Capricorn Sign Dates, Traits, & More

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Capricorn Zodiac


Very serious in outlook, these are possibly more shy and retiring than Virgos and often loners. Yet they are strong-willed, determined people and many a Capricorn has gone on to great things (especially if Mars is also in Capricorn) thanks to their dogged determination. They are regularly openly mean and selfish, and somewhat cold or even hard natured people – this is very evident if their Moon is in Capricorn. It is the sign most often referred to as being the most boring, but they do however often have a highly developed dry sense of humor. Unless countered by more favorable signs in their chart, they can appear old before their time.

The Capricorn impatience is almost unique to their sign, certainly not the typical impulsive Aries type impatience. It drives them along in a responsible, pondering sort of way that often leads to setbacks because they did not wait for the right moment. Like Taureans, they resist change, respecting the tried and tested methods of doing things.

Capricorn Dates: (born December 22 – January 19)


Capricorn Decans , 1st, 2nd and 3rd

Capricorn Decans

Fast Summary:


Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac, and is symbolized by the Goat, while its symbol or glyph represents the goats hard horns. The Sun is in Capricorn from around 23 December until around 20 January every year. Capricorn is associated with the harshness of winter and its stark realities. Capricorn is classified as being of the negative polarity (passive and receptive), of the earth element (practical, cautious and restrained), and of the cardinal quality (outgoing and enterprising). Ruled by the planet Saturn, Capricorn has a cool, rational attitude, expressing prudence, associated with an urge to conform to disciplined behaviour and to aspire.

The characteristic Capricorn type is patient, persevering, cautious, methodical and resourceful. Ambitious, serious and dedicated to duty, Capricorn is serious, sober, practical and disciplined, and works for respectable worldly status. Capricorn has an inborn ability to bear hardship and frustration, because its nature is conditioned to the necessity for discipline, self-containment, and a serious and responsible attitude to life. Capricorn knows that life is difficult, but its patience is never ending, and it aspires to be the type who will nevertheless triumph and achieve success through sheer patience and the endurance of adversity. Capricorns keywords are discipline and prudence, and its nature is to plan, carefully, coolly, and deliberately for the achievement of its ambitions. Capricorn is strongly goal-directed and is very persistent in its aims, possessing an aptitude to persevere no matter how difficult the path it must tread. To this end Capricorn plods on, climbing the ladder of ambition and career slowly and surely, with conscientious, dutiful, punctilious concentration and industry. Capricorns attitude is conservative, with time, money, and all other resources.

Overuse of the Capricorn manner may be severe, pessimistic, sour, harsh, exacting, and even cruel. Too much emphasis on Capricorns rational, sober and respectable side of life can make one too conventional, a wet blanket, narrow-minded, unfeeling, critical and miserly, with dreary worrying over joyless things. Physically Capricorn rules the knees, skin and skeleton. There may be a tendency for skin disorders, knee troubles or injuries, and digestive upsets and depression, often brought about through gloomy worrying and the suppression of the happier emotions and feelings. Capricorn is especially associated with, or “ruled” by, the planet Saturn.


CareerCapricorn occupations include the following: Administration, Government, Business, Police or Military and Teaching.
FallJupiter (ancient)/Neptune (modern/disputed)
ColorsBlack, Dark Brown, Grey
FlowerIvy, Pansy, Amaranthus
CountriesIndia, Mexico, Afghanistan, Cuba, Slovenia
CitiesOxford, Delphi, Mexico City
AnimalGoats, and the clove-footed
HerbsComfrey, Knapweed
Body AreaBones, Knees
KeywordsPrudent, Aspiring, Calculating
TranslationTurkish: Oglak, Italian: Capricorno



Capricorn Zodiac Symbol


The Capricorn zodiac symbol is represented by the mythical SeaGoat creature, consisting of half goat and half fish. This isnt really the most practical combination is it?

The symbolism, however, of this zodiac symbol marries the ambitious nature of the goat with the intuitive instincts of the fish to swim with the flow of things.

Capricorns at their very best are a true merging of the physical and spirit with one foot solidly placed in each world.

The Capricorn zodiac symbol itself consists of a V shape connected to a curved line inward which in turn is connected to a circle. The V shape stands for the merging of authority and responsibility with the energetic passion of spirit.

The V shape also stands for the hinging action of the human knee which is ruled by the zodiac sign Capricorn. This indicates that Capricorns must truly strive to be flexible and learn to bend and go with the flow at times in life.

Unfortunately, many Capricorns become very set in their ways and become stiff and rigid in their attitudes and approaches. This only causes unnecessary suffering because eventually they will learn to compromise.

Most Capricorns are very ambitious by nature and feel a strong internal drive to climb the mountain of success just like the goat. However, if they do so in an overly grasping and materialistic way, they will find life to be a very lonely place.

This is usually because they ignored the world of spirit.

The Capricorn zodiac symbol represents the highest truth of Capricorns everywhere. They must climb the mountain that stands before them, but they must make sure that it is a mountain that is truly worth the sacrifice that it takes to make it to the top.

If they make sure that their path is one that is merged with the compassionate evolution of spirit with the physical world, they will fulfill their fondest dreams.

Capricorn Personality


Capricorns are intelligent and hard working but they lack social graces and charm. They don’t like experimenting with new things being too orthodox in their views and they don’t like taking risks, but sometimes in life we all need to take risks. Capricorns should be more willing to take risks or they may find that progress and growth will leave them far behind.

