Aries Taurus Cusp – The Cusp of Power

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Aries Taurus Cusp - The Cusp of Power


April 16th until April 22nd

Aries taurus cusp compatibility

As with all cusp people, they are attracted to other cusps-Taurus/Gemini(May 19-24) and Scorpio/Sagittarius(November 19-24) cusps especially.


They have markedly dominant personalities.
They are highly strategic in thought and action.
Try to be more sensitive to the feelings of those around them.
They must learn to back off and allow things to happen as they will.
They become very uncomfortable if forced to submit to another control.
They are not in a hurry to see results, therefore they are masters of thorough and painstaking preparation.
As with all people born under a cusp, the Aries/Taurus person is of two conflicting element, in this case it is fire and earth.
These people will show the fiery forwardness and willfulness of Aries but also the practicality, endurance, and nurturing of Taurus.

Taurus aries cusp personality

[one_third_first]aries and taurus cusp -have an unmatched ability to complete things that others find too boring it difficult.[/one_third_first][one_third]taurus aries cusp -are ambitious yet sensitive. They're creative and idealistic, but can also have a strong need for material stability[/one_third][one_third_last]aries-taurus cusp - tend to be direct, brave, & determined, making them the cusp sign most likely to finish what everyone else has given up on[/one_third_last]

Good Traits

The Arian/Taurean is thought to be active, aggressive, initiative, athletic, bold, dependable, dynamic, eloquent, extrovert, flirtatious, hardworking, helpful, humorous, money-oriented, nice, opinionated, patient, perseverance, practical, quiet, sensitive, sensual, sexual, stable,strong, and talented.

Bad Traits

The Arian/Taurean is changeability, easily influenced, easily intimidated, fickle, head strong, high-strung, hyper-sensitive, jealous, moody, phony, prone to aloof, quarrelsome, stubborn, tries to fit in, and a trouble-maker.

aries taurus cusp

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29 thoughts on “Aries Taurus Cusp – The Cusp of Power”

  1. True I’m a cusp and even right now I’m so hyper I guess not goting out from today the energy is too much right now. The reason I didn’t go out was of my Tauraus nature saying to stay home eat watch tv but now it seems as if my aries wants to go out in need

  2. I am a true cusp as well, I’m independant like Aries but need that love that Taurus wants.. It is the hardest feeling to get under control, I love the chase of the relationship but as soon as I get it im done and off to the next.. I need my freedom and my down time to recharge I really do but I love to be around people all the time in the lime light starting little fires everywhere but then I come back around and smooth everything out.. The crazier thing is no one gets that I do this but then I look amazing once I calm the storm.. Its quiet interesting.. I am really adorable too, not sure what sign that comes from but I am really amazing looking.. That confidence of Aries I definately have with the humbleness of the Taurus. AWW I love being me..

  3. we’ll, i’m born 4 20 1978 and i’m amazing! i’m very confident and i have lots of energy when it comes to work. i’m always the Strongest person at work too. i do lots of physical work inside industrial refineries. lots of heavy lifting and walking climbing etc. you get the picture. anyway it’s cool to know there’s other people out there like me. i love music i play guitar i love singing in the car with the music full blast to some heavy stuff like Old school metallica etc. i love being in relationship with my sexy girlfriend who’s a cuspy herself. 12 19 1981. She’s sagittarius capricorn. we get along great but when we fight it’s like world war 3. lol. i just love all life in general. i can’t help it. my passion for all things is never ending and nobody can match it! i’m the best! i gotta get back to work. talk to whoever reads this later. PEACE

  4. I am a female 4/19/64 and I am my biggest fan. Just ask any of my numerous friends. I have noticed that many of the males in my life that have captured my attention are all taurus!!!!! May 6 – May11th primarily – and all different ages through out my life. A capricorn caught my eye and ended disasturously imagine that!! Accomplishing the struggle of fire and earth is a challenge that i find exciting!! WOW did I say that out loud. LOL Jeremy – my latest male taurus May 11, 1978 Yes 14 years age difference. It is a challenge. My Capricorn was 1963 December 27th. Horrid mistake for me. So, could luck..

  5. I am born on the cusps 4/19 aries-taurus i am very independent as well i don’t mean to be rude but sometimes i clash with other signs not verbally but sometimes i got to get away from them like libra,pieces,gemini,and virgo i don’t have much in common with them so i am always alone i do find taurus and scorpios attractive my closes friend is a scorpio and we get along great.

