Capricorn Man – Sex, Attraction, And His Personality

The Capricorn Guy

Oh, I know all too well about these guys. Okay, they are like animals first of all. I am talking sexually, of course, but aside from that, well, roller coaster city: one minute they think you are brilliant and the next well, aloof is too mild a word. They aren’t really into parties but when at them, they can command a nice little attentive group to listen to them. He is always scared you don’t like him, that his friends aren’t really going to be there if he has problems and needs them. He is scared to need. For a person to attract this man’s attention, thankfully, they need to be goal-oriented and worker-bees. This boy has secret fires burning inside him, the kind that are highly emotional. Ahh, and they are soooo sensual. . . .

Capricorn Man Personality


  • has a noble and warm heart
  • Serious man by nature, but never boring
  • Stable and a hard worker, a man that’s very disciplined.
  • Protective over the ones he truly loves, making him a hot item for a long term relationship.
  • When he falls in love, hes faithful and extremely passionate
  • Loves to make people laugh, its another story if his sense of humor is good or lame.


  • calm outward appearance, not so much the same on the inside.
  • He is terrified of failure
  • Can be somewhat childish
  • Not the most romantic man of the signs

His Planet -Saturn


Capricorn is ruled by our universe’s taskmaster Saturn. Serious, disciplined and accountable, Saturn is the force that says grow up and take responsibility for your life. Saturn forms its very own no-BS Zone. You’ll be wise to respect this energy when dealing with a Capricorn.

If you are in harmony with Saturn, you will have a powerful ally but opposition will leave you in constant struggle. Saturn is the lord of Karma and this pretty much sums up your relationship with a Capricorn. You’re either 100% for him or watch out.

In mythology, Saturn was called Kronos; the god known for devouring his offspring so they did not overshadow him. Capricorn is nowhere never as harsh and, in fact, makes a wonderful and devoted husband and father as long as everyone plays nice and colors within the lines.

His Symbol – Sea Goat


The mythical Sea-goat seems an odd symbol for powerful Capricorn but it helps to understand that Capricorns are strong and resilient rather than pretentious and flamboyant. Goats climb and Capricorns spend their entire lives doing the same especially in their professions.

His Element – Earth Sign


This grounded and goal oriented man could be none other than an Earth sign with his practical concerns and task centered lifestyle. Although highly conventional, Capricorns are not competitive.

They always get to the finish line and most times come in first but rarely take regular routes to get there.

Earth signs are comfortable people and make others comfortable in the process. They often seem withdrawn and sometimes shy but only because they feel no need to prove themselves.

Earth signs are, of course, more content on the Earth plane than other signs and Capricorns own the space they occupy.

Home and family are very important to this man who will make his home his castle and treat you as his Queen if you remember your role in the Kingdom – to support him always. He considers his family an extension of himself so it’s critical to make sure he looks good.

His Quality – cardinal


Capricorn is a Cardinal sign with a will-do attitude. From the Latin word cardinalis meaning principal or pivotal, Capricorns are natural leaders not because they inspire so much as because they know the way. You have every reason in the world to trust your Capricorn; he will never lead you astray.


Capricorn Man – Love relationships are not easy for Capricorn man. He has a loner quality about him that really makes it difficult for him to trust another person; so emotionally, relationships become a challenge for him. In a certain way, it’s like he cuts himself off from spontaneity.

Since he holds absolute control of his work/business life, he really has a hard time sharing responsibility with a partner and that can be a source of problems. Furthermore, he appears totally cool and self-assured when in reality he needs a woman to constantly tell him how much she loves him and admires him…this is vital for his ego.

If you give his ego the boost it needs, he’ll tie himself to you for as long as you want him around. He is a faithful lover who not only doesn’t feel but can’t understand the need to stray.

Contrary to what you might think, based on the opinion above, there is some romanticism in Capricorn. Nevertheless,his need to make the best choice for his future is above all and so he’ll sacrifice romanticism and choose a woman who will serve his ambitions well.

They either marry very young or very old. Those who marry later in life will be happier because chances are, that by then, he’ll be secure financially and thus, less wary of love.

As a lover, he likes plush surroundings…while others might like the car or the floor, Capricorn will want his king size bed and silk sheets.

