Aquarius Man – Sex, Attraction, And His Personality

The Aquarius Male

All mind, little body. He is always searching for the answers. He is eclectic to the point of being weird, a freak even, but in a cool brilliant sorta way. Non-conformist all the way. he is independent too and a free-thinker and likes to check out new things all the time. The same old same old is snoozeville and not for him. His imagination is fab and if you can untap it — voila! — this man could do magical things for you, mind and body.

Aquarius Man Personality



  • Really needs to get to know someone before judging their character
  • Strong in his convictions and intelligent
  • sensitive and sensual
  • independent
  • loves to break the rules and have fun
  • comes up with his own ideas
  • One of the most affectionate signs of the zodiac
  • if with a partner, will do everything to make them feel valued.


  • If not stimulated in a conversation he will get out of it.
  • unpredictable
  • Somewhat lonely
  • Known to discard the ideas of others
  • Fears compromise
  • has a hard time in some instances of understanding real love.

His Planet -Uranus


Aquarians are ruled by Uranus – one of those really far out planets so it’s no wonder that this man is really out there too. It can be hard to read an Aquarian in love. They can seem so aloof. This one really send those mixed messages. Does he or doesn’t he love you?

Uranus rules change, originality and the individual spirit in all of us. Uranus doesn’t hold to the status quo or traditions of the past but seeks to innovate and renovate. Uranus is a rebel for a cause and the brilliance of enlightenment.

Uranus is a transgenerational planet because its progress is slow in the heavens, thus, it’s shared by people of the same generation. An Aquarian’s connection to his clan is primary to his existence.

The sense of groups and causes is at the core of this sign’s being. With each generation, we shake up the past and turn away from the established ways. This is Uranus Aquarius energy.

His Symbol – Waterbearer


The meaning of the Waterbearer symbol is vague. A man or woman seen pouring water from a urn seems an odd match for this air sign. No doubt part of the deception of Uranus. The Waterbearer quenches our thirst for knowledge and nourishes without containment.

His Element – Air Sign


The quintessential air sign, Aquarius’ air element keeps him in change mode and on the move. It’s hard to pin him down and figure out what he will do next. His inability to focus on one thing or one thing for long is due to his airy nature.

Air is mental energy and Aquarius simply must communicate. Whether in writing or speaking, an exchange of ideas is tremendously important to him. He needs more than wants to be listened to. He loves fresh and original concepts and his curiosity borders on quirky.

The air element also ensures that an Aquarians disdains restrictions of any kind. Rules will confound, bore and irritate the crap out of your Aquarian man. Pay close attention to not sending these messages if you want him to stick around.

His Quality – Fixed


Aquarius is a fixed sign and although stable and reliable, the term fixed coming from the Latin root fixus means to latch on to. Aquarius excels at getting to the bottom of the matter. He can dig deep and penetrate problems and mysteries. Aquarius’ fixation is on the future and he can take an idea or concept further than most other signs.


Aquarius Man – This is a man who wants to make love to somebody, not just any random body off the street…. so for him, a meeting of the minds is indispensable before a physical encounter takes place.

Give him some string and he’ll fall in love quickly because he finds it to be absolutely delightful. Yet loving, that’s a whole other story… that implies letting somebody into your emotions and they are often embarrassed by emotion, being that they are a cerebral sign.

Furthermore, love represents a demand on him and he is fierce about defending his independence. They don’t adapt easily to others; others must adapt to them.

Women find him to be extremely attractive but he doesn’t linger much in relationships. Love is like a train … always a new one on its way. With that said, he is not a Don Juan since he will be loyal to the woman he is with…. something like consecutive monogamy you can call it.

Even if he marries, the deal isn’t signed in stone; actually, these are the men who marry the most times in the Zodiac.

He doesn’t believe that women should be easily won and so he boasts a neverending patience in this department…so much so that women often end up being the ones to take the initiative only to discover that this man fiercely and passionately wants her and has done so for a long time.

Once all is said and done, Aquarians will make up for lost time and will make sex a carnival…always something new and exciting around the corner.

He won’t lie and this is a winning quality about him….although at times, it can get him in trouble to be so sincere. In a love affair he’ll be generous and tolerant, never giving orders. Loving them is a lot like having a very good friend.