  6. Im a aries and taurus cusp 4/20/87 It is almost a challenge everyday with me and what im feeling, i have alot of sagittarius friends and they party all the time i usualy stay home and play piano or watch movies. but when i go out for the night it’s on, im in it till the sun rises, i guess thats my fire sign getting in gear, i notice that people i dont know want to get to know me they find me interesting but i dont want to talk with them, im with my friends and not interested to make new, thats the stuborness the bull brings i guess. over all i like music alot and i teach my self everything i know thats the determination the sign brings I love being a cusp its the best of both worlds, peacfull then agressive when wanted to…

  7. I’m a taurus aries as well. I find the need to move, but also needs have my mind flexed. it’s hard to choose sometimes. I’m usally cool and collected, but my emotions are always mixing. I have a strong since of needing to do everything alone. but in groups feels a need to get things right. and will even go back and do things over again when I know I can do soething better then someone else. I taking in information and place it into a plan.

  8. I am born 4/20/1997. I also have troubles with depresstion. I try to balance it otu but thing happen. I feel powerful at times but it’s hard to keep mysef near people, as I have problems comunicating with people. I love to draw,but feel like I”m not going anywhere. I love working with my hands an finishing a task. I don’t think people get me most he time. I am uasal alone though. but very attached to my freinds. I only have a close circul of freinds, but they ar trust worthy. I keep go to church sometimes to help balance but I still have problems.

    1. I agree! I was born the same day and do alot of the same weird things. I love my friends and the company of others. However, I also have this dyer need to be alone also. like even when i am around certain people i am happy; but at the same time i also do not want them to stay long because i just need space after a few hours of hanging out. I hate when people take this negatively because i mean no harm. Even in relationships i often want to share and be generous and then the next minute i don’t if i feel threatened by them; or if i feel they won’t do the same for me. idk this cusp is just weird. I deal with depression alot sometimes to and it seems nothing but myself can bring me out because im that STUBBORN. I hate it so much. I fell in love with this aquarius guy and he broke up with me because he felt i was “too emotional” but at the same time i wasn’t emotional enough for him. idk but we are great people!

  9. Hi all. I am also a aries-taurus cusp 22/4. Reading all the above i can relate to most of what has been said. I am married to a scorpio 7/11 who for some reason does not seem to understand me. I am also the same when it comes to falling in and out of love. I love the feeling of been in love but when the feeling is gone i feel as if i want to move on. Currently i am having mixed feeling about a sag-cap cusp, i can feel the spark but i am to scared to make that move. Not really even sure who i am compatible with anymore. I love the feeling of been needed but i dont want to feel like an object. I love my freedom.

  10. I’m rally glad That i’ve found this sight. when I read these storys, I’m sort of happy to know I’m not the only on with these problems. for all adivce to othe A/T cuspen, just relaxe and try to get along. We can all find a place. Though it seems like a long road in finding the place, it’s always wother it in the end.

  11. Well I was born on the 22nd of April 1979 and I am nothing like that. I am usually shy and have trouble making friends. I’ve never had a girlfriend and am usually attracted to Aries women. I’ve never been my own boss and am usually the one taking orders. If anything is the bane of my life it’s lazyness, so I’m not active at all. I’ve read a few sites about being an Aries/Taurus and they don’t sound like me at all. 🙁

  12. Well I am also born on the Cusp 4/23/88 and let me say it is sooooo true I am the same way I go through what I call mood swings my bff tells me I am bu.polar he is a taurus as well, but idk like for a coule months Ill wanna go out all the time and then boom it switches where I just want to stay home chill draw paint listen to music. or ill have days where im feeling bored or relaxewd then all of a sudden I have a burst of energy and im like lets go out on some adventure. I have a very bubbly personality I can talk alot or be extrmely quite and just observe what people are doing around me. I notice I am drawn towards taurus too and virgos and scorpios, I have friends that are sagg’s but we always bump heads too stubborn I guess, recently I am interested in a cancer 7.3.86 he is very sensual and passionat toward me which i love but he seems soooo inclosed and doesnt open up as freely as i like and advice ? are we compatible with cancers??

  13. im a cusparian born 4-21-88 and i know i’m amazing, so persistant, creative, beautiful, brilliant and strong.. sometimes i get so hung up though! through my childhood i was a flaming raging bull destroying anything in my path including myself.. had some serious problems with depression and cutting as a adolecent. did the whole drugs, sex, and rock in roll thing… i mellowed out completely after i had my daughter (2)… taurus had been dominant my entire life but now the ram wants a chance to reign. i’m usually pretty frustrated because i can’t get myself up sometimes. i get stuck overthinking and end up getting nothing accomplished sometimes.. i’m working on finding some balance.. what are some things that you all do to “take the bull by the balls”?

