Aries Woman (March 21 – April 20)

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Aries Woman Traits

Here is miss independent. Happy, popular and can be a real handful, she likes to be first! She looks for a mate who can hold his own and although she likes to be romantic it is on her terms,she has to have respect for her man, he has to be her knight in shinning armour, then and only then will she give herself up and defend him to the hilt.

For the Aries Man

Aries Woman in Love

If you have a strong backbone, can make suggestions – only, and are able to take ‘no’ for an answer, more than a few times then you just may be able to win over the Aries woman.

The Aries woman is a strong willed, independent, and intense creature. There is nothing mild or tepid about her in all matters including matters of the heart.

The Aries woman in love conducts herself no differently than in any other area of her life. She is full of passion, intensity, and can be very demanding.

Yes, the Aries woman likes to get her way at all times and call the shots every step of the way. A relationship with the Aries woman starts with the man giving in and eventually being molded to what this woman sees as her ideal man. She is a force to be reckoned with and quite hard to resist.

Although this woman is prone to be the jealous type this jealousy is not rooted in insecurity as most jealousies are. The Aries woman wants to be number one with her man at all times. She will hardly tolerate anyone or anything occupying the number two position either.

This jealousy can be better accepted and dealt with when you realize she’s not at all insecure; she just wants all of you or nothing at all. If you plan to pursue a relationship with an Aries woman you are best advised to get plenty of rest. This is the woman who is full of endless energy and it seems to kick in just as everyone else’s energy is waning for the night.

The Aries woman is a wonderful creature who repays your complete devotion and nurturing of her high maintenance needs with complete loyalty, devotion, determination, and encouragement of you in all of your endeavors. If you’re a rising star the Aries woman will support and bolster you every step of the way. Handled the correct way this head strong, vivacious woman will do anything you ask….just go into this relationship rested and ready to do as she asks.

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Sex with an Aries Woman

Turn Ons: You need a man with big brains who is secure in his masculinity and appreciates a  strong, gutsy woman. As your many exes know, you’ll try anything at least once — and then ask for more. Secretly, you wouldn’t mind a man who is your equal in every way.

Turn Offs: Wimps or clingy guys need not apply. Stodginess, reticence and weakness in a partner bring out the worst in you, as does any 1950s “Honey, I’m home” stuff. You’ll move on to the next prospect so fast, Honey will get whiplash.

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Aries Girl

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