Taurus Man – Sex, Attraction, And His Personality

The Taurus Guy

I will not deceive you, he ain’t anyone’s idea of a tempestuous lover-boy. Patient but forceful is more like it. He is the most stubborn of all signs on the zodiac. he just doesn’t give in. Taurus guys are earthy and they can be sensual, if the right man or woman unleashes their uptightness. Food and drink are at the top of his list of pleasures. He is confident. He doesn’t spend money too easily, he’s kinda saving it for a rainy day, but that day never comes, he just keeps packing it away, hoarding it, even. He is one of those boys that when he gets sick — whines! And wants you to wait on him hand and foot. But this guy can be real emotional too and that is a spectacular quality.


Taurus Man Personality


The Good

  • He doesn’t require a lot to be a happy man
  • loves solid relationships as hes one of the most loyal sings of the zodiac
  • You can place your heart and soul in his hands, he will look after them, he is stable in the emotional aspect.
  • hes extremely realistic and very practical in every day life
  • If he is in love with you, don’t be surprised if your issues become his, as he will help you out.
  • Most of the time is a gentleman
  • He look s for beauty and stability in everything he does
  • Will do what he can to make you feel comfortable.
  • Has a pension for the romantic, and can be seductive. ( ruled by Venus)

The Bad

  • makes him angry if you change your plans at the last minute
  • has strong convictions ( which isn’t bad!) unless you want him to do something he doesn’t want to do or try.
  • Can be very stubborn

His Planet – Venus


Taurus is ruled by Venus the goddess of love and a lover he is indeed. He loves the pleasures of life, beautiful things, sensual places and lustful delights. He will adore you if you always remember how important touch, scents, colors and nurturing are to him.

Venus is a goddess and he will appreciate it if you act like one that is devoted totally to him. Tact, social grace and gentleness will attract and keep a Taurean. Never be loud or crude or rude to others.

Venus is the brightest light in the morning sky and your Taurus man will demand the same attention of this shinning planet. You will know how much so when you let your eye stray from him. He doesn’t share the one he loves.

His Symbol – The Bull


Despite all his loving qualities, Taureans are well known for their Bullheaded qualities. With the docile Bull as his symbol, Taurus just can’t help but be stubborn. Don’t even try to push this guy around or ask him to hurry up. He has great strength and stamina but little flexibility.

His Element – Earth


This Earth sign is one of the most grounded of all the signs. He is reliable and centered in a stable reality. He is fond of material possessions and loves to acquire them. Ask him to go shopping; he is probably the only man in the Zodiac that will actually love to do so.

Your Taurean doesn’t just want material things, he needs them. The fact is he is very ungrounded if he is lacking those objects that keep him feeling connected.

Financial security is a huge deal for your Taurus man. He will freak if the checkbook doesn’t balance. And if he discovers that you are an over-spender, you can kiss this relationship goodbye.

Want him to fall madly in love? Just buy him a luxuriously soft sweater and ask to take him to (pay for) dinner. Then take him out on a nature hike and get ready to say “I do.”

His Quality – Fixed


Stable and stubborn Taurus could be nothing else but a fixed sign. From the Latin root fixus meaning to latch on to or fasten to, Taurus latches on to stuff. Always remind yourself that he is neither stingy or greedy but just so needs to connect and feel secure. If you can, you will find that he will fasten to you very nicely.


 Taurus Man – You might as well face it head on: he will not sweep you off your feet and ride off into the sunset with you. It’s not that he’s afraid to do so, or that he’s not capable of it, it’s just that the thought of it would never occur to him. If his princess were locked up in a tower, he’d do the sensible thing: call at the front gate and negotiate her release.

He’s sensible and practical about love. He seeks security and stability so you’ll notice he takes a long, hard look before deciding who to approach… you’ll seldom see him trying to win over the same kind of woman other men do.

This doesn’t mean he won’t go for the occasional flings as well, but when it comes to committing to a relationship, he won’t do it unless he’s certain it’s for the long run.

His sexual practices are simple and direct but don’t fret..any lack in variety is more than made up by his amazing stamina. He has a highly physical nature and for him, sensuality is an indispensable part of romanticism.

