Aquarius Woman (January 20 – February 18)

aquarius woman

Aquarius Lady

The strongest feminist sign of the zodiac. Respect is key-one ish with this woman. She lives essentially in her mind. Aquarius girls always have busy, hard, complex jobs because they are up to the task. The challenge is essential. It motivates her in every way of life. Liberal and humanitarian, these women are big-time helpers, crusaders and aren’t afraid to take on the world. She is searching for facts and answers. She wants a thoughtful interesting challenging companion as much as a lover. Aquarius women like to get naked. I read that somewhere.

Aquarius Woman – To fascinate men, she need not play anybody other than herself.  There is a certain magnetism about her, what many have called distant glamour… she lives caught up in her world of ideas, portraying a certain detached quality that makes men want to stir her emotions!  That coldness is a mere appearance because in all reality she is warm, friendly, concerned about others and owner of an important romantic streak.  Love is an ideal though, she doesn’t like to get very tangled in the mess of emotions…she is well above that, dealing rationally with life.

Even before the woman’s liberation movement began, she had already been enjoying its fruits for years.  She is subject to nobody and her man best understand that she dictates her own rules.  She is supremely independent and is in no way bothered by what other people think.   A side of this attitude is portrayed in her sexual life, where her approach is solely based on imagination and innovation, more than heavy-breathing passion.

When approaching an Aquarius woman, a man must understand that he sees him as an individual first, and a bed partner second… so communication is of the essence.  If she feels she’s being treated like a sex object, that will be the end of that.

She has been accussed of loving manking instead of loving one man and certainly that describes her style well.  She is full of friends, interests, hobbies and so there might be a diffused quality to her love giving… When she does focus on one man though, she is loyal and devoted…she has given her word and her ideals are what she stands by the most.

Some would even go as far as to say she is the perfect mate…never jealous, never overdemanding…only asking that her privacy be respected and that her man don’t stand in the way of her interests.  The quickest way to loser her is to try and hold on to her.

For the Aquarius Man

Aquarius Woman Traits

Very quick minded and very easily distracted but don’t think for one minute she hasn’t noticed what you said, she is pride and she is aloof, she rarely cries in public and has a marvelous talent when it comes to conversation. She does not get homesick and doesn’t feel lonely at least much of the time she hates to be possessed and changes her mind very quickly without any given reason.

Aquarius Woman in Love

The Aquarius woman is one who is truly ahead of her time. A liberated woman before there ever was such a term this pioneering spirit is interested more in mankind than in any one man.

She is an independent, charming, funny, and intelligent woman who doesn’t play games to grab a man’s attention. She herself is so interesting and unconventional it naturally grabs many a man’s attention.

Termed by some astrologers as having distant glamour the Aquarius woman is often perceived as distant and aloof, often mysterious. This realm of mystery keeps many a man guessing and interested in discovering just who this woman truly is.

Although she is romantic the Aquarian woman is wary of emotions. She doesn’t trust them and thinks they are the cause of many unnecessary problems. Emotions for the Aquarian woman can be exhausting.

This woman approaches love with practicality. She is first interested in learning about her potential mate as an individual rather than a lover. Any attempts to woo her into the bedroom too soon result in loss of this woman.

This passionate woman lives most intensely in her own mind where her hobbies, interests, and ideas exist. She has so many varied interests that her love is often thought of as being scattered amongst many areas.

But this array of interests doesn’t make this woman any less devoted and passionate when she finds the right man. This sun sign is characterized by being one who stands by her promises at all costs.

Many astrologers say this sun sign is the perfect woman; she is tolerant, slow to anger, never jealous, and doesn’t become clingy. The Aquarius woman just wants a man who doesn’t try to confine her or set boundaries to hold her.

Trying to hold tight to the Aquarius woman is the best way to lose her forever. This woman seeks adventure and the new. The man who can accompany her in this journey.

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Sex With An Aquarius Woman

Turn Ons: A brainy babe. Since you judge people based on the content of their character and not their social status, you often fall for guys who have had to make their own way — and bed — in life.

Turn Offs: An authority figure. Although you’re not at all traditional, you’re quite stubborn and won’t change your ways — no matter how hard someone tries. If a man attempts to tell you what to do, you tell him off, period.


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