1. Kimberly Denton says:

    May 20th – OMG this is so me. I have a better understanding. Thanks for this valuable insight.

  2. Scottie Treblig says:

    i wish i could tell the gentleman in the video how awsome it was to have someone describe myself to me like that. I feel like I have a better understanding of myself as a person. Im may 19th, and I do have a tendency to pick myself apart and get into a depressive spiral, however he is super right. When i get focused and keep my energy positive , things flow in my life like water. I now have several new mantras to keep myself and thoughts in check. Thank you a 1000 times. You sir are amazing! B Safe!

    1. Shahriar Zame says:

      I am a May 19 born too, and it’s kinda so true.
      Though I like being a cusper, it does have it’s downfalls. Like in relationships :v

      1. I love being a cusp, but I have a hard time with confidence and romance. My birthday is May 19 and I would like to be just a Taurus, but I can’t change that. I do respect person (most times) because of my personality I’m scared of accidentally being a Gemini with a Virgo friend or Taurus with Sagittarus.

  3. DeeKay MbalyEnhle says:

    Was born on May21 ? this is so me…??

  4. may 20th. I was so confused with myself…everywhere is written “taurus doesn’t like sudden changes” and my whole life was about travelling, instant decisions. And like others already said…several personalities in one.

  5. Heall Otto says:

    Finnally! People I can relate to.. I truly thought something was wrong with me…crazy or something.. But after reading this… I truly understand now.. Sometimes I feel like I have three different personalities and have a hard time trying to satisfy them all of them…like Im pulled in different directions at the same time.. My thoughts and imagination is off the map.. Sometimes I get lost in my mind…just constantly thinking.. Which had made me complacent in certain areas in my life… I hope that one day I figure how to get past this stage and on to the rest of my life..and not let these thoughts deminish my ambition.. Dazed and confused…lost in translation… Comments anyone?

  6. May 20th here. 1985. I love being a taurus/gemini cuspian. I actually think i got kinda lucky to be born on this cusp. Ive played guitar for about 14 years or so, i was kinda fasiinated when i was younger and music grew on me. i have alot of cancer friends and leos and the aquairus people and the taurians. lots of friends. I dont think im crazy but you might think I am.

    1. Miranda Catherine Krivacka says:

      May 21, 1985 I’m all of this except for the introverted part. I have a talent for making friends easily.

  7. Its kind of scary reading so many things that really hit the nail on the head so to say about my character and personality, but the taurus/gemini mix in me guarantees there is never a dull moment and I love it that way… unpredictable is a good word to describe me. ~*~May 23rd~*~

  8. Scatterbrained is one way to describe me bein’ a May 18th on the other hand I’ve been totally confused with Taurus and Gemini that I celebrate my birthday in October instead lol! Neither made any since at all and wasn’t me? I have 3 planets in Virgo which puts Taurus to shame and my Libra rising is in the first degree which makes it obsessively strong-willed and overshadows Gemini. I have some traits of my native cusp but the strong influence of Virgo and Libra dominates over them. It’s hard bein’ a cusp kid especially when you actually live like a totally different sign. Once I read Libra everything made sense and was kinda scary yet cool to really know myself and how I think and what my needs were :)

    1. Autumn Brown says:

      Armando, if your are May 18th, then you are not a Taurus Gemini cuspian. You are simply a Tuarus and very blessed to be I would say. You more than likely are doing the very thing you always dreamed of doing for a career since you were a child. Yeah, May 18th is not on the cusp. Whew! You’re safe!
      Me on the other hand….. NO! I’m a blasted Taurus Gemini Cuspian….

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