He has a difficult time saying “I love you”; he’s not as verbal as other men. Chances are he will shower you with unexpected generosity instead. He can never lose sight of the value of money so don’t go expecting a lot of useless trinkets…rather “settle” for one expensive piece of jewelry instead, for instance!

His exterior seems tough and stoic but don’t be mistaken…it’s only paper-thin and inside lays a romantic and sensitive man. Most men will try to impose on you an image that they want you to go after…this is the man who will truly love you for who you are.

Taurus Man Traits


This man is very sexy and physical with it. He can be very flirty and tends to form relationships that aren’t serious. Be careful, too easy and he will lose interest, he’s searching for the perfect woman who lives up to his ideal that he probably saw in a movie during his youth. He will not take risks with his plans and security and never embarrass him in public!

How To Get A Taurus Man’s Attention


 What To Focus On:


  • He truly is a gift giver, whether it be clothes or even flowers. If you show that you are grateful that he is doing that for you, you should expect more gifts as the relationship starts to go on.
  • Practice being ladylike around him, as he doesn’t appreciate controlling behavior, or anyone that’s loud and boisterous around him.
  • He’s not looking for somebody that needs his attention all the time. It’s important to show that you are on even keel, and not weighed down by your emotions.
  • He might be an up-to-date man when it comes to life and technology, but when it comes to romance this guy is as old-fashioned as you can get.
  • Is a man that admires femininity, and loves the grace that a woman brings to his life.
  • This is the man that has Style. So by wearing perfume that catches his nose, and wearing stylish clothes, you will be able to appeal to his sensual and somewhat material based personality.

What Not To Do:


  • He does have a jealous streak to him, so it’s important for you to keep details of previous relationships on the down low. Even if he does bring it up, tread lightly about the details that you give him. There’s nothing wrong about talking about ex relationships,  but any intimate details might get him into a jealous rage.  Just let him know the things that he just needs to know.
  •  When he makes a decision on something,  it’s best not to argue about it.  This isn’t the type of guy that will just change his mind easily. This would be something that would lead to an argument between you both.  Choose your battles wisely with this man.
  • He loves to be the guy that protects the woman that he’s dating. Let him do that.
  • When you’re out with him on the town make sure that you don’t upstage him.  He is a man that loves to have the spotlight on himself.  It’s almost like he wants you to be his co-star, even though he knows that you’re his equal.
  • Even though this man is a very generous guy,  it’s important for you to be grateful for his generosity. That doesn’t mean you have to worship the ground he walks on.  It just means that if he sees that a woman that he’s dating is taking advantage of him, he might start to look at her as a gold digger.

How to Attract a Taurus Man


How to Attract a Taurus Man. As many people know, the Taurus is the zodiac symbol of the bull.  Consequently, the Taurus man is very stubborn and steadfast in his ideas and goals.  Even though a Taurus man is very self assured, it’s important to be reassuring to his ego.

To attract a Taurus, make sure to have a comforting tone and have a motivational spirit.  Taurus men are also very interested in the beauty and scent of a woman.  He will want to choose a partner who makes her makeup, perfume, and outward appearance perfect whenever leaving the home.

The Taurus man is not a dreamer like some of the other zodiac signs.  The Taurus man is very down to earth and is focused on realistic goals.  They are determined to keep sight of their goals through constant motivation.   To attract a Taurus, you can surprise him with down to earth activities like a simple, home cooked meal with plenty of fun and indoor pleasure.

The Taurus man will appreciate your frugal attitude and your ability to create a nice evening home eating popcorn and watching a movie snuggling on the couch.  The Taurus man enjoys the simple pleasures that are affordable and without a lot of hassle.

To keep your Taurus man interested, make sure to always provide a simple lifestyle that compliments his attitudes towards life and doesn’t harm his ego.  A Taurus will look to you for assurance when he has a bad day.  His motivation and spirit will never falter, but the Taurus man appreciates a woman by his side who will always let him know that he is doing well.

The Taurus is also very egotistical, so allow him to stay in charge while he is around.  How to attract a taurus man?  attract your Taurus man through wit and charm, and he’ll never leave your side

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Dating a Taurus man


 How to approach him for the first time


if you’re looking for an old-fashioned type of guy this is the one to look for. That doesn’t mean his thoughts or views about women and dating are from the golden era. He’s just the type of guy that wants to do the asking out. So if you ask him out first he might be taken back by that.