  14. To everyone born on this Aries Taurus cusps that has been through many different and difficult situations in life i tell you all don’t give up the fight inside i learned in my life time 4/19/80 that we can rise above many obstacles it’s all about self discipline give your self goals and reach them start with small ones and work your way up exercise the body and mind as well put God in your heart and let him guide you in all your way you will succeed cause i have been to the top and the bottom of life God bless u all!

  15. I am 4/20 and this fits me very well. I find that I am pulled towards pieces women, I can develop a deep relationship/understanding with them however my dual nature can be very stressful for them. Just when they seem to have me all figured out.I also have a problem when confronted with very hard paths in life. I take them on with full force determination and nothing can stand in my way. I’ll go for what I see is the right path even if it kills me. But other people in my life get swept under this. If my face is set I’ll coldly drive over even my nearest dearest loved ones like a tank if they hinder me. I don’t like being this way. Has anyone else had to battle this? Did you find a balance? if so how?

  16. well i’m also born 4/20 let me tell you i feel you all it’s not easy i can be nice one minute and not the next if i keep my feelings inside it just makes it worse i let it out and it gets out of control impulsive thats me stuborn yet i can give in if rubed the rigt way if i feel loked down i don’t like it at all i love to watch movies,music,poetry,art,food,dancing,I don’t like fake people and can smell one from a mille away lol i talk to alot of people and have about 3 good friends who i help with what ever they need even if i do without and don’t expect nothing in return i have a hard time saying no wen asked for a favor and true it all my boyfriend of 3yrs born 11/23 puts up with me :0

  17. I was born on 4/20/1969. I feel like I am constantly on the go..Even at home, I am going all the time..When I get the chance to relax, I find that alot of the time, watching tv is boring to me. I have been reading alot to occupy my mind with things that interest me. I enjoy having a family and being at home, but I also feel the need to have my freedom, too. I really dont want anyone to tell me how they think I should live my life. I am usually easy-going. If something angers me, I usually get over it pretty quick. Thats all I have to say for now.. 😀

  18. I am so pleased to have found this site,i finally feel like i’m not alone in this world when it comes to all these mixed feelings inside and trying to feel at peace.I was born 4/19/79 and i have battling with these cusp traits forever it seems, i always feel like no one gets me and if i express to much of myself to people they get intimidated by my honesty & boldness. Right now is especially rough, i feel trapped since i havent found my talents yet and have been out of work for almost two years.I have 2 great kids and i love being a sahm ,but i feel the need to have my own finacial success.Any suggestions would be a great help!

  19. Hi. My name is jessamyn , and I’m a Taurus-Gemini Cusp…(haha…I feel like I’m at an AA meeting!) I stumbled on this website because I want to learn more about the Aries personality because I’ve been corresponding for the last seven months with an Aries and it’s been exciting, great and challenging at the same time. He has been diagnosed with depression or bi-polar disorder. I’m not sure which, because he’s very private. I was told by a mutual friend. I just wanted to say that I agree with Rob and End of Silence in regard to dealing with our issues. In my experience, I have found that we all have a lot of variables that go into our personalities – astrology, birth order, etc., but the most defining power of all is God. My mother has schizophrenia; so, I think because I knew early on I needed Him, I became a believer in Christ at a very young age. I’m 50 now, and after having spent the majority of my life seeking Him and being in ministries, I know that whatever we deal with, He can overcome it and change those natural weaknesses. I believe information about astrology, birth order, etc. is helpful, as well as, doctors, counselors, medication. I believe those are tools from God to help us, but from my experience, I have seen that those who are seeking Him – praying, reading the Bible and trying to practice what it says, etc. show the most progress. I look at the Bible like God’s Owner’s Manual for our lives. He created us and knows how we best operate and gave us the manual to help us know what that is. We can either choose to operate that way and run well or we can go it on our own and find out the hard way. I’ve seen a lot of people who operated without Him for most of their lives and got extremely hurt and confused – I’m talking really severe issues – but they sought Him and turned their lives around and are doing incredibly well now.

  20. hi i am another 23rd April taurus, moon in pisces. wow, it’s surprising how much i can understand comments here.this Aries-Taurus people have very strong Presence Power. People notice you without trying and think you are very strong. However, inside is actually so complicated. i had long battle with my inner emotions since i was 7, experienced the depression at the age of 12. Still up and down going on but got much better. i’m 21 now.

