1. My sister and I are superfetal twins. She was a complete surprise–I was likely supposed to be born under Capricorn, but landed in Aquarius–much by my own will, I suppose–i am very idealistic–but sometimes to my detriment, I can become overly fixated on a principle and lose sight of reality.

    My sister was estimated to have been about 4-6 weeks under developed; while we share a birth date, we are very much night and day in many aspects. She feels I’m a bossy and pushy. I feel like she is reluctant and (sorry if this is too on-the-nose) immature.

    These differences, while specific to our unique situation, would tend to lead me to believe that the development time table and the corresponding celestial structure to each stage are more at cause for a given so-called “birth” sign’s proclivities, tendencies and traits. Thoughts?

  2. I believe the use of birthdate is nothing other than a convenience as it has always been an easy date to know and record. Most likely, date of conception is the true determiner of personality and astrological alignment. The science of Astrological signs and personality were all thus skewed to correlate with due dates. If you’ve ever watched babies in the womb and then after birth as I have, you’d realize the base personality is fully formed prior to birth. Very likely at conception.

    1. Edvinas Nekrosius says:

      Truth! Baby is already conscious in a womb… the universal energy hits the baby from a very start… it doesn’t really matter when a baby is born…

  3. I Highly disagree with some of this theory. I was born 30 days prior to my due date by induction.. this was for no another reason than my mums discomfort and Drs mis-calculations if due date. I was born under the sign of Capricorn, however my actual due date was more at the end of Jan or beginning of Feb. I never quiet understood why I didn’t relate to the disposition or qualities of the Capricorn. Whenever I would read the horoscope profile I would say to myself “that is so not me” leaving me confused or dumbfounded . One day my sister suggested I read the Aquarius profile and there it was Bam ! plan as day . I was an even split between the two as though I was born on the cusp. So I definitely believe that when a child is forced in to birthing for the mere convenience of the doctors or mothers and robbed of the decision to come for themselves, then yes! in a case like this you do carry the traits of your original due date birth sign as well as some of the traits of the actual birthdate.

    1. I totally agree with you.. My daughter was born under the sign of Gemini but was supposed to be a Leo I had to be induced for my safety and she doesn’t display any 1characteristics of a Gemini.

  4. I found out recently that I was born 3 weeks early, not exactly born but due to my mothers medical complications they had to bring forward my delivery, I did not complete my full term and was not ready so had to be placed in an incubator. Anyhow according to records I am a Gemini but nearly all my traits are Cancer! People kept saying to me you don’t behave like a Gemini at all.

  5. I was supposed to be born in early December, but I was actually born in mid-October. I have a theory that as my Grandmother’s first Grandchild, I wanted to be born close to her sign, which is a Libra. We are alike in many ways and I feel we have a close connection, even since she had passed. Not sure if stuff like this happens, but it is something that had occurred to me, maybe even provided by my late Grammie.

  6. Thomas D Garnica says:

    I was 2 months premie and i am supposed to be an Aries and I am nothing like an Aries. I was supposed to be a Gemini But Picses fits the best. So I don’t know what I am astrologically. maybe there is a secret 13th one that I fall under. lol

  7. So, If you were born 2 months early, because of the best interest of the mother, would you still be the sign you were supposed to be born under?

  8. I was born 7 wks early I had to stay in the hospital for 3 mos I don’t feel like my birth sign

  9. I am a Taurus by birth, however I was due on 6 June, which would’ve placed me as a Gemini. The interesting thing about that though, is that the symbol for Gemini is twins. And I’m a twin!

    1. ZODIAC AWESOME says:

      Crazy!!! EXACT same thing, I was born on May 12th, was due June 11th though. I’M A TWIN!

  10. I was born 4 weeks before my due date. My birthday is August 4th, 2001. I was supposed to be born on the 29th, so I was supposed to be a Virgo instead of a Leo. I have traits for both, though. I finally pieced it together today, why I’m usually not very Leo-like. My sister was meant to be a Sagittarius, and so was my brother, however my sister is a Scorpio and my brother is on the cusp. He’s much more like a Sagittarius, but both are extremely forgiving, especially my sister- a Sagittarius trait. I’ve heard of most Scorpios holding grudges for life. Leo and Virgo don’t forgive easily, so naturally I will literally hold a grudge for eternity if there’s no sincere apology. This is so interesting to me! My mom went into labor naturally with all 5 of us, and none of us have the signs we were meant to have, and we all have the traits of both signs, as if we’re all on the cusp, even though only 2 of my brothers are on the cusp. Def going to research this more.

  11. I’m an Aries but my due date is a Taurus. I was born by emergency cesarean as well due to tightening of the umbilical cord. I am both an extrovert and an introvert. I am both spontaneous and go with the flow. I am both fiery and a peacemaker. The day, mood, situation, time of year, etc all determine which side will come out! However, as I become older and wiser each year, I find myself leaning closer toward the sign of Taurus. But Aries will always be a part of me!

