Aries Sex

sex with aries

Sex With An Aries

Best Partners: Aquarius, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, Aries
Aries Sex Position: scissoring, reverse cowgirl
Aries sex drive: High

Aries Sex Traits:

When it comes to Aries sex, The Ram is more of a tiger.  Like many other sleek animals, they love the hunt. Spontaneity is vital to their sex lives and they can be quickly aroused. They are direct and to the point – they would rather rip off your clothes than drop subtle hints.

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This native is a physical and fearless lover blessed with the stamina to go all night long. Love affairs and adventures will certainly turn them on. Invite Aries to a race in the swimming pool, telling him/her that the winner will be rewarded with a great oral sex in the bedroom. Compliment Aries on his/her great moves and include plenty of pleasurable oohs and aahs — you will certainly turn on your  partner. When it comes to sex, people under this sign are probably the noisiest of all the zodiac signs — keep that in mind if you plan to have a quickie with your Aries lover in your parents’ house.


How to turn on an Aries

You must be an open-minded lover who knows how to satisfy his/her partner. Eroticism is very important to them, but it’s the mental connection that actually turns them on. Most likely, The Ram will be the dominant partner between the sheets. Expect it to be physical, quick and rough. They are very passionate and demanding when it comes to sex relationships. If you ever argue with your Aries lover, your argument is likely to end up with great sex. Anger can really arouse them!

Turn them on by surprising him/her with a most adventurous and physical work-out. Remember that sex is a physical work-out for them. The men and women are pretty open-minded so there’s no need to be coy about revealing your own little fetishes. Boredom comes easily and the constant demands of your Aries lover can become more and more unreasonable. They love to have sex in the morning, so surprise them with a great performance before breakfast. They will certainly spend all day long thinking of your great body and moves.
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 Aries Erogenous Zone

When it comes to body parts, the head and face are their most power rich erogenous zones. Rubbing their scalp and stroking their hair will make them feel at ease and will heighten their sensations. Take a nibble on their ears to turn them on, for the men and women born under this sign will not be able to resist your moves.

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