Sagittarius Man – Sex, Attraction, And His Personality

The Sagittarius Guy

This man can make you feel ALive! Like the female, this guy wants everyone to fall under his spell. He wants everyone to want him, he wants everyone to do him. Eeek. But damn is he fun. He can relish the simplest things and life and make them seem newsworthy. Life is a blast with this man. They are usually frank and honest but sometimes that hurts. His curiosity is insatiable, he just wants to know everything. He is a perfectionist. And he loves to get on a plane and just go anywhere!

Sagittarius Man Personality



  • Extremely open and adventurous
  • optimistic and energetic
  • shows a lot of leadership qualities
  • Not afraid to make decisions, as he will weigh the pros and cons in any type of situation
  • Feels totally fulfilled when he has a partner beside him to share his life with.
  • Emotional ( even if he tries to hide it)
  • honest and sincere
  • Determined
  • dedicated and fun


  • Is a guy that is terrified of compromising on things
  • Can not go without company, always needs someone around.
  • If ignored in a relationship will end it and start working on another.
  • A  flirt! ( bad if hes your man and your not into him as hes into you ) if your chasing him and you want him ( good)

His Planet – Jupiter


Sagittarius is ruled by bigger than life Jupiter, the planet of good luck and expansion. In astrology Jupiter is known as the Greater Benefic that brings abundance and goodwill. In mythology, Jupiter was the King of the gods with omnipotent powers.

Like the planet, Sagittarians are generous and optimistic. They embrace life with utter self-confidence that can border or transgress arrogance.

Sagittarians must experience life totally to the point of being reckless or lawless. In his quest to experience it all, this guy just forgets that there are rules to the game.

Jupiter has a huge magnetic field and four devoted moons. It is a rare Sagittarian that also does not draw a crowd of faithful admirers. You may have a few to wade through when you finally catch up with this man.

His Symbol – The Archer


The archer is the symbol of Sagittarius. This half-man, half-horse personifies the wild and carefree nature of this man and his insatiable restless spirit. Sagittarius’ animalistic qualities can be better understood if ones can embrace the dichotomy of this creature.


His Element – Fire Sign


This Fire sign burns brightly with a greater zest for life than any other other sign in the Zodiac. He can even get mistaken for a powder keg about to go off.  His Fire is on the move with lightening speed. He can fly over the meek without the slightest notice of any destruction he causes.

But a Sagittarian is more inclined to use his flame for lighting the way for others rather than burning their backsides. He uses his Fire for high octane fuel that can take him and you on some very hot adventures.

Learn to harass that energy if you plan to keep up with him or plan on getting left behind.

Sagittarians’ Fire also affords them a great deal of vision and foresight. This sign often seems wiser than his years. This is likely due to his quest to experience more than others.

His advise is based upon actually doing rather than thinking, reading or guessing about a matter. It’s easier to understand his frequent boosting if you get that he’s just talking about what he knows.


His Quality – Mutable


A Mutable sign, Sagittarians are up for anything and always with a flexible attitude. Mutable comes from the Latin root mutabilis meaning change and Sagittarians love nothing more than the next adventure. He will change his mind and his world and yours too if you let him.


Sagittarius Man – He is always on the hunt my friend…that’s why the symbol of his sign is the Archer! He’s too much into chasing women to be a good choice for a husband.

He’ll look you straight in the eye, tell you he loves you from the bottom of his heart…and then do the same exact thing with another woman, the following night. He truly believes each of those moments to be true.

His reputation is that of a Don Juan and not necessarily because he has an insatiable sexual desire, but rather because he is constantly searching, yearning an ideal of woman he never sees to find in anybody…and for him, the amount of anybodys tends to be quite considerable…you’d think he would find her!

His openness, sense of humor and carelessness tend to attract a lot of women his way, and yes, you can count on a very good time while you’re together….for the time it lasts.

Don’t expect a fancy, dress-up dinner invitation because he hates pompous and pretentious people, events and places. Think more along the lines of an outdoor café meal….and rest assured it has nothing to be with money; it’s simply not his style.

If that saying that practice makes perfect were true, he’d be the best lover alive… but he doesn’t understand what all the fuss is about when it comes to sex.

