Gemini Man – Sex, Attraction, And His Personality

The Gemini Guy

This boy can not stop moving! He is just so damn restless. Unfortunately, whatever he is doing at the time takes a backseat to what he THINKS HE COULD be doing. His brain is always a few steps ahead of his bod. Gemini men are usually big talkers, full of wit and wisdom and utter coolness. If he fails at something, well look out because he will sink into a dark, bottomless despair that is just no fun at all. This boy relishes freedom so no pinning down times and places and meetings, he wants to be born free like that chessy lion cub from that movie. Call him a Peter Pan — he’ll never grow up. Women rarely come in as a high priority with this guy. But he’s usually pretty darn bright.

Gemini Man Personality



  • Loves to exercise or participate in some type of sport
  • extremely curious type of man, always willing to try new ideas
  • intelligence and good with conversations
  • One that loves to enjoy freedom
  • Also loves solitude
  • very sociable , loves to surround himself with friends and family
  • Very generous in both his time and heart.
  • Being a mutable sign himself, he is both flexible and adaptable to any situation.


  • With loving his alone time, his distance might make you worry but don’t worry as he will always come back.

His Planet – Mercury


Gemini is ruled by Mercury the Winged Messenger. Communication is greatly influenced by this planet and your Gemini man takes expression to the extreme. He just isn’t happy unless he is talking to someone about something.

Mercury makes us most curious about people and their lives. This planet influences the face we wear when we first meet people. Geminis love to meet new people and often retains that starry-eyed first meeting impression of others.

Mercury energy is also flighty, nervous and indecisive. Gemini has a hard time staying in one place and an even harder time staying with one person.

You have your work cut out for you if can capture let alone keep the elusive Mercury guy. Where there is a will there is a way and with Gemini, one sure fire way is by using the qualities of Mercury.

His Symbol – The Twins


With the Twin as his symbol don’t think of Gemini as schizo, think of him as multifaceted. The Twin is really one person with two minds and Gemini’s mind is always going so fast you will wonder which one you are meeting up with. Enjoy the surprise.

His Element – Air Sign


This chatty guy could be no other than an Air sign. But Gemini also loves to analyze, sort and organize information. He’s like the paparazzi looking for the next big scoop. In fact, Geminis love a little gossip as long as it’s all in fun.

It’s most unwise to contain a Gemini as Airs must run free. They love to travel and always have something they must tell a friend or stranger. Geminis are always seeking what is interesting and fearful of missing something newsworthy.

Air energy is thinking energy and Geminis love to know that others are thinking about them. He also loves emailing and texting and will always have his mobile by his side. Airs are tech-savvy and online chat rooms are their down fall.


His Quality – Mutable


Agreeable Gemini is a mutable sign who easily adapts to situations and people. From the Latin root mutabilis meaning change, a Gemini can mutate to suit his current needs and split into that Twin personality when necessary.


Gemini Man – If you’re looking for a long term relationship….keep walking girl, this is not the man you’re searching for. The Gemini man will get involved deeply, but will disappear from your life as soon as the rough spots start to hit your relationship…as happens with all couples at some point.

His involvement is simply not made to last past the glow and fireworks of the initial phases of love. He’s fascinated by sex because of it’s renewing nature, but love he finds to be terminal. Celebrity sex tape.

Don’t be mistaken…he loves women. He is fascinated by them, truly interested in what they have to say and what makes them tic. He is by far the best date you’ll ever have.

This charming nature is precisely what makes him so successful with women and he needs his daily dose of fun.

His dual nature has him living on an eternal search for his soulmate…when asked why he jumps from woman to woman he’ll flat out say he’s searching… for himself, for his soulmate, for an elusive ideal of perfection.

Don’t try to pin him down because it simply will not work; save yourself the grief. Free Online Dating.

You, on the other hand, should be deeply concerned and careful about falling prey in his silken web. Many a woman has initiated a friendship with a seemingly harmless Gemini, only to find herself in his bed without a clue of how she got there to begin with.

Or, he might seem uninterested to get you to do the chasing instead…and chase you will, because they’re irresistible.

He’ll be a memorable lover, while he’s in your life. Remember though, he’ll never seem fully committed; his attention will always be partly elsewhere. Our advice: enjoy him while it lasts!

Gemini Man Traits

Restless and active and inclined to be fickle in love. They are easily bored with you and always want to be in two places at once. Capable of living life in the fast lane,

THE homely clingy type will break her heart over him. Words are his master stroke if you aren’t there then he will live the one he’s with.

How To Get A Gemini Man’s Attention


What to focus on:


  • When you’re out at a social gathering it’s important that you realize that you might have to learn how to entertain yourself. He is pretty much a social butterfly, and enjoys socializing with people at parties. Just go out and be as social as he is with other people. If you are Wallflower by Nature, then you just have to realize this guy likes to work the room.
  • He always has to be on the go no matter what.  If he’s run out of things to do, you can take advantage of this moment and get him to help you out with things that you might have needed help with doing.
  • He’s a smooth guy when it comes to arguing.  He will do everything he can to make you forgive him,  and you’ll notice that if you’re mad at him it won’t be for very long.
  • Life with this man certainly won’t be boring,  because he’s always coming up with something new and interesting to talk about or do.
  • This is the type of man that will show up late to an important dinner or event.  Take note of his average response time. If he shows up 15 minutes late usually, you do the same thing.  That way then you don’t waste any of your time.
  • This is a man that likes to talk a lot, so make sure that you pay attention to him.  If you show that you’re actually interested in his conversations and not bored he will like that.