One of the best things you can do is show your interest in him. Become flirtatious with him, and make your intentions known without verbally coming across as aggressive.  Use the eyes!This is definitely a guy that doesn’t react to well too aggressive movements.

Let him initiate asking you out on a date. It might take him a little bit of time to get the hint that you’re interested, but the end result will be the same.

So you got your first date


this is a man that loves home cooked food. So if you were planning a date with him something like that would work over going out to a restaurant if you were the one to initiate the idea of what to do. He enjoys more of a one-on-one company  situation when it comes to a first date then being around many people in a restaurant.

He will also be blown away by your warm company and the ambiance of the situation. Add some candles to the mix, and just mention to him it makes a nice little touch.

If you take the time to show him that special effort, it will open his eyes up to you more so and he will appreciate the effort that you put into it. If you can give him the type of night that involves any of those aspects you’re off to a good start.

Sexually speaking this isn’t the type of man that likes to be teased. It is very easy to get him aroused for a sexual experience, and with that said he’s a very sexual person. So once you get the engine started it’s not going to stop. So if sex is not on the menu for the first night make sure you vocalize that to him.

The important thing is not to start something you have no intentions of continuing on with. Basically don’t start something you’re not willing to finish that night. That doesn’t mean that flirting is not out of the question.

So you want to get out of a date with a Taurus man


  •  try and change him as a person because that will definitely be a turn off
  •  flip your mood from being happy to overly angry or upset
  •  change your looks to something that he doesn’t like
  •  he’s a man that does not like change in any type of way. He’ll be off looking at other options
  •  just know this:  once his heart is in the situation, it’s going to be very hard for you to chase him off.

Taurus Man Compatibility


Aries woman

This is a combination that doesn’t work as well in a relationship environment then it does in a workplace situation. They will make better co-workers than anything else. When it comes to love though they have what would be considered average compatibility. It doesn’t mean that it won’t work out but it’s not usually in the cards.

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Taurus woman

These two can create a relationship that is based on true honesty. They work hard to balance out a relationship where they can continue to be self-reliant in their own personal life, but at the same time truly know that they can believe and trust in each other. So the compatibility with this woman and him are pretty high.

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Gemini woman

These two in a relationship might usually find themselves with differences that they cannot work around. There will be an initial attraction with each other, and that can flourish and continue to grow. Their chances of making it work though depend on whether or not they can get over their differences. That makes this an average compatibility situation.

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Cancer woman

This is one of those relationships that doesn’t usually work out for the long term. This man will always find the Cancer woman to be simply irresistible in every way. The question is can they overcome the differences that they have to make things work. This is another one of those average compatibility situations depending on how they work things in their relationship.

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Leo woman

These two together don’t usually make a very good couple at all. There is very little compatibility between the two of them. They just don’t have the desire to work through any misunderstandings that could arise, whether they’re attracted to each other or not.

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Virgo woman

These two together can form a relationship that is very stable. Both of their Styles complement each other well, and with that their compatibility is high. As long as they work together they can be a very successful couple.

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Libra woman

Both of these signs together are ruled over by the planet Venus, and as everyone knows Venus is the planet of love and seduction. The only problem is these two together don’t make a good couple. There might be some short-term flirting and hot sexual situations between the two of them, but there is not very much compatibility for a long-term relationship.

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Scorpio woman

As the saying goes opposites do attract,j ust not in the case of this combination. There might be an irresistible attraction at the very beginning which can make for a pretty good honeymoon in a relationship, it’s just that this relationship can be plagued with a lot of conflict. So this relationship pretty much has an average compatibility, it all depends on whether or not they can work through that.

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Sagittarius woman

These two on a relationship level don’t usually work out, but they can make some of the best friend combinations ever. The reason for it is that this woman is pretty spontaneous and likes to let loose in life, where as in he has a more structured and well-organized lifestyle. So their compatibility in love is pretty low, but on a friendship level it is at a very high level.

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Capricorn woman

These two together have a lot of compatibility with each other. So much so that a lot of people consider this one of the greatest compatibilities between all of the zodiac signs. A lot of their characteristics match up with each other, and with that they have the ability to form what would be the closest thing to a perfect pair as possible.