    1. I agree I am a Aquarius born but was supposed to be born in February and I follow both very much…

  12. My sign is cancer July 21 but I was suppose to be born on the July 28 a leo,and I am more like a leo not a cancer.

  13. I find this hard to believe.

    I don’t think souls are born exactly at the right time 100% of the time.

    I was meant to be born in late November, not early December, and for whatever reason, it didn’t happen at that time. I was born nearly 2 weeks overdue.

    If I’d been born close to the due date, I would have been a Scorpio. But I’m a Sagittarius, and even though I wasn’t born on the cusp for the year 1981 and primarily display the Sagittarius traits, I also display too many of the Scorpio traits for anyone to tell me it’s something and nothing. I know what my natal chart looks like, and it doesn’t even come close to explaining my Scorpio traits. It explains everything else about my personality, behaviours and habits, but not my Scorpio traits. I guess there must be some weird influence happening with that for me.

  14. Alot of people say this, but I think you should look at your natal chart. Your natal chart explains why you tick the way you tick. I was 2 weeks late, I would’ve been a 1/25 Aqua instead of a 2/8 Aqua…I still would’ve been an Aquarius, but I am positive the day/time of 1/25 would’ve made me just a bit different than I actually am. It’s not your sun sign itself that dictates who you are, its all the other little clusters that do. So plug your date/time into a natal chart and check it out.

    1. Kendra Adams says:

      Mines exactly alike imma twin female born Virgo and due date Dec 18th but born 27 weeks early due to my twin brother he was ready to come out into the world I wasnt ready so he was born first and natural and surgical cut me out because of being breech he more Virgo and more fire and Air with Virgo libra traits with little bit of water because my mom is a Pisces lol

  15. Dude Magic says:

    I know what this is like because i was 4 months early!!! lol anyway, from what i was told whenever i asked that same question, basically people told me that the only thing that determines a persons sun sign (along with the rest of the natal chart) is the birth time, and that every baby is born when they are supposed to no matter how early, late or for those who are on time. Be grateful that we made it here to this life, we are all survivors!

    you could have some fun with it (like i do)…like with me, my due date for entering the world was December 13th which would have made my sun sign be Sagitttarious (fire sign)..however plans got changed around and I was born on August 25th, making me a Virgo (earth sign) instead…but i joke that i have an “inner sagittarious” that i need to set free every once in a while so i can have some fun :p….and recently i have been kind of looking up things under that sign to learn more from, like on a soul level i guess.

    and if you really want to, you can look up cusp dates, a cusp is the first 3-4 days of the beginning and ending of one sign to the next…..its kind of like, from aries to pisces each sign is black and white, however there are some shades of gray between each sign that follows the other (scorpio and sagittarious for example) ..hope that makes sense! OH, and if you do look up cusp signs, and if you think you fall in one, how it works is, for example your sun sign MAY show you are a Capricorn sun, HOWEVER you may also possess some traits of the next sign Aquarious, which could lighten you up some and possibly help you relate to that sign more. Hope all this helps, let me know what you find out!

  16. Noah Millard says:

    I think we choose the date and exact time/location we are born. I also believe we choose our parents as well. If you were 7 weeks early it just means you were 7 weeks late getting to your Momma. You arrived at the exact time you intended to arrive. I wouldn’t call a 5 degree orb a powerful conjunction but the cusp of the 7th/8th is pretty interesting in folklore and Archetypes.

  17. Thats really fascinating! I’ve wondered about this from the opposite end of the spectrum, my son was due February 22 and born March 12. I always thought he wanted to be a Pisces! But his chart was totally different then what I projected with his due date, where as my daughter was born close to the due date and only the moon sign variable in her projected chart. I think what is, is what its supposed to be

  18. Interesting, I was just looking at my sisters natal chart to see if I could see her prematures baby (now 32) in her chart…looking at his birthday I couldnt see it, but when I looked at the time he was due, I definitely saw it in her chart. Thought that in itself, was interesting

  19. Although astrology charts can tell us a lot, there are many things you can’t tell from looking at a chart. For instance you cannot tell if the person is male or female, or even a person, it could be a chart for a dog or a building. I know of twin boys born at 27 weeks. They do not have any aspect between their sun and neptune or saturn. They do have sun trine pluto, and moon conjunct the Asc from the 12th house. For almost every thing I read that is “gospel” in Astrology I can usually find a dozen situations where it does not apply or is just not true. I see Astrology as patterns of energy that are available to us. How we use that energy is totally our choice. So, you cannot tell by looking at a chart if someone is married or has children, or a job or anything like that. You can only tell what types of energy they might have to deal with if they were to marry or have children or whatever

  20. samuel nye says:

    Well, the short answer would be that babies are born when they’re supposed to be born. There is no such thing as “premature” birth in astrology, so to speak.

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