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gemini sex

Sex with a Gemini


Best Partners: Aries, Libra, Leo, Gemini, and Aquarius
Gemini Sex Position: Figure 8, Standing up
Gemini sex drive:  Strong but short lived

To get a Gemini into the sack means using your wit and intelligence, as these are traits sexy Gemini is most attracted to. Gemini in bed is risky and full of adventure. Gemini will try anything that is fun and stimulating and experimentation in bed is the norm for a Gemini. Sexual Gemini has a constant need for the outrageous and different in bed. In addition, because of the Gemini need for something consistently new and different they are not adverse to multiple partners of the same or different sex so long as they do not get bored. Gemini sex can involve swinging, so as a partner you will need to be open to anything in the bedroom.


gemini sex drive


Gemini Sex Traits:


When it comes to Gemini sex, The Twins aren’t asking for much. They just need someone who will stimulate their mind for a great time. Of course, those mental simulations need to have a bit of follow-through, so they are attracted to lovers with variety on their mind. That said, a quickie in the back seat of a fast car can make a their day perfect. Face it, this sign is versatile. Most of all, though, sex is a mental sport for them. The act begins in the head and works its way down and around. Affection and love are not necessarily connected with sex in Gemini’s mind; it may seem as if they have no morals at all. The truth is that Gemini natives have their own code to adhere to, and it is often based on logic rather than feelings.

Sometimes associated with bigamy and sadism, then men and women of this sign have the ability to detach from their feelings. They can often carry on two love affairs simultaneously; other times you will find them involved in ménage a trois. Remember that things that others consider bizarre and weird can be very exciting for Gemini people, as they love to experience new sensations. Ready to try almost anything, they have read all the sex manuals.

Seducing a Gemini

If you are dull, quiet, rather reserved, then it might be hard to catch a Gemini’s attention or better yet keep them focused on you for a long term. To seduce a Gemini you better have some witty pick-up lines that are not cliché, you have to be able to challenge your Gemini mentally, and words are the way to go. Gemini’s are good communicators, when they talk that is, so ask questions, lots of questions, just make sure they are talking, when they are talking it means they are having a good time.

For your first date, why not suggest a new activity like a dance lesson, or even hiking, Gemini loves new stuff. If there’s a new hot spot in town and you happen to have a VIP access to the free bar, take him or her to explore it together. Both Gemini men and  Gemini women are easily bored, therefore, keep yourself up to date! Add a little sense of humor, be relaxed, and if you happen to get jealous, keep that jealousy to yourself, you are talking to an Air sign and just like air, they value freedom!

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How to turn on a Gemini


With regards to how to arouse your Gemini lover, keep in mind that this male and female can easily enter into role-playing fantasy. Bondage and disciplinary scenarios can be the key ingredient when it comes to what turns them on. However, their sense of experimentation may go too far at times and they can be vulnerable to sexual power games.
Sex and fantasy are closely linked to them – people born under this zodiac sign love pornography and sex toys more than any other sign of the zodiac. Additionally, if you want to arouse your  lover, you can book a hotel room that has a large mirror on one of the bedroom walls. The idea of looking in a mirror while performing is a great turn on for the Twins.

 Gemini Erogenous Zone


When it comes to erogenous zones, perhaps their’ most sensitive body parts are their hands. Want to turn on your Gemini lover? Suck his/her fingers one by one, and then kiss his/her arm slowly to the shoulder. You will see how this will turn on the signals of desire. In addition, they love to use his/her tongue and mouth more than any other astrological sign. Let them spoil you with their lips and tongue and you will soon understand that they are experts in this art.

The Twins are always in search of the perfect lover and sexual experience. Once they hopefully find it, they will want and give stimulation to all the senses. They want something different and something complete. Not too much to ask, right?

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