1. I find it funny reading all the comments above the jarring division, because I’m bipolar 1. Even with meds, I can be chaos, lol. I’ve been described as firey on multiple occasions. I’ve also been told on separate occasions that I make sure everyone is included.

  2. I never thought I was the typical Pisces because I was too mouthy and blunt (born 3/19 around 10:30pm). I never really enjoyed all the artsy stuff either (I played sports) but my Pisces sister (born 3/8) is the creative one and flighty too (she knows she is and I’d tell her so, haha). Tell me I can’t do something because I’ll show you I can and I will regardless if I really can or that I will…. get to it. haha. A true “steam engine” right here.

  3. Literally me, split right down the middle. I’m a ball of fire and an ocean all at once. I’m impulsive, feisty, very emotional, and sensitive. I’m brave and will go to war for family, friends, and my values. I defend what I believe and I nurture those in need or loved ones with my whole heart. I’m ambitious but I also love to dream. I’m shy and outgoing. I am a Pisces and a Aries. I’m really just absolutely both!

  4. Loved reading all these comments from other Pisces-Aries cuspers! We’re a rare breed lol, so nice to not feel as alone with it. Agree with others comments, I tend to attract people needing help and enjoy helping them if I can, but to the point of getting burned out and not being able to give enough attention to my own life goals. But anyway, you live and learn!! Patience was important to learn, have had a lot of lessons in that, need to work on listening better and listening/thinking before speaking more though. Am sociable but also need my alone time, again people drain me. I loved the first comment because I found myself saying that the other day, I’m tired in my soul lol. But gotta keep picking myself up and soldiering on. Peace ya’ll ??

  5. March 21 1984
    I’ve only just learnt about cusps. Not entirely sure what I’ve been reading about Aries al these years were correct daily. I understand all I’ve read on here and how exatimumdo I can relate to all of it. Curious , can and are only would understand another Pisces Aries if we gotten together?

  6. My birthday is on March 18th, I know people argue about the dates of when the cusp actually starts but all I know for sure is that you’re definitely a cusper from 17th onward, Otherwise it’s just a kinda. I know I am for certain because I have never felt so understood in my life just from reading this article. All along I thought I was just a weird Pisces, now I see that there’s more to it. I have always felt the intense fiery flames within me, and felt as if I was drowning in a deep blue sea of emotions at the same time. I always have trouble dealing with my two sides, and I have trouble dealing with anger. I’m cold to people and I end relationships all the time, sometimes I’m even very selfish, I’m also very bold and straightforward with people, if I hate someone I just say it to there face. I even embarrass myself with how bold I am but I just don’t care. I always have to be doing something, otherwise I feel stuck in my mind which is basically my personal hell if I stay there for too long. I’m introverted but that doesn’t mean I’m shy, I state my opinion and make things clear on were I stand to people. I always thought it was weird because most Pisces don’t display this kind of behavior, most Pisces aren’t as mean, bold, to the point, loud, and expressive as we are, but It all makes sense now, and for once I actually feel understood..

  7. born 3/20/1987 yea this is about it.. This opposing energy is very difficult to tame and I am actively trying to figure it out .. it has made me a mad man and fairly intelligent when it comes to psychology.. I am still trying to perfect the best to communicate with people whilst getting my way and not putting myself in a position to get hurt.. This gives a pretty accurate description of what is happening still I want to learn alot more about myself before I leave cause I feel like this is a unique energy that is flowing through me… I feel like if you can tame it you can go quite far in life in general…

  8. March 23 1972
    I’m either wildly naive or extremely intelligent.
    Thrown in the mix is my Myers Briggs: INFJ score.
    At times, I feel I’m a firestorm/hurricane

  9. That is me man. I ve been reading Pisces horoscope my entire life and it never fit. This is correct to a tee. Happy birthday everyone

  10. I’d just like to say I never rly believed in horoscopes but then I found out about being born on a cusp (March 22 here) and this Pisces-Aries shit is scary accurate, I’m not hesitant to say I believe in this shit now wtf

