Pisces Compatibility – Who Are Their Love Matches?

pisces compatibility

Pisces CompatibilityA Pisces is represented by 2 fish and is ruled by the planet Neptune. They be deceptive and fun loving. Because they are a water sign, they can be emotional, intuitive, and sensitive to the moods of the others. While appearing mild-mannered, they can often had conflict brewing inside but choose not to show it at all or with people they trust. Often they have a hard time making a decision and because of that, will often exude a sort of wishy-washy personality. This is where it is up to you as a mate to step in and not so much take control but give them a sense of direction.

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You are a Pisces , They are…

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Aries and Pisces

this combination needs a lot of love to continue. But who knows, miracles are not unpossible.

Taurus and Pisces

let him pamper you, and be his princess.

Gemini and Pisces

your infinite vagueness and mutual inconclusiveness (’shall we’ or ’shall we not’?) doesn’t make this relationship an easy one.

Cancer and Pisces

drowning in emotions or swimming together in the light of the full moon?

Leo and Pisces

let him be your protector, your king, your ideal man … and he saves you from harm. He ’s your most passionate lover.

Virgo and Pisces

his daytime criticism isn’t forgotten with a single kiss at night. It requires an effort by him and your endless patience.

Libra and Pisces

a dream of a relationship. Note: a dream!

Scorpio and Pisces

together to the deepest depths and the highest peaks. With this combination, everything is possible, but always within the meaning of ‘extremes’.

Sagittarius and Pisces

an idealistic, platonic relationship or a romantic experience … Both are possible, because this is an exceptional combination of two zodiac types.

Capricorn and Pisces

it may seem unpossible, but this is a sultry, erotic combination in bed.

Aquarius and Pisces

he gets carried away by your dreams and you become fascinated by his genius.

Pisces and Pisces

you can but dream, otherwise you ‘ll probably drown in each other’s chaos and volatility.

Friendship Relationship Compatibility


They are sympathetic listeners and careful analyzers. They are always there for their friends when they need them. They are true friends for close discussions for solving intricate problems. They have good friend compatibility with: Capricorn, Taurus, Cancer and Scorpio.

Dating Compatibility


Pisces Cancer love is quite effective as Cancer enjoys taking care of Pisces and Pisces enjoys being cared for. The problem is neither deals with reality very well and they must force each other to pay attention to the world around them. Pisces willingness to absorb Gemini’s eclectic world can make for a very strong relationship. Gemini will be attracted to Pisces creativity and Pisces will be attuned to Gemini’s need for variety and independence. The Pisces Taurus relationship will be very satisfying as Taurus will give Pisces stability and Pisces will stimulate Taurus creativity. Leo is another sign that works well with Pisces. There opposite natures serve to make the relationship stronger as each provides what the other lacks.

Sex Compatibility


Looking at Pisces astrology sex profile it seems Virgo is made for this sign. Both believe in the fairy tale ending and want nothing more than to satisfy the other in bed. If Pisces can be a bit more forthcoming in their sexual fantasies than the bedroom can become quite steamy. Pisces Libra love will flourish under a canopy of desire and fantasy. Both have an insatiable need for love and romance and will spend hours on gentle foreplay and fantasy play before actually getting down to business. Aries and Pisces are on fire in the bedroom. Pisces gentle and relaxing nature can slow down Aries full on attack. This makes for some rather increasing sexual tension that will explode into an all-consuming conflagration that will take hours to die down.

Remember that all situations are different and it is best to get a personalized reading and take an introspective approach.

How to Love match up with a Pisces


A Pisces female not only has a hard time making decisions, she also is very stubborn about deciding on the decision.  She is very slow to react to situations because of her perfectionist ways.  She needs to realize with your help, that she doesn’t have to make a “perfect” decision and that if one choice doesn’t work, she can always go back and try again.

A Pisces Man is the most sensitive sign of the zodiac and at times can appear to be wishy-washy.  He is a dreamer and hates it when his dreams are destroyed, especially if he’s looking at a long-term relationship.  If a situation gets too overwhelming for him, he can lose confidence.  In order to keep him on an even level, use your logic to counter some of his emotions, especially in a practical sense, but at the same time, also learn to understand his feelings and see things from his point of view.

Positively, a Pisces is matched with Capricorn, Taurus, Cancer, and Scorpio.

Neutrally, they are related with Aquarius, Aries, Leo, and Libra.

They can run into problems with Sagittarius, Gemini, and Virgo.

Connected with another Pisces, creativity abounds, however there are no practicality.


Pisces Compatibility Chart:

Pisces Sun Sign Compatibility

Basic Relationship Traits

This is a sign that is intuitive, sensitive, and instinctive.

They are a sign that lives on fantasy and imagination having an odd sort of charm that can attract and confuse someone at the same time.

Deep inside they have a fear of rejection and a presence of low self-esteem (which they conceal from others well in their effort to create an environment of care and express loving nature).

Their compatibility comes with a partner who can be sensitive, caring, and full of feeling and passion.

Intuition Based

They can be quite intellectual; however they are intellects from a different angle: intuition rather than logic.

They see intuition as an inner logic and uses it like this.

They may be confused about something, trying to unravel it in their heads, and may often feel it difficult to settle their mind or opinion about a particular topic.

Caring and Committed

This sign is a feminine sign and is very soft, gentle and caring.

However, they are  known for falling into relationships where the partner is not such, and is bossy, uncaring, and selfish.

They can be blind in love and may be with a terrible partner, but will be fine with sacrificing a great deal to have some chance at making it work.

They are very committed and will make excuses for their partner’s lacks and failures.

Pisces and Love

Love is something that they are infatuated with more so than any other sign.

They love relationships and love the feeling and the experience of being in love (the fantasy element of it all and the ability to escape reality can make Pisces feel on top of the world).

They love without limits of any sort and this can be fine with a caring, sensitive partner, but a painful experience with a domineering, uncaring partner.

If they can be with this sensitive partner who is, in addition, lasting and caring, they will be in a love-struck relationship that is full of sympathy and understanding feeling.

With the Wrong Partner

A bad partner can be a long and painful period of time for this sign.

They will always be the one to take the burden of the relationship on themselves, and with a foul partner, they will  personally blame themselves for the relationship not running smoothly.

They will try everything they possibly can to patch and repair things, and will feel the whole time that they must have done something to deserve this misfortune.

They need to dismiss this thought and let go of the relationship if they aren’t getting the proper emotional investment and return from it.

They need to find and figure out that there are plenty of other fish like them in the sea who will cater to their partners needs and will return the caring feeling they get from them with equal bursts of feeling and sensitivity.

Split Personality

This is a mutable sign and as one is a split personality (two fishes, one swimming towards sacrifice and one swimming towards personal goals).

Their two split sides are very different and their compatibility in a relationship needs a partner who can fit both.

The sensitive, creative, romantic side and the frustrated, guilty, gloomy side are two sides of the coin that is the this sign personified.

They are both parts of the their character and a Pisces partner will need to be able to cater to both parts.

Needs in a Relationship

in a  relationship they need a partner to be steady, tolerant and caring.

The partner has to be sensitive and able to adapt to both sides this sign has.

They are incredibly loyal and caring, but may be emotionally unstable at times and the their partner has to adjust to this.

They reflect the needs of their partner in affection, sexuality and other pieces of the relationship.

In Conclusion

The effort put in by their partner in a relationship are well appreciated by this sign.

They just want a partner they can be connected with and who they can understand and be understood by.

If they look hard enough and  they back out of poor relationships appropriately, they’ll be able to find this caring ideal partner one day and will then be able to find Pisces compatibility.


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