Both Capricorn and Leo are the power signs but each assumes power differently. Leo with their regal bearing, compassion and elegance assumes power naturally while Capricorn assumes power out of a sense of duty. They are also better managers and administrators than Leos are. They are good organizers and are conscientious, patient, industrious and sedulous workers. They set very high standards for themselves and once they set their minds to doing something, they will see it through to the end long after other signs will give up.

Yet while they set high standards for themselves, they expect others to share these same ideals. Others may become resentful of them because Capricorns can be too constrained in their views. The Saturnine influence gives the Capricorn their stern discipline while never letting emotions get in the way. They have a tendency towards being melancholy and pessimistic and if they are not careful can fall into selfishness and constant worrying and complaining over nothing. They have good memories with a clear headedness, logic and rationale and they love to engage in debates.

In personal relationships They are usually very uncomfortable in them. Like Scorpio and Pisces they are difficult to get to know. They take a long time falling in love and are not prone to emotional displays of affection, which, may make them seem like they are unfeeling and indifferent but this is not so. It’s just they prefer to wait until they know where they stand with the object of their affection before showing affection and love. They prefer a partner that is practical like themselves and like structured and routine relationships. Once They are married they make faithful spouses but can get jealous.

While they don’t make friends easily, they are extremely loyal to the friends they have.

Capricorn Traits


capricorn traits

The tenth sign of the zodiac, Capricorn, is the straight man, the rock to lean on, the mentor. Your more positive qualities are your reliability, ALWAYS dependable, understanding even the most unusual circumstances, your ability to teach others just about anything, and practicality.

Your negative qualities are narrow minded , sometimes no sense of humor, taking things too seriously, and being inflexible.

Your ruling planet is Saturn. As a Cardinal sign, you are active, excitable, and dynamic. As an Earth sign, you are stable, practical, and home-oriented. Capricorn rules the knees, bones, and joints, and some may have problems with arthritis, stiffness, or injuries in the knees.

Birthstones for astrology are different from traditional birthstones for the months. For Capricorn, your birthstone is garnet, and if worn it is supposed to bring popularity, and high esteem.

Famous Capricorn Men / Famous Capricorn Women


Mel Gibson (b. Jan 3, 1956) ~ Jim Carrey (b. Jan 17, 1962) ~ Michelle Obama (b. Jan 17, 1964) ~ Nicolas Cage (b. Jan 7, 1964) ~ Mohammed Ali (b. Jan 17, 1942) ~ Vanessa Paradis (b. Dec 22, 1972) ~ David Bowie (b. Jan 8, 1947) ~ Gavin Rossdale (b. Dec 30, 1965) ~ Tiger Woods (b. Dec 30, 1975) ~ Denzel Washington (b. Dec 28, 1954)


3 thoughts on “Capricorn Sign Dates, Traits, & More”

  1. Thank you for this Astrobabe this is far more then i expected someone to write on our site 🙂

  2. People who are born under the sign of Capricorn are practical, self-reliant and tenacious. Capricorns are patient, realistic, and responsible, but sometimes do take life a little too seriously. They are kind and peaceful people, and true friends will quickly gain an appreciation for the nature of the Capricorn. They are also ambitious and hard-working, and usually have a quite dry sense of humour.

    Capricorns are very goal-oriented, without which they may not complete their tasks. The jobs they hold must be rewarding, or else they will find themselves looking for bigger and better things very quickly. Capricorns are usually quite adept at solving problems, and others will often rely on them to arrive at conclusions to seemingly impossible dilemmas.

    Capricorns are approval seekers, both at home and at work. If this is not found in the task at hand, they will move on until they find this appreciation. A Capricorn has often been referred to as faithful and reliable, but can be shy at first. In relationships, a Capricorn must be extremely comfortable with his or her partner, and have complete trust in them in order to progress to the next level. Capricorns enjoy relationships, but also require their own “space” in order to truly be comfortable.

    The summation of a Capricorn may most easily be done with a simple statement – they are often said to be old when they are young, and young when they are old. They live life, but only when time permits.

  3. Beyond all the usual guff about Capricorns being the perfect business managers (which, let’s face it, they usually are), this is actually kind of a difficult sign to describe. I usually get around it by saying that Cary Grant is the perfect epitome of a Capricorn (he was one, you know), and people will nod their heads as though that really means anything.

    And on a certain level, it does. Cary projected this unbelievable confidence, this solid dependability, to the world, even when – you could argue, especially when – he felt threatened. That’s the Capricorn’s fallback: dependability. Not to say they’re not glamorous – the women are the most put together, the men the most suave, sophisticated creatures you could ask for. These people are Ambitious, capitalization definitely intended.

    Ambition can be their making or their downfall – these people have such concrete, lofty goals in mind that they can sometimes seem like the perfect set-up for a Greek tragedy. Don’t worry too much about them, though – they can take care of themselves, and usually far better than anybody else could take care of them.

    They know their business. That’s their blessing and their curse.

    Biggest Insult: Nobody thought you handled that the right way.

    Quickest Way to Get Capricorn into Bed: work as their secretary. Be a lot younger than them (although the men are often attracted to older women). Work with them on a business project, in the board room, after hours.

    Most Likely to: have his secretary call to reschedule your date.

    Should Have Been Born: in board room. OBVIOUSLY. These people were born to wear business suits.

    To Make Capricorn Forgive You: get them a surprise gift of a rapidly-appreciating stock that shows long-term growth potential.

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