    Reading books and writings was my most interests, i had problem with my mom who has Aries in moon and born 12th of May. She just could not understand me, called me [Child in the middle of the Chaos]. haha very true. Even the man who was the founder of Chaos theory was under our cusp! i never got bored with day dreaming.

    i love doing what many people find ‘Boring’ or ‘hard’ to finish off. i am someone who tests and pushes boundaries which people say impossible (This is include the relationships, i go for my opposite natured people). i am bad with co-operation or team work. i could talk to them but just could not work when someone’s around. When i work, i work until i feel ‘enough’, sometimes stay up until the next day. But when i am with people or don’t work i become super lazy pig.

    i spent many times to understand about myself, look up the charts, astronology, psychology etc etc and noticed these were just my traits. i was just born in this way LOL So now i am doing some experiments to myself LOL. instead of having my own space, i moved into 9 people sharing house, went into communities, write schedules everyday and exercise frequantly: just make myself very uncomfortable. This really helped me a lot, because once you control your own body and surroundings, then you can started to control your own mind.

    BAsed on my experience, i think i am very different. But please do not get me wrong, this is actually not my comment. i never knew about myself until recently when People who i lived with telling me all about it. Good and bad parts. i am still unsure about how different i am but i’ve realised that i am not intellectual but very emotionally driven. Always interpret thigns from my own perspective, rather than rationalizing. However, quite blunt about surrounding situations, Always know how to enjoy the moment, Blast once and turn into ash the other time.

    1. I can relate so much to your comment.
      PS: only today i got to know I belong to a cusp sun sign and now I know why I have two opposite personalities. Earlier I had diagnosed myself with bipolar mood disorder. Even my friends told me so. I’m 23 apr born with moon in capricorn

  21. Well I guess I’m a cusp. 4/22/92 Earth day. I’ve been working with this inner turmoil for years and now I know why. I am generally calm as long as things go according to the plan I set, however, when things I have no control over wrecks my plans I lose it. My temperament can be so volatile at times. How do I you all deal with the control issues? I’m married to a Capricorn and have an Aquarius son as well.

  22. I am a Aries/ Taurus cusp. Born on 04/20/90, I identify with both signs but I lean more to the idea of a Taurus. A bull, earth sign but I know I am an Aries as well. As a child I dealt with depression. Sleepless nights like this one. But once I found who I truly was and admitting that to myself. That alone helped me with balancing out and productivity moving forward, and in a sense working my two signs needs. I am an only child. My mom was an Aries and my other mom is a Gemini. I believe parents play a huge role in who you are but it’s beautiful to find the good in all you have been through. We are probably one of the most loving caring signs and it’s been super helpful for me to learn to see everyone for who they are and not the expectations you have of someone. I gravitate toward a Pieces sign the water element makes me feel comftable. Maybe because I grew up near the ocean. But either way, growth is key, I’ve learned so much by simply intriguing my mind and believing in my own path, not like anyone else’s.

  23. I”m also an aries/taurus cusp, born 4/21. All my life I felt like I didn’t fit in the Taurus, but only recently I started reading the cusp description and finally it made sense!!
    I’ve always felt like there was a battle inside between a calm, composed and sometimes lazy person and an active, bubbly and impulsive one. Even now, I have weeks when my calendar is full and I’m complaining that I don’t have time to myself, then I have a weekend to myself and I complaint that I’m not busy.
    What worries me the most is the fact that I get bored easily, even of people.
    I need my freedom, but I like to feel safe in someone’s arms, I’m loyal, but I’ll run like hell if I feel you might become dependent on me, I would sometimes go head first into a decision, other times I would think about it for months…full of contradictions.I’m really glad to see I’m not the only one!
    I have been pushing the second one aside, but I’m seeing the positive now and I truly think that these two combined would be a force to be reckoned with!
    Thank you for the article, I’m finally understanding and accepting all my traits!

    1. I’m April 18th, ya, it’s a lot of energy to deal with eh, Ive always felt like I don’t fit in. This article makes total sense.

  24. Awesome, I like reading about my sign it gives me the chance for self study to put words to why I do certain things, helps me change what I want or improve once I know my target. Was born 4/22/93 and I can definitely say I’m a conflicted character haha feels like a mental patient at times with how often my mindset changes sometimes haha. But nevertheless I’m proud to be this sign with or without it’s flaws. I honestly have never met anyone like me person to person but I know y’all are out there ha. But I do have a weakness for sagittarius ladies guess that’s the Aries in me ;D

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