Cancer Man – Sex, Attraction, And His Personality

The Cancer Man

Cancer boys are so secretive. And daydreamers too. He has so many moods you don’t know WHO you’ll get, will it be the charming and flirtatious Cancer guy or the dark, artistic, brooding Cancer guy (that one is said in a booming voice.) He has high expectations for his friends & loved ones — he expects them to be perfect in every way — smart, gorgeous, a go-getter and a fab host. Yeesh. He is a fantabulous listener and can make you feel like the center of the universe (which you probably are anyway) He takes love very seriously and would never dream of cheating. He loves to eat and drink but won’t dress up for any occasion, clothes are bothersome. Crudeness and vulgarity turn him off, that is, until you get to know him and then, well. . .

Cancer Man Personality



  • Known to be super sweet
  • Big hearted with a huge sensitive side
  • Very emotional sign, Honesty is the best policy
  • One of the best to communicate through Physical contact. You love kisses and cuddles? then you will get kisses and cuddles!
  • Romantic with a side of cheese
  • Close to family and friends
  • Makes one of the best hosts of the zodiac
  • You will feel safe 100% by his side
  • Can lie to safe his life


  • Mood swings alert!
  • doesn’t know how to handle losses very well when he feels attacked
  • Has a hard time verbally communicating wishes and thoughts unless its necessary.

His Planet – The Moon


Cancer is ruled by the mysterious Moon so if you can’t figure this guy out now you know why. This luminary governs our personal needs and our needs to be safe and secure. It is the Mother spirit in our lives.

The Moon is, of course, feminine energy and like its rule over the ebbs and flows of Earth’s mighty oceans, the Moon has a powerful influence over our own emotional ebbs and flows.

It makes us moody, irrational, reckless as well as creative, imaginative and inspirational.

The Moon is the polar opposite of the Sun, which is bright and really out there for all to see. The Moon, as does Cancer, loves to disappear and reappear in a most eery way.

The Moon’s influence is deep and its mysteries border on deception. Remind yourself to ask, which phase of his Moon is he showing today?


His Symbol – The Crab


The Crab symbol perfectly personifies the moody side of Cancer. A hard shell that protects a soft interior. A shell that he can retreat to when things don’t go his way or he just wants to be left alone. And those pinchers! Watch out. They can hurt more than just your heart.


His Element – Water Sign


Cancer is a Water sign whose emotions run deep. This guy is overly sensitive and holds a pretty tight grudge. But he cares deeply and can give his love freely as well as quite affectionately. He will appreciate getting that affection right back once he lets you into his world … but not a minute sooner.

Cancers have the ability to conform to circumstances better than the other two Water signs, Scorpio and Pisces. He is especially good at seeing your side of things and going along with whatever you want to do.

Like water, he will flow in and around your life and lifestyle.

Water signs are highly intuitive but Cancer is not as psychic as the other two Waters. Still he probably gets you quite well. Waters are inclined to take on too much of others people’s emotional stuff especially the stuff of the one he loves.

His Quality – Cardinal


Cancer is a Cardinal sign with a can do attitude. From the Latin word cardinalis meaning principal or pivotal, Cancer leads from his heart center. But he also never lets his emotions get in the way of getting things done; of course, done his way.


Cancer Man -This is the old-fashioned kind of man…the one who will bring you flowers, buy you chocolate and take you to nice places. He’ll never come on to you directly; he’ll leave an avenue free to escape because he simply can’t handle rejection. He’s the type to fall in love easily for he’s a romantic daydreamer.

Anything and everything has the ability to set him off: a fragrance, a familiar face, a sound… he’ll quickly transport himself to the past or visualize the future. He’ll produce an intricate romantic scenario with very little material and that’s part of his charm.

He prizes stability and needs security and so he’ll offer absolute loyalty. He must know that his woman is faithful at all times and the depths of his jealousy are unheard of so you want to make sure you remain on his good side in that sense. He’s a man of one woman and sees absolutely no need for another if he’s got a good mate.

Sex is always best for him if it happens at the whim of the moment.