Just don’t fence him in… once he’s with you, he won’t stray, but he needs to feel like the emergency exits are always available, to be at ease.

Aquarius Man Traits


Loves the chase, wants what he cant have but when He’s got it if it doesn’t measure up to his ideals quickly loses interest and leaves you for dead. Can be a cool character to deal with but is very fixed in his ideas. Argues best with his hat… puts it on and walks away.

How To Get An Aquarius Man’s Attention


What to focus on:


  • He doesn’t consider one person to be as best friend. He truly has more than one best friend. When you end up meeting them be gracious and open-minded.
  • He will keep all of his thoughts and emotions privately hidden within his chest and mind. He might even love you and have not even express that emotion to you. You might have to be a little forward with him to get those emotions out. Through life he will continue to play his cards close to his chest.
  • He truly is an optimistic person. So if you are feeling blue and you let him know, he will take the time to talk to you about things. He also will not stop until you are in a better mood. He’s almost Like an on-call social worker.
  • He likes to analyze things and act more like a detective to get answers. Try as hard as you can to keep things mysterious. Don’t volunteer information about you, let him try to get the answers for himself. If he comes across as stumped, then slowly start to give him a little bit more.
  • He sometimes has a hard time getting close to somebody emotionally. So at first you should act more like a friend without putting him in the friend zone, and hide your emotions until you see that he’s starting to crack a little bit. He will start to feel more comfortable committing to you, when he sees that you can exist independently outside of your relationship. He wants to feel safe committing to you.
  • He might have some ideas or theories that are a little out of this world, Just show him that your listing and just continue to smile. Yes you can ask him questions about those topics, he will be happy to discuss them with you.
  • He has a tendency to be a dreamer. There will be a few moments in life that you will have to bring him down to earth a little bit.


What Not To Do:


  • Try your best not to pry information out of his mind. When it comes to his private thoughts, you’ll know that he’ll want to share them when he starts speaking about them.
  • Don’t ridicule any ideas that he might come up with. Some of them might be out of this world type ideas  since he is known sometimes as a dreamer. If you ridicule him or make fun of them for them he might think that you are not open-minded enough to be with a man like him.
  • Don’t abuse the fact that he values trust a lot. He’s going to end up giving you a lot of space in your relationship. If you abuse that trust that he has given you, then you will face scrutiny for it.
  • Definitely do not be a clingy person. He wants to date somebody that is able to hold their ground, and is not held back by the burdens of emotional feelings. It’s not that he’s looking for somebody with no emotions, he just wants somebody that can keep them in check.

How to Attract an Aquarius Man


How to Attract an Aquarius Man.  If you are looking for a man who will be your best friend and faithfully yours, an Aquarius man will be the right guy for you.

The down side of an Aquarius man is that they are better friends then lovers, so passionate women find Aquarius men too boring.  Aquarius men are very curious creatures and very independent, so you will need to attract an Aquarius male through stunning looks and mentally stimulating conversation.

Aquarius men love to be free from anything holding them down, so you can’t be to overprotective or jealous when trying to attract him.  You need to switch up activities and create a free spirited atmosphere in your relationship, or the Aquarius male will feel too tied down and want to end it.

Aquarius men are also very ambitious, but they don’t want to be tied to an office or cubicle, so attract your Aquarius male by creating a great business together or finding ways to make money in unconventional ways.  Make sure his free spirited attitude is stimulated by your surprises.

Surprise Aquarius males with new ideas, go to places you’ve never been, or find different sports to play together to keep the relationship fresh.

On your quest on how to attract an Aquarius man, don’t ever think you can wrap him around your finger.  Aquarius men are free spirited and they can never be tied down.

To find a committed Aquarius man is hard, but it can be done as long as you have an easy going spirit and let him have his free time when he needs it.  When your Aquarius male says he wants to be alone, don’t push him into socializing.  Let him have his time or he will be scared off by your persistence.

Keep it free and open and  you will be sure to attract a great Aquarius man.

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Dating an Aquarius man


How to approach him for the first time


 This is the type of man that is very interested in a woman that  isn’t self-absorbed or overly emotional. In order to get this man’s attention it’s important for you to think about others on equal ground as yourself.

He does love the idea of being with a woman that is idealistic about what life truly is all about, as well as showing a passion for life itself.