  11. sleep is overrated says:

    I come from a quite large family (a mother, father, three older half-sisters; along with my younger sister and my youngest sibling, my brother (poor him. Lol)) with very different signs. Half of us were born in mid-June, except for my younger sister, a Leo. Now, all of my life I’ve been able to get along with pretty much anyone and anything, yet… I could never quite figure out why my father and I always butted heads. My father and I were born two days apart, March 22, 1963 and March 20, 1996, respectively. We have always been forced away in disagreement, yet… Everyone else notices we always acted the same, no matter what the argument was about this time. We always fought the same battle, but never could seem to reconcile after revealing that we were fighting over the same side of a dilemma or an issue… Not until I realized we were both born in the Cusp of Rebirth. Now we both kinda know why our lives seem so difficult to us and why we can’t get others to understand us(at least anything BUT our stubborn, tentative frustration and scorn from time to time, ugh), but we understand everything they project… It’s hard enough being an Aries OR a Pisces, so keep onnnn keepin’ on to my cursedly blessed family! It’s all for a reason!

  12. March 21 is my bday. I can definitely relate to this article. It’s almost like you feel two completely different forces pulling at you. I can be shy in some situations but completely brazen and daring almost at once. I definitely do more empathy than sympathy. I can feel the situation and what someone is going through. I can feel so bad for them or happy as hell for them. But for the life of me I suck at comforting. It’s like my main comfort word is I Know. The intuition is on point, I can instantly tell someone’s personality or intentions within minutes if not instantly. I always judge on personality rather than looks and status, and cannot stand for someone to get bullied, it’s like I will cause a freaking scene and stick up for someone and screw the consequences. It’s like my way of saying to the bully pick on “someone your own size, like me” or “you really met your match now”.
    However I can get really selfish too, what’s mine is mine and I cannot stand to lose. Unless I’m not really that interested or I think that someone will get really upset or hurt. Then I can shut the competition off inside me. The most important to me is my alone time, I absolutely need that. I feel like I’m going insane if someone is constantly up my butt or nagging at me. And god forbid if someone criticizes me or stands over me and analyzes everything I’m doing
    My motto basically is let me hurry up and get this done and I’ll fix whatever is wrong later

    1. shh sleep's still overrates says:

      Ohhhhh, i completely agree. My Aquarius fiancé doesn’t seem to understand that, though… But that’s a man for ya jkjk ?

  13. Born 27th March 1997 and I agree with this whole heartedly. People often get the wrong idea about my intentions , i often mean well and try to help people but they often take it as me trying to be better than them or me being manipulative .. i cant handle defeat , defeat just isn’t something i do.I have an extremely my way or the highway attitude and i like to be in control of most things.. i love music and can play instruments and sing for hours , im an artist, i LOVE swimming and i like listening to rainstorms.. it helps me sleep. I have a bad habbit of being flirty even when im in a relationship. I love to act and i am EXTREMELY emotional often hypersensitive at times. i find i let myself trust people and i get too close and too attached and find it hits me like a train

  14. I’ve always thought why am I so different from other arians; their outgoing personality, their loudness, center attention and etc. I wanted that too but I seem too shy or gets nervous when all the attentions are on me. I would prefer to be alone or, so to say “isolate” myself and everything myself instead. That is, after i get mad at myself when I helped the wrong people or not feeling of appreciated at all. I especially love giving even when I only nothing left, just a wish i could help everyone when I can. I am not sure why I relate (maybe, sort of) to what they feel. This explains everything. I guess the pisces-aries-cusp are the “steam” sign. *laughs alone* ha. ha.

