Leo Woman (July 23 – August 22)

leo woman

Leo Lady

A veritable human ornament, (is that mean?) she is a looker and everyone stops to take a glance. Baby, she’s a Leo girl star. She must be “it,” the only one, importante muchacha. She likes people well enough, but is, well, self-centered. She isn’t usually too faithful a person either. I mean, she’s gotta look out for numero uno. (But shouldn’t we?) Drama queen. Wow, she sounds hard to be around, right? Well, not exactly. She’s often very creative, daring and intelligent. She wants to grab the bull by the horns and ride into town, stopping only for a few quick pics of herself in front of landmarks. But, Leo lasses also refrain from self-criticism, preferring to think of themselves as “beyond that.” A sense of humor can almost always be found and she usually has a laugh that will brighten any cloudy day. This is getting really cheesy.

Leo Woman -She is nothing but marvelous in her eyes.  Your understanding and acceptance of this fact must be the foundation upon which you guys can later move on to a more realistic relationship.  Her innermost desire is praise and you need to be willing to overlook her faults and focus on her virtues.

This might sound to you as a self-centered person but let’s just say she has a very intense drive toward self-realization.  She truly believes she was born to be someone special  and thus must express this feeling.  It’s a good thing that love is one of those planes in which she can totally express and satisfy herself.  When she falls in love she will give herself to you without reservations.  She’s got a very strong romantic nature and she’ll expect just as much passion in return.

As far as sex goes, she exudes great sensuality but is not into kinky experiments; she’d much rather spice up what’s familiar with her flare for the dramatic.  A Leo woman will thrive in marriage with a mate who can give her affection and admiration, without falling into submission.  A totally submissive man will eventually leave her feeling like she’s been shortchanged and her demeanor will turn for the worst, without a doubt.

Her flamboyance and assurance will always ensure men flocking towards her.  Like other women wear jewelry, she’ll wear men around her arm; more like a statement.  You on the other hand, must remember that in her world, there’s only her, so the knowledge that you have another woman on your radar as well, will be a total turnoff.  She’d can’t lose, so you’ll hardly ever find a Leo woman in a battle for a man’s attention; she’d rather walk away…and she will, so think twice before going there with her.

For the Leo Man

Leo Woman Traits

Look for a thick mane of hair and a smile that would charm any duck off any pond and you probably found a Leo lady strolling in the sunshine. Attention please there is a lioness passing through and woe betide anyone who fails to notice the royal procession as it passes! She loves people and is kind and loving to those she cares about but very dismissive of those she doesn’t If she doesn’t like you forget it for her mind is rarely changed by the whimpering of others. As for romance, yes she can be tamed and will respect you and is capable of all nice things but please remember your place.

Leo Woman in Love

The Leo woman is self assured, confident, and desires to be treated like the queen she’s convinced she truly is at all times.

The Leo woman can be considered by many to be self centered, and in a way she is, but really she is just in love with herself and wants others to be too.

If you’re interested in the Leo woman you can be sure that she will want to be in complete control of the relationship. She likes to be the center of attention and her charisma and magnetic charm make this an easy feat.

Full of self confidence and flamboyance the Leo woman has a tendency to attract many potential mates that are drawn to her like a moth to a flame. She expects this complete attraction by all who meet her and nothing less will satisfy her.

The Leo woman tends to keep many men nearby her at all times. This is just her way. Once this woman finds love she gives freely, fully, and without reservation. She is intense and sensual although she prefers to use passion in the bedroom to spice things up rather than innovation. She expects her chosen mate to have the same fiery passion in love.

This woman can be a bit overwhelming and difficult to deal with as she really thinks she is something special and can get a bit carried away. She wants to dominate the relationship in every way and sometimes once married to a Leo woman the man finds he’s become totally submissive.

If the Leo woman thinks you aren’t giving your all or doing your fair share she’ll likely become bitter and resentful. She expects the very best in life and won’t stand for competition with another female or a man who keeps a tight hold on his wallet.

The Leo woman thinks she’s a queen and fully intends to be treated as one. If you’re not up to this task then don’t even bother.

One way to get the Leo woman’s attention is to pay her compliments and lots of them. She will never tire of compliments (sincere or otherwise) and will be attracted to you for seeing how wonderful she truly is.

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Sex With A Leo Girl

Turn Ons: Respect. You have a high level of self-esteem and you expect to be appreciated. A mate who shows devotion brings out your best side. If your mate doesn’t mind, you’re more than happy to set the terms of the relationship. You also dig when people respect themselves, too.

Turn Offs: Neglect. You get cranky and bossy if you feel your mate’s not spending enough energy on you. And if he doesn’t put you on a pedestal (or at least recognize your many charms), you’ll find someone else who will.


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