Few women will have reason to complain about him in bed for he is lusty and skillful…he certainly makes up this way for his lack of imagination and romanticism.

Don’t fret though, he just might surprise you with an occassional act of impulsiveness like a surprise trip to Paris for an intimate celebration.

Capricorn Man Traits


The shy guy with big ambitions. Don’t forget to laugh at his jokes even if they aren’t that funny. He will push himself at work he needs to accomplish if you don’t like his job then leave him alone. Old fashioned and blunt if pushed if you don’t want to know then don’t ask because he will tell you and it may not be the answer you are wanting to hear!

How To Get A Capricorn Man’s Attention


What to focus on:


  • He is practical and efficient. So he’s able to manage his money really well. Show him that you have the same ability to manage your finances. If you don’t have the same ability than try to learn.
  • When it comes to love he is a true believer in actions speak louder than words. So if love is starting to creep in your heart for this man, it’s important for you to show him. When he sees that you do truly love him, it will be much easier for him to utter the words I love you back.
  • Some Capricorn men deal with self-confidence issues. The best thing that you could be for him is be his head cheerleader. Show him that you totally believe in him and his dreams. Give him that confidence that he lacks.
  • He likes the pursuit of a woman. So let him enjoy the chase a little bit before you reel him in.
  • He is truly big on the importance of family. So if things start getting intense between the two of you integrate him into your family lifestyle. It is guaranteed that even if he hasn’t already introduced you to his family, you sure will be getting that invite quite quickly.
  • This man almost lives by a routine. He is very methodical in his organization of his life. Show him that you too can schedule your daily activities as well.

What Not To Do:


  • If you’re considering a relationship with this man try to understand that things are going to move a little bit slowly. He will want to have a career and financial stability before he makes his way to marriage altar.
  • If you’re thinking about changing this man’s lifestyle, think again. He doesn’t like to change things that he is comfortable with.
  • Don’t act unpredictable around this man. Show that you have a cool calm way about yourself. Always practice self control. Acting erratic around him will only push him away.
  • This is not the type of guy that will succumb to flattery. So don’t try that as a way to get your way.

How to Attract a Capricorn Man

How to Attract a Capricorn man.  For the perfect, whimsical, and socially attractive man, a Capricorn man is the perfect guy for you.  Capricorn men are easy to attract if you focus on their ambition and keep social.  If you want to be a wall flower, you will probably bore the Capricorn man.

They love to climb the social ladder and keep lots of friends.

Attract a Capricorn man by being social and inviting his friends over for fun and entertainment.  If you want to keep the attention of a Capricorn man, show him that you are responsible and have a good, secure job.  Show him that you love to have friends, but when the time is right you have a good head on your shoulders.

Capricorn men are the successful businessmen of all the zodiac signs.  They will work long, hard hours to achieve goals and become a success.

Make sure you are supportive of the Capricorn man and don’t nag him for time if he is busy with work.  Provide him with support and encouragement, and the Capricorn man will surely stay interested and fall for you.

Show support for his ideas and dreams by giving him a massage to remove the stress from his busy day.

Capricorn men can be suspicious, so you will need to attract him by showing him that you can be trusted.  These men have a lot of stress and build wealth quickly, so a Capricorn man can become suspicious of your love.

Don’t criticize him, but rather support him and show the Capricorn man that you are behind him no matter what happens.  In your quest on how to attract a capricorn man, if you can show your Capricorn man that you are social and loving and trustworthy, he will become yours for a life time.

As long as you are able to enjoy each other, your relationship will be well worth the effort to attract a Capricorn man.

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Dating a Capricorn man


 How to approach him for the first time


 this is a guy that is as conservative as you can get. So it’s very important that you come at him in a conservative way.

 His interest in women usually is piqued by somebody that has a gentle demeanor, is dignified, and shows a high level of sincerity.  If you come at him abrasively you won’t stand a chance. If you’re the type to be flighty in a relationship, then you won’t stand a chance.

Even though he does have a really cool reserved feel to him, he does show a lot of warm passion and a lot of sensuality. These are character traits of his that will eventually show their head. It does take a little time for him to feel comfortable enough to show that though.

