1. When we first got together three years ago we couldn’t keep our hands off of each other. We are both capricorns and things were very passionate.
    Three years, a move, and a baby later: it’s a different story. He’s more vocal about it, he says he loves me and definitely shows his affection through financial stability, but sex has taken a back seat to everything. He seems to enjoy it when we are intimate, but now I always have to initiate it and a girl likes to be taken every once in a while. We are in the process of moving and he says he’s stressed, but before that it was because of his job, and before that it was because I just gave birth to our daughter and he didn’t want to hurt me. It’s like the closer we’ve become emotionally, the farther we are physically. I’ve heard that when Capricorn men love and respect a woman it’s hard for them to act out fantasies and get dirty. Is this true? I don’t want him going elsewhere. And I caught him on a singles website But he said he was deleting an account from years ago. I know he loves me but we are starting to live more like friends. I need advice. Please help!

    1. i know for a fact its hard for a Capricorn man to lie just ask him yourself and if he seems to choke up get to the bottom of it fast but if not that means he is telling the truth and he really is in love with you. I hope this helps good luck girl!

    2. I am married to a Capricorn, and the sex has been dwindling rapidly. I try to find ways to get him more interested, but nothing seems to work, he’s just doesn’t think about sex, and he’s not willing to compromise. It’s really becoming a huge problem in our marriage.

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