Gemini Compatibility – Who Are Their Love Matches?

Gemini Compatibility– The sign of the Gemini is the most interesting and the most intriguing. They are symbolized by the twins, which means they are a dichotomy of themselves. They have a certain style and personality that is often hard to read at times, which to the Gemini works in their favor because they can often be perceived as tricksters at the right opportunity. They are an Air element and their ruling planet is Mercury.

While they can be fun and easy going at times they are also a bit stubborn, and once they think of an idea, it’s very hard to change it. Thus, they are also known not to adapt to changes very well, for at some level they fear change and sometimes have a tendency to ignore the little voice in their head.

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You are a Gemini, They are…

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Aries and Gemini

A perfect combination, at first sight. But then you get annoyed because he’s always so accurate and he dislikes your complex behaviour.

Taurus and Gemini

You don’t tend to live by the same rhythm. By the time that his passion is awakened, your sense for passion is over.

Gemini and Gemini

A typical Mercury – combination: you always have to find something new. An airy relationship, which doesn’t dive too deep into the pool of emotions.

Cancer and Gemini

He is cozy and domestic, you always want more. Not the ideal combination.

Leo and Gemini

You refuse to surrender to this passionate man. An idea he barely tolerates.

Virgo and Gemini

Maybe you are too demanding in bed for him. He is not the exciting, imaginative man you have longed for.

Libra and Gemini

You like each other’s thoughts and fantasies. A happy and sparkling combination.

Scorpio and Gemini

To you, love is a game, to him it’s dead serious. He wants you ‘forever’. Only the thought of it makes you want to run away.

Sagittarius and Gemini

You recognize each other’s need for freedom. He is the most tender one, you are the more imaginative one. An almost ideal combination!

Capricorn and Gemini

Together you try to “feel good” when making love. Just being away from day-to-day reality for a moment.

Aquarius and Gemini

You both have a boundless sense of humour, a thousand things to discuss and almost no time left to make love … .

Pisces and Gemini

There aren’t many mutual interests, especially not in bed. Maybe you enjoy poetry or music together.

Friendship Relationship Compatibility


People belonging to this zodiac sign make many friends. They are sympathetic listeners and this quality makes them famous among friends. They favour diversity in friendship. To be a good friend with a Gemini, one must bond with him on the intellectual level. They have good friend compatibility with: Aries, Leo, Libra and Aquarius.

Dating Compatibility


Gemini will interact better with certain astrological signs than other. Gemini Cancer love will take a lot of work. Gemini will not care for Cancer s clinginess or demand for attention. The Gemini Leo relationship will work if they work together to support eachother s careers and give to each other in bed. Scorpio is the total opposite of Gemini and this is not a relationship that will last. Scorpio needs the dependability that Gemini is not willing to offer. However, in bed there is plenty of sexual excitement. Unfortunately the sex will not nourish true commitment and a longtime relationship.

Sex Compatibility


Looking at the astrology sex profile of Gemini with other signs, Sagittarius is a perfect fit as both signs enjoy variety in daily life as well as in the bedroom. In addition neither is jealous or requires exclusivity from the other. The Gemini Aquarius relationship will also work well as the two minds are so well attuned. In bed Aquarius is very giving and willing to try new things and that will warm Gemini s heart. Capricorn s insatiable sexual needs will suit Gemini perfectly as Gemini will be challenged mentally and physically to continually satisfy Capricorn in bed. Virgo can be just as busy as Gemini so finding time for sex may be the problem in this relationship. Once together however, the two are quite compatible in bed as they enjoy trying new positions, toys, and sex partners.

It is important to remember though that every situation requires deep personal insight and thought that can only be gained by doing a personalized reading.

How to Love match up with a Gemini


A Gemini needs a lot of stimulation and challenges. So, as a love match it is often good to keep them off their toes, but also let them communicate. In fact, and this is especially true for Gemini women, they love to talk and they love the spotlight. The more they are thrust into it and are given the attention they believe they deserve; you will be able to sweep them off their feet.

For the Gemini male, he is a sweet talker and is not afraid to talk about himself when given a chance. Since he likes excitement, it is best to be a free-spirit around him. Thus, it is very important to surprise him and take him off-guard just as much as he tries to do the same for you….especially when it comes to passion and romance.