He really would love to have a companion that can help him take the weight of the world off his shoulders, and show him what it’s like to relax for once.

He does have a need to be in control though sometimes. He doesn’t like to project that he does show a quality of neediness.

In regards to that if he’s interested in you, he is going to ask you out.

So you got your first date


Now that you got your first date with him it’s important that you let him be the one that decides what you guys end up doing that night. He’s not very comfortable when it comes to letting somebody else choose what activity is done because he likes to be able to control the pace.

 What is important to him is that he follows what he considers the rituals of courting a woman. This is a guy that has a plan.

 If you’re the type of woman that is a rebel or show a lot of Independence ( which there’s nothing wrong with)  he won’t be too enthralled with this type of lady.  It’s not that he has any problem with a woman of this nature, as he does admire women that are strong.

He just finds that being in a situation where he is not the strongest one puts him in an uncomfortable position.

 A woman that has a lot of respect for herself and shows that she has solid values will go a long way with this guy.

 As he starts to feel comfortable with you, you’ll see a more passionate side start to surface. Just know that this passion is not for show and truly take your time with it. Take it at face value. As he discovers that he can really feel safe in your arms, He will start to open up his heart more.

So you want to get out of a date with a Capricorn man

  •  be very impractical in everything that you do
  •  demand that from this moment on you take charge of everything that goes on
  •  start to contradict yourself
  •  become very evasive when he asks you questions
  •  just start to act really nuts
  •  embarrass him every opportunity you have
  •  talk loudly even if you’re in a library

Capricorn Man Compatibility


Aries woman

Even though astrology does seem to place a low compatibility rating on this couple, it can be quite beautiful between the two of them as long as they can last together. The reason why it’s usually given that poorly of a compatibility is due to the fact that there’s usually a lot of personal differences the couple can’t overcome.

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Taurus woman

He’s attracted to this woman because she has a realistic vision of what she wants in a relationship, while he has a very practical sense to himself. These are two signs that have a lot of compatibility when it comes to being able to understand each other. These two have really great compatibility when it comes to love, sex, and even on a friendship level as well. This might be one of those relationships where it’s good to start off as friends and work from there.

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Gemini woman

The impulsiveness of the Gemini woman is a detriment to this man completely. He likes to be in a situation where he’s able to have some control over the relationship. This is one of those situations where it’s better off to be friends, because in a loving relationship they have a low compatibility.

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Cancer woman

They are totally different signs in every way, but even with that aspect they usually have an average compatibility between the two of them. If they take the time to put work into the relationship, they may find that true love can exist between the two of them, and they can make a go at this as a couple.

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Leo woman

These two can form a couple that would have a very satisfying relationship, that they would both enjoy. What they really need to do is decide on what kind of pace they want their relationship to move at.  If they can find something that they can be happy with this relationship has one of the highest compatibility that’s available.

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Virgo woman

When these signs get together,  they will find that they have a high degree of complicity and understanding with each other. When they have both of those two aspects together, they can find themselves in a situation where they share a high compatibility.

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Libra woman

Even though these two can find themselves in a very loving relationship, they never fully have the chance to understand each other to the degree that they need to have. Her impulsiveness really clashes with his need and wanting for discretion. The two of them have a low compatibility rating.

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Scorpio woman

This is a woman that can come into his life and give him all the love and understanding that he needs in a relationship. So on a relationship level they do have a high level of compatibility. The only problem that they might find, is that they’re not as sexually compatible as they are relationship compatible which could cause some issues.

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Sagittarius woman

Their way of living is kind of contradictory to each other. The Sagittarius woman prefers to have a life that’s more energetic, optimistic and vibrant. Where as in he likes to live more of a low-key mellow lifestyle. That’s why there’s usually a low compatibility with these two.

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Capricorn woman

No one can understand him better than the Capricorn woman in this case. She truly understands everything about him and will also be able to give him the space / understanding that he needs to be able to feel secure and safe in a relationship. This is one of the best combinations for him.

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Aquarius woman 

These two together as a couple can be very unpredictable. They usually do have what’s called an average compatibility rating, but even though that is the case sometimes things work out in their favor. They can either be in a relationship that’s full of arguments and disagreements, or they can find that they’re in a loving stable relationship that they are happy with. Things can’t really go either way.

