1. I can relate to these posts. I have mars rx in Capricorn. When I was younger my temper used to get the best of me and afterwards would cause me to feel shameful over what I had said or done. I’m 35 now and slowly through the years have learned to harness all that pent up aggression and apply it towards creating healthy habits and also in defending the things and people that I value. I don’t think that my retrograde mars made me weak, but rather forced me to learn about myself and how best to apply my energy. Thanks for the read.

  2. I have mars taurus retrograde natal

    is that the reason I am so tired all the time

    plus am sooo slow.

    I feel fast (moon aries) but to do work (mars taurus (slow) . I am having a hard time seeing an upside to this especially at work :(


  3. I know Mercury retro is a hot topic right now but I’m interested in the effects of a retro Mars in the natal chart, as mine is.

    I’ve noticed that despite my Mars being in bolshie Scorp, I turn a lot of my anger inwards. It’s unexpressed and finds a way out in other areas – not all directed at the source of my irritation.

    (Edited to add the note: I know that Scor anger seethes and boils under the surface generally but I expect that any self-respecting Scorp would eventually find an external outlet for their feelings, targeted at the source of their ire – ie. revenge).

    Is this a typical retro manifestation?

    Today, while looking at my progressions to see when Mars turns direct in my life, I was shocked to see that this doesn’t happen until I turn 75. Woohoo, some learning curve.

    Worse (I think) Mars has just started progressing back through my 12th house…

    Does anyone have any personal experiences to share or relate on how retro mars might manifest and some strategies for dealing with it in a healthy way? (I searched the archive but couldn’t find anything on Mars + retrograde).

    Thanks muchly.

    1. Melissa Martinez says:

      Bil Tierney’s book Dynamics of Aspect Analysis has some meaty info on natal and progressed retrogrades. Maybe you will also hear from some folks here who have dealt with it.

  4. Lorry Turnbow says:

    I’m a natal mars rx. Always have to take time to re-evaluate and decide. I was never allowed anger like other people. In the familial unit, people can blow off steam all the time and I have to deal with it and let it go. But if I get angry they will talk about it for days like I committed some mortal sin. But yet they bully me. So I took to leaving situations before they could get to me. Preventative maintenance. ? But then a couple of them would call and accuse me of being angry. They did not understand that I left so I did not have to be angry. What I’m left with is that anger does not feel good. I actually get feeling sick about it if I get angry, so I avoid it. It’s more about taking a stand for my well being and setting limits. Turning people back when they are on the attack and just plain letting it go. I was taking on stuff that really did not belong to me.

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