Aries Man – Sex, Attraction, And His Personality

The Aries Guy

Oh, he is a jealous one! But that comes with some awful attractive territory, namely his aggressive energetic swashbuckling side. He makes things happen, a real go-getter. He can be generous one moment and stingy the next and it drives everyone crazy. He exudes sex. Back to that jealousy thing — he isn’t the most faithful man of the zodiac, so don’t expect the same kind of loyalty he expects from you. The Aries man is so impressed with himself that he is likely to believe any flattery folks shine his way is a big ol’ understatement. He is looking for a mother figure, even though it is not likely he’ll admit to it. Aries men tend to be very clever. Personally, I say Aries men are to be feared. But that is my humble opinion.

Aries Man Personality



  • Is one of the most fun and spontaneous of all the zodiac signs
  • Full of confidence!
  • Passionate
  • Intelligent
  • Not everyone can keep pace with him, due to him being full of energy.
  • Loves making his partners life a happy one.
  • may seam very intense at time , shows lots of ambition


  • Super honest ( Good) , but that can work against him as he can be very hurtful at times (bad)


His Planet – Mars


Aries is ruled by Mars the Warrior planet. This fiery planet is driven and action oriented. Aries likes to win in love and life. He can get downright dangerous and ridiculously competitive but play along and the game could get very fun.

Mars influences what we do in life, what risks we take and our overall ambitions. These are all characteristics of Aries and are all qualities critical to his happiness. Mars is a strong male energy planet and assertive to the point of aggression defines this man.

Mars rules our impulses and our tenancies to anger and towards violence. Aries energies likewise can get out of control and a feminine energy is often needed to balance these traits. You must be strong to stand up to an Aries but you must be even stronger to stand with one. Learning to use your goddess spirit is the key to controlling with warrior god.

His Symbol – The Ram


Butt heads with an Aries and you will soon realize the power of his symbol the Ram. This beautiful animal is the symbol of drive, force, energy and endurance. It is also the symbol of authority and leadership, which are two of Aries must prominent characteristics.

His Element – Fire


The most powerful of the three Fire signs, Aries can be destructive and all consuming. He can also be extremely passionate and a welcome warmth from the cold. Fire is action energy and commanding. But it can also mesmerize us with its beauty.
Fire energy ensures that Aries will be in control and determined to have things his way or no way.

He needs all the attention of a 3-alarm fire. As will fire, Aries will destroy anything that gets in his path and without a shred of sympathy.

What is it that destroys fire but water and Aries too is rendered powerless by the tears of emotional outbursts but not in a good way. Fires are meant to fame and boo-woo girls will never impress an Aries. Save the water works to get your way and this man.


His Quality – Cardinal


Aries is a Cardinal sign with a me first attitude. From the Latin word cardinalis meaning principal or pivotal, Aries is a guy that can make things happen and doesn’t mind pushing himself or others to do so. Aries is a leader, a commander and an initiator.

Aries Man – It would be a total understatement to say that he has fiery emotions, because in all honesty, pretty much all his emotions are of this kind. He’s in a never-ending quest to satisfy his infinite lust for adventure. He’s got an air of excitement about him, that follows him everywhere he goes….wherever he is, things are happening.

Resisting him will be practically impossible. Think twice before trying to say no for it’s highly unlikely that you’ll find such a lover again. It’s important though, that you understand, that your encounter will most probably be that of a short affair for Aries man has a very difficult time turning down all the other fish in the sea of love. So, enjoy this whirlwind of excitement, while it lasts.

These men act out their sexual fantasies. As soon as a thought or practice of some sort crosses his mind, he will set forth all his efforts to turn his fantasy into a mind-blowing reality.

He is blunt and direct; he wants what he wants and has no problem trying to get it from you. He’s used to winning and therefore has perfected the art of bluntness to the point where it will get him almost anything. On a date with him, don’t even bother trying to voice your suggestions…just relax and leave it all up to this very capable companion.

His impulsiveness knows no limits. It’s almost as if he had no control over his passions and must shoot to satisfy whatever desires he has. Needless to say, possible consequences don’t concern him at all…hell, they don’t even cross his mind half the time! If you’re in for a good time, without fantasizing about a future together, then this is the man for you!

Aries Man Traits


This man likes to be the first, the last your everything! He is all impulse and has a zest for life. He is ambitious and in a hurry. You will need to come up with something to sustain his interest, think of him as a puppy, he needs training and a few smacks on the nose but can respond well with the right partner.

Can be mushy and sentimental. He is inclined to put his foot in it and being diplomatic is not his strong point,so be prepared to play it his way for a while.

How To Get An Aries Man’s Attention


What to focus on:


    • Do your best not to be too flirty with people of the opposite sex, as this guy truly is jealous when it comes to other men coming close to their women.
    • Find something that this guy can help you out with, as he likes to help people out as much as he can. He is very sympathetic and loyal, and will be helpful through whatever you’re dealing with.
    • He’s looking for the type of woman that can adapt to his way of life.
    • Let him be the one that arranges different outings and events for you both. He is a man that likes to be in control.
    • He does have the ability to jump to conclusions and be judgmental towards other people. Sometimes he does things without thinking of the consequences of his actions, so try and steer him away from that.
    •  If you can sweet-talk this man he is pretty much willing  to be up for anything you want.  He is known to  have a very warm personality.  He likes to care as much as he likes to share.