He’s passionate and enthusiastic about it, but without going into passionate extremes. It’s simply an element of enjoyment…one more, among a great list… and so he doesn’t understand why people get all worked about it. Why can’t they just be carefree and undemanding like he is?

You’ll rarely see him wanting to settle down with any woman….he just wants to have fun! If casual affairs are not for you, then I suggest you keep walking !

Sagittarius Man Traits


There is no malice in this man. Tends to make cutting remarks and can be insensitive, loves jokes so long as He’s not the subject, likes to make friends with women can be fickle and prone to move on without much warning. Don’t try to change him you cant.


How To Get A Sagittarius Man’s Attention


What to focus on:


  • Sometimes he’s really bad at planning things out, and he will get him in situations where he didn’t think things through first. You will have to be the one that helps him fill out those missing details.
  • He likes to spend his money lavishly. You might have to help him pull back the reins a little bit so he can save some of that cash.
  • This guy is an avid sportsman and enjoys life outdoors. He’s going to expect you to tag along with him on adventures. Find out what kind of Adventures he’s into, and if you’re not familiar with them, learn as much as you can to join in the fun.
  • He sometimes will come across as awkward when he’s trying to get his point across about something. He might end up inserting his foot in his mouth. What you might have to do is reinterpret the things that he says so that things aren’t lost in translation.
  • He is a romantic guy at heart, but the only issue is is that he truly doesn’t know how to be completely romantic. He might come across a little awkward. You might have to teach him a little bit about what romance is all about.
  • This guy is social and he loves to have lots of fun. So it’s important for you to show that you have a social side as well. You should also take the time to integrate yourself with his friends. You might end up spending a lot of time with them too.


What Not To Do:


  • Don’t ridicule him for any ideas that he might come up with. Some of them might be quite amazing where other ones could be way out there. It’s important during this time to be patient with him.
  • Don’t expect to lead a boring life if you’re dating this guy. This guy doesn’t deal in boring.
  • Don’t expect this guy to spend every weekend at home. He is going to want to go out and have fun. A couch potato he is not.
  • One thing that he holds in high regard about himself is that he’s honest and has integrity. These two things should never be questioned by you when it comes to him.


How to Attract a Sagittarius Man


How to Attract a Sagittarius Man.If you love to travel and have an open mind, then a Sagittarius man is the man of your dreams.  Sagittarius men are optimistic and positive people, so even during sad days a Sagittarius man can help make everything seem perfect.

To attract a Sagittarius man, you will need to be socially interactive and believe in him and his abilities.  These zodiac sign men can be very stubborn, and they often don’t like to be corrected.

When you meet your perfect Sagittarius man, make sure to correct him gently and never be condescending or you can scare him away.

These men like to be stimulated with travel and open minded conversation.  When you strike up a conversation to attract a Sagittarius man, talk about politics, love, or even religion.

The Sagittarius male is calm and relaxed and he can talk about just about anything without getting angry.

Even though they can be serious relationship partners, Sagittarius males sometimes have a disorganized or messy lifestyle.  If you can’t handle a messy home, then you might get too annoyed with the Sagittarius male.

Sagittarius men don’t like clingy women, and sometimes they need some alone time for themselves.  Make sure you are supportive of his request and let him have some downtime.

He may want to be alone one weekend, but don’t take this as an offense to you.  To attract a Sagittarius male, you can never be too oversensitive or needy for attention.

Sagittarius men are impulsive and spontaneous, so you need to be spontaneous with him.  They are great to travel with and enjoy unique places and cultures.

To attract a Sagittarius man, you will need to be his friend first and the relationship will bloom into love later.  On your quest on how to attract a Sagittarius man, don’t try to push it too quickly, or you can scare him away.

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Dating a Sagittarius man


How to approach him for the first time


This is the type of man that looks at love and relationships like a sport.  Once he find somebody that he is truly interested in, he will go the extra mile to do everything he can to impress the woman that he likes. And in this case with you, let him do that.

The one thing that will really get this guy interested is a woman that  has a very fun spirit. A fun personality coupled with humor  is this man’s Achilles heel.  Though it is very highly recommended that you keep them at an arm’s length while you put this into play.

