Leo Man – Sex, Attraction, And His Personality

These guys often like their women to look good and not say too much. Pooey on that! But maybe that Leo guy you know (or that Leo guy that you are?!) isn’t that kind. Leo’s like the outside, especially when it is sunny — it puts ’em in a good mood. Leo’s are extroverts and not in that phony way either, a genuine generous, outgoing, love-to-laugh kinda fella. Romance is a way of life with this guy: he’s always either falling in love or falling out of love, but you can bet he’s always falling. His Achilles heel is most certainly his vanity. He can sulk big-time and can be very jealous. Very jealous. To the point of rage. And then he’s charming again. So beware. Gosh, I was kinda mean to my friendly Leo male and female, I apologize, but. . .

Leo Man Personality



  • he is brave and very determined ( will defend his ideals)
  • great at problem solving, will be one of the first to step up to help solve it
  • Will know how to put you in a place you deserve to be in his life
  • Loves to feel needed and wanted
  • Is super fun, loves to be social and party! woot!
  • Dinner out or movies at home, this is your guy


  •  Can be somewhat stubborn
  • Comes off vain and egocentric ( bad) but as you chip away at him you will see he is super affectionate, generous and very attentive.
  • Requires a lot of attention from his partner

His Planet – The Sun


Leo is ruled by the Sun. Watch out or you may just be blinded by your love for his guy. Big, bold and the center of his own Universe, Leo lights up the sky, Earth and you if you are lucky enough to capture this guy.

Astrology focuses on the “Sun” signs because the Sun is our center or our ego force. It is our outward appearance and personality. It is what motivates and moves us. Leo personifies this energy.

The Leo man is driven by his ego and he is larger than life at time. He wants his light shinning on everyone and he will demand the attention this light inspires.

We never look up in the sky and wonder what the Sun is or fail to love its life giving energy, with which we would not last many days without. If you are feeling like this describes your Leo man, you have indeed fallen captive to his intense heat.


His Symbol – The Lion


Who else but the King of the Jungle could symbolize a Sun ruled Leo. The Lion takes the scorch out of the burning heat and makes a Leo oh so loveable. He does have a heart and its bigger than any fairytale. Now how to make it yours is another question.


His Element – Fire Sign


Like the solar flares of the Sun, Leo is a Fire sign. Brimming with male energy, this guy is outgoing, charming, charismatic and friendly. He can and does take charge but has a ton of fun in the process.

Fire signs can be bossy and demanding but Leos rarely let these negative characteristics interfere with their performance. To a Leo, the show must go on and they are happy giving it their all as long as they get their applause at the end.

The Fire element ensures that life will never be dull with this guy. His intensity may wear you out at times but it will also keep you more alive than you ever imaged.

If you are looking for your shinning knight, look no further than this Sun ruled sign.


His Quality – Fixed


Leo is a Fixed sign from the Latin root fixus, which means to latch on to or fasten to. This guy grabs on to the gusto of life and doesn’t let go. You can count on him to be stable and dependable and to get the job done. Leos have great inner drive but may have issues with knowing when to throw in the towel.


Leo Man Traits


These men tend to be beautiful to look at and those that aren’t will roar to be noticed! They tend to know about everything and love to sound off bout it. They have the answer or are in touch with someone else who does, They like the woman to be showy too don’t turn up for a date with this man with a dog hair or two on your coat, excellence comes as standard here!


How To Get A Leo Man’s Attention


What to focus on:


  • Is the type of guy that feels that he can conquer anything that he puts his mind to.  The best thing to do is keep the mystery alive with this man.  Keep this man’s intrigued by making your feelings the mystery that he has to solve.
  • He is the type of guy that you’ll be able to read like a book. You won’t have to pry too hard to get answers with him. He usually is quite open and honest about his feelings.
  • Treat this man as your king, and in return he’ll treat you like the queen that you are. This guy is truly The Lion King.
  • Be ready to let loose and party at times. He loves to have fun and enjoy life. If he sees you doing the same thing he’ll love it even more.
  • Something that you will truly have to get used to is that this man will usually have a lot of women around him. So if you have a penchant for jealousy, you really need to work on that.
  •  This is a man that loves to have the attention all on him.  He will not always be surrounded by just his friends but he also has fans of his around too. Join in on the fun as well, but just don’t be like a person that carries his bags. You want him to look at you as the girl that he desires not as a groupie.

What Not To Do:


  •  Make sure that you do not show that you have a jealous bone in your body. Like mentioned before he will have a lot of women around him, but also remember that he will treat you like his queen.
  • As The Lion King himself do whatever you can not to challenge his dominant side. If you do you might end up hurting his pride.
  • He will be honest with you if there’s something about you that is a habit that he doesn’t like. When he tells you, do your best not to argue about it with him. If it’s something that you can change then by all means do that ( if you want to ). If it’s something that you’re not willing to change, then pick your battles wisely.
  • He does have a tendency to brag about himself or his achievements a lot. You might start to notice that some of it he is exaggerating a bit on. The best thing you can do is just bite your tongue a little bit, don’t laugh at him when he’s doing that. Just giggle about it in your own mind

How to Attract a Leo Man


How to Attract a Leo Man. He is the most opinionated of the zodiac signs.  The Leo man is very hard to communicate with, so to attract him you will need to keep the conversation light and refreshing without being condescending.  Even in his opinionated attitude, the Leo male needs plenty of love and reassurance.

