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Capricorn Man – Sex, Attraction, And His Personality

Capricorn Man – Love relationships are not easy for Capricorn man. He has a loner quality about him that really makes it difficult for him to trust another person; so emotionally, relationships become a challenge for him. In a certain way, it’s like he cuts himself off from spontaneity. Since he holds absolute control of his work/business life, he really has a hard time sharing responsibility with a partner and that can be a source of problems. Furthermore, he appears totally cool and self-assured when in reality he needs a woman to constantly tell him how much she loves him and admires him…this is vital for his ego. If you give his ego the boost it needs, he’ll tie himself to you for as long as you want him around. He is a faithful lover who not only doesn’t feel but can’t understand the need to stray.

Contrary to what you might think, based on the opinion above, there is some romanticism in Capricorn. Nevertheless,his need to make the best choice for his future is above all and so he’ll sacrifice romanticism and choose a woman who will serve his ambitions well. They either marry very young or very old. Those who marry later in life will be happier because chances are, that by then, he’ll be secure financially and thus, less wary of love.

As a lover, he likes plush surroundings…while others might like the car or the floor, Capricorn will want his king size bed and silk sheets. Few women will have reason to complain about him in bed for he is lusty and skillful…he certainly makes up this way for his lack of imagination and romanticism. Don’t fret though, he just might surprise you with an occassional act of impulsiveness like a surprise trip to Paris for an intimate celebration.

Capricorn Man Traits

The shy guy with big ambitions. Don’t forget to laugh at his jokes even if they aren’t that funny. He will push himself at work he needs to accomplish if you don’t like his job then leave him alone. Old fashioned and blunt if pushed if you don’t want to know then don’t ask because he will tell you and it may not be the answer you are wanting to hear!

How to Attract a Capricorn Man

How to Attract a Capricorn man.  For the perfect, whimsical, and socially attractive man, a Capricorn man is the perfect guy for you.  Capricorn men are easy to attract if you focus on their ambition and keep social.  If you want to be a wall flower, you will probably bore the Capricorn man.  They love to climb the social ladder and keep lots of friends.  Attract a Capricorn man by being social and inviting his friends over for fun and entertainment.  If you want to keep the attention of a Capricorn man, show him that you are responsible and have a good, secure job.  Show him that you love to have friends, but when the time is right you have a good head on your shoulders.

Capricorn men are the successful businessmen of all the zodiac signs.  They will work long, hard hours to achieve goals and become a success.  Make sure you are supportive of the Capricorn man and don’t nag him for time if he is busy with work.  Provide him with support and encouragement, and the Capricorn man will surely stay interested and fall for you.  Show support for his ideas and dreams by giving him a massage to remove the stress from his busy day.

Capricorn men can be suspicious, so you will need to attract him by showing him that you can be trusted.  These men have a lot of stress and build wealth quickly, so a Capricorn man can become suspicious of your love.  Don’t criticize him, but rather support him and show the Capricorn man that you are behind him no matter what happens.  In your quest on how to attract a capricorn man, if you can show your Capricorn man that you are social and loving and trustworthy, he will become yours for a life time.  As long as you are able to enjoy each other, your relationship will be well worth the effort to attract a Capricorn man.

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Sex With A Capricorn Man

Capricorns are so grown up, dependable and serious so you are going to be shocked by this wild man in your bed. Capricorns are surprisingly lustful lovers in private. In fact, they love love and just can’t get enough of all that kissing and touching.  A Capricorn can truly make love all night but don’t start early. This sign abhors open displays of affection. If you want to connect with this man between the sheets be independent and dignified in public and red hot in private.

Turn Ons: A younger woman. You always feel protective toward the one you love, and if she can loosen you up and help you take life a little less seriously, you’ll be glad to demonstrate your appreciation. If a lover can read and appreciate your subtle signals of love, she’ll save you tons of embarrassment.

Turn Offs: Gold diggers. While your lover should never want for anything materially, you can tell when someone doesn’t respect how hard you work for your money. Your woman needs to be satisfied with the simple things in life to earn your trust and share your bed.

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Capricorn Guy

Capricorn Guy