What Not to do:


  • He always wants to see you as your true self.  So don’t play games with him or other people in front of him.   His interest in you would start to wane if he saw that you play games.
  • Unless he asks for your advice don’t suggest how he should go about doing things.  That doesn’t mean you have to be a pushover though.
  • Whatever you do do not criticize this man in front of other people. Not only will he be embarrassed that you did so, he will also hold it close to his heart that you did.
  • If he wants things to be done his way, let that be how things are done.  The good thing though is that if you do that he will make sure that your heart is well taken care of.
  • Don’t be possessive towards him or jealous in front of him. Remember this is the guy that loves to be in control of the situation at all times. In order to get what you want from him use your ability to sweet-talk him.

How to Attract an Aries Man



How to Attract an Aries Man. Just like the zodiac sign suggests, the Aries man is full of fire and life.  The Aries man is an entrepreneur and go-getter of all the zodiac signs.  To attract an Aries, you will need to be social, fun, funny, and enjoy any activity with a lot of people.

The Aries man will never be interest in a woman who is uncomfortable at bars or clubs, and he does not like to ever be a wall flower.  He wants to go out, have fun, and enjoy people.

To attract an Aries man, surprise him with the best ideas for travel.  Take him out for a night out on the town for dancing and parties.  The Aries man also loves to work out and participate in hard physical activities.  If you want to attract an Aries, setup dates where you both enjoy a bike ride, a swim, or hiking through the mountains enjoying the scenery.

The Aries man will fall for you quickly if you love the same activities and enjoy the socializing that is a part of his fiery personality.

When trying to attract an Aries, make sure to stroke his ego and always compliment him on his achievements.  The Aries male is very proud, so he appreciates when his partner recognizes his accomplishments.

An Aries man is very concerned about goals and he needs to be in charge.  When dating an Aries, make sure you let him take command or his ego will be bruised.  The Aries man is very competitive, so you may find him to be very feisty and want to participate in activities that are very challenging.

How to attract an Aries man?  stimulate his competitive nature playfully to make the relationship fun and exciting.

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How To Make Him Fall In Love


  • It is essential to let him take control, he likes to take the lead, so don’t pounce or hurry with this man.
  • Many times to fight with him is stimulating. You should always be direct with the Aries man, but never act with aggression.
  • This is a guy who can be won over through sex, because he is like an animal in the bedroom; it is therefore very essential to have a good sex life with him.
  • You should never allow him to get bored, they cannot handle routine. Taking him out to do different activities, which he had never experienced before is a good idea to keep things going.
  • You have to challenge him so that he doesn’t lose interest.
  • He will be threatened if your accomplishments are more significant than his own, so you should not be telling him all the time, just the right amount.

Dating an Aries man


 How to approach him for the first time


If you want to be able to approach this man you need to show vitality and a lot of energy. A smile will go a long way, and showing happiness will catch his eye.

You could let him be the one that asks you out for the first time, but if by chance you have the inclination for asking him out he will become very flattered by you.

He will view you as a person that knows exactly what she wants.  that in its own right will catch his eye.

If for some unknown reason he turns you down for a date, just move on  and brush the experience right off your shoulder. Make sure you smile at him as you do.

He won’t  scoff at you for the attempt at asking him out, he will admire your positive attitude and have a lot of respect for your honest reaction.

Know this though, if he ever has a change of heart when it comes to dating you. You will be the first to know always.


So you got your first date


Adventure is the key word when it comes to dating this man.  You have to keep this guy active as anything that involves sitting for a long time they will get bored over. If they have to do that for a long time, they will be leaving the situation either with you or without you.

This isn’t the type of man that will expect or want you to agree with everything that he says or talks about. The topics that you don’t agree on you should expect a fiery discussion over. He loves to have great conversations  on all types of topics.

If your character strengths can go toe-to-toe with his, he will be very intrigued by you. He’s not looking for a pushover by any means, but at the same time he’s not looking for somebody that can dominate him.

His secret desire is to have somebody that can argue with him every once in awhile but at the same time keeping things balanced out emotionally. He loves that fiery debate as mentioned before, but also  prefers that afterwards everything will go back to normal.

Sexually speaking he is the type of guy that prefers having some instant gratification immediately. He’s got this eternal fire that burns inside of them that he needs to take care of.

If this isn’t the way you that you work ( there’s nothing wrong with that )  then make your intentions known that you are currently not ready for intimacy until you feel the time is right.  This will let him know your  view on the matter before the situation where to get to that point.


So you want to get out of a date with an Aries man


  •  one of the best ways to do it is to start bossing him around.
  •  Start nagging at him about even the smallest of things.
  •  Discuss some of the most depressing topics you can think of
  •  finish off every one of his sentences

Aries Man Compatibility


Aries woman
Some of the double sign combinations can workout, but this is one of those situations where it doesn’t. Due to their fiery nature they can combine to make an explosive situation, which makes it almost impossible for them to make it work.