He’s the type of man who will outrageously spoil you if you give him the chance. His affection is immense and he’ll have no problem whatsoever expressing it publicly and privately. Cancer men are very empathic and instinctively understand the human heart. He’ll feel his way into your emotions and sense your problems.

He takes his role of protector very seriously and is an extremely masculine man. We’re not talking macho masculinity here but rather a more politically correct kind of manhood; one who is sensitive, tender…true inner strength.

If you’re the type of woman who loves being pampered and looked after, Cancer is definitely the man for you!


Cancer Man Traits


Loves to be at home loves his mum unless there is some very deep reason why not! Habitual and steady he tends to have sunglasses on his wallet moths for when they next see the daylight, but when he thinks its a worthy cause can be very generous. Tends to be romantic sincere and prone to jealousy.

How To Get A Cancer Man’s Attention


What to focus on:


  • Due to cancers being very emotional, they do have a tendency of having their highs and lows a lot.  When he’s having fun, you  go and have just as much fun as he is. When he’s not having a good day, do what you can to help pick him up.
  • Be a real and genuine person around this guy. He is quite intuitive and he knows when somebody is not being truthful with him
  • He does like to be social and do social things, but in moderation.  Sometimes he just likes to sit on the couch and watch movies and cuddle up.
  • Due to that emotional capability that he has, you’ll find that when you are having a good time, he is having a good time. On the flip side of things when you’re not doing too well, he will be very sympathetic to what you’re dealing with.  It’s almost like your issue is becoming his.
  • He likes to be with somebody that will stimulate his mind.  He really enjoys spending time with somebody that can carry on a conversation.

What Not To Do:


  • Tread lightly when it comes to disagreeing with things that he believes in. If there’s one thing that can really bring him down it is somebody that trashes things that he believes him.  He might take that as a personal slight against him.
  • Don’t try and control this man either.  If you’re trying to get your way on a matter, take a very diplomatic  approach to it.  If you take the time to work out an agreement with him you’ll find that you will get your way more often than not.
  • When you go out to see him try and leave your personal emotional baggage at home. As soon as you’re with him if you’re in a bad mood or upset he will pick up on it pretty quickly. Your bad mood will quickly turn into his bad mood.  Due to him being emotional,  He truly cares about your well-being.
  • He appreciates Beauty even though he doesn’t date women just for their looks. Just make sure that you don’t get too careless about your personal appearance , more so your hygiene.  That doesn’t mean that he’s expecting you to be a supermodel 24 hours a day.  he’s realistic as he knows that he can’t be looking his best all the time, neither can you.  He just loves to be with a woman that will take care of herself.

How to Attract a Cancer Man


How to Attract a Cancer Man. The Cancer man is extremely sensitive and full of emotions and feeling.  For those women who are looking for a man who listens to them and shows emotion, then the Cancer man is the perfect partner for you.

Cancer men are full of passion, romance, and feelings and they are always willing to let you know how they feel at any given time.  To attract a Cancer man, you need to stimulate his emotions and cater to his need for passion and love.  Cancer men can be shy and reclusive, so you may need to make the first move when trying to attract a Cancer.

To really win over a Cancer man, you will also need to get inside his head and really understand his emotions.  If you aren’t able to grasp the severity of the Cancer man’s feelings, then he may not want to continue a relationship.

Cancer men are also not interested in superficial or shallow people.  They love to interact with other dreamers who love to socialize about the soft side of life.  They want to love and be loved, so you will find yourself immersed in plenty of passion by dating a Cancer.

On your quest on how to attract a Cancer man, you will need to support his dreams.  Cancer men are also very romantic, so surprise him with a beautiful, candle lit dinner in your lingerie.  The Cancer man wants his partner to continue the passion and romance even after dating or in a relationship for a long period of time.

Cancer men are also very sensitive, so you need to be very gentle when you criticize him.  If you can balance criticism with his feelings, the Cancer man will appreciate your advice.  They are also very faithful men, so enjoy the most romantic and sensitive zodiac sign as your special man.

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Dating a Cancer man

 How to approach him for the first time


out of all the signs this is one of the most fearful when it comes to approaching women. They never want to be in a situation where they have to face rejection.

