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Melissa Martinez has been into astrology since being a very young girl. She currently has 10+ years of experience helping people navigate life with the use of astrology. When not working on the website she is busy writing her first book on love and astrology. Her belief is that through the use of astrology itself you can gain an inner view of the issues that are complicating your life, and find the answers to fix them. The answers are in the stars and within you!

Hello everyone 🙂

Welcome to my little corner on the internet that is insightfulpsychics.com

From the very beginning of my life I became interested in Astrology. More so than asking my parents about what the meanings of the planets and the stars were, I was interested in the constellations. As I learned more about the constellations, I wanted to know more about the mythology behind the Stars. This is where my interest in astrology came into view.

Whenever we went to the library or the bookstore , I always made sure that I checked out what the latest astrology books available were. I never could seem to put them down, reading them from beginning to end and learning as much as I possibly could as I went along. Many late nights, and latter in life many late nights and many coffee’s to keep me going.

My teachers in school always wondered why I was interested more so in astrology than the Stars itself, and I always answered them with one answer….. all the possibilities.

As many people do when they go to High School they try and learn who they are meant to be and who to be with. I realized as my friends were going through many different relationships, whether they were successful or not, they would always come to me for advice on astrology.

They wanted to know if their boyfriend or girlfriend was the right one for them. Did their stars align?Were they meant to be?Were they their soulmate?

This just made me want to push myself further into astrology than I ever had been before. That’s the moment where I came to know that my greatest passion was to become my career. Astrology and helping people in relationships

I started off using automated programs to do astrology charts,but as I went along I started to realize that it just didn’t feel personalized. I didn’t feel like a real person was doing my chart.

There was a lady in my city that was a full-time astrologer and I asked if I can learn underneath her, and she took me under her wing. To me that was one of the greatest days of my life because not only was I book learned on every topic of astrology, but I finally had a teacher that could teach me everything that I needed to know. She was my mentor, after learning from some of the greats like Linda Goodman, Athena Starwoman, Liz Greene, and Mystic Meg via books. My favorite author for Astrology was Alice Bailey, who I had a soft spot for.

After she taught me everything that she could from what I didn’t know, I went into the world and started to do charts for myself. I started to look at people’s relationships from an astrology point of view. Not just saying Verbatim what I had read in a book previously, but able to give my personal touch on the situation. Never sugarcoating things, always doing what I was told, show the client what they need to see not what they want to see.

There’s nothing I love more in life than helping people figure out where they’re supposed to be in a relationship. Relationships to me are of the utmost importance. Some of the greatest triumphs we feel in life happen in relationships,and some of the greatest heartbreaks happen in them as well.

I continue doing readings as long as I could, and then was blessed with becoming a mother. After having a beautiful girl, I was blessed with another child.

In 2006 insightfulpsychics.com opened under another owner but working with him I helped make this site what it is today. I would be the one doing the astrology and psychic readings, and he would be the one promoting the website for me.

I can’t believe that we’ve been open and online for 14 years now. It’s like every one of my dreams came true, my love for astrology, and my love of being a mother.

Even though now raising my two children have become my priority, I maintain this website what the same amount of passion and love that I had previously.

I will continue to write about relationship issues that we all face in life, as well as more astrology based posts.

For the time being I have put aside public astrology and psychic readings. The reason for this is that I am currently in the middle of trying to write my first ever book on love and astrology. This was something that was always in the cards for me and something that I’ve always wanted to be able to accomplish. My life began with books, and will end at least with me being the author of my own.

We do offer psychic and astrology readings on the site, as we have partnered up with a few companies to bring that to you. These are all companies that I have vetted, and tried their services myself. So I can fully endorse with all of my heart the companies we choose to have on our site.

I hope to one day get back to reading, not just with my astrology charts but as well as my psychic readings. First come my children, and in other moments writing my book and working on this website. My hope is that one of my children will pick up the love of astrology that I have.

I hope that this website can bring you peace and happiness, and if you come across our website at a moment in time where you’re upset or sad, hopefully we can put a smile on your face and help you out.

I believe that everyone deserves to have a happy life, and not be burdened by relationships that go nowhere. My biggest wish is that we can all find our soulmate and be happy for the rest of our lives.

Be blessed, and know there is someone out there for all of us! We just have to know where to find them

Thanks for reading


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Melissa Martinez

Melissa Martinez

Melissa Martinez currently has 10+ years of experience helping people navigate life with the use of astrology. When not working on the website she is busy writing her first book on love and astrology.

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