  15. I was born March 21st 1979 just a few minutes after midnight and the end of a decade. My “sign” has always told me that I was Aries but my heart has always told me I was Pisces. I’ve always self-doubted and had inner conflict often questioning my own sanity. I don’t think most people understand me or truly get me because I don’t truly get myself. I’m often in my own world.
    I am happiest serving others and caring for people, children, and animals. All creatures seem to trust me even if I’ve given them no reason to. Earning trust means everything to me. I am loyal to a fault and will literally give the shirt off my back to a complete stranger even at mine or my families own expense. I put others first far too often usually to my own demise and I later get mad at myself for it when it comes back to bite me. Life would be great if I can fix everything or everyone but that is rarely ever the case. I find I put too much time and trust into the wrong people and not the ones who truly deserve it. I do route for the underdogs even if they are assholes and I can’t stand arrogant people but admire their self-esteem.
    I enjoy and work well with most people and love a good conversation but I cherish my alone time!!! I love crafts and art and music and nature. My life would be empty without them. I need to feel important, needed and wanted. I need to do a good job, no a great job, to be the best and always give 100% but I get burnt out. If I can learn to be satisfied with myself and only give and do what I can then I begin to find peace. That is until I start to enjoy being selfish then start to feel guilty for it… AAAHHHHH…. Crazy!!!!!

    1. iamthetomkat says:

      Agreed!!!! All that you said! You didn’t just happen to grow up in a strict disciplinary family, too, did you? Lol… crazy stuff.

  16. Jennifer Smith says:

    I’m March 24th . This describes me to a T . Although tend to be over compassionate and give my all to everybody! Whilst at the same time I’m at constant war with myself between my sensitivity to others, helping others and wanting what I want from life and my independence and freedom.

    Between bursting with extreme urge and desire for adventure and excitement and wanting to make a difference and to something great . Yet at the same time wanting to seclude myself to the safe cool comfort of my home and being scared and apprehensive to be so daring.

    I also have trouble keeping in contact with people whether they are close to me or not. Even though I’m an Aries i always felt as if I was more sensitive and quiet and dreamt than other Aries.

    Finally it all makes sense now :-)

  17. Bailie Newman says:

    My brithday is March 27th 1986. I have each and every trait mentioned in the post and in the comments. This explains almost my entire life. Even when I was a child. I always felt like I was at war with myself. One second I was the most confident out going outspoken young man. Then the next I was so insecure and afraid of the world and would hide away. I became so in tune with creating music that ended up being my constant escapism. I could go for 12 hours in a row of making music. And be lost in that world. I also have a enormous fascination with thunderstorms. (As crazy as this sounds) almost spiritually connected to storms. My intuition is always on point.in fact its scary sometimes I seem to be able to predict things alot of time also As an adult I am having trouble keeping in touch with those close to me. I can never understand why. I have been told that I have the ability to change peoples lives. People have told me numerous of times. I always felt like it was a gift of some sort.

  18. My B-day is March 23, 1987 I totally agree with this. My problem is that im to trusting when it comes to people and I alway end up getting burned. I love people as a whole I am very compassionate and i give people 100% of me all the time and they always end up taking advantage. My mom would always tell me “Mimi the world isn’t all butterflies and rainbows” and I would always wonder why. Im getting stronger and im starting to see how the world really is but I am truly happy with the person I am because as long as I stay true to myself I can sleep at night. People tell me I should be a little harder and guard myself more but im a very loving person and I just want to spread love to everyone and I honestly don’t see why that’s a problem. It just hurts that people can’t reciprocate what you give them but that’s life and I’m sure everything will be okay. Keep your heads up fellow Pisces/Aries I love all of you Mwah!!!!!

    1. From a fellow 23rd mar bday- I totally relate to this. Stay strong dear. Always look at the bright side :)

    2. Even I am a Mar’23 born and I definitely connect with you! I always used to tell my mum even as a child that it doesn’t do any harm if I be all good and nice to other people. I could never suppress this trait of mine even though I have faced a hell lot of troubles cuz of this nature. Somehow the amount of positivity and energy I spread, it never is possible for the other person to reciprocate and that makes me a little dull at times. I feel that very negligible amount of people understand my enthusiasm towards life.