Give a Leo plenty of love and support and he will be yours forever.  Part of attracting a Leo is to make him the center of your life, because he will feel insecure that you are not completely his which will scare him away.

Leo males are not stubborn like a Taurus man, but his opinions mean a lot to him and he does not like to be criticized.  Criticizing him will also makes him feel less self confident and unsure of your loyalty.  Make sure you attract a Leo by assuring him of your love and showing him that he’s the center of your life.

For some people, it can be an exhausting chore, but you can build a relationship with a Leo man by offering to take him on trips where the two of you will have plenty of time alone to appreciate each other.

On your quest on how to attract a leo man you also need to show your Leo man plenty of affection.  The Leo man loves public displays of affection.  Hold his hand, give him a kiss and hug, or simply snuggle with him openly.  This will give your Leo more self assurance that you are always there for him.

Showing your Leo man plenty of affection will make him feel more comfortable with you and he will be more likely to stay faithful to you.  Always keep the spotlight and focus on your Leo man, and he will fall for you completely for a long lasting relationship.

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Dating a Leo man


 How to approach him for the first time


this is a guy that loves attention, so go out of your way to give that to him. One way to get him to notice you is to start throwing compliments at him. This is something that he absolutely loves to hear, and it will open up his heart and mind to the idea of being with you.

Don’t be too shy towards this gentleman, as he likes a person that has some character behind her. A woman that is very much aware of her own personal strengths.

If this guy is interested in you, then It won’t be too long until you know that for a fact. His interest will drive him to asking you out on a date.


So you got your first date


Now being Leo the Lion, this guy is all man. He likes to play that part to a T.

The best thing you can do in this situation is let him be the one that plans the date out from beginning to end. He enjoys going places where you both can stand out in the crowd.  He likes the idea of being able to show you off a little bit.

As to his personality in this situation it can go two different ways.  He could be the type of guy that is conservative and prefers to come across as more dignified, or he could be more of a flamboyant type and  he will dress according to that style as well.

If he’s flamboyant it might come out more so in the way he entertains you, then his style. He’s a guy that loves to impress.

He likes his date to dress elegantly.

Sexually speaking this is a guy that indeed loves pleasure. If you get his mind going you will definitely find yourself being invited back to his Lion’s Den for an evening of passion and fun. This guy does have quite an insatiable appetite for sex.

If that is not your goal on the first date ( which there is nothing wrong with)  you may want to slow it down a little bit and let him try and impress you more.


So you want to get out of a date with a Leo man


  •  Embarrass him in public
  •  While he’s talking interrupt him as much as you possibly can
  •  go out of your way to point out all of his faults
  •  talk over him

Leo Man Compatibility


Aries Woman

If there’s one thing that can be said about two fire signs being together especially Aries,  is that this is one intense couple. These two together understand a lot when it comes to what the meaning of Love Is, and both want to share that with each other.  They also like the idea of living a more intense lifestyle together.  So can you say high compatibility anyone?

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Taurus woman

When this gentleman sees his Taurus woman for the first time he is helplessly attracted to her.   Even though their personalities are quite different,  the Taurus brings a much calmer and secure lifestyle to the Leo, where as he brings her the passion.  In a relationship together they can bring the fire.

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Gemini woman

These two can form a beautiful couple with each other, as they can both understand each other quite well.  Both signs bring creativity to the table, and they like to fight for everything that they want in life and love. There truly is great compatibility between these two.

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Cancer woman

Even though both of these signs together share a common interest in a relationship that has a lot of love and affection, it has an average compatibility.  Leo’s impulsive character can sometimes clash with cancer’s more sensitive and peaceful traits.  If they can work through this together, they can make a good couple.

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Leo woman

Now this combination here is one that can fall deep into love together. He is truly very compatibility with this woman of the same zodiac sign. Together they can be quite explosive as a couple, because they’re both looking for that long-lasting, passionate kind of intense love relationship.

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Virgo woman

Leo has a hard time with the relaxed character that the Virgo woman has. In turn she can’t understand why he won’t stop for a second and think of things before making a decision.  Due to the fact that they both have quite a different view of how life should be, there’s a low compatibility rating for them.

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Libra woman

These two together can create one of the best combinations in zodiac sign compatibility.  They are able to create a relationship that is quite balanced and full of passion. This is probably as close to a perfect couple as you can get.

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Scorpio woman

As is the case usually with water and fire signs, these two have the ability to risk hurting one another in a relationship. Even though he is quite taken back by Scorpio in every possible way, there’s very little compatibility between the two of them.