What Not To Do:


  •  When you’re talking to this man don’t try and speak over him when he’s talking.  Remember also that you won’t be able to out talk this guy since he is a very talkative one.  If somebody can out talk him he starts to resent it.
  • Wait till you’re alone to bring out the personal displays of affection. He’s not the type of man that likes to have that out in public very much.
  • This is the man that truly fears boredom.  So don’t try and hold him back from doing things. He always needs to be on the go so if you restrict his movements he won’t like that very much.
  • You have to understand that this guy when it comes to certain situations might flip flop on his thought process. One day he might have one opinion on something, the next day he might have a completely different one. Just wait it out and see what opinion wins over the other.


How to Attract a Gemini Man

If your center of attraction is a Gemini man, then beware of the twin personalities.  Gemini men are sweet talking creatures whose personality can change on a whim.

To attract the Gemini man, you will need to first stimulate his mind with fun, exciting, and entertaining personality and conversation.  Because of their constantly changing behavior patterns, attracting a Gemini male takes a lot of versatile conversation this is always upbeat.

Stimulating his mind isn’t a difficult task, if you have a lot of topics to talk about.  Always change the subject and keep the Gemini male engaged in the conversation by asking him plenty of questions about himself.

As long as the Gemini male has plenty of topics that keep him talking, he will be attracted and intrigued by you.

After you’ve got him mentally, attract a Gemini man by being actively engaging and free spirited.  Gemini males like lots of physical activity that are filled with surprises.

Take up dancing, riding, skiing, or even travel together to keep the relationship healthy.

Gemini males have a desire for constant activity that is surprising and somewhat dangerous.  Be ready for your Gemini male to want to do dangerous things like hang gliding, white water rafting, or even sky diving.

It’s fun to tease a Gemini man as well.  They love any kind of stimulation whether it is physical or mental.  Always keep your subject new and fresh, or the Gemini male can get bored and wander into another’s arms.

Be flirty and interesting, and the Gemini male will surely be intrigued by your advances.  Communication is the key to attract and keep the interest of a Gemini man.

They aren’t interested in the beautiful and boring, but rather they fall deeply in love with the average people who are witty and charming.

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Dating a  Gemini man


 How to approach him for the first time


this is the gentleman that is always on the go. So what you really need to do is find a way to Peak his interest. If you are able to do that (and yes you can!)  he will take notice of you.  Your goal is the find a way into his mind.

This is where you can initiate some playful or sweet mind games. Now I’m not talking about the type of Mind Games that messes with somebody’s head, I’m talking about ones that will get into his mind and make him think about you in a very positive way.  Mentally stimulate him, be flirty. That’s the way to get a date with this guy,  get him thinking about you.

If you’re able to penetrate his thoughts to the point that he starts thinking about you all the time or at least most of it, you won’t have to be the one that asks for the first date. You’ll be the one accepting or declining his offer.

So you got your first date


he likes to have a person that  he can match wits with. You will find that no matter what the conversation is you both can talk about anything and everything for hours.

Keep the date entertaining, by working on that conversation between the two of you,  do things that will also keep him guessing  about where the night is going. The most important part is to keep this first date light.

Sexually speaking if you’re looking to have him on the first night it won’t take much of an effort to get him into the bedroom like with any man.

The only thing is  that it’s best that you give him the chance to connect his heart and mind together for that experience.

This is basically the type of guy that you could start a conversation with on the couch, continue it down the hallway, and finished it off right on the bed. Then he’s yours.

So you want to get out of a date with a  Gemini man


  •   when having a conversation just go on and on about boring subjects,  and don’t stop until he’s rolling his eyes.
  •   never let him get a word in at all. Just keep the conversation flowing where turns into a one-person  monologue.
  •   basically just Bore him to death

Gemini Man Compatibility

Aries Woman

These two work together better as friends than as an actual couple. They do have an average compatibility together, which means that it has a chance of working out in a romantic setting but more so as friends.

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Taurus woman

He’s not too big on the unorganized aspect of a Gemini female, so this compatibility is not at the highest level.

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Gemini woman

This is the one woman out of all the signs that is able to understand this man more than anyone. She can understand his dual character and how he can be pretty volatile when it comes to things. That’s why this is considered one of the most sentimental compatibilities out of all the zodiac signs.

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Cancer woman

This is another one of those situations where opposites do not attract. There might be some attraction physically at first but as the relationship progresses it doesn’t really go very far. So their level of compatibility is pretty low.

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Leo woman

This couple together is all about Adventure and having fun. Those are two things that they are very passionate and enthusiastic about. So the compatibility between these two is pretty high, because their attraction towards each other is always evident.

