Taurus Compatibility

BY Melissa Martinez

taurus compatibilityA Taurus is an earth sign and under the sign of Venus.  And as true to form, a Taurus is as stubborn as bull (which is their animal sign).  That means they tend to be pretty traditional, and will always have their mind fixed on a goal without considering other options until it doesn’t work out in their favor.  When that happens, expect them to blow up and go on the attack.  If this happens, it’s best to just let it happen and try not to control the situation.  In addition, they have a certain style and personality that others have a hard time understanding.  Once they are aware of how others perceive them, especially in the negative, they will either seek to change themselves or find faults with others.  For this reason, Pisces, Canser, Virgo, and Capricorn are most compatible with a Taurus.  It is important that you get a personalized compatibility test to find out the specifics of the compatibility between you and any future love.
taurus compatibility

For a Taurus woman, she is pretty picky with what she wants.  She’s known to be conservative and kind of traditional, which as a man and you have those values; she would be a perfect match for you.  However, you must remember that in order to make sure she is with you for life, it is best to make sure she feels secure and safe, because if not, she could take her feelings of insecurity out on you.

The Taurean man, he like his female counterpart can be very stubborn and grounded.  He too also comes with a set of traditional values.  The only difference is that the Taurus man seeks more fulfillments in his physical more than his mental space.  Thus, if you show him the attractive side of life and the attractive side of yourself, he’ll be attracted to you.

Signs that are compatible with a Taurus are Pisces, Cancer, Virgo, and Capricorn.  Neutrally they are connected with Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius, and Aries.  They cannot match with Leo, Aquarius, or Scorpio.  If with another Taurus, expect a lot of outings and activities.

Taurus Compatibility Chart:

Taurus Sun Sign Compatibility




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taurus compatiblity - who is your perfect match
taurus compatibility - who do you match up with

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