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Sagittarius woman

These two can work really well together in both a friendship or a relationship situation. They both have the ability to understand each other which is important when it comes to being  a couple. In turn it’s that understanding aspect that helps them create a great compatibility together.

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Capricorn woman

He seems to have an affinity when it comes to a woman of the Capricorn sign, but even though that’s the case they’re compatibility is on the low side.  As things start to move at a quicker pace, it might get to the point where he  could even fall in love for a little bit,  but all signs usually point to the relationship ending quite quickly.

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Aquarius woman

This woman is always in search of having freedom in relationships, whereas he is always looking for attention. This relationship can start off very intensely, but it can end just as quickly.  This isn’t one of the best match ups that he has going for him.

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Pisces woman

This combination is a situation where they don’t have very much going for them in a loving relationship kind of way. Even though they have a low compatibility rating, they do bring the fire in the bedroom.  So the one thing that they can agree on is passion and sex, but that’s pretty much it. Not very much to build a relationship on.

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Erogenous zones


his zones are the  Spine and the back. Mixing some light scratching, and slowly run your fingers up and down his spine.

Sex With A Leo Man


Leos are all lights, cameras and action and in the boudoir they are creative showmen. Everywhere is a stage for a Leo and he will love it if you play your role with gusto. Don’t be shy with a Leo who loves the attention and plenty of compliments, please. Always remember that Leos have star power.

But they care a great deal about their supporting lady’s pleasure so don’t hold back or fear dressing the part and giving your best performance.

Turn Ons: Flattery. Your big ego is always hungry for fresh meat, so if a woman praises, pampers, supports and idolizes you, you fall for it. If she’s a knockout, you’re even more delighted to have her by your side. As long as this gem doesn’t stray or argue with you, she’s as good as gold.

Turn Offs: Competition. You hate being overshadowed, so a woman who’s a bit too independent and successful is a very bad match. Likewise, if a mate calls you on your domineering ways, it will surely provoke your roaring temper.

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How to Keep your Leo man around


don’t step on this man’s Tale

the one weak spot the lion himself has is his pride. He does have a very healthy ego, but it is not that which rules his life. His pride is very sensitive and sweet. So do whatever you can to make sure that you do not hurt this guy.

Don’t hold grudges

This is a guy that when something goes wrong he doesn’t think about it for very long,and as time goes on he won’t remember much about it. What you need to do is just move on from whatever the argument was and leave it in the past .Because something a  Leo will not do is hold a grudge. If you want to be with this man you have to practice instant forgiveness. If the problem is serious enough,you may want to consider moving on from this man or lay it all down on the line.

Be spontaneous

You have to definitely be a spontaneous type of person with this guy. Or might be best to find one of the other zodiac sign guys to be with. Leo’s live for the moment and will leave anyone in the past that doesn’t do so. So the best thing to do is keep your mind open, and always be ready to go on an adventure.

Let him go

there’s nothing worse than a lion that is caged in. When they’re unable to roam free and roam the land they become very grumpy.  The important thing to make sure you do is always take good care of them. Do this by treating them really well. As time goes on you’ll see that they become more domesticated just like a wild cat. That’s not to say that they’re going to go out roaming for other women. This is a faithful cat.

Live for the future

this man is the type that just wants to live for the future. His life as he knows it is happening right now at this moment. He looks on with amazement as people will sit around and reminisce of the past, when he is living for the future. Why reminisce when you can make things happen right now. To them yesterday is just that, yesterday.

Respect those that admire him

this is a man that does have people that adore him. He adores them right back. He feels that it’s his job to entertain these people because they are just like fans of his.  A Leo is just not a Leo without his admirers.

Be supportive

this is the only sign out of all the zodiacs that is ruled by the Sun. So as much as he loves to watch you shine in all your glory, he just doesn’t want your glow to be bigger than his. Just remember that it’s his show,but there’s no reason why you can’t be absolutely amazing as well. If you’re supportive of him he will be supportive of you.

Be a social butterfly

Now this guy is usually the life of the party. He won’t be a Wallflower, he’ll be working a room just like it’s his own party. If he looks over and sees that you’re not having any fun he won’t be too happy. If he sees you having fun he will absolutely love it. He won’t be roaming the room for very long if he see the smile on that beautiful face, he’ll be right by your side. Making you his partner in crime.

Show your admiration for him

the one thing that will always win a Leo man’s heart is admiration. He loves when somebody shows him appreciation that is heartfelt and honest. It is true that he does have a big ego,but his heart is even bigger. He will always be loyal to you and make you the queen of his world, if you are his number one fan. If you tell the world that you are, he will forever hold you high in his heart, and the center of everything that he is.

Let the fun begin

this is the guy that you break out the uniforms and hot little outfits for in the bedroom. They love to role-play and they love to make fantasies come true. They love to have fun with the one that they are in love with but try not to make it too heavy in the bedroom.  Keep the talk light, but get it ready for the hot action.


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