Leo Virgo Cusp - The Cusp of Exposure

Leo Virgo Cusp – The Cusp of Exposure

Leo Virgo Cusp of Exposure


August 19th until august 25th

leo virgo cusp compatibility

Like all cusp people the Leo/Virgo is attracted to other cusp people with Pisces/Aries(March 19-24) and Taurus/Gemini(May 19-24) being most attractive.

 leo virgo cusp personality

leo and virgo cusp - can be either extremely introverted or extremely extroverted depending on the day and situation

leo-virgo cusp are the most efficient and motivated when they're working for a good cause.

virgo leo cusp -can be either extremely introverted or extremely extroverted depending on the day and situation.

Positive Traits:

The Leo/Virgo is thought to be ambitious,ambivert, artistic, creative, dependent, dramatic, flamboyant, fun-loving, honest, inspiring, leader, logical, loves attention, optimistic, organized, practical, quick, reliable, routine, social, and unique.

Negative Traits:

They are prone to being  aloof, blunt, cold, ego-oriented, perfectionist, quarrelsome, and stubborn.


They are highly secretive.
They are masters of effect.
They must allow others to share in their feelings.
They have a good feeling of the right time to do something.
They are more discriminating and less overtly sensual than most.
Like all cusp people the Leo/Virgo is of two conflicting elements-Fire and Earth.
They have the fiery, energetic and aggressive Leo nature combined with the rational and meticulous mind of Virgo.

Leo Virgo Cusp

People belonging to Leo Virgo cusp are born on are between September 19 and September 24. They are innate admirers of good and beautiful things in their lives or surroundings. Beautiful piece of art, precious objects, beautiful people keep them attracted and they consistently try to keep their surroundings clean and appealing. Their perfectionist nature helps them to be great at business and they can efficiently manage social gatherings.

There is a very interesting conflicting quality of people belonging to Leo Virgo cusp. Though they like finesse in everything but their emotions do not complement this behavior. They are not known to be noticeably emotional contrary to the perception that their adoration for fine things project. They need to continue with their taste of finesse but they must try not to be swept away by compulsion or cynicism. Also, they must not pursue the materialistic happiness at the cost of religious activities.

Politeness, open-mindedness, and responsibility are some basic traits which make them a very good team worker. People belonging to Leo Virgo cusp are quite conscious of their health and they consistently exercise and take care of their health. These people prove to be good lovers as they are highly romantic and playful. They are great at seeing a situation in a comprehensive fashion and take a well-informed decision. Their nature to dig into the finer details helps can often irritate others. They can eke out good and satisfying career either in the fields of science.

leo virgo cusp

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  • Pauly Wolford says:

    i was born on august 18 and deafly feel the pull between the two zodiac cusp signs and its so great but still kinda challenging at times because you might think that your a crazy person but your not you have two people inside you that controls you

  • Beth Schindler says:

    im born on 21st august… everyone is always suprised when i tell them im a leo.. but they get it when i tell them im a cusp..virgo helps me control my arrogance and well i think leos are awesome and i love all the traits that come with it! 🙂 🙂

  • TG says:

    Mine is Leo sun virgo moon but I was born in May yep so this is why my life is twisted

  • >