  19. The bulk of this was true! I definitely feel like an Earth Angel :) DOB: 3/20/85 Especially the possibility of being in a mental facility! lol I work with children with mental disabilities and often empathize with them & thier families. I often feel like I am going crazy though. I feel as though I’ve pushed many away with my “bipolar” act; but this has showed me that I’m NOT bipolar, but rather have two totally diffrent sides fighting inside of me! & I must admit, I’m a hard person to love due to this ;( How do you all feel about our cusp with an Aries??? (my mates bday 3/28) is this too close? Because when we both are fire there is NO water that can put it out other than a flood!!! lol

    1. screws dasleeps says:

      All I can say is that people born on the 20th of March are probably the most SOL of us all… I know your pain D’x

  20. Timofei Higgs says:

    Born march 19th 1985 and i can say that this is almost as good as it gets. I have to agree with all that is written here, but it can be expanded upon. For those who found that this is them to the T, go out and find the book “The Secret Language of Birthdays”. i have read that book through and through numerous times and i recommend it to all. while researching my cusp nature i read march 15th through march 26th over and over until i found that the combination of the souls of flame and sea run much deeper though us than we can ever fully imagine and we are a delicate yet volatile mixture of forces. This book even helped me and my mother reconnect after i discovered what forces were opposing between us. She was virgo 8/31/60. so you can imagine how that went. lol. and with that i say goodnight and i wish you much success in the continued search to inside of yourself

  21. It all makes sense now! March 18 birthday. I do fit into the typical Pisces description–artist,psychic abilities,emotionally available,etc.– but some of the non-assertive traits just didnt fit me! This describes me perfectly and also describes my internal conflicts I have with myself—what I need /want and what I feel obligated to.

    1. God me too!! I never understood reading Pisces zodiacs why they always mentioned like “oh you avoid conflict at all costs” or the passivity of a Pisces. I’ve come to the realization that it’s because I’m both an Aries and a Pisces!

  22. im march 17th def describes how i am i always thought i deffered from other pisces the whole cry baby non confrontive part i have deep emotions that sway my heart ya but im not scared to stand up for myself and be a leaderi tend to think those things about me are my aries side damn us cusp rock!!

  23. it seems to me, that because we are the chameleons of the zodiac, that only another of us could truely understand how it feels to be constantly at war with yourself. you have the intense fires of aries, and the deep oceans of pisces vying for control of us. it doesn’t take much water to drown a fire, but a hell of a lot of fire to burn away the oceans. i’m not sure about the rest of the pisces/aries cusps out there, but i find myself confused about how to act when i have 2 very different forces pushing and pulling on me. one force says i should selflessly sacrifice for what i want. another says i should just take what i want. it is true though, with us, failure or loss can completely destroy us because of our fragile hearts which we seem to entrust so easily to the wrong people.

    1. I strongly relate to this. It’s a hassle, and a forever lasting contradiction between giving and taking.

    2. Im on this cusp…u hit it hard on the spot … Who can replenish is. Good luck indeed.. I’m tired.. People exhaust me))))

    3. I’m actually clinically diagnosed Bi-Polar and I am a Pisces/Aries cusp. Go figure. I completely relate with this because I just feel so misunderstood by literally everyone I interact with. There are few who do truly “get me” are ironically enough they are either a Pisces or and Aries. But I still have yet to interact with someone who is a cusp. Ugh. Life is hard. Haha.

    4. April Blansit says:

      My name is April n my bday is 3/23.
      And i dont think i have ever heard the words said more eloquently. I too feel like im constantly at war with the beasts that lies within. But the one thing that i do know beyond a doubt is i have this amazing ability to when i go to sleep and dream to see things in the future with splendid detail and it always happens just as i dreamt it. Do others of this cusp have this same foresight? And yes beyond a doubt the thought of not accomplishing my goals in life is in itself a death or purgatory to us. We are brave, but we are naive, and impetuous. Sometimes i just wish i would take enough time to unify myself instead of being a fly by my pants, make a decision and follow thru no matter what?

    5. I felt that. thats so true! it’s like you don’t know which side to act on.

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