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Cancer Man – Sex, Attraction, And His Personality

Cancer Man -This is the old-fashioned kind of man…the one who will bring you flowers, buy you chocolate and take you to nice places. He’ll never come on to you directly; he’ll leave an avenue free to escape because he simply can’t handle rejection. He’s the type to fall in love easily for he’s a romantic daydreamer. Anything and everything has the ability to set him off: a fragrance, a familiar face, a sound… he’ll quickly transport himself to the past or visualize the future. He’ll produce an intricate romantic scenario with very little material and that’s part of his charm.

He prizes stability and needs security and so he’ll offer absolute loyalty. He must know that his woman is faithful at all times and the depths of his jealousy are unheard of so you want to make sure you remain on his good side in that sense. He’s a man of one woman and sees absolutely no need for another if he’s got a good mate. Sex is always best for him if it happens at the whim of the moment.

He’s the type of man who will outrageously spoil you if you give him the chance. His affection is immense and he’ll have no problem whatsoever expressing it publicly and privately. Cancer men are very empathic and instinctively understand the human heart. He’ll feel his way into your emotions and sense your problems.

He takes his role of protector very seriously and is an extremely masculine man. We’re not talking macho masculinity here but rather a more politically correct kind of manhood; one who is sensitive, tender…true inner strength.

If you’re the type of woman who loves being pampered and looked after, Cancer is definitely the man for you!

Cancer Man Traits

Loves to be at home loves his mum unless there is some very deep reason why not! Habitual and steady he tends to have sunglasses on his wallet moths for when they next see the daylight, but when he thinks its a worthy cause can be very generous. Tends to be romantic sincere and prone to jealousy.

How to Attract a Cancer Man

How to Attract a Cancer Man. The Cancer man is extremely sensitive and full of emotions and feeling.  For those women who are looking for a man who listens to them and shows emotion, then the Cancer man is the perfect partner for you.  Cancer men are full of passion, romance, and feelings and they are always willing to let you know how they feel at any given time.  To attract a Cancer man, you need to stimulate his emotions and cater to his need for passion and love.  Cancer men can be shy and reclusive, so you may need to make the first move when trying to attract a Cancer.

To really win over a Cancer man, you will also need to get inside his head and really understand his emotions.  If you aren’t able to grasp the severity of the Cancer man’s feelings, then he may not want to continue a relationship.  Cancer men are also not interested in superficial or shallow people.  They love to interact with other dreamers who love to socialize about the soft side of life.  They want to love and be loved, so you will find yourself immersed in plenty of passion by dating a Cancer.

On your quest on how to attract a Cancer man, you will need to support his dreams.  Cancer men are also very romantic, so surprise him with a beautiful, candle lit dinner in your lingerie.  The Cancer man wants his partner to continue the passion and romance even after dating or in a relationship for a long period of time.  Cancer men are also very sensitive, so you need to be very gentle when you criticize him.  If you can balance criticism with his feelings, the Cancer man will appreciate your advice.  They are also very faithful men, so enjoy the most romantic and sensitive zodiac sign as your special man.

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Sex With A cancer Man

Cancer is so adaptable and will love to have it your way. They are better than any other sign at tuning in to the needs and wants of others. You will think this man is psychic if you play along. Thrill him by insisting that you go back to his place. Cancers love their homes and will delight in a thoughtful host gift. But careful now;  Cancers are emotional signs so make sure you pay close attention and be sensitive to his feelings long before you even think about sex.

Turn Ons: A 24-7 relationship. You want to be best friends, roommates and lovers, and wouldn’t dream of making plans without including your mate. Sex is more emotional than physical for you, so your partner has to want a complete connection with you.

Turn Offs: You’re so sensitive that you can’t handle a lover who’s not in touch with her feelings. A woman who’s ultra-carefree makes you feel vulnerable and unwanted. While you’ll put up with criticism from a lover, it hurts you deeply — even if you don’t show it.

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Cancer Guy

Cancer Guy