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Aries Man – Sex, Attraction, And His Personality

Aries Man – It would be a total understatement to say that he has fiery emotions, because in all honesty, pretty much all his emotions are of this kind. He’s in a never-ending quest to satisfy his infinite lust for adventure. He’s got an air of excitement about him, that follows him everywhere he goes….wherever he is, things are happening.

Resisting him will be practically impossible. Think twice before trying to say no for it’s highly unlikely that you’ll find such a lover again. It’s important though, that you understand, that your encounter will most probably be that of a short affair for Aries man has a very difficult time turning down all the other fish in the sea of love. So, enjoy this whirlwind of excitement, while it lasts.

These men act out their sexual fantasies. As soon as a thought or practice of some sort crosses his mind, he will set forth all his efforts to turn his fantasy into a mind-blowing reality. He is blunt and direct; he wants what he wants and has no problem trying to get it from you. He’s used to winning and therefore has perfected the art of bluntness to the point where it will get him almost anything. On a date with him, don’t even bother trying to voice your suggestions…just relax and leave it all up to this very capable companion.

His impulsiveness knows no limits. It’s almost as if he had no control over his passions and must shoot to satisfy whatever desires he has. Needless to say, possible consequences don’t concern him at all…hell, they don’t even cross his mind half the time! If you’re in for a good time, without fantasizing about a future together, then this is the man for you!

Aries Man Traits

This man likes to be the first, the last your everything! He is all impulse and has a zest for life. He is ambitious and in a hurry. You will need to come up with something to sustain his interest, think of him as a puppy, he needs training and a few smacks on the nose but can respond well with the right partner. Can be mushy and sentimental. He is inclined to put his foot in it and being diplomatic is not his strong point,so be prepared to play it his way for a while.

How to Attract an Aries Man

How to Attract an Aries Man. Just like the zodiac sign suggests, the Aries man is full of fire and life.  The Aries man is an entrepreneur and go-getter of all the zodiac signs.  To attract an Aries, you will need to be social, fun, funny, and enjoy any activity with a lot of people.  The Aries man will never be interest in a woman who is uncomfortable at bars or clubs, and he does not like to ever be a wall flower.  He wants to go out, have fun, and enjoy people.

To attract an Aries man, surprise him with the best ideas for travel.  Take him out for a night out on the town for dancing and parties.  The Aries man also loves to work out and participate in hard physical activities.  If you want to attract an Aries, setup dates where you both enjoy a bike ride, a swim, or hiking through the mountains enjoying the scenery.  The Aries man will fall for you quickly if you love the same activities and enjoy the socializing that is a part of his fiery personality.

When trying to attract an Aries, make sure to stroke his ego and always compliment him on his achievements.  The Aries male is very proud, so he appreciates when his partner recognizes his accomplishments.  An Aries man is very concerned about goals and he needs to be in charge.  When dating an Aries, make sure you let him take command or his ego will be bruised.  The Aries man is very competitive, so you may find him to be very feisty and want to participate in activities that are very challenging.  How to attract an aries man?  stimulate his competitive nature playfully to make the relationship fun and exciting.

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How To Make Him Fall In Love

  • It is essential to let him take control, he likes to take the lead, so don’t pounce or hurry with this man.
  • Many times to fight with him is stimulating. You should always be direct with the Aries man, but never act with aggression.
  • This is a guy who can be won over through sex, because he is like an animal in the bedroom; it is therefore very essential to have a good sex life with him.
  • You should never allow him to get bored, they cannot handle routine. Taking him out to do different activities, which he had never experienced before is a good idea to keep things going.
  • You have to challenge him so that he doesn’t lose interest.
  • He will be threatened if your accomplishments are more significant than his own, so you should not be telling him all the time, just the right amount.

Sex With An Aries Man

Aries is in charge outside or inside the bedroom but loves team sports. Sitting on the sidelines just isn’t going to fly with this guy.  He wants a power partner so don’t fail to show him you are a woman with lustful confidence.  These high achievers always have one eye on the goal line so don’t play coy with extended foreplay or chit-chat. Despite their bigger than life egos, an Aries will crumble in the sack if you criticize him even constructively

Turn Ons: You’re immediately smitten by someone who is both adventurous and soft-spoken. A damsel in distress brings out your protective side, and a lady who is taken allows you to compete for — and most likely win — her affection. (If her mate’s your buddy or rival, you’re doubly interested.)

Turn Offs: Teases. While you love the chase, if you feel you’re being manipulated you become confused and lose faith in your otherwise trusty instincts. And if you’re rushed into a commitment that threatens your independence, you’re gone, pronto.

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