Unless they can truly feel 100% safe with the person that they are trying to be with, they will never initiate the first move even if they truly want to. If they do make the first move it’s probably because they really truly want you in their life and they’re risking it all for one shot.

You really need to make this man feel like he is important to you. He needs to know without a doubt that you are truly interested in the possibility of dating him. Be the brave one and ask him out.

Show him the side of you that cares a lot. He truly is a very sensitive type of guy. Showing him that you care will help get him out of his shell.  By seeing your vulnerable side you will be able to secure this guy as your own.


So you got your first date


almost right away you should let him know that you are interested in him. He likes the idea of being reassured that he is liked. You can do this by showing him some affection towards him through light cuddling ( from behind quick cuddle) or playful contact.

He likes his women to be very warm and affectionate. If you come off as cold or detached, his interests will start to wane quickly.  His guard will go back up very quickly.

This is one of the men of the zodiac signs that has no problems showing that he has a gentle soft feminine side. If you can listen to him as a friend, be caring, and be a lover all in one, this will be one of many dates you will have with this gentleman.

Sexually speaking if you’re looking for your first date to go beyond just a goodnight kiss or a hug,  you need to initiate some affectionate hand-holding, and just start giving him that  flirty look.

His preference is that he wants a woman that is sensual and very passionate, but he’s also a realistic person and knows that that is not going to come within the first night.

So you want to get out of a date with a Cancer man


  •  be completely insensitive to any feeling he has.
  •  Show him a side of you that you know he would not like to see.
  •  Turn yourself off, just be as cold as possible towards him
  •   make it seem like you’re not having a good time at all

Cancer Man Compatibility


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Aries woman

These two have a chance to be a couple for at least a little bit. It’s easy for these two to be attracted to each other and fall in love. Over time though they might find that they are better off as friends. This is why this man usually has an average compatibility with this woman.

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Taurus woman

This is a relationship that can really take off. The important thing that they really have to take a look at is that they never fall into a routine together. They always have to keep things spiced up. With that in mind though it’s considered a combination that has a great compatibility, and one of the better combinations of signs in the zodiac.

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Gemini woman

Initially in the beginning there’s something that attracts them both to each other. The problem comes when they try and have a relationship because they both have a different understanding of how a relationship should be. They also tend to see the world in a different light as well. That is why this relationship truly has an average compatibility, it can go either way.

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Cancer woman

Now this is a good combination because there’s nobody that can understand a cancer man more than this woman. She can help him create a more stable and balanced out relationship, the kind that he is looking for. So this has an above average compatibility couple.

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Leo woman

These two in a relationship become pretty overwhelming towards each other. They both have a common need for love and affection. So the compatibility for these two is pretty average.

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Virgo woman

These two in a relationship can fall in love pretty easily. He has a very high compatibility with this woman, who he will find very safe and secure to have a relationship with. One of the biggest things that he would want in a relationship is what she can give him which is safety and security.

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Libra woman

These two together will find that it’s very difficult to have a relationship with each other. That’s not to say that they cannot make it, they can but it does take a lot of work to do so. That’s why in most cases it’s a very low chance of success for these two.

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Scorpio woman

Both of these signs together can be pretty demanding when it comes to love and relationships. With that being said they’re also very compatible with each other. The important thing for them to know is that their similarities could divide them if they don’t find a clever way to make things work.

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Sagittarius woman

There’s a pretty big chance that this relationship will not end in a positive way. Their compatibility rating is low when it comes to a loving relationship. The thing that draws this man towards this woman when he first meets her in the first place, is that he’s attracted to her very strong character.

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Capricorn woman

These two together can make a very good relationship. It’s the type of relationship that could go all the way if they want it to. They have great compatibility together even though they both approach relationships from a different angle. In this case there differences complement each other.

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Aquarius woman

These two together can go two different ways, either to the top or to the bottom. They have an average compatibility with each other, but at the same time are very tough and persistent. Together they can overcome their differences and make things work if they choose to and work at it.

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Pisces woman

These two have a great potential to form a very ideal couple with each other. They both are able to understand each other in a very instinctive way. That makes them both highly compatible in a relationship.

