Scorpio Zodiac Sign Guide

BY Melissa Martinez

scorpio sign

Fast Summary:

Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac, and is symbolized by the Scorpion. Scorpios symbol or glyph represents the scorpions sting, or the stylised motion of this signs characteristically intense and profound penetration into depth. The Sun is in Scorpio from around 23 October until around 22 November each year. Scorpio is classified as being of the negative polarity (passive and receptive), of the water element (emotional, sensitive and intuitive) and of the fixed quality (intense, steadfast and resistant to change).

Scorpio has a secretive and introspective yet intense, penetrating and passionate attitude, with an urge to unearth, disclose, remove outer masks, identify with the source and transform what it finds. The characteristic Scorpio type has an intensity of expression, thinking and feeling that springs from an inner depth. Scorpio is extremely purposeful and has a tremendous strength of will, and a passionate and penetrating power of conviction. Though not always evident yet it is there, subtly concealed like the scorpion or the snake, a potent power restrained until ready to strike. In Scorpio there is a power-house of deep energy that needs to be harnessed constructively.

This is the fundamental life-force which is intimately and mystically involved with the regenerative process through which we were originally transformed from a single cell, through which we ourselves re-create life in sex, and through which we must face the ultimate transformation of death. Pluto rules Scorpio and represents this primal life-force, which can be sublimated in mystical union. This is why Scorpio is sometimes represented by an eagle, symbolising the rising above the lower expressions of this vital life energy. Scorpio can be identified with manifestations of this fundamental life-force on different levels; in the intense and one-pointed spiritual fervour of the mystic, the self-control of the surgeon, the dangerous brutality of the underworld, or the intemse, passionate and consummating joy of sexual union.

Scorpio can be too secretive, suspicious, brooding, jealous and resentful, and may allow its deep energy to be expressed in non-constructive, vindictive and even cruel and destructive ways. Physically Scorpio rules the reproductive organs, the genitals, bladder, urethra and the rectum. Scorpio is especially associated with, or “ruled” by, the planet Pluto.



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CareerPsychology, psychiatry, criminology, pathology, astrology, security, police, management
DomicilePluto (modern), Mars (traditional)
ColorsMaroon, Dark Red
MetalSteel, Iron
FlowerGeranium, Honeysuckle
CountriesNorway, Syria,Algeria, Zambia
CitiesNew Orleans, Washington DC, Liverpool, Halifax
AnimalEagles, Insects
HerbsAloe, Witch Hazel
Body AreaRegenerative Organs
KeywordsIntense, Passionate,Jealous
TranslationItalian: Scorpione Turkish: Akrep



In medical astrology Scorpio governs the reproductive system and sexual organs.

The Indian equivalent of Scorpio is Vrishchika.

The Chinese equivalent is thought to be the strong, resolute Pig, whose lunar month is 8 November – 6 December.

Scorpio Zodiac Symbol


The Scorpio zodiac symbol represents the fierce scorpion with its poisonous tail.

The Scorpio zodiac symbol is shown as an M with a pointed arrow on the end of the last leg. This represents Scorpio peoples intense need to plunge straight into the heart of an issue.

They can be quite fearless in this way. In fact, they are usually more intrigued than fearful because they have a deep need to find the truth regardless of where that search may take them.

Scorpio is the only zodiac sign to be represented by three different animals. The first is the scorpion. This is the lower level of Scorpio that ruthlessly strikes out against those who they feel have wronged them.

The second animal and the middle path of Scorpio is symbolized by the snake. The snake is also represented by the Scorpio zodiac symbol except this time the pointed arrow symbolizes the darting tongue of the snake.

This represents Scorpios amazing intuitive ability to sense things that usually go unseen by most other people. When Scorpios are at the snake level, they can also strike out at others, but they usually only do so when they feel cornered in some way.

The third animal and the highest path of Scorpio is symbolized by the eagle. The eagle is shown in the Scorpio zodiac symbol by the pointed arrow which demonstrates the powerful beak of the eagle.

This symbolizes the powerful ability of Scorpio people walking the highest path to dart right to the heart and substance of truth.

The eagle also shows Scorpios ability to rise above pettiness and soar to new levels of awareness and understanding.

The zodiac symbol for Scorpio represents the highest truth for Scorpio which is to fearlessly venture into the unknown despite their fears and come out wiser and stronger.

Ultimately, they help the rest of us to have the courage to do the same by showing us that there really is love and hope at the end of the tunnel.


Scorpio Personality

Their inherent ability in understanding the secrets of life and death, the constant transformation from being born, growing old and dying, is something they are not afraid of. They accept the cycles of birth and death. They are the most passionate and intense sign of the zodiac and they represent spiritual rebirth.

Scorpios are basically introverted and secretive and like Leos, want to be stars and leaders, but, unlike the extroverted Lions, Scorpions prefer reaching their goals discreetly.

While Scorpions will appear tranquil and calm, beneath that exterior lies a brewing storm that could explode at any moment. Inside though they are very sensitive and emotional. Some have penetrating eyes and stares that appear to look right through you, making some people very uncomfortable under this gaze.

Their persistance can make this sign intimidating and it doesn’t help one bit that they are blunt when you ask their opinion. Be prepared for the harsh truth. They do not like to give insincere flattery. They are fiercely loyal to their friends and it’s very few that will make sacrifices for friends like Scorpio will. They have long memories and will never forget an act of kindness towards them nor will they forget a disservice or injury. They can be very vindictive and are capable of waiting years to get even. They not only get even but they want to defeat and destroy their enemies so that they will never try to hurt them again. They are too demanding and unforgiving towards others.

