Taurus Compatibility – Who Are Their Love Matches?

taurus compatibilityA Taurus is an earth sign and under the sign of Venus. And as true to form, a Taurus is as stubborn as bull (which is their animal sign). That means they tend to be pretty traditional, and will always have their mind fixed on a goal without considering other options until it doesn’t work out in their favor. When that happens, expect them to blow up and go on the attack. If this happens, it’s best to just let it happen and try not to control the situation. In addition, they have a certain style and personality that others have a hard time understanding. Once they are aware of how others perceive them, especially in the negative, they will either seek to change themselves or find faults with others.

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You are a Taurus, They are…

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Aries and Taurus

This indicates a very satisfactory physical relationship. But your emotional desires may remain unsatisfied with this – in the first place – passionate man.

Taurus and Taurus

A soft, erotically charged, tender commitment.

Gemini and Taurus

Your erotic sensuality cannot prevent this easily distracted man to think of other things when you have sex.

Cancer and Taurus

He wants to soothe all his emotions, you are looking for physical pleasure. You’ll find each other in a warm, sensual love.

Leo and Taurus

You want action, and he talks too much. Not the easiest combination, except in bed!

Virgo and Taurus

You are mindful, and he is glad because very little is left to coincidence. Two silent lovers.

Libra and Taurus

Venus dominates this combination of two people who like it sweet and tender. He turns you on with his erotic stories.

Scorpio and Taurus

You are afraid of the extremes in his reactions. He scorches you, and you never forgive each other.

Sagittarius and Taurus

You want to marry and found a family, he loves his freedom. It may only stick to a one night stand?

Capricorn and Taurus

You teach him to overcome his timidity in bed. You are patient, and this gives him a sense of security in a – for him – unfamiliar field.

Aquarius and Taurus

You’ll find him crazy, he will find you boring. His volatility on the amorous plane frightens you.

Pisces and Taurus

Your earthly love and his unearthly tenderness creates a romantic combination.

Friendship Relationship Compatibility


They respect their friends and family equally, they are friends forever and time does not weaken the bond of friendship for them in any way. They can be possessive about their friends and may get jealous sometimes. They are good friend compatibility with Pisces, Cancer, Virgo and Capricorn.

Dating Compatibility


Taurus tends to be more suitable to some signs over other. For example, Taurus Cancer love is characterized by home, love, and support. Both signs prefer to be at home and away from the business of the city. And Cancer s sometimes over emotional reactions are easily handled by Taurus practical and calm nature. The Taurus Virgo relationship is probably the closest to perfection two signs can get. You both can live very harmoniously together and the practicality you each posse helps build the relationship. On the other hand, Aries is not a suitable sign for Taurus as Aries are very quick to act and very unpredictable. These are not some of Taurus favorite traits.

Sex Compatibility


Taurus Gemini love is best suited to a one night stand. The event will be amazing and memorable but if these two get back together their opposing characters can drive a permanent wedge into the relationship. Gemini does not offer the security Taurus s needs and requires freedom and independence much to clingy Taurus chagrin. Scorpio is a great choice for Taurus as both are very possessive and the sparks fly when these two get together. Capricorn is another great choice for Taurus as both enjoy long hours of lovemaking. While Pisces will be very sexually satisfying in the bedroom, the relationship will not last unless Pisces is willing to loosen the purse strings and spend some money on Taurus.


It is important that you get a personalized reading to find out the specifics of the compatibility between you and any future love.

How to Love match up with a Taurus


For a Taurus woman, she is pretty picky with what she wants. She’s known to be conservative and kind of traditional, which as a man and you have those values; she would be a perfect match for you. However, you must remember that in order to make sure she is with you for life, it is best to make sure she feels secure and safe, because if not, she could take her feelings of insecurity out on you.

The Taurean man, he like his female counterpart can be very stubborn and grounded. He too also comes with a set of traditional values. The only difference is that the Taurus man seeks more fulfillments in his physical more than his mental space. Thus, if you show him the attractive side of life and the attractive side of yourself, he’ll be attracted to you.

Signs that are compatible with a Taurus are Pisces, Cancer, Virgo, and Capricorn.

Neutrally they are connected with Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius, and Aries.

They cannot match with Leo, Aquarius, or Scorpio.

If with another Taurus, expect a lot of outings and activities.

Taurus Compatibility Chart:


Taurus Sun Sign Compatibility

Things to Consider:


Basic Relationship Traits

This is a sign of stability and patience. They are attractive and alluring in a relationships, much like they are in their associations with other friends and family.

They have the power of drawing in people, attracting them like a magnet into their group and can do this without the need of much personal effort.

What this means for them, then, in love and in relationships, is that they can attract the opposite sex and actually prefer being the prize then having to be the one reeling in the target.

Likes in a Relationship

Compatibility is found in a relationship if the partner is straightforward and passive like them.

They prefer being down to earth and direct in their relationships. They like the simplicity of a simple but strong relationship with a strong base.

Too much talk, complexity, or impulsiveness is not favored in a relationship.

They like and feel strongly towards non-verbal treats like music, a thoughtful gift, or a well-made meal. Being a sensual sign, they will also enjoy romance such as softly candlelit dinners or sharing a glass of vintage wine.

Sensuality and Stability

They will try to keep sensuality first in a relationship. They will try their best to be the perfect partner and don’t understand other people who don’t try to give their partner everything they want.

Compatibility is best in a stable, long-term relationship! they make faithful friends and faithful lovers.

They will pursue making strong relationships with others and they will want the romantic relationships they make to last and be particularly strong.

When Young

When they are young, they can be misguided in their romantic relationships, partly because of their naturally sensual natures.

During this youthful phase, they may pass through several relationships out of curiosity and eager interest.

However, when  matured, they will want to settle down hard and will stop immaturely fooling around.

From that time on, theywill be very serious about relationships taking time to analyze the good points and bad points of a person and consi dering a great deal before settling into a relationship.

Creatures of Passion

They are very sensually natured. They like passion; eating and making love are naturally two of their favorite pastimes because of this.

As a being of passion, they loved to be loved, and loves to show their love. They will enjoy being sweet and kissy faced with their lovers and won’t mind doing so in public.

When Picking a Lover

They tend to take time and deliberate whether a love interest is worth their time or not. Lots of boxes need to be checked and time will pass while they decides this.

However, This sign is patient, and once they decide that you are worthy of their love and devotion, they will give it in full and strong, compatibility between you two will come to the relationship.

Problems in a Relationship?

In relationships they can sometimes get into the problem of becoming too settled in or satisfied. This sign can be afraid of conflict and fear things that will threaten the perfect firmness and stability of their relationship.

Because of this, even though they are cool-headed and calm most of the time, they can suddenly give in to a strong wave of jealousy.

Usually they are slow to get angry, but this is a sign that also happens to keep a lot bottled up inside themselves. An outburst like this will be fierce but soon return back to calm.

It will cool down easily if they can be reassured that their relationship is secure, and will remain so.

In Conclusion

Lots of cuddling and warm affection are needed in a relationship with this one.

They need to feel that their relationship is secure and will do best with a partner that can be just as loyal to them as they will be to their partner.

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