If he is really interested in you, you can sit back and relax as you watch the Archer do his thing to gain you.


So you got your first date


As a Sagittarian he truly loves to communicate. So it’s very important that you give him the ability to display that side of his personality. His eyes will turn to Hearts if he find somebody that can show him that she’s an intelligent companion.

The important thing now is to make sure that when you do have this conversation with him, that he’s able to get words in as well. Don’t let the communication be all from your side.  If he can’t get a word in then the date is doomed.

You can keep him interested in you by having deep conversations about things, but also by throwing in some humor into the mix.

He loves to talk about many different topics because he likes to expand his mind and thinking, and romance is something that he will definitely be interested in talking about.

Sexually speaking this is a guy that is very affectionate by nature. The act of sex is considered to be a sport that he likes to conquer.

If you think of sex being the same way he won’t think less of you for doing so. The important thing to know though is sex on its own is not enough to hold this guy in a relationship.

Just as a note you need to really be patient with this man. If marriage is something that you’re considering in the future, you have to remember that this guy is known to be a long-term Bachelor.

It might take some convincing in the future to get him past that .( but this is a first date so who cares)


So you want to get out of a date with a Sagittarius man


  •  be jealous of everyone around you
  •  start to complain and whine about everything all the time
  •  tell him that whether it’s your TV or his you get to watch what you want to watch
  •   blow up his cell phone all the time asking where he is
  •  tell him you just got a subscription to a bridal magazine and are looking at dresses

Sagittarius Man Compatibility


Aries woman

Being that these two are fire signs, they can create a relationship that’s full of excitement and lots of intensity. Sparks start to fly almost immediately,and they can find themselves falling in love faster than they thought possible. This combination is of a high compatibility.

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Taurus woman

There is very little chance that this relationship would actually work out in favor of both of them. This man definitely has a love for adventure, where as she prefers a life that has a lot more structure to it. In essence she’s pretty grounded. It all depends on whether or not they can find common ground.

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Gemini woman

These two certainly do have some similarities in their characteristics, but their relationship could be plagued with a lot of arguments and misunderstandings. They have what’s considered an average compatibility match up. If they can overcome the obstacles that are in their way they can find themselves in a very beautiful loving relationship together. In some cases though that’s not the way it works out.

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Cancer woman

There is a lot of attraction between these two at the very beginning when it comes to them meeting.  As time goes on though that attraction starts to really fade.  They may find that their love will grow pretty quickly, but things could start to disintegrate before their eyes over a course of many months. This couple being able to be stable is not so much in the cards, which is why they have a low compatibility rating.

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Leo woman

Now these two together are pretty much fire personified. They bring the fire in everything that they do, including the bedroom. They tend to have a very balanced relationship that’s built on passion and romance. So their relationship compatibility is pretty high.

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Virgo woman

These two tend to live life in different ways than each other, but even though that’s the case they seem to get along really well together. Both of these signs offer flexibility when it comes to any circumstances that may arise due to any disagreements. Both of them have a medium compatibility which means that it will take a little bit of work to make things happen, but it’s not out of the question.

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Libra woman

This can be a beautiful relationship if he feels that he is truly admired by this woman. The problem arises when he doesn’t feel that he is cared for by her. That’s why it’s considered that there is an average compatibility between these two as a couple. He needs to feel wanted, and if he doesn’t then the relationship will start to crumble.

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Scorpio woman

These two people will find that as time goes on they will be better as friends than as lovers. In a loving relationship they do have a hard time trying to understand what the other person is thinking or wanting within the relationship itself. The only thing that they will truly come to agree on is everything that’s in the bedroom, as their sexual side will be on par with each other.

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Sagittarius woman

Nobody can completely understand everything that is going on in the mind of a Sagittarius man as much as a Sagittarius woman can. That’s why due to their similarities, they find themselves in a situation where their relationship can actually be almost like a perfect couple. So their compatibility is actually pretty high.

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Capricorn woman

These two are opposite signs but at the same time even though they do have the ability to attract each other,they don’t usually go far as a couple. With her, he just doesn’t get the ability to feel comfortable in the relationship and have the safety he’s looking for.  So together they are pretty much a low compatibility match up.