If there’s a noble cause that you hold close to your heart ( save the whales anyone?) , he would be the type of guy that would listen to what you had to say and respond to it.  If he’s interested in you and he will be your partner in crime.

He is always ready and willing to help out a person in need.

Any of  these things will get you closer to getting a first date with this man. You just have to make sure that you truly embody any of those things. He’s the type of guy that will know if you are faking It.

So you got your first date


This isn’t the type of guy that is truly imaginative when it comes to what traditional dating is all about.  If you are the type that’s into the traditional he would look at that as a plus. This is a guy that loves to be surprised, even if it means that he has to move into uncharted territory.

 He is going to be intrigued right away if you can show him something different and new.  He’s used to the same old same old, you need something a little bit out of the box to help him out of his shell.

Feel free to talk about things that are on your mind or in your heart as he’s not consider judgemental when it comes to somebody’s personal belief. He is known to have pretty strong opinions on things. Even if you talk about something that he doesn’t truly agree with, he will still usually listen to what you have to say.

For a first date a worthy choice would be something that involves a social Gathering. If you truly want to get to know this man know something that’s a little bit more personal would be the best choice.  He is good in both situations.

Just brace yourself if he does try to become romantic with you as he does have an ability to be awkward when doing so.

He does have an open mind though, but he has to be in a relaxed state to be able to open it.

Sexually speaking this is a guy that’s looking for a not just a lover but a friend, becoming his friend and making sure that he knows he’s not going to be put in the friend zone is a recommended move before being intimate.

So you want to get out of a date with  an Aquarius man


  •  let him know that he’s stupid every chance that you get
  •  anytime he talks about something you’re not interested in, just say blah blah blah blah blah
  •  start to cry over anything and everything
  •  just let him know that you want to be alone all the time

Aquarius Man Compatibility


Aries woman

This is a couple that really know how to understand each other and listen to what each other is saying. The only problem is they don’t usually get that right when it comes to relationships. This is a situation where they work a lot better as friends. They have a medium compatibility because sometimes it’s harder for them to get past the friend zone, but if they do they could make it work.

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Taurus woman

These are two totally different people. If they don’t take the time to realize that there is a little bit of a difference between the two of them the relationship will not work. The Aquarius Man prefers to live life where he improvises things as he goes along, whereas the Taurus lady would like to have more control in the situation that she finds herself in. The compatibility between these two people are pretty low.

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Gemini woman

These two zodiac signs really gel on every level. They completely understand what it takes to make a relationship work and they’re both willing to put the effort into it. With both of them knowing what to do and how to love each other this is a situation where they have a high compatibility.

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Cancer woman

this combination takes a lot of patience to make work. He prefers to have a lifestyle that has a lot of spontaneous moments, where she would prefer something that had a more stable ground to it. They both have what would be considered an average compatibility, which means things can go either way . If they put in the effort, these two can manage to make this relationship a happy one.

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Leo woman

Even though these two people are pretty much completely different they’re able to build a very happy and loving relationship together.  As they get together they find that they admire and love each other pretty deeply.  This helps them overcome the fact that they are two opposite signs, which gives them a great compatibility to work with.

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Virgo woman

The Virgo woman really loves to live life at a slower Pace than the Aquarius man is really willing to live at. Due to this,they don’t have that much of a good future ahead of them if they Embark in a relationship. Their compatibility rating is pretty poor.

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Libra woman

These two signs together can make pretty good friends to begin with, because they are willing to understand and listen to each other’s Needs & Wants. Things between them can go further if they choose. They both know how to respect each other’s boundaries and give them the space they need. As well as the freedom and Independence they both want. This is one of the best combinations in the zodiac signs for love.

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Scorpio woman

These two together in a relationship usually don’t make it. The reason for this is their relationship  has a lot of arguments and misunderstandings that make or break the situation. If they’re willing to have patience together to work through all of the issues there is a chance that they could make it, but in most cases it has very little chance of it working.

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Sagittarius woman

These two look at relationships pretty much the same way. They’re interested in having an equal relationship with each other, where the dominating and controlling aspects are not a part of their relationship. So due to that factor their compatibility is pretty high. Even though that’s the case they do have to work through some issues as they do view life through different lenses.

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Capricorn woman

This is a couple where there’s really no even ground when it comes to their relationship. They either learn to love each other or they learn to hate each other. They usually have an average compatibility rating due to the fact that they can either unconditionally love each other or completely want each other out of each other’s lives.

