Sagittarius Sign Dates, Traits, & More

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Sagittarius Zodiac


The least showy of the three fire signs but nevertheless just as outgoing, frank, and eager as the others. Whereas a Leo will tend to push himself forward in a gathering to be the centre of attention, (and the Aries has already been and gone!) the Sagittarian will coolly wait for the best moment and often receive the best reaction by doing so. By fire sign standards they are rather sensitive folk and can feel emotions almost as if they were a water sign.

They share many qualities of the air sign Gemini when it comes to learning and pursuit of worldly knowledge. However, they often lose interest soon after finding their goal and move on to the next quest. They are more adaptable and flexible than the other two fire signs and by nature very honest. But the biggest key word to describe them is optimistic – for this reason they rarely get on well with true Virgos, because that earth sign is the most pessimistic of all twelve signs. Travel is second nature to a Sagittarian, even if it is only in the mind. They share a high degree of independence and freedom with the air sign Aquarius, for which reason these two signs often gel well. Sagittarians are at their best when their mind and body have the freedom to explore things as they would like.
In relationships, Sagittarians often prefer the thrill of the chase to the actual conquest, and are generally very hot blooded, especially if Scorpio figures highly in their chart.

They are the most likely of the three fire signs to put their foot in it, dig a hole and never know when to stop digging!


Sagittarius Dates: (born November 22 – December 21 )


Sagittarius Decans , 1st, 2nd and 3rd

sagittarius decans

Fast Summary:


Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac, and is symbolised by the archer, while its symbol or glyph represents the archers bow and arrow. The Sun is in Sagittarius from around November 23 until around December 23 each year. Sagittarius is classified as being of the positive polarity (expressive and spontaneous), of the fire element (ardent, keen, energetic and assertive), and of the mutable quality (adaptable and variable). Sagittarius displays an extensive, wide, deep and free-ranging attitude, expressing freedom, and associated with an urge to explore beyond the immediately known environment.

The characteristic Sagittarius type seeks space, freedom and opportunity through which to range and aspire to the highest of ambitions, both physically and mentally. Sagittarius is far-sighted, extensive in aims, ambitious, optimistic, sincere, open minded and frank. Ruled by the expansive planet Jupiter, Sagittarius is the natural, open-hearted extravert, being jovial, loving freedom, and seeking meaning and new experience. The wide, deep and extensive nature of Sagittarius is displayed either physically, such as in sport, adventure, exploration and foreign travel, or mentally, in deep, profound or philosophical higher study. Gregarious, enthusiastic and open, Sagittarius likes to understand from a broad and deep perspective. Sagittarius often loves sport and natural pursuits, exploring and adventure. Sagittarius is usually idealistic, foresighted and high principled, though sometimes with religious and moralizing tendencies. Though for the most part happy-go-lucky, honest and cheerful, Sagittarius can nevertheless take its extensive and optimistic aim too far, becoming extravagant and exaggerating, with trouble focusing on the less welcome practical details.

Overuse of the Sagittarius manner can become boastful, careless, over-enthusiastic and too restless. Without some counterpoint of structure, the boundless optimism of Sagittarius can become extremist, and irresponsible and unreliable. Sagittariuss inclination to be bluntly honest, frank and, like an arrow, straightforward and to the point, can become tactless and inconsiderate, and sometimes wound like an arrow. Sagittarius optimism nevertheless often brings good luck and a broad experience of the world. Physically Sagittarius rules the hips, thighs and sciatic nerves. Sagittarius can have a tendency to hip diseases, sciatica, rheumatic and liver complaints. Sagittarius is especially associated with, or “ruled” by, the planet Jupiter.