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Erogenous zones


his zones are the  Chest, breast, and neck. These are all very sensual and sensitive areas on him. Hit him with those passionate kisses and you’ll have him going.


Sex With A cancer Man


Cancer is so adaptable and will love to have it your way. They are better than any other sign at tuning in to the needs and wants of others. You will think this man is psychic if you play along.

Thrill him by insisting that you go back to his place. Cancers love their homes and will delight in a thoughtful host gift. But careful now;  Cancers are emotional signs so make sure you pay close attention and be sensitive to his feelings long before you even think about sex.

Turn Ons: A 24-7 relationship. You want to be best friends, roommates and lovers, and wouldn’t dream of making plans without including your mate. Sex is more emotional than physical for you, so your partner has to want a complete connection with you.

Turn Offs: You’re so sensitive that you can’t handle a lover who’s not in touch with her feelings. A woman who’s ultra-carefree makes you feel vulnerable and unwanted. While you’ll put up with criticism from a lover, it hurts you deeply — even if you don’t show it.

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How to Keep your Cancer man around


share with him too

Finally ladies, a guy that loves to talk about his feelings. He is a good listener when it comes to your own issues,and can equal that out by being a good talker as well. He will share his innermost feelings and thoughts with you, and will also be very caring when it comes to your inner most feelings and thoughts as well. He does have the ability to get very emotional over things.

Feed this man

This is a man that truly loves his comfort food. Sometimes when he’s down in the dumps even something as simple as chicken wings will get this guy in a better mood. He is also always down for a home cooked meal. If you can show him that you are a better cook than he is, then he will be all yours. He’s not expecting you to slave away in the kitchen though.

Show interest in his Hobbies

Take time out to understand what kind of things he is interested in. If this is something that you could see yourself getting into then why don’t you take the time to get to know more about it. If he’s interested in baseball as an example, if you’re not as knowledgeable on it as he is ( you might only know the basics ), ask him  about it because he’ll be more than happy to tell you how the game is played. He will love that you showed interest in the first place.

Take the time for family and friends

This is a guy that really has a soft spot for his family and his friends. If he sees that you love your family as much as he does it will also bring you both closer. Becoming one with his inner circle will help you integrate into his life even easier. So take the time to get to know his friends if he lets you, if given the opportunity to meet his family take him up on it. As you integrate with them you will see a big smile on his face.

Leave him alone when he needs to be left alone

When a cancer man starts to get into a bad mood, he really needs time to brood over it. This is the moment that he kind of pulls back into his shell. He will take his space when he needs it, and it’s best that you give him the space that he needs. When he wants to talk about what’s going on you will definitely be one of the first to know.

Positive reinforcement

This is a guy that needs to have a little positive reinforcement in his life. If you tell him things like you failed at doing something, or that his dreams are stupid you will lose this guy. Make sure those crab claws never come out by picking and choosing your arguments wisely.

Accept his ever-changing emotions

The cancer man is ruled by the moon. So just like the moon having different phases,so does this man when it comes to his emotions. You have no other choice but to do that with this man. Sometimes he’ll be very happy and other times he will be sad. That’s what makes this a Man of Mystery, but a good and worthy mystery indeed.

bring him into your home

This guy is the quintessential homebody. There is nowhere he would rather be. He would love to spend morning, noon, and night with you there. Whether it involves just a quiet time with the both of you together there, or even if you’re inviting guests over for a dinner party. The great thing about inviting him in is that he will do his fair share to help you keep the place thriving. His place will become your place, your place will become his.

Cuddle Em Up

This truly is one of the most romantic signs of the zodiac. He has no problem holding your hand in public,or even cuddling Under the Stars. In fact one of the best recipes that cancer loves is that of cuddling+ kissing + hugs.

Give him that Romance

The funny thing about this one is he will probably try and romance you more so than you can imagine. So the more that you try and romance him the more you’ll get it in return. He will appreciate candlelit dinners ,romantic walks on the beach, and even cuddling under the blankets and talking about you both as an item. There is no level of romance that this guy will not move too.


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