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Aquarius woman

These two have a lot of understanding and acceptance to make this relationship work. Even though they might find themselves in a relationship that has problems from time to time, they will take the time to work together to make the relationship work.

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Pisces woman

The Aquarius man usually in most cases will not give the Pisces woman what she’s looking for in a relationship. She’s looking for a deep commitment which in some cases he’s not willing to give. This compatibility has an average rating. If they’re able to take the time to really talk about things and get an understanding of what each other wants they can make this relationship work.

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Erogenous zones


 his zones are his ankles and his calves. Take the time to gently tickle or massage these areas.

Sex With An Aquarius Man


Aquarians are always quirky but surprisingly tender in the bedroom. But don’t be dull with this adventurer. Unconventionality will win him over in all areas of the relationship.

He’ll welcome your suggestions so use your imagination. But remember this air sign needs mental stimulation from a partner so don’t make the mistake of just trying to have a physical affair with this man.

Covert efforts are definitely recommended on this one.  Sex may get this attention but will never keep it or him

Turn Ons: A freethinker. Your mate has to have her own mind, her own goals and enough friends and composure to not depend on you to handle all her emotional needs. Meeting someone online is ideal for you, since you can exchange ideas and put technology to good use.

Turn Offs: A blushing bride. You aren’t interested in settling down early since there’s so much of life you want to explore, alone. If a woman thinks she can get you to commit by crying, whining, cajoling and yelling, she’s terribly wrong. You’re not the sentimental type — or a screamer.

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How to Keep your Aquarius man around


be a kind person

This is the type of guy that wants you to show kindness towards animals and humans alike. Aquarius is considered the sign of friendship. So make sure that you are friendly to anyone that you cross paths with when you’re with this man. To him being rude to somebody else would be the same as being rude to somebody that he respects, like an old childhood friend or a family member.

give him space

This is a guy that doesn’t need any restrictions put on him in a relationship. He is an air sign so he needs to have room to breathe. If you put a necessary restrictions upon this man he will do what he knows he has to do. That is find somebody else that can take your place to give him what he needs. If you give him the space that he wants, he will always be coming back to you always.

Support a Cause

Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus. He has a pension to have a cause that he supports and its long-term success. If you’re interested in making an almost instantaneous connection with this man, find something that you support. Whether this be save the whales or a charitable cause of any kind. If it’s something that he believes into that will make the connection between you both even stronger.

Control your emotions

When it comes to talking to this man it’s important that you are open about your feelings. Take the time to talk to him about any concerns or problems that you’re dealing with in your life. Make sure that when you talk to him know that you keep everything on an even keel. He gets rattled by anything emotional, so it’s best to save the tears for conversations with friends or family members. Even though that’s the case, when you do talk to him about things he will be one of your biggest supporters.

The more the merrier

This isn’t the type of guy that likes to do things alone. In a social setting, he would love it if you brought your friends along to meet up with his. He’s one of the signs that enjoys the idea of having a circle of friends that just keeps growing and growing.

Share your thoughts

If you were to ask this man what one of his favorite body parts is, his answer would be the mind. He is totally attracted to women that have intelligence. Take the time to share the details of your day with him. This is one of those guys that would love to hear how your day went. The voice of a woman is one of his turn-ons.


Give him your full and undivided attention. He loves it when a woman has both of her eyes and ears on him. He does like to be the centerpiece of things at times. If you give him this undivided attention you’ll find that he will fall madly in love with you.

Be his friend

The most important thing about having a guy like this or trying to land a guy like this, is that you have to be his friend first. In fact you have to be as number one friend. This sign truly needs to have friendship as a basis to build a relationship on, and when he does have that he will fall head over heels in love with you. So tell him that you’re his best friend, make him your best friend. By doing this when you both have arguments you will make up as friends first then as lovers.

Be a team player

This guy definitely does not like to play alone. So if he ever needs a favor done step up and say you’ll help him out. As your teammate he’ll be more than happy to step up and do the same thing for you. That’s just in his nature.

Be curious

This man loves to explore new exciting places to have sex, and new positions to try. Remember the comment earlier about talking. Dirty talk will get this guy’s motor running. Make sure you keep the light on to because he loves the visual.


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