OccupationsLaw and justice, politics, legislation, travel
ExaltationSouth Node
FallNorth Node
ColorsDark Blue, Purple
FlowerCarnations, Dandelions
CountriesAustralia, SpainSouth Africa, Suriname, Portugal, Mongolia
CitiesToledo, Naples, Toronto, Stuttgart
AnimalThe Horse
HerbsGarlic, Sage, Borage
Body AreaHips, Thighs
KeywordsOptimist, Philosophical,Independent
TranslationItalian: Sagittario Turkish: Yay



Sagittarius Zodiac Symbol


The Sagittarius zodiac symbol represents the centaur, a unique being whose lower half is that of a horse and the upper half is that of man equipped with a bow and arrow.

This zodiac symbol is simply represented by a single arrow pointing the northeast with a line through the middle.

This is indicative of the internal pull Sagittarians have been logic and reason vs. their animal instincts.

It also symbolizes how Sagittarians love to gallop off into the sunset in search of their adventure. Sagittarians are usually very philosophical types on an eternal search for truth in some manner.

The upward direction of the arrow symbolizes this with the emphasis especially being put upon finder a higher knowledge that leads them to the truth that they seek.

The Sagittarius zodiac symbol also clear shows how Sagittarians hit the bulls eye when it comes to honesty. In fact, a lot of Sagittarians are known for being very direct and blunt.

This is because they value the simple truth with no embellishments. They respect and honor that and they naturally assume that others do also.

Unfortunately, they often learn the hard way that some people are not really looking for the truth, but instead want to be told things that make them look or feel better.

The upward angle of the Sagittarius zodiac symbol, however, ensures that Sagittarians put a lot of worth into the truth. This is because they see the truth as a way to strengthen ourselves by improving if we dont like what we see or hear.

The Sagittarius zodiac symbol represents the highest truth for Sagittarians which is that the truth really will sit them free.

This is why theyre always galloping off into the distance in their quest for a perfect and higher truth.


Sagittarius Personality


They are cheerful and extroverted with a delightful sense of humor and fun to be around. Sagittarians are not jealous or possessive and they make friends easily. They will always help out their friends without expecting anything in return. While there is not a deceitful bone in their body, they are quite blunt. They are not malicious or vindictive, they just don’t know of any other way to put things..

These people are all about higher learning and to them knowledge is understanding the world. They illustrate the Mutable Quality given to them because they want the freedom to do as they please with an inclination to be spontaneous and autonomous. At times they can be impatient and procrastinate but they are honest, dependable and very charming. Sagittarians don’t want to sit around and read about life, they want to experience life and what it has to offer. They love to learn first hand.

Sagittarians are often religious with a deep morality but will worship the beliefs and ideals they have about God more than the actual worshiping of God Himself.

Because they have a need to understand new ideas and concepts, they are naturals at being researchers and excel in this field. They also make excellent teachers and philosophers.

In personal relationships, Sagittarians have a hard time showing affection and will often make their careers more important than their families. If they get married they make faithful spouses. They rarely let difficulties get them down and with their cheerful optimism believe in the future. They continuously search for the truth but sometimes their optimism keeps them from seeing reality. Because good luck is usually on their side, Sagittarians have an irresistible urge to gamble which could lead to disaster. They love to take risks because they see life as an adventure.

Sagittarius Traits


sagittarius traits

The ninth sign of the zodiac, Sagittarius, is the challenger, the patriot, and the woodsman. Some of your better traits are an ambitious nature, energy that is contagious, luck, generosity, independence, and a way of bringing out any and all of these same qualities in just about anyone else.

The traits that are more negative are overconfidence, being pushy, sometimes temperamental, some consider relationships being “tied down” and often having too many things going on all at the same time.

Your ruling planet is Jupiter. As a mutable sign, your are adaptable, versatile, and flexible. As a fire sign, you are full of enthusiasm, and energy. Sagittarius rules the liver hips and thighs, and some like to get their stress out by jogging, running, or walking. You may be sensitive to alcohol.

Birthstones for astrology are different from traditional birthstones for the months. For Sagittarius your birthstone is turquoise, and if worn, it is said to attract love, and allow visions of the future.