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Virgo woman

A lack of communication between the both of them can cause this relationship to falter in a big way. They do have an average compatibility, but if they can work through their communication issues they can make it happen.

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Libra woman

If there ever was a relationship combination that gets a gold star, it would be these two together. There’s a lot of compatibility between the two of them as a couple. They seem to get along in every way.

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Scorpio woman

These relationships don’t usually last very long because there’s a lot of conflict and arguments that happened between the two of them. So with that, it’s a pretty good bet that there’s little compatibility between these two.

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Sagittarius woman

These two are considered opposite signs of the zodiac. But due to the fact that they both love to have freedom within their relationships, to do what they want as long as it’s within the rules ,they have the chance to get on together pretty well. They also both enjoy having their own space which each other is willing to give. This relationship has good compatibility.

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Capricorn woman

This duo rarely works out because the compatibility is low. The Capricorn might be too organized in life for him, where as he will be more impulsive. He likes to take more chances and risks.

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Aquarius woman

These two approached life pretty much in the same way as each other. That’s why they are considered pretty much an ideal couple together. Their compatibility level is pretty high.

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Pisces woman

This lady’s head is usually too high in the clouds ( dreamy) for the Gemini man, who never really loses his sight of what is his own reality. If they really want this relationship to work they have to work at it twice as hard.

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Erogenous zones


his zones are the hands, arms and fingers.  Take the time to lightly suck on his fingers, kiss on his hands and up his arms. Also you can  initiate some light tickling to go with it.

Sex with a Gemini man

Gemini is full of surprises and the twins of the Zodiac will always have you wondering who will show up next. Sex is play time for the Gemini so put on your game hat and come prepared to laugh in delight.

Better yet come dressed up in a French maid outfit and be the fantasy. Gemini is the sign of communicate so feel free to verbally express yourself.  Just don’t you dare get emotionally heavy or crude and ruin his good time.

Turn Ons: A lighthearted woman with a sense of humor who’s not looking for more than what you can offer at the moment. You need your space and a lot of variety, so if a mate has her own life you don’t feel like you’re shortchanging her. Frequent quickies are just fine with you too.

Turn Offs: Demands. Having a Talk with a capital T just draws a blank stare from you. Giving you the silent treatment when you’ve screwed up is the surest way to get under your skin. And a woman who doesn’t understand the meaning of a fling doesn’t understand you at all.

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How to Keep your Gemini man around


Let Him Live his life

Now I’m not saying for you to let him leave your life and move on. I’m just suggesting that it’s probably best to keep him on a very light string or leash. This is a guy that loves to travel and be out in the world. That’s just the nature of him since he is ruled by the planet Mercury.

Have fun on your own as well

Now this guy is a fun person,and what he’s looking for is the same in return. So be the type of person that likes to socialize. Go out and have fun, laugh your heart out, and joke away. If you’re at a party and he sees that you are having fun as well, he will wonder why. He’ll come over and ask you what’s so funny or what’s going on. Let him in on it! He will get it.

understand that he might not like talking about his feelings

He’s not the type of guy that likes to express his feelings too much on Topics. It is true that he is a guy that loves to talk, but some things are just better left unsaid in his mind. Gemini is known to not disclose things that are too private to them. If it is important to him he will bring up the discussion with you.

Leave the drama for high school

This is a man that likes to keep things on the light side. That doesn’t mean that he takes life lightly all the time,it just means that he doesn’t want things to be bogged down. He is an air sign so he does not do feelings too well. So things that are dramatic and deep are things that he likes to keep away from him. Always keep things light and fun.

Keep Communication open with this man

This guy is the type of person that always has to keep communication going. Whether that involves making a phone call to you during the day to see how you’re doing, or even texting you while he’s at work. If you send him a good morning text telling him that you’re thinking about him you’ll have him smiling ear-to-ear.

Don’t spend your time trying to figure him out

Remember that Gemini are the twins. So you never know what aspect of him you’re dealing with. He is a guy that’s really deep to begin with so the best decision to make is not waste time trying to figure out what he’s thinking.

Be flirty with him

Make sure to keep everything kind of light with him as well. He tends to keep it light himself but does have a naughty side that is also kind of innocent in a way. They love a woman that will tease them,and who is a big flirt. The key word when it comes to flirt, is that they’re a big flirt with only them. Throw some winks his way,or lick your lips at him. Very shortly you’ll figure out exactly what gets him going.

Get excited about things

One of his biggest pet peeves is somebody that is completely boring. If you can show this man that you get excited over things he will completely love that. He finds that women that find life thrilling are amazing.

Keep up on events

Always keep yourself informed on current events or anything to do with travel or technology. This is a guy that’s always up-to-date about things. He will talk to you about the latest movies that are coming out, books that he can’t wait to read, songs that he jams to in the car. It may seem like a lot of work but this is one of the things you need to do when dating a Gemini guy.

Be the fantasy girl

He loves to play games in the bedroom. More so in the role-playing section of things. He likes things to get hot but not too kinky. Different outfits will also get his mind going and more. Keeping it a little spicy in the bedroom will keep him in your life.



 Gemini Guy

Gemini Guy

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