Taurus Woman (April 20 – May 20)

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Taurus Lady

Venus is her ruler so dig the picture if you can — she’s a fiery, bubbling sex star. The Taurus girl knows what she wants and is going for it, get in her way and die. Some people think she isn’t too bright, but that ain’t the case, she has that intuitive kind of smarts. She is practical and doesn’t believe in platonic love — there must be a physical attraction. Taurus women (and men) love food and love to drink. Taurus gals hate P.D.A.’s (so watch out if you are touchy-feely kinda guy) She is very particular about the men she keeps company with, she has set up a mental note of guidelines that they MUST comply with or they are out of there. Like I said, pretty smart.

Taurus Woman Traits

She is good with money and needs security, take that away from the taurean lady and you might as well take the air from her lungs! She will let you be yourself, flirt away and she will probably turn her blind eye, but push her too far and that’s it! she isn’t easily aroused in anger but when she lets go it’s not a pretty sight. Pamper her with the finest silks and be prepared to enjoy her strong sexual nature followed by a great feast in the kitchen she can cook too!

For the Taurus Man

Taurus Woman in Love

The Taurus woman can be considered the epitome of the perfect old fashioned woman. This woman is full of good taste, elegance, and doesn’t like to leave anything to chance.

The Taurus comes to her true self and shines in matters of love. She is an earth mother, a giver, and a nurturer. She will give you all of her and expects nothing less in return.

This woman is a quiet decision maker and although you may think you are making decisions in regards to the relationship you can be assured you’ve only done so after she’s already silently approved of the plans.

The Taurus woman is a loyal and devoted lover. Once she has fallen in love with you there is little another can say or do to persuade her that you are anything but wonderful. Love relationships for the Taurus woman are rather easy as she is open and affectionate and won’t be likely to play games. She has a good sexual appetite as well that she’ll be sure to express with the right partner.

Trusting her self and her instincts this woman may take her time in developing a love relationship but she is sure to be the one to make the final decision – a decision that’s made long before you realize.

Paying compliments to the Taurus woman is never a mistake. A person who pays extreme attention to detail she usually is surrounded by the finer things in life. It pays to take notice of these, pay compliments and by all means don’t forget to compliment the most important of all these fine items, the Taurus woman herself. This woman likes to be wined and dined, pursued, and shown plenty of positive attention.

Talk about interesting topics, don’t let her dominate the conversation (once she gets started talking she can be hard to stop,) and give her the attention she wants. The Taurus woman is a true romantic and the man who captures her heart won’t be disappointed.

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Sex With A Taurus Woman


Turn Ons: Ultimately, you want to develop your nurturing side, so you (consciously or not) evaluate each new lover based on parenting potential. Since you adore to get lost in pleasure, your lover must be gentle and have incredible stamina. The more time you spend in bed together, the better.

Turn Offs: Flakiness, vulgarity, immaturity — in short, a man you can’t bring home to mother. You won’t bother with a guy who’s looking for a quick affair or is afraid of commitment. And if your man so much as flirts with anyone in your presence, you become unbearable to be around.


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