Famous Sagittarius Men / Famous Sagittarius Women


Brad Pitt (b. Dec 18, 1963) ~ Katie Holmes (b. Dec 18, 1978) ~ Britney Spears (b. Dec 2, 1981) ~ Stuart Townsend (b. Dec 15, 1972) ~ Brendan Fraser (b. Dec 3, 1968) ~ Jay-Z (b. Dec 4, 1969) ~ Tina Turner (b. Nov 26, 1939) ~ Ben Stiller (b. Nov 30, 1965) ~ Samuel L Jackson (b. Dec 21, 1948) ~ Jake Gyllenhaal (b. Dec 19, 1980) ~ Steven Spielberg (b. Dec 18, 1946) ~ Christina Aguilera (b. Dec 18, 1980) ~ Steve Buscemi (b. Dec 13, 1957) ~ John Malkovich (b. Dec 9, 1953) ~ Miley Cyrus (b. Nov 23, 1992) ~ Elisha Cuthbert (b. Nov 30, 1982) ~ Kiefer Sutherland (b. Dec 21, 1966)


2 thoughts on “Sagittarius Sign Dates, Traits, & More”

  1. People born under the sign of Sagittarius are often the most honest and straightforward of the entire Zodiac. They are spontaneous, outgoing, adventurous, and able to adapt to many different situations. They have a tendency to create an air of excitement wherever they go, and enjoy exploring new ideas, cultures, and beliefs. They enjoy the beauty Mother Nature has to offer, and may actually prefer spending time with animals rather than humans.

    A Sagittarius will enjoy being a “free” person, able to do whatever it is he or she desires. Any job taken by a Sagittarius must be something he or she enjoys, or it won’t be done well. They enjoy responsibility, and enjoy working hard at a particular task. However, menial tasks are not for the Sagittarius, as their attention is easily swayed in this situation.

    A Sagittarius generally enjoys being at home – and they tend to decorate their houses with the many possessions they acquire through the years. They enjoy spacious rooms, which contribute directly to their state of mind. Relationships for Sagittarius are difficult to find, as the partner must meet the high standards placed upon his or her head – they must be intelligent, understanding, warm, and have a great sense of humour. As well, they must allow Sagittarius to remain independent, as any constraint will cause the Sagittarius to bolt.

    A Sagittarius has a genuine interest in people and the world in which he or she lives, as well as the more spiritual world in which we all exist. They tend to be serious thinkers, but are prone to jumping to conclusions, and can end up rather narrow-minded if his or her social thinking is not fully developed.

  2. Danny Ocean, James Bond – fictional characters, maybe, but almost definitely Sagittarians. You guys are the embodiment of cool – sometimes more in your head than anywhere else, but that’s okay. Philosophical, jovial, always described as “aristocratic,” (though the sense of humor can be a little bawdy, particularly if Scorpio makes an appearance in the personal planets), Sagittarians can match Aries blow for blow in a battle of adventurers.

    Please don’t get into a debate with a Sagittarius. I mean, do – they’ll charm you into it, and they like nothing better than debating – but watch yourself. It will either take hours without coming to a conclusion, or (more likely) you’ll just be getting into the conversation, blink your eyes, and they’ll have disappeared.

    This sign has an affinity for outdoor life, particularly where horses and dogs are concerned. Who knows why? Maybe it’s that weird half-man, half-horse who’s your sign. I think that’s how they usually explain it.

    Biggest Insult: Yawn in their presence.

    Quickest Way to Get Sagittarius into Bed: oh, this is not hard. A subtle stripping off of your clothes should do it.

    Most Likely to: outdrink anybody in the room.

    Should Have Been Born: in the CIA. Scratch that – Sagittarians can’t keep a secret. On a cruise ship, in an airplane – anything that’ll get them anywhere but here.

    To Make Sagittarius Forgive You: bring them a puppy to play with. Buy them a present. Make them laugh.

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