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Aquarius woman

These two just don’t usually work out as a couple. She likes to have a lot of freedom, and this will cause a lot of confrontation with this man. Even though they are opposite signs in this case their compatibility is very low.

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Pisces woman

These two together can create a relationship that is cohesive and very complementary to each other. So from a relationship standpoint they make a very good compatibility couple.

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Erogenous zones


this is a gentleman that loves kissing. Kiss all over his neck and his throat. Don’t give him that aggressive lip service, hit him with the slow and sensual making out session

Sex With A Taurus Man


Taurus is so romantic and a dream in the bedroom. He loves the preparation as much as the passion so light the candles and turn on the music. This earth sign is no prude but leave the whips and chains in the closet.  Slow it down and keep it simple. The sensual pleasure with a Taurus will never be boring but too much change in the sack will only confuse him. A tad insecure; it’s best to show rather than tell.

Turn Ons: You want the genuine article. She’s got to be built to last — and monogamous — to meet your standards. You love a woman who’s outdoorsy, artistic, affectionate and a good cook, since feeding and pampering you are the best ways to win you over.

Turn Offs: Flirts. While you love sensual women, you’re way too cautious to take a chance on a lover who’s not serious about you and only you. Pushy women force you to lose your temper.

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How to Keep your Taurus man around


Be a lover of nature

People belonging to the Taurus sign have a love of nature. They are all about the beauty of nature itself and the animals that inhabit the world as well. A Taurus man needs to have his moments Outdoors surrounded by natural surroundings. Go on Hikes with this man or even go camping. You are going to have to include these types of activities if you want to have this man happily in your life.

Don’t make him hurry to do things

Now he’s the type of guy that can’t be rushed into doing things. Nor can he make quick decisions on things as well. If you take a stance where are you say take your time in making a decision or something of that nature he will think the world of you. He doesn’t like to be with people that push him to make decisions quickly.

Show him that you can be wise with your money

This is a gentleman that loves to be able to control his spending. If you can show him that you can be wise with your money as well it will open up his eyes even more. This doesn’t mean that you have to go out and make huge Investments in things,in the hopes of making lots of money off of them. It just means to show him that if there’s an item out there that you were interested in, that you do the due diligence to make sure that it is worth the money you’re paying. If it’s something that he’s buying for you that you are requesting, help him find the cheaper price for the item itself. He’s not a Frugal man completely, but he enjoys saving money. Then again who doesn’t!

Never cross the strong Bull

Now even though the sign of the Taurus is the bull,  why would you ever want to fight with him? Deep down he’s a lovable guy. Only somebody that’s truly foolish would take that opportunity to start a fight. It’s just an option that’s not going to work. Drown him in pleasure and you’ll find that arguments will be few and far between anyways.

Be a kind person

Taurus is ruled by the ever-loving Venus. Being such they are offended by anyone that is crude or rude to another human being. When it comes to dealing with strangers be sweet and friendly towards them in front of the bull.  This is one of the fundamental aspects of being loved by a Taurus,  as they will love the fact that you love or respect other people.

Don’t touch his personal belongings

This is a man that takes his possessions very seriously. So before you take his favorite sweater or any other belonging make sure you ask him first. If he starts to hum and ha, back off.  More often than not if you ask him permit permission you’ll find out he’s more then willing to let you touch it. This is a man that’s all about permission due to being possessive of their stuff.

Introduce this man to sexually stimulating Foods

If you’re looking for a long night of passion with this man bring out the aphrodisiacs. Going to have a romantic evening that night? Bring out the champagne and the chocolate covered strawberries to add something to it. Spicing things up might be just what is needed at that time.

Never look at another man romantically or sexually

It is important when you’re with this guy to never stray. That includes never checking out another guy in front of him where he witnesses it. This man is not a forgiving man, as well he does have a very jealous side to him. If you decide to stray consider the relationship done because he doesn’t usually give second chances.

love this man

He is a very sweet and kind gentleman. When he’s with somebody that he’s truly in love with he is very devoted. This is the type of man that will show you the kind of devotion that will lead to a lifelong marriage our relationship. When he is a happy man, you will be a completely happy woman. If you shower him with a lot of love and respect, and please him with a lot of sensuality he will love it. He simply must be loved according to his heart,and when he falls in love he will give you that love back tenfold.

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