1. I’m 6/24 and def am a GEMINI/CANCER CUSP! I have most qualities in both zodiacs not one more than the other so that is how i determined it. and i also felt like I always had Gemini qualities.

  2. same here, also have mercury asc (ironically somewhat on virgo too, everlasting change, need for stimulation, either leading to burn out thus time off of everything to get my stuff pulled back together) or almost relentless in anything combined of course with i need it all i don’t need anything and anyone)

    had a very tough time nailing it, but for me at least, it stopped being much of a problem once i accepted that heart and brain do not have to go hand in hand(do not have to bee seen as enemies nor as one completely responsible for a mistake, and, thus, to an extend to learn to forgive somewhat easier its part for not being perfect), do not need to compete for dominance (or blame for that matter), they can work together or even take swifts(but accepting the nature of the thing so to save the eternal torment+dilemma between brain and heart), and i accept all of that and go with the flow, saves a lot of drama, A LOT of wasted mental power analysing things that are already past (especially true if they cannot be fixed too, obviously) so in the end of the day, as simplistic as it may sound, going with the flow is the answer and an advice i would give out to the fellow cuspers (sounds a lot easier that what actually is but again(+perhaps it’s even more the case if you have tons of mercury influence on your chart, the analysis can be devastating because it extends towards all directions and further analysis to the point you become ill eventually, lol,but seriously–no need for an award or a medal of bravery whatsoever tho, would be nice if these mere puny words even not solve a 3rd persons problem due to perspective swift-incorporation of stuff, but, merely by making a very very tiny impact that later on may ring a bell once the person sit down to talk with him/herself and accidentally his subconcious throws that detail on him/her back thus from then on starting to experiment with him/her self, not against it), (as i was saying, apparently, you can’t have it all, at some part some effort is due from your side too right? -that latter would make the self analysizing and putting back in a fitter place all more fun tho-would it not? (the toll of an extra bored and otherwise overstimulated brain).. :P )

  3. 22nd for me… can I suggest to anyone reading taking the Myers Briggs personality test.. it will most definitely knock your socks clean off..!! This test has a series of questions and then tell all about your brain and how it functions.. This test downright a Crazy Accurate. Your welcome and enjoy.

  4. Born day 6/23rd. Mainly identify with cancer but so many Gemini traits and thought processes permeate within me that I feel like a ball of organized emotional confusion!

  5. My birthday is June 21st and I definitely see more Gemini than I do Cancer. Like, there’s almost no Cancer in me ha. Some of these things fit, but some don’t (aka highly emotional nature) I mainly focus on logic and set aside my emotions, almost like detaching, but I must say, some of this was accurate.

  6. Also born June 21, and grew up believing I was a cancer only. The age of the internet taught me I am infact a Gemini, and then then learn I am born on the cusp! I identify more so as a Gemini but have many qualities of cancer as well.

  7. I find Gemini Cancer cusp speaks more too me than the individual signs alone. I’m researching out of curiosity. But I’m learning more about myself like finally something gets me. Thank you for this article

  8. I definitely see more Gemini in myself than cancer, but I can also tell for sure that I am both.

    1. June 19, Well I know one thing wrong about this not all of us are liars, because I’ve always been truthful even when it hurt, I know times when I didn’t tell the whole story or when I twisted things in my favor, which was pretty devious, but as for a Liar I’m about tired of being labeled that every time somebody ask me what my sign is. I’m tired of apologizing for getting along with people who refuse to forgive each other, I base my decisions on my own experiences not theirs and I have a right to change my mind any time I see fit, this is not a disadvantage it is essential to my mental growth.

  9. 6/24 close but no cigar lol, always fancied gemini folks however if things werent meant to be, they werent meant to be. Truth is, I never felt very gemini like, not very chatty, quite persistent in my decisions actually. I cannot do two things at once and my emotions and personality are quite fixed. My moods dont swing like a pendulum either

  10. Born on 6/20, totally me! This was quite insightful

  11. Darryl Barrabee says:

    June 19th. Wow, so accurate in regards to my personality. I’ve known i was on the cusp, but really didn’t focus on it till just now. The whole logic versus emotion and having so much of both, ha, I thought I was somewhat nuerotic. Glad to know it’s being a cusp baby instead ?