They are born with an intuitive sense giving them an innate ability to see other peoples weaknesses. Their imagination, analytical ability, intuition and solid reasoning capabilities make this sign capable of immeasurable intelligence. Scorpions are intense about everything in their lives and especially all aspects concerning the transformation of life and death.

They fear revealing too much about themselves and will stay away from center stage. Their intense curiosity about the dark mysteries of life can lead them into a descent of decadence and be just as capable of going the extreme opposite in helping mankind.

The power of money is strong for Scorpios and they see this as control so they must be careful not to get too materialistic. To them money is a transforming power and could view it as money controls the world.

Scorpios are at their best in professions that use analysis, investigation, scrutiny, and probing making them naturals in police work, intelligence and counterintelligence.

They like structured and committed relationships. They are reticent about marriage but once they commit they tend to be faithful partners. They are jealous and possessive with both of these traits being so intense they can become violent. It is also the sign of sex and sensuality and Scorpios are the most passionate and sensual of the zodiac. Their passion gives them feelings so intense they ” want to lose themselves sexually in their partners in an almost mystical ecstasy giving them a marriage of the spirit as well as the flesh.”

Because they are so intense they are usually attracted to people who are easy going, friendly and loyal to them.

Scorpio Traits

scorpio traits

The eighth sign of the zodiac, Scorpio, is the Defender, the lover, the unyielding. Your best qualities are your passion, your motivation, your ability to keep your focus, and never wander from what your are doing, and your imagination.

Your less than positive qualities are your temper, second only to Taurus in being stubborn, obstinate and sometimes egotistical.

Your ruling planet is Pluto. As a fixed sign, you are resourceful, persistent, and determined. As a water sign you are creative, emotional, and imaginative. Scorpio rules the reproductive organs, and some are subject to urinary tract infections and complications.

Birthstones for astrology are different from traditional birthstones for the months. For Scorpio, your birthstone is topaz, and if worn it is said that it will release psychic powers, and protect it’s wearer from enemies.

Famous Scorpio Men/ Famous Scorpio Women

Leonardo DiCaprio (b. Nov 11, 1974) ~ Demi Moore (b. Nov 11, 1962) ~ Meg Ryan (b. Nov 19, 1961) ~ Vanessa Hudgens (b. Dec14, 1988) ~ Julia Roberts (b. Oct 28, 1967) ~ P Diddy (b. Nov 4, 1969) ~ Matthew McConaughey (b. Nov 4, 1969) ~ Scarlett Johansson (b. Nov 22, 1984) ~ Danny DeVito (b. Nov 17, 1944) ~ Calista Flockhart (b. Nov 11, 1964) ~ Jodie Foster (b. Nov 19, 1962) ~ Goldie Hawn (b. Nov 21, 1945) ~ Katy Perry (b. Oct 25, 1984) ~ Hillary Clinton (b. Oct 26, 1947) ~ David Schwimmer (b. Nov 2, 1966)


2 thoughts on “Scorpio Zodiac Sign Guide”

  1. The Scorpio is viewed as the sign of powerful emotional desire, and Scorpios are generally quite strong and willful, enjoying control and preferring seriousness over light-hearted conversation. They rarely take matters lightly, and tend to be perfectionists in their own right.

    Scorpios are also very just people, and look for ways to benefit society rather than simply their own needs. They tend to hide their weaknesses, and look down upon the weaknesses of others. They can easily shy away from diplomacy, and tend to look for ways to get what they desire. They can also be quite manipulative, often running away from situations in which the blame gets placed on them, leaving others to face the consequences of their actions.

    Despite these sometimes negative tendencies, Scorpios are generally loyal and honest people. Scorpios are usually quite strong and confident, though some Scorpios tend to bury their insecurities rather than confront them, and become introverted as a result. People may want to dislike a Scorpio, but their personality draws people in whether they want to be or not. Others may find the Scorpio to be secretive and shocking at times, and they enjoy giving people this impression – even though it is often far from the truth.

    Relationships are difficult to find for Scorpio as, in order to be happy with their partner, a great deal of respect must be created first. Though not very affectionate, Scorpios often portray the illusion of bearing a high sex drive, even though this may not be the case.

  2. Oh, Scorpio. Does anybody in the zodiac get a worse rap? In my humble opinion (spoke the Scorpio), no. Sure, we’re forceful. Yes, our eyes are penetrating, our gaze discerning. Sure, we’d rather have sex than food. But other than that, could you please stop generalizing?

    Scorpio personalities, more so than with any other sign, are dependent upon the rest of their chart. The only common trait you can really name among Scorpios is intensity. If you have a Scorpio with a Pisces moon, you will have an intensely sensitive and artistic person. A Scorpio with an Aries moon might be intensely fun and judgmental. A Scorpio with a Taurus moon will almost certainly be intensely stubborn (a great resource for casting charts is – just saying).

    Hannibal Lecter is Scorpionic in his obsession with life and death (the particular ways in which he manifests this obsession have nothing to do with the sign – at least, that’s what I tell myself). Penelope Cruz’s character in Vicky Cristina Barcelona is Scorpionic in her obsession with her ex-husband and her passion for life; Picasso was a Scorpio, and so was Grace Kelly. You’ve got the spectrum of personalities represented here, with one thing pulling them together: intensity.

    Biggest Insult: Ha. You think you want to insult a Scorpio? Sure, you CAN – but why on earth would you ever want to open yourself up to the wrath that will inevitably follow?

    Quickest Way to Get Scorpio into Bed: Stare at them. Be way too young or way too old for them. Wait.

    Most Likely to: Surprise you by being pretty incredibly oversensitive.

    Should Have Been Born: as Machiavelli. As Henry Kissinger. As anybody, pulling the strings behind the scenes, anywhere. In a position of (secret) power.

    To Make Scorpio Forgive You: pray.

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