1. I was born August 23, I don’t know what time, my mother told me one time it was evening but she could not remember. This reading helped me so much to understand ME, after 76 years of wondering why I act the way I do sometimes. WOW. I was in a relationship with a Pisces a few months ago and I guess the turmoil
    of being two people has him wondering about who I am after knowing each other for 40 years. I don’t seem to be able to get my head on straight about what I have said or done to make him walk away, guess it’s this two person thing. I know it hurts sometime to be this confused about life.

  2. Brenna Perry says:

    Good morning everyone
    I was born August 25,1983 and was told I was a Virgo but every time I would read my horoscope or any information regarding Virgo I would think to myself that’s not me or none of this resembles me maybe one or two traits but never the whole thing. So then I heard about being a cusp I looked it up and within the first sentence of my reading I was like whoa ok now this makes sense fire/earth sign no wonder I’m so confused and so all over with personalities lol

  3. I was born 8/22 Leo Virgo and I had to deal with extrovert & introvert now for 75 years. I’m getting better at it. I have more knowledge to help me with it. Love,Nancy

  4. Leo/Virgo cusp born Aug. 22nd at 10:47 at night. Virgo is my
    Sun sign surprisingly, with my long thick blonde wavy hair most people assume the Leo automatically, gold being my color and pretense that doesn’t go unnoticed. Meanwhile I’m hiding behind my hair with the mentality, if I can’t see them- they can’t see me. I love nice tasteful things but am a true earth worshipper, loving the beach, trees, being outdoors.

  5. Leeannjadee says:

    i am born on august 23 and thats when Virgo starts but, when people would read my horoscopes to me they wouldnt quite fit in with me, but then i would read the Leo one and then that would apply better. but now i finally understand the pull between the both. Thanks for making this more clear cause i couldnt understand what was “wrong”. Made me understand the way that i am now being an extreme introvert but also can be an extrovert at times

  6. Meticulous Leo/Virgo says:

    The information on the page may be contradicting to some. At the top, the dates are listed as August; however, under the “Leo Virgo Cusp” header the first sentence states we’re born in September. Just a heads up to the author.

    1. Melissa Martinez says:

      thanks for pointing that out :)

      1. Stacy Bennett says:

        My husband is a Leo/Virgo and I am an Aquarius/Pisces. We are opposites in so many ways, but I think that’s why we’re so good together and we’ve been together over 25 years!

  7. Mine is Leo sun virgo moon but I was born in May yep so this is why my life is twisted

  8. Beth Schindler says:

    im born on 21st august… everyone is always suprised when i tell them im a leo.. but they get it when i tell them im a cusp..virgo helps me control my arrogance and well i think leos are awesome and i love all the traits that come with it! :) :)

  9. Pauly Wolford says:

    i was born on august 18 and deafly feel the pull between the two zodiac cusp signs and its so great but still kinda challenging at times because you might think that your a crazy person but your not you have two people inside you that controls you

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