Uranus Retrograde in your Natal Chart

Uranus Retrograde Uranus Retrograde in your Natal Chart
As one born under this influence, you are no stranger to projects that backfire on themselves. In fact, you see things come and go on such a regular basis that there is a danger of you becoming jaded. What often happens is that when you start embarking on a series of changes, eventually you find yourself back to square one where you started from.

Inside, you’re keenly and even painfully aware of the fact that new doesn’t always equate to different. Your lightning quick mind can almost anticipate a counterpoint for every point made. Perhaps that’s why there are times that you seem to agonize over your choices, actions and decisions. On the downside, this influence can make you seem indecisive as you needlessly ponder over matters and complicate them. To avoid being too caught up in your imagination, it is of utmost importance that you apply your thoughts to acquiring hands-on experience instead.

Uranus Retrograde in Transit
As a slow moving planet, Uranus goes retrograde about 5 months every year. Since Uranus is the planet of change and revolution, whenever it goes retrograde, do expect the unexpected. Both good and bad surprises could be lurking out of every corner.

During this period, people’s behavior may be erratic or eccentric as they act uncharacteristically from their normal selves. Outgoing individuals may suddenly suffer from a withdrawal syndrome whereas seemingly passive individuals may show their wild side. Rebelliousness in individuals is not uncommon as they may behave differently than how other people perceive them to be.

Uranus is the ‘Wild Card’ of the Planets that could turn out to be one’s worst nightmare or greatest triumph. A Uranus retrograde could bring unexpected results that could yield the complete opposite or even no change at all. During this time, outer chaos in the external world or inner turmoil within the personality may be felt by the individual.


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In a Forecasted Chart
When Uranus is retrograde, you may feel anxious and uneasy or you may feel subdued and conservative depending upon how you are normally. Usually people who are very easy going and shy turn wild and people who are normally wild turn shy. Expect surprises and changes while Uranus is in retrograde.

In a Natal Chart
With Uranus retrograde in your natal chart, you’ll probably continually seek inner freedom possibly at the expense of others. You have a strong need to prove yourself and are probably a natural born rebel.

Who’s Affected More
Aquarians are the only sign affected strongly by Uranus in retrograde because they are the only sign ruled by Uranus. With Uranus in retrograde you will probably have issues with freedom, possibly changing your personality at this time so that you can get it. If you’re normally outgoing you might feel like staying at home to get away from the pressures of others. Or if your normally stay at home, you might feel like going out to get away from the pressures at home.

Uranus turns retrograde about once a year for a period of 150 days and remains stationary about 16 days.


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