  12. Explains a lot about me! My love for exploring, curiosity,love of everyone, not judgemental. I wanted to be an archaeologist or something in the medical field. Very moody and selfish about when my feelings get hurt, super sensitive, but yet flighty and restless at times. Love my family but yet not clingy with them. Sexually expressive being it experimental or romantic in the bedroom, I could go both ways on that! Thank you!!

  13. Torin Vetter says:

    also 6/22 … and this felt quite accurate, though i’ve always felt more cancer than gemini. i get along very well with geminis, and yet, over time, have become cautious of them, all the while worried i’m one of them myself :)

    1. interesting being born on the same day, most of my closer friends are gemini, and I have always been extremely cautious of them

  14. Born June 22: I’m glad to finally find my zodiac, I thought that zodiacs were silly because I always felt that I wasn’t a cancer but after learning about cusps I discovered that the cusp matches me perfectly, It intrigues me…

  15. born on June 23! I have to agree that I have never felt quite like a complete cancer, as some of the characteristics do not match me at all. This description, however, is interestingly enough – very accurate!!

    1. I was born the same day and I knew that I didn’t entirely feel like I fitted the cancer description and have a lot of Gemini traits

  16. Dotty Pardue says:

    My b-day is June 21st. This is pretty much me to a tee. I’m very emotional but also logical. I feel things very deeply but always have to know why I feel what I feel and what it means that I do feel that way and what I should do.

  17. Never knew my actual birthday since I’m adopted…”officially” 6/20. Cancer and Gemini both had things that fit,but not nearly as closely as the Gemini Cancer cusp…Thanks! very interesting!

  18. Hamish Hinson says:

    21st June. Fits me perfectly! never knew there were cusps to start with and on some magazines I’d find im a Gemini and on some a Cancer but yeah this helped me a lot understand myself and such, i have a great battle with my emotions and logic, though i lean more on emotions, it still can be tough. Thank you.

  19. June 24… Never completely fit descrip of Cancer, but this explanation, wow! How uncanny and to the “t”, especially the love of food and cooking, and 1st to laugh, 1st to cry!! My emotions are definitely checked & balanced by logic

    1. Hello Bday twin Im a 624 baby myself and this is a very eerie description of many traits i possess

  20. Quintin Lavoie says:

    Born 6/20, & i must say this does suit me rather well. I normally feel more Gemini than Cancer, but, I definitely see Cancer traits in the ways I act and approach people.

  21. I was born on June 22, and I’ve been looking for things about the cusp, not just a ‘random description about Cancers.’ I have realized I’m very emotional.. but am always struggling with logic, especially when someone needs help. Someone should never say their feelings aren’t important, but I do like to talk until we understand, ‘Why do you feel that way?’Thank you~ I wish there were more articles like this to help understand..

  22. I always knew that there was a cusp involved in my sign since my b day is on the 24th of June…i really do enjoy food as a matter of fact im at a family friends house now waiting to eat and i usually sit here. Were watching Boston Vs. Miami Game 2 but yeah i can relate to all that was said so now when someone asks me my sign i will tell them Gemini-Cancer because im more than a cancer so much more


    1. Karen Montgomery-Wilson says:


  24. Born June 21, love this whole description. I identify myself as a Cancer but I definetly have some Gemini qualities. I read once that because i;m born on the Gemini-Cancer cusp I am constantly struggling and at odds with what I feel and what I think. Very interesing…LOVE ASTROLOGY!!!!

    1. I was born the same day.

    2. I was also born the same day, but I identify more as a Gemini. That’s what I grew up being told I was.

    3. Michelle Mayo says:

      I was born on the same day but consider myself more as Gemini with Cancer traits

    4. I also was born on June 21st I find myself with more cancer traits but I have like all of Gemini traits too. Im reading this like omg they get me lol… This is very interesting

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