Capricorn Woman (December 22 – January 19)

capricorn woman

Capricorn Lady

Orderly. Neat. Tidy. Cautious. The Capricorn girl is very grounded on earth, no dreamy flights of fancy. She can turn on and turn off to everything, everyone. You just never know how she’ll be.She would make a very good business-person. She’s really scared of falling in love because damn it, she wants it to be real or no-go. Capricorn women are fiercly indie (cool!) but at the same time, loyal freinds too. Capricorn women don’t have any free time and they like it that way — the answer to the question is keep busy! She respects people who do the same, who are succesful and use ther brains for good.

Capricorn Woman– She is the least likely of all the Zodiac to fall in love at first sight.   You  might not easily see it though, but this capricorn is very interested in love.  She doesn’t leave her love life to fate though…she will have a strong participation in it.  Her attitude towards men is discriminatory in the sense that she has no time for silly flirting… if a man is not of her interest, he is instantly removed from her way, to give way to others.  When she eventually spots a prospect that interests her, she’ll carefully observe him from a distance, before she decides to move in a bit closer.  Even then, she’ll try and get to know him better and determine the possible consequences of their involvement.  Her deep-rooted sensuality will only blossom when she feels safe and sound.

This woman is not easy to win over.  If you’re after her, prepare yourself for a long siege.  No Don Juans allowed to jump in and jump out of her bed; if that’s your approach, you’re lost.  She might appear shy and submissive at times, but she has a great source of inner strength.  She’ll usually go for younger men, for one simple reason:  she likes to dominate the relationship.

She doesn’t tend to be very lucky in love.  There might  be several reasons for this:  they demand too much, they’re too involved in their own careers, or the men they choose might be too inexperienced.  It’s a shame though, because aside from their strong sexuality they have many other qualities which make them excellent partners.  Stuff like excellence in handling money, loyalty, dependability….just to name a few.  This and more, is what you’d get in return if you choose to love this woman with all your heart!

Capricorn Woman Traits

This is the woman of substance, the steady home loving career minded lady is constantly afraid of making mistakes in life. On the surface she comes over as confident and in control she’s an easy fried and a loving partner but does not give herself easily to this rare flower She is the girl who always did her home work and throughout life the patter has remained. She looks for money in the bank and good prospects from you Don’t bother if you are a spineless weak male hoping to ride on her success she doesn’t want to know.

Sex With A Capricorn Woman

Turn Ons: An older man. Since he’s gotten all of the game playing out of his system, he’s ready for a sane, smart woman. Your ideal mate is successful, respectable, established, faithful and true — just like you.

Turn Offs: A dreamer. If a man doesn’t have serious plans for the future, he won’t make a good impression. You’re only emotionally and physically intimate with a very select number of men (or one life-long partner), so a mate needs to respect your privacy.

Capricorn Woman Sex traits


Melissa Martinez

Melissa Martinez

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