Sagittarius Woman (November 22 – December 21)

Sagittarius Woman

Sagittarius Lady

That’s right, she’s a lover not a fighter. All men look good to her. She wants a little piece of ’em all. However, deep emotional involvement with this lass ain’t so deep. She is vain. And wants to be entertained all the time. She loves to travel, it makes her the happiest. Home kinda depresses her. She is a know-it-all, but rarely has she even cracked a book to even know a little. If she is disapointed in something she has no problem telling you. (That can be a very good thing!) Or leaving you! She can be a bit dependent though, thin-skinned and easily humiliated, so be nice! Can you tell I know a Sag whom I’m not especially fond of?

Sagittarius Woman -Like all the other women born under Fire Signs, Sagittarius gals are most vibrant when they’re in love.  The excitement, passion and adventure of romance suit her verywell.  She becomes positive and enthusiastic in her views of the world.  She doesnt’ have her head in the clouds but rather walks around confidently glowing in an aura of happiness and good energy.

Her sign is that of mental exploration.  This means that love is not only about passion but constitutes a challenge she is faced with.  Settling is not part of her vocabulary; she’ll never be able to “make the best of it” or work things out if they’re not running smoothly.  Under such circumstances she will simply walk out.  She’s the perfect playmate only when she finds the game worth playing.

Other women take love extremely seriously, but not her.  To a Sagittarius, love is simply one more of the many aspects of life… here one day, gone the next.  It’s not the beginning or the end of anything.  If she happens to find a man who suits her likings… be it travelling and not being tied down, or outdoor life and sports, then all the better…it’s an added feature to her life.

She doesn’t necessarily understand that romantic affairs leave consequences behind.  For her, it’s always about moving forward and so she doesn’t really realize that a breakup might leave wounded feelings behind.  If an ex is resentful towards her, she is genuinely surprised.

She’s a total flirt and loves that time in a new affair; men adore her easygoing and charming manner.  She tends to wander off the path at times, but once in love, she will remain loyal.  A sense of humor is one of her most notorious traits and sharing her sense of adventure is her desire.  If a relationship puts her thru an emotional wringer, it’s out the window!

She loves life and wants to enjoy it to the max and be surrounded by people who do so as well.  When the time comes for her to settle down, she’ll make for a delightful companion.

For the Sagittarius Man

Sagittarius Woman Traits

This lady prefers a takeaway to the kitchen she would rather spend money yours or hers it don’t matter than save for something she’s all enthusiastic and very infectious and fun to be with but she has a side to her that may drive you mad. She needs a collection of male admirers and this lady can flirt to an Olympic standard. She’s hard to resist yet hard to pin down she tends to do things in a hurry and then repent at leisure and very often marries more than once.

Sagittarius Woman in Love

The Sagittarius woman is one full of optimism, energy, and zest for life. This woman is drawn to excitement, passion, and fun. This is true for her love life too.

Finding love with this woman won’t be boring or dull and in fact a boring or dull relationship will have her out the door in an instant – without looking back. She will have no hard feelings and is shocked when past loves display anger or resentment to her when she’s simply walked out and moved on.

This woman perceives love as a part of life only. She doesn’t see love as the beginning or end of anything. It’s merely something to be enjoyed along the path of life. This is also why she desires a partner and love that is light, fun, and full of adventure and life.

The Sagittarius woman is a bit of a flirt and likes men. In turn men are attracted to her easy going, flirty, optimistic nature. She accepts life on life’s terms and doesn’t get pulled down by the bumps in life very often or for very long. She just doesn’t take any of it, especially love, that seriously.

This woman is a free spirit who is drawn to whatever mate or idea strikes her fancy at the moment. But don’t worry when she finds a love to make her happy she is loyal to her man. At heart the Sagittarius woman is a romantic.

The Sagittarius woman isn’t into heavy emotional undertakings or love affairs. She looks for a like minded partner who sees the good side of life and matters of the heart. Emotional roller coasters aren’t for her. She wants someone who has a similar sense of adventure who is intelligent and well read.

The Sagittarius woman enjoys life to its fullest and will be happiest with a man who does the same. She is clever, funny, and optimistic and sure to bring joy to any partnership.

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Sex With A Sagittarius Woman

Turn Ons: A challenge. You don’t want a man to play hard to get, but you want him to encourage you to conquer new goals as an individual and as his mate. If a guy’s willing to be domestic, he can take care of all the tasks you simply don’t like to do.

Turn Offs: Any kind of negativity. You’re always up for whatever’s new and whatever’s next. While you may need a reality check occasionally, you don’t want a man who will bring you down. If he does, he’s out.


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