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Leo Man – Sex, Attraction, And His Personality

Leo Man Traits

These men tend to be beautiful to look at and those that aren’t will roar to be noticed! They tend to know about everything and love to sound off bout it. They have the answer or are in touch with someone else who does, They like the woman to be showy too don’t turn up for a date with this man with a dog hair or two on your coat, excellence comes as standard here!

How to Attract a Leo Man

How to Attract a Leo Man. He is the most opinionated of the zodiac signs.  The Leo man is very hard to communicate with, so to attract him you will need to keep the conversation light and refreshing without being condescending.  Even in his opinionated attitude, the Leo male needs plenty of love and reassurance.  Give a Leo plenty of love and support and he will be yours forever.  Part of attracting a Leo is to make him the center of your life, because he will feel insecure that you are not completely his which will scare him away.

Leo males are not stubborn like a Taurus man, but his opinions mean a lot to him and he does not like to be criticized.  Criticizing him will also makes him feel less self confident and unsure of your loyalty.  Make sure you attract a Leo by assuring him of your love and showing him that he’s the center of your life.  For some people, it can be an exhausting chore, but you can build a relationship with a Leo man by offering to take him on trips where the two of you will have plenty of time alone to appreciate each other.

On your quest on how to attract a leo man you also need to show your Leo man plenty of affection.  The Leo man loves public displays of affection.  Hold his hand, give him a kiss and hug, or simply snuggle with him openly.  This will give your Leo more self assurance that you are always there for him.  Showing your Leo man plenty of affection will make him feel more comfortable with you and he will be more likely to stay faithful to you.  Always keep the spotlight and focus on your Leo man, and he will fall for you completely for a long lasting relationship.

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Sex With A Leo Man

Leos are all lights, cameras and action and in the boudoir they are creative showmen. Everywhere is a stage for a Leo and he will love it if you play your role with gusto. Don’t be shy with a Leo who loves the attention and plenty of compliments, please. Always remember that Leos have star power. But they care a great deal about their supporting lady’s pleasure so don’t hold back or fear dressing the part and giving your best performance.

Turn Ons: Flattery. Your big ego is always hungry for fresh meat, so if a woman praises, pampers, supports and idolizes you, you fall for it. If she’s a knockout, you’re even more delighted to have her by your side. As long as this gem doesn’t stray or argue with you, she’s as good as gold.

Turn Offs: Competition. You hate being overshadowed, so a woman who’s a bit too independent and successful is a very bad match. Likewise, if a mate calls you on your domineering ways, it will surely provoke your roaring temper.

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Leo Guy

Leo Guy