Scorpio Compatibility – Who Are Their Love Matches?

Scorpio CompatibilityScorpios are a water sign. Their ruling planet is Pluto, which makes them appear to be mysterious. Since Pluto is not considered a planet and just a moon by most scientists today, this would make sense why a Scorpio has become the enigma of the zodiac. The Scorpio personality ebbs and flows like their water element. Because they dig deep and seek to prove their discoveries, they can appear brash and brazen. When their defenses are up and they feel insulted, they will strike back with force, and the only way to defend you is to back away until their temper tantrums subside. For the most part, they can be extremely eccentric and hard to understand. Because of the eccentricities, they can either become your best friend or your worst enemy.

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You are a Scorpio, They are…

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Aries and Scorpio

sexuality forms the basis of a relationship between such different characters. Difficult by day, fireworks at night.

Taurus  and Scorpio

an unpredictable combination on the amorous plane, a mixture of secrecy, heavy eroticism and pure passion.

Gemini and Scorpio

an almost improbable combination, you can never completely possess him and that annoys you.

Cancer and Scorpio

a somber couple. This is never a ‘happy’ combination and certainly not a ‘free’ one, because both characters are unimaginably tenacious.

Leo and Scorpio

you want to possess, he doesn’t want to be possessed by anyone in the whole world. Guess how it ends …

Virgo and Scorpio

you scare him to death with your all – consuming passionate fire.

Libra and Scorpio

he ’s curious about so much secrecy, and wants to unveil all your secrets – agonizingly slow – in bed … And of course, you love it!

Scorpio and Scorpio

two introspective, secretive, passionate people who sometimes coldly oppose each other. But this is only so on the outside …

Sagittarius and Scorpio

he doesn’t want to spend his life with you, but is likely more interested in a one night stand.

Capricorn and Scorpio

he ensures that other passion of you: money. You bring him at night to unprecedented heights.

Aquarius and Scorpio

only a super intelligent Scorpio knows how to catch this freedom – loving man in her nets.

Pisces and Scorpio

It’s probably better for a vulnerable Pisces – man, who is without any emotional defense, to stay away from the somewhat harsh Scorpio.

Friendship Relationship Compatibility


One should be careful while in a friendship with a Scorpio. They can be worst enemies. They do not like keeping too many friends and stick to only a few long term friends. They have good friend compatibility with: Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer and Pisces.

Dating Compatibility


Scorpio Cancer love is almost immediate as these two signs are instantly attracted to each other. The biggest issue these two signs face is their emotional vulnerability. Once they learn to trust each other they will form a very strong and satisfying relationship. Aries can be a bit of a challenge for the less aggressive Scorpio love. This relationship can become an emotional contest full of manipulation unless true emotions are expresses early on in the relationship. Taurus, on the other hand, works very well with Scorpio. They are both protective of the other and neither likes to make changes quickly. In addition, in an argument they are on equal footing so neither dominates the other. In bed sexual Scorpio helps Taurus explore all aspects of love making while Taurus challenges Scorpio with a hearty sexual appetite.

Sex Compatibility


The astrology sex profile shows that Capricorn can be an equal match for Scorpio in the bedroom. Each has the creativity and passion to put on quite a show. Their love making sessions can only be categorized as triple X and would outdo any steamy pornographic movie at the local sex shop. While Scorpio Pisces love is not as steamy as Capricorn and Scorpio, theirs is more a meeting of the minds and heart. Nothing can beat the emotional connection these two sign make in the bedroom. Aquarius works very well with Scorpion both in an out of the bedroom. They are both goal oriented and neither will back down in an argument. In bed this intensity rises to the surface with some fierce and passionate lovemaking. The Scorpio Sagittarius relationship will require a lot of work before the two can feel any deep emotions for each other. However, in bed the competition is on to see who is the physically stronger and this can make for some marathon sex sessions!

How to Love match up with a Scorpio


For a Scorpio female, she requires the attention she thinks she deserves. She can be materialistic at times and act as if she is a spoiled princess if she does not get her way. Thus, because of what she wants and the way she wants it, she can literally appear as cold as ice. The way to “melt the ice” is to be exciting, interesting, challenging, and be able say things that make her think and ponder.

For the Scorpion male, he has a tendency to act like a peacock by flaunting his feathers and acting as if the world should bow down to him. He prides himself on not only being successful, but also on being right. He thinks and works on his primal instincts more than his logic. Thus, because he is so primal, he’s an animal in the bedroom. In order to make sure he’s a keeper, it’s best just to listen to what he says and let him have his say without interrupting unless he wants you to participate in his plans.

The signs that are most compatible with a Scorpio include a Virgo, Cancer, Capricorn, and Pisces.

Neutrally they get along with Libra, Sagittarius, Aries, and Gemini.

Negatively they will spar with Aquarius, Leo, and Taurus.

If paired with another Scorpio, they can be extremely attracted and passionate to each other, or repelled like oil and water.

Scorpio Compatibility Chart:

Scorpio Sun Sign Compatibility



Basic Relationship Traits

Scorpio Compatibility?

This is a sign that is dark, mysterious, and enigmatic.

Combined with this mysteriousness they have a certain allure and attractive quality.

They have a distinguishable look that is piercing and mysteriously hypnotizing.

Sexual Sign

All these traits combined make them quite attractive to the opposite sex.

This is the most sexual sign of the zodiac and is full of deep, passionate sexual excitement.

Their relationships, because of this, require a partner who can keep up with and their deep-seated sexuality and are content and comfortable with their ability to take all things far stretching them to their limits.

Contradiction of Scorpio

This sign is a feminine sign but is ruled by Mars (Pluto).

This combination is a contradiction of sorts, and creates conflicting male/female tensions within them.

They are internally emotional and has a deep and accurate intuition.

They are sentimental and self-reflective, but also suspicious of the feelings of others and curious about what things motivate them.

Intuitively they are very good at telling right from wrong and use this intuition to weed out good partners from ones that won’t work.

While being emotional and astrologically feminine, They have a masculine side in that they are very independent.

They need to have a side of themselves personal and private at all times and can react strongly against anyone who tries to trespass or intrude onto this side of theirs.

Abilities of Scorpio

They have lots of self-control, intellectual aptitude, and creative prowess.

They can do well in what they choose, as they will set their mind to something and then achieve their goal by any means necessary (as a sort of competition with their inner self rather than for an exterior material goal such as money or power).

Need for a Strong Partner

In A relationship, if a they don’t have a strong partner alongside them it won’t work.

A weak partner in the relationship will make them overbearing and overly dominant in the relationship and the relationship will die out accordingly if it happens like this.

Loyalty and Possessiveness

In relationships, They are very caring, loyal and devoted.

This is a sign of extremes. They really want Compatibility and want to do the most they can for their partner.

They expect the same however, and expect it at an extreme! They wans their partner’s body, mind and spirit and will be possessive of their partner.

They need space in a relationship but are very protective at the same time of their partners and will be jealous if anything seems to be different from how it should be.

Their compatibility is just about hopeless if a their partner commits infidelity.

They won’t be able to accept it at first, but afterwards, they will be angry, will want revenge, and will never forget.

In Conclusion

Being a fixed sign, they need a partner who will be strong and able to handle and even enjoy their extremes and endure through the highs and lows of the relationship.

In addition to this, they need someone who will remain interesting throughout the relationship not getting boring, and will remain relatively mysterious as  this sign will be sure to.

Being strong sexually, they may go through many partners before finding the right one, but when they do, it will be one who is matched with them emotionally, and who wants them as a whole, just as this sign will want the same from their partner.


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