Insightful Psychics Disclaimer

Given the nature of the psychic realm, nothing can be guaranteed and nothing that you receive from any reading anywhere should replace your own wise judgement as to what feels right to you and your morals. You are and always will be the Master of your own destiny and therefore, you have the ability to change anything in your own life. You and you alone are responsible for the outcome of your future. Your own actions or lack of them are what shapes the outcome of everything in your life.

Also, due to the open nature of the internet, anyone can pose as a reader both on the boards and in chatrooms. We therefore, caution you to use your own judgement when receiving a reading from anyone. Since we cannot police the chatroom or boards constantly, there may be readers that claim to be affiliated with this site who are not. Please check our list of Readers in the main section to familiarize yourself with the readers that we have approved for doing readings in this community. If you spot someone doing anything unscrupulous in our chatroom or, the boards please notify us at


Due to all of the above the owners/managers of this site assume absolutely NO liability in any way and without exclusions for any readings, posts or conversations (chatroom or boards). Anyone accepting a reading from anyone in this site does so at his/her own risk. By accepting any reading in this site or participating on the boards, you are therefore, personally accepting all liability and responsibility in all ways. If you do not agree with these terms, do NOT accept any reading or participate in this site!

Because of the sensitivity of those young in age, we will NOT do readings for those under the age of 18.

All readings are…

(They are not meant as a type of counselling, nor are they meant to replace professional counselling in any way! We are not professionally trained counsellors!)