Sagittarius Compatibility – Who Are Their Love Matches?

Sagittarius CompatibilitySagittarius is the sign of the hunter. A hunter takes its time to stalk its prey and then pounces at the right time. That is the basic personality of this sign, but on the negative side, it can lead to perfectionism and procrastination. Because they are a fire sign, they can come across as being intense, idealistic and extremely passionate. When love walks into the life of a Sagittarius, they fall head over heals easily, especially when given the right attention.

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You are a Sagittarius, They are…

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Aries and Sagittarius

this is a combination full of fireworks, an adventure full of pleasant and less pleasant surprises.

Taurus and Sagittarius

the traditional family with children and pets isn’t exactly what you want. Too bad…

Gemini and Sagittarius

making love in bed, in the bathroom, in the kitchen or in the garden … it’s all possible with this couple. They’re always into new and unexpected things.

Cancer and Sagittarius

he is much more emotionally involved than you are. To you, making love is rather ‘good’ and ‘fun’ but nothing more ….

Leo and Sagittarius

there is mutual respect and an unlikely stamina in bed. A fine combination.

Virgo and Sagittarius

a Virgo – man who knows how to satisfy your needs will rather be an exception.

Libra and Sagittarius

a delicious couple that loves making fun.

Scorpio and Sagittarius

passion is guaranteed with this sultry, dark man. But can you live with his possessiveness?

Sagittarius and Sagittarius

two expressive, crazy children to whom making love is an endless party.

Capricorn and Sagittarius

you share idealism and decisiveness, and possibly much more.

Aquarius and Sagittarius

Mrs buccaneer meets Mr clown. An unforgettable adventure!

Pisces and Sagittarius

you are his dream woman, in bed he is surprisingly sensual and uses his seductive charm.

Compatibility of Sagittarius chart

Friendship Relationship Compatibility


Sagittarians are open minded friends and love to go for travels, tours and for anything adventurous. They make quick friendship and love to make many friends from all over the world. They have good friend compatibility with: Libra, Aquarius, Aries and Leo.

Dating Compatibility


Some of the signs are more suited to a Sagittarius than others. Sagittarius Cancer love can work with a little effort. While Cancer prefers to stay at home, Sagittarius needs to explore, so compromise is key in this relationship. The Sagittarius Leo relationship will remain strong and positive if the two signs take the time to understand what makes them different. They both need to allow the other plenty of room to explore their respective interests otherwise there will be excessive tension in this relationship. Sagittarius love when it comes to Libra is all about a meeting of the minds. These two intellectuals will never run out of subjects to talk about. However they will need to work on their intimacy as Sagittarius might not take the relationship as seriously as Libra would like.

Sex Compatibility


Sparks may not fly when sexy Sagittarius and Aquarius first meet as Sagittarius tends to take life much less seriously than Aquarius would like. But once they can get beyond this difference of opinion their bedroom antics will be full of joy and passion. The Sagittarius Virgo relationship will probably work quite well as each will come to admire qualities the other has. And the sparks really fly in bed as both signs are very focused on fulfilling the others needs. Their willingness to satisfy can lead to some rather creative sexual encounters. Both Gemini and Sagittarius are full of energy and are immediately attracted to one another. They thoroughly enjoy adventure and are capable of pursuing separate interests without the fear of losing the other. As both are free spirits willing to try anything new at any time, their sex lives are full of creativity and can be a bit outrageous, but fun!

compatible signs for sagittarius

Every situation is different though, and it is important that you get a personalized compatibility reading.

How to Love match up with a Sagittarius


A Sagittarian female is very independent and idealistic. She seeks fun and adventure requires a lot of space to do so. While you might want to be lovers with her, it is best to seek her for a fun-loving friendship first. This will giver her a chance to be herself and to show you that not only is she free, but that she can also have ideals that can match your own.

A Sagittarian male is pretty wild when it comes to love and romance. Since the element of the sign is fire, it would make sense why his love would be hot to the touch. Like his female counterpart, he too is very open-minded and free spirited, and so requires room to spread his wings and roam around. In addition, he loves surprises and loves to be loved, but he’s not the type to be held onto too tightly or else you might lose him to another understanding soul.

Positive matches for a Sagittarius include a Libra, Aquarius, Leo, and Aries.

Neutrally, they elate to Scorpio, Capricorn, Taurus, and Cancer.

They cannot get along with Pisces, Virgo, and Gemini.

If paired with another Sagittarius, both souls can understand each other but sometimes to the point that it can embarrass since both will mirror each other’s souls.


Sagittarius Compatibility Chart:

Sagittarius Sun Sign Compatibility

Things to Consider


Basic Relationship Traits

They are  an adventurous, positive, optimistic, and carefree sign who searches for freedom and is always looking to help a cause.

They are a masculine sign, are rational and don’t let their emotions slow them down (they just feel them and move on usually).

This is a sign that is quite averse to thrill, adventure, and new experience.

They are fun to be around and are full of positive energy and joy for life.

Honest Sagittarius

In addition to all this, they are very open about what they feel and what they think.

They are honest and eager and will always speak their mind.

In a relationship this will serve just fine with a partner looking for honesty and open communication in a relationship but a partner looking for mystery and a touch of enigmatic nature in a sign wouldn’t find much of it in this sign.

Split Personality

This sign is ruled by the Centaur, an archer.

The half human half horse centaur, represents the split of wisdom of Sag (intellect over deeper matters and meanings of life) and animal passions of Sag (adventurousness and bold nature).

They feel that this is all a part of them, and doesn’t obsess over or question this nature.

The truth is that they would rather keep on with it, not worry about it, and continue on with their nature eager to express themselves and explore all the oncoming things life has to offer.

Tolerating Partner

They shoot their arrows straight, and shoot their mouths just as straight.

Again, they are quite truthful known for often telling the painful truth.

their relationships can work if their partner can tolerate an occasional slip by the archer, but otherwise they may have to learn to catch themselves and not say the wrong thing at a wrong moment (sometimes the truth can be too frank and out there for others to handle).

Needs in a Relationship

As a mutable sign, their compatibility is best with someone who has a grounded, steady and heavier and influential personality.

Their partner will need to understand their need for independence, novelty, and variety and will do well if they can be intuitive and understand what the sag means to say when something is said by them that can be easily misinterpreted.

In Conclusion

They will likely be in many relationships throughout their life (although these may tend to be light flings rather than clingy secure relationships, which they tend to dislike).

They are a sign that is willing to experiment with relationships and love.

They may often court different types, from different cultural or social backgrounds.

They enjoy trying something new but at the same time will hate to be tied down hard.

They need physical independence and a partner who will be able to keep things new, fresh, and exciting.

If they can find an honest, loyal partner like this, this sign will be in a blissful, enjoyable relationship , one with strong Sagittarius compatibility and a strong chance at lasting the long run.


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