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Pisces woman

In private these two signs can combined to give each other the sensitivity and love that they need to be happy.  In the beginning though they might find themselves in a situation where they’re not able to trust each other as quickly as they would like. With that being said though they are usually a couple that can make it with a great level of compatibility.

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Erogenous zones

 his zones are  Inside the upper part of his thigh, and the back of his knees. This is an area where you should focus on stroking and soft massaging.

Sex With A Capricorn Man

Capricorns are so grown up, dependable and serious so you are going to be shocked by this wild man in your bed. Capricorns are surprisingly lustful lovers in private. In fact, they love love and just can’t get enough of all that kissing and touching.

A Capricorn can truly make love all night but don’t start early. This sign abhors open displays of affection. If you want to connect with this man between the sheets be independent and dignified in public and red hot in private.

Turn Ons: A younger woman. You always feel protective toward the one you love, and if she can loosen you up and help you take life a little less seriously, you’ll be glad to demonstrate your appreciation. If a lover can read and appreciate your subtle signals of love, she’ll save you tons of embarrassment.

Turn Offs: Gold diggers. While your lover should never want for anything materially, you can tell when someone doesn’t respect how hard you work for your money. Your woman needs to be satisfied with the simple things in life to earn your trust and share your bed.

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How to Keep your Capricorn man around


set goals for yourself

Capricorns are people that value accomplishments a lot. If you’re a person that is carefree and lives for adventure over anything else, this might not be a good fit. So it’s important for you to be goal oriented and striving to make those goals happen.

Depend on this man

He loves the idea of somebody depending on him. Not for every little thing in the world but, just somebody that shows that they need to have him in their life. This is one thing that he is truly good at. When he falls in love with somebody, he truly cares for them with all of his heart.

This is a serious man

Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn, and is very much influenced by it. It’s important for you to act your age with this man, as acting a fool will push him away. This guy can be a lot of fun, but also keeps everything on a serious level. Don’t expect to be running down the street at Disney World with this guy with Mickey Mouse ears on.

Be respectful

This guy is not looking for somebody that’s a rebel in disguise. He’s looking for somebody that follows the rule of law. He loves his family and any tradition that comes with it. If you can’t respect his views on all of these things it’s really hard for you guys to gel as a couple.

Stay grounded as a person

Life at times can be fast and furious. With this guy though you have to really take your time to slow down and relax to keep him around. So make sure that you are always calm, cool, and collected. This man just doesn’t do anger and crazy at all. If he’s dating a woman that becomes hysterical ( and not the funny type) ,that’s a fast track to a breakup with this guy.

Give him the reins in the relationship

With this man you really have no choice when it comes to that issue. His stubbornness really comes out when he’s not in charge of the situation. If you want to be the one that wears the pants in the relationship, this is probably not the man for you. If you can let him take charge, you’ll find that you live a life that’s easier to navigate and full of security. This is a man that is very devoted to the woman that he’s dating, and is completely responsible in every sense of the term. He will treat you like the queen that you are, and you can ask for anything more than that.

partner up

When you start dating a guy that’s a Capricorn, it’s not two individuals together, it’s now a partnership that’s equal. You both join together to become a team. For this relationship to work you have to make sure that your family and partnership are strong. If you capture this man’s heart, You become the dream team.

Be classy

Do everything you can to make this guy proud to call you his girl. He looks at his significant other or his teammate as an extension of his own self. Everything that you do from the very beginning of your relationship with him well help influence him as to where the relationship will be heading.

Never be a game player

Dating a guy that is serious does have its perks. One of those being is that he doesn’t play games with the person that he’s into, or anyone for that matter. These guys are very serious when it comes to love and partnerships. If you show him sincerity and honesty,  he will have total respect for you in every way. Just let him be the leader in this case.

Be a secret romantic

Even though he’s looked at as a very serious guy, he truly does love the act of passion. He doesn’t mind if you break out the Satin sheets or the candles in the bedroom. He doesn’t even mind if it gets hot and heavy whenever you want it. The important thing here to note is that he doesn’t like to have public displays of affection. So keep the romance with this guy on the down low away from prying eyes.


Capricorn Guy

Capricorn Guy

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