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Aquarius woman

These two together can have a very happy ending as they have a lot of things in common with each other. Their similarities with each other in both character and life, will help them to have a very high compatibility with one another.

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Pisces woman

These two will never feel the connection that they need to feel in order to have a loving relationship with each other. They may find themselves in arguments that will have the outcome of irreconcilable differences between the two of them. That is why they’re considered to be a low compatibility match up.

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Erogenous zones


his zones are his thighs and hips. Move back and forth over that area with your hands and your mouth.


Sex with A Sagittarius Man


Sagittarius was, no doubt, the one that created the Mile High Club. Think Samantha on Sex in the City and you get where you’re going with a Sag. Hang a swing (or at least a mirror) over your bed and you’ll win this guy big time. The key is too keep things spicy.

Sagittarians are free spirits so don’t try to corral your guy in. You better work on your self-confidence with this man because he just doesn’t get weak and clingy. Hey, life is a party with a Sag so bring on the whipcream.

Turn Ons: Fearlessness. If a woman is gutsy, independent and easygoing, if she has a good sense of humor and lives in a different city, you can have the best of both worlds — freedom and partnership. You need lots of space, few questions and endless excitement.

Turn Offs: A princess. Life is too short to sweat details like relationship anxiety, emotional blackmail and who made the last phone call. A high-maintenance woman won’t get any from you.

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How to Keep your Sagittarius man around


embrace the changes

This is a guy that was born for adventure. He thrives on things changing in his life all the time. He might be willing to have a relationship, but he’s not willing to settle down in one location physically at an early time in his life. Prepare to go all over the place.

Always keep a bag packed

Since he’s born for adventure he’s ready to get up and go at any moment. So you should always have a bag packed and ready so you can be with your man. Prepare for a Friday night and him saying ”  weekend away! let’s go”. He’s going to take you with him and it’s going to be wild time. If you’re not prepared to go when he is, he might end up finding somebody that will be adventurous.

be a Fearless One

This is the guy that lives on the thrill of life. It’s important for you to embrace life and everything that comes with it. All of its ups and downs. Somebody that is scared or weak is not made for this man. He is the ultimate thrill seeker.

Just the facts ma’am

This is a guy that is very smart. He just has a problem handling all of the  minuscule details of a story.  If you tell him everything that’s going on from beginning to end you will bore him completely. So what you need to do is show him the big picture first, and his mind will take it from there.

Take care of yourself

This is a man that likes to have a woman that will do everything that she can to take care of her health and her body. If you can keep up with this man you will not only gain his respect, but you will also become more interesting to him. He’s not looking for a delicate flower, he’s looking for his partner in crime.

Always be up for a challenge

This guy is definitely an adventure seeker. If it’s something that’s borderline dangerous he’ll be all up for it. Anything from zip lining over the rain forests, to jumping out of an airplane. If you go on adventures with this guy, you will definitely have his heart.

Let him be free

This is a guy that doesn’t put up with possessive or jealous people. He doesn’t want to be controlled by anyone no matter who it is. The only woman that can ever hold this man’s heart is somebody that will give him the freedom to live his life. If you decide that you want to keep control of this man you’ll lose him forever. If you can let him have this freedom,  he can be your man for life.

Always have fun

This is a man that does not like drama unless it’s on stage. He doesn’t do anger or deal with moping around the house. If you haven’t already, you need to learn how to laugh, and become an optimistic person. If this man sees you having fun, he will join in as well. He’s a guy that’s all about having fun,and having a partner that feels the same way will make him feel complete.

Challenge this guy

Sagittarius guys love challenges. Especially ones that involves love and life. He’s a guy that wants to work his butt off to gain your heart. So it’s important for you not to be an easy catch for this guy. Let him work hard for you,and continue to do so through your relationship. If you keep him on his toes even though you know you’re not going anywhere, you will continue to have his undying devotion.

Be his Adventure

As mentioned before this is it a guy that is truly adventurous. This isn’t solely restricted to the outside world but also in the bedroom as well. So do whatever you can to become adventurous in bed. Don’t you keep it in the bedroom either, Take It outside or somewhere daring if you can. This guy likes to get frisky anywhere.


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