Libra scorpio cusp personality Positive Traits The Libran/Scorpion is thought to be good at abstract reasoning, ambitious, ambivert, attractive, aware, communicative, cooperative, […]

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Pisces Aries Cusp – The Cusp of Rebirth

Dates March 17th until March 23rd Pisces aries cusp compatibility Attractions: Attracted to other cusp people-especially those in the Libra/Scorpio(Oct 19-25) and Taurus/Gemini(May 19-24) cusps. Pisces aries cusp personality Positive Traits The Arian/Piscean is thought to be active, ambivert, artistic, assertive, athletic, brave, broad-minded, caring, clean-minded, compassionate, dependent, devoted, doer, dominant, dreamer, emotional, flamboyant, flirtatious, […]

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