Pisces Woman (February 19 – March 20)

Pisces Woman

Pisces Lady

Fanciful, emotional, spiritual, these are qualities this woman possesses. She is mysterious too. She dreams big. She is always falling for the wrong guy when she shouldn’t be looking at all, but concentrating on her career instead. But what can you do? She often has strange sexual desires but that really isn’t for us to say here now is it? They are wonderful with kids, wonderfully intuitive and make good psychologists (my b-friend is a Pisces and is in grad school getting her doctorate in loonies, I mean pschy. Perfect!)

Pisces Woman -In a Pisces woman, you’ll find a captivating mix of  passion and innocence… something like a dream on Earth.  Men are totally fascinated by her since her gentle and soft nature bring out their need to be strong and protective…and let’s be honest here… for most men, any chance to act macho is a total turnon!

Like all water signs, Pisces can quickly and efficiently see thru others’ social masks.  If what she sees and hears isn’t what she likes, she’ll undoubtedly leave the scene at once.   As far as her choice of man goes, she tends to live among two extremes.  On one hand, there’s the emotionally handicapped man who she can mother and care for.  On the other hand is the strong, decisive man who can protect her and give her the sense of direction she needs.  Her greatest need in life is to lose herself in someone else so it’s an understatement to say that love is her ballast.  When she is happy in love, all else is marvelous…if she’s miserable with her partner, nothing else really matters.  Her desire to fuse herself with her partner is such that you’ll see her changing to become the woman that her partner wants; she is completely adaptable, yet somehow always manages to remain herself.

She definitely lives in a world of dreams and fantasies, which can be difficult during every day life, but which certainly is a plus in bed.  This is the woman who will make a reality out of any sexual fantasy you might hold.  Like we said, she’s a pleaser and you’ll be grateful for it!!

Sometimes her abundant affection will start to look like dependency but her intuitive nature will let her know when she has reached a man’s patience.   She is very much in need of others’ patience and sympathy so a lack of understanding might turn her a bit oversensitive.  If she’s treated with care though she’ll flourish.  If you want to see the best in her, make sure you’re never lacking in the romance department.

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Pisces Woman Traits

Needs you to love and protect her the lady has magical almost fairy like eyes and loves to be adored by her mate and friends alike, once in love she can see no wrong in you and will tell the world that you are OK. she often gets hurt in love because her dreams don’t quite fit the reality. Another lady who lives in the world of dreams and the big silver screen.

Pisces Woman in Love

The Pisces woman is a deeply romantic, sensitive, and mystical creature. Living in her own daydreams this woman exists in a between a kind of fantasy world and a world of rugged passion. This alluring mix seduces the men who meet her.

This woman exists for love. She puts love at the center of her universe often to her own demise. She searches for the perfect union and gives completely of herself in her love affairs. If all is well in love for the Pisces woman then all is well in her life. When her love life falters all else in her life is set into a tailspin.

The Pisces woman is sensitive to others feelings and has a type of psychic vision that sees into the true intentions of others actions. If she senses an intention that is not pure she is the first to walk away.

This mutable zodiac sign is one that will change herself to fit her partner’s desires. She is adaptable to his needs and wants and still finds a way to remain her own unique, mysterious self despite her adaptations.

This woman can usually live out sexual fantasies and her fantasies can be extremely imaginative. She is accomplished in bed and doesn’t hold back as her goal is to please her lover.

The Pisces woman is extremely affectionate and can become at times overly dependent on her partners. Her innate psychic perceptions of others feelings allows her to sense her mates disdain at her dependency and she is able to take steps to distance herself and draw her lover back in to the relationship.

Patience and understanding are key to being successful with the Pisces woman. She is fixed on having romance and you must fill your relationship with it if you are to stand any chance of successful love with her.

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Sex With A Pisces Woman

Turn Ons: A soft touch. You must be handled with care, and a protector who understands your vulnerabilities and shares your spiritual beliefs makes you feel safe. A mate should never try to force you to walk the straight and narrow; you’ll only slip out of his hands if he does.

Turn Offs: Mr. Normal. How are you supposed to have a transcendent experience with a meat-and-potatoes guy? While you may appreciate his stabilizing qualities, it’s not enough to spark your imagination.


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