Geminis are the most compatible with Aries, Leo, Libra, and Aquarius. Neutrally they get along with Taurus, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Cancer. Their opposing forces are Pisces, Virgo, and Sagittarius. If mingling with another Gemini, not only are there are lot of personalities to deal with, but also the possibilities of instability and restlessness.

About the compatibility of Gemini with the other signs of the Zodiac:


Gemini Sun Sign Compatibility

Things to Consider


Basic Relationship Traits

They are very like able, and are attractive because of their wit.

Others are drawn to them because of their outward charm and clever way with words.

This is seen in many aspects of their life,  relationships not being an exception.

Other than their wit,  their outgoingness can make them very attractive.

They like going out, meeting new people, having company, going to parties etc.

This sign is a mental sign, and has a mind that always wants more, always needing to be sharpened with new pieces of information.

They are very good at communicating, being funny and witty, and just getting people to like them in general.

In a relationship and in other parts of life, they need to have freedom and space for their ideas to grow.

Easy Compatibility?

It can feel natural at first when you are with them.

This is because They can relate deeply to the opposite sex, more so than any other sign.

When they are talking they know what to say to get their partner to get them to open up more and reveal deep details in the conversation.

Not Tied Down Easily

Being skilled at attracting the opposite sex can come at a downside for them.

This is because it can make them inconsistent and distracted when it comes to love and relationships.

They can be diverted from one member of the opposite sex to another.

As a masculine sign, They are likely to date a lot, and fall in and out of love quickly, usually multiple times in their life.

They are always eager for something new, and the opposite sex is just something else that fits this rule.

Also, because they are split natured, they may often be involved with many partners at the same time (they need to have both sides of themselves satisfied).

Like a Child

When they enter a relationship or date, they can often be like a young child (as they are kids at heart throughout their lives).

They can be very simple with courting and will have a “let’s do it? Ok, cool” attitude in their romantic flings.

Like a kid, They want to keep it light and do not want to get too passionate or too emotionally dependent too soon (if at all).

Trouble in Keeping a Relationship?

Because of many of the previous reasons,  relationships can be challenging for them.

They have two sides to their personality; two halves that switch in a flash.

Their compatibility can only be achieved if they can find a partner who can satisfy both sides.

They can only stick in a serious relationship if this happens and if all their needs in the relationship are met.

Space in a Relationship

As this is a sign that needs a lot of freedom, he expects the same and gives the same to his partner in a relationship.

They won’t be possessive or even jealous and doesn’t understand people who try to control over their partners like they are their possessions.


Is a  zodiac sign of communication and needs communication to function in a relationship.

When it comes to conversation, they are always eager and this is true of intimate conversation as well.

They enjoy talking about intimate or sexual matters (and in fact may sometimes find they enjoy talking about these things even more than they enjoy doing them!).

They love to talk, and can find  compatibility if his partner can talk well too and connect with his sharp mind.

Exciting Partners?

In relationships, when they are settled in, They can be exciting and wonderful partners.

Their partner will never become bored because this sign is full of ideas and is always involved in something new and exciting.

They of course needs excitement in return to stay in a lasting relationship.

They feel that they can adapt perfectly to their partner and meet all their needs, and that they just need a partner that can do the same without being slow and boring.

Needs in a Relationship

Compatibility is best with a partner who will let them stay independent (plenty of mental independence which they need).

In addition to this they need a partner who can be quick on his feet and spontaneous, who won’t get jealous by all the attraction their partner gets, and who can give them easy communication and strong mental stimulation.

A person who can be stable and strong by their side, and who can match the outgoing half and the down to earth half will be a good partner for him.

Settling Down Lightly

Gemini, for his own sake is willing to try anything once.

He will want to have the perfect relationship and be best friends with his lover, but is cool with having a lot of fun along the way (a journey that may have many twists and turns).

They will be cool to try out things easily if they come across someone who is interesting, exciting and good with words.

In Later Life; In Conclusion

Later in life, when they will want to settle down seriously, they will want someone who can connect with them emotionally besides just physically.

In addition, they will want a partner who is practical and mentally sharp (although in earlier life they will tend to flit away from emotionalism and neediness, in relationships or other things).

It is then especially that they need to find that someone who can complete their split personality and help them achieve true Gemini compatibility.


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