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Taurus woman
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Gemini woman
This is usually a combination that works out really well as friends. They don’t usually have that much chemistry between each other but it doesn’t mean that this relationship cannot work. It just means it takes a lot more work to make it happen.

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Cancer woman
In terms of having someone to encourage them, be able to confess to them, and friendship a Cancer woman with this man is a perfect combination. Just sometimes it’s harder to take it from the friend zone to the end zone.

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Leo woman
Both of these two bring a high level of passion to a relationship together. They both can be impulsive, which can be good and bad, but at the same time they both know what it takes to make a relationship work. There’s a high level of compatibility between the two of these signs.

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Virgo woman
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Libra woman
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Scorpio woman
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Sagittarius woman
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Capricorn woman
The contrast between these two signs is night and day, and these differences would be hard to overcome. There is very little compatibility between these opposite signs.

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Aquarius woman
Since this man is very independent, is very passionate and intense, he can make an ideal couple with an Aquarius woman. There is a lot of compatibility between these two.

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Pisces woman
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Erogenous zones


this is a man that’s all about the lips. He loves to nibble on them, rub on them with his lips, and he definitely loves to kiss. Other zones to focus on are the forehead and the scalp.

Sex With An Aries Man


Aries is in charge outside or inside the bedroom but loves team sports. Sitting on the sidelines just isn’t going to fly with this guy.  He wants a power partner so don’t fail to show him you are a woman with lustful confidence.

These high achievers always have one eye on the goal line so don’t play coy with extended foreplay or chit-chat. Despite their bigger than life egos, an Aries will crumble in the sack if you criticize him even constructively

Turn Ons: You’re immediately smitten by someone who is both adventurous and soft-spoken. A damsel in distress brings out your protective side, and a lady who is taken allows you to compete for — and most likely win — her affection. (If her mate’s your buddy or rival, you’re doubly interested.)

Turn Offs: Teases. While you love the chase, if you feel you’re being manipulated you become confused and lose faith in your otherwise trusty instincts. And if you’re rushed into a commitment that threatens your independence, you’re gone, pronto.

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How to Keep your Aries man around


Don’t criticize him too much
This is a guy that can take your honesty anytime, and with that said you should always be honest with him. Just make sure you don’t hurl insults or belittle him because he doesn’t deserve that. Save the criticizing for another person but with this guy always tell the truth.

Make decisions in this relationship
An Aries man pretty much can’t stand it if it takes a long time to make changes in your life or even make up your mind on different things. Any decision you have to make make it a quick one. If you show him that you can make fast decisions you will pretty much blow this man away.  Because that’s exactly the way he is.

Be honest with this guy
This is a guy that will always crave honesty from the person that he’s in a relationship with. If you bring the honesty you will not Shock him in any way, but if you were to lie to him it would seal the ending of your relationship. So if you’re planning to betray, cheat, or lie to an Aries you’re just going to end up losing.

Become a strong person
One of the biggest pet peeves for an Aries is somebody that has a pension for weakness. Somebody that shows weakness in a physical form, or even in their character flaws. Do what you can to toughen up both of these areas of your life if you want to be with this man.

Give him a challenge
This is a guy that loves to chase after somebody that he wants to be with. That doesn’t change when he’s in a relationship with you as well. If you are too easy for him to obtain he won’t want to be with you for very long. So challenged him. Let him chase you and show him that you are a prize. You are first place baby!

Don’t go toe-to-toe in a fight with this man
Now this guy loves competition but he’s also known to put aside the fact that he might be wrong and continue to fight just so he will win. He is one of the most competitive signs in the zodiac, and for that reason  right there it’s really hard to get a win over this guy. The best thing that you can do is fine other ways to beat him at his own game.

Become the goddess of love
Aries is obviously ruled by the Mars sign. And one of the greatest love affairs was the one between Venus and Mars, Venus being the goddess of love. The goddess of love was known to have power over men, and a charm that could sweep them off their feet. Become the goddess of his life.

Play the game
Now even though it seems like an Aries man is a fighter, it’s really just the game itself that he enjoys playing. If you ever find yourself in an argument with him just challenged him to a game to settle things.  Whether you win or lose the game itself, the man will still be smitten with you.

Always make him your number one
If you thought that you would take top spot over him in this relationship that would be the wrong way to think. Aries was not the God of War for no reason. He is the true alpha male of the zodiac, he is the leader and is in charge. He’s not the type of guy that can be in the manipulated, nagged at or even controlled. The best thing you can do is make him number one in your life. Now that’s not to say to become a pushover by any means! nor does it mean to settle or lower your self worth, but you’ll find that he’ll start treating you like the Goddess that you deserve to be treated as. You got yourself a warrior, and now he got himself a queen.

Show him your seductive ways
Earlier on I mention that you have to become the goddess of love for this man. The one thing that Venus knew exactly what to do was how to get her man and how to keep him. Every time you go to seduce this gentleman, seduce him like it’s the first time every time. Always keep the romance alive and that fire burning passionately in his heart for you. It’s more fun to live life that way anyways.

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