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Sex with a Leo


Best Partners: Capricorn, Libra, Gemini, Aries, Sagittarius, and Virgo
Leo Sex Position: Butterfly, Doggy Style
Leo sex drive: Strong

While Leo does like to be the center of attention, Leo in bed prefers a mate that can return the passion and excitement equally. Leo will quickly become bored with a partner who does not share the same enthusiasm for sex. While Leo sex is quite passionate, Leo is not the most creative partner in bed. Sexual Leo prefers to stick with one position and the same foreplay routing. It is up to Leo s partner to slowly introduce new ideas into the bedroom. But be slick and let Leo think he/she came up with the idea or it will quickly be dismissed.



Leo Sex Traits:


When it comes to Leo sex, keep in mind that there is a great physicality and ardor which emanate from the Lion. Therefore, an active partner will certainly turn  them on. This native likes to be admired for his/her sexual prowess, so don’t hesitate to make them compliments during and after the sex encounter. Flattery and praise will get you anywhere you want to be with your Leo lover.

Speaking of sex and turn ons, we have to admit that their expectations are extremely high, sometimes even unrealistic. Appearances are important to them; watching themselves in action always arouses them.  They are likely to have plenty of well-placed mirrors in the bedroom or even a video camera to film while having sex. Sex shows can also appeal to them and this is the sign associated with strip shows. Hence, if you want to have an unforgettable night with your Lion partner, surprise him with a strip show with you in the spotlight.

This sign loves to have sex in places that ooze money and wealth — ostentation can only add to their experience. Often sexually aware from a very young age, The men can become lady-killers in later life and Leo women will seek admiration from whoever cares to bestow it. This signs men and women are deeply sensual and passionate. They love seduction and foreplay.

Seducing a Leo

Honestly, Leos can never get enough of the compliments, they love it when people tell them how smart they are, how good they look, how they are Miss All-in-One and Mr. Do-it-All. Don’t steal their spot light, they love to shine, so let them be the center of attention. The lions don’t like to be told what to do, therefore, it helps if you just listen, be calm, and let Leos take the lead.

Since they love to be in the spotlight there’s no doubt that they would want to share this spotlight with you, not that they are superficial, but what’s charming, handsome King without his gorgeous Queen. Leos are attracted to good-looking men and women, but with the looks, you better have a big heart as well.

Humiliating your Leo in public is not going to get him or her in your arms, neither does your insecurities. Leo appreciates their potential partner to be well respected, famous, ambitious, and of course always ready to have fun with them. Just remember to still be yourself, don’t over do the ‘nice’ or ‘perfect’ act because it’s not going to last long.

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How to turn on a Leo


When it comes to sex and turn ons, keep in mind that they enjoys posh surroundings, such as candles, scented oils and massages. They like sex to be familiar, but not boring — that’s because they love to know they are in control of what is happening. They wants to be the best, and sometimes they pass on the chance to try something new in bed for they would not be able to live with the feeling that they were only mediocre. Lion male and female have mastered the moves they know, so don’t be disappointed with the lack of novelty and variety.


Leo Erogenous Zone


When it comes to erogenous zones, the most sensitive part of their body is his/her back. Start by moving your fingers slowly down his/her spine, and before you take the road back towards the neck, pay special attention to their loins. Then cover their back with wet kisses all the way down from their shoulders to their buttocks. This treat will definitely arouse your Leo lover. Still wonder how to turn on your partner? Scratch his/her back slightly and move your fingers through his/her hair while making love – that will definitely make your Lion moan in delight.

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