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Aquarius Man – Sex, Attraction, And His Personality

Aquarius Man – This is a man who wants to make love to somebody, not just any random body off the street…. so for him, a meeting of the minds is indispensable before a physical encounter takes place.

Give him some string and he’ll fall in love quickly because he finds it to be absolutely delightful. Yet loving, that’s a whole other story… that implies letting somebody into your emotions and they are often embarrassed by emotion, being that they are a cerebral sign. Furthermore, love represents a demand on him and he is fierce about defending his independence. They don’t adapt easily to others; others must adapt to them.

Women find him to be extremely attractive but he doesn’t linger much in relationships. Love is like a train … always a new one on its way. With that said, he is not a Don Juan since he will be loyal to the woman he is with…. something like consecutive monogamy you can call it. Even if he marries, the deal isn’t signed in stone; actually, these are the men who marry the most times in the Zodiac.

He doesn’t believe that women should be easily won and so he boasts a neverending patience in this department…so much so that women often end up being the ones to take the initiative only to discover that this man fiercely and passionately wants her and has done so for a long time. Once all is said and done, Aquarians will make up for lost time and will make sex a carnival…always something new and exciting around the corner.

He won’t lie and this is a winning quality about him….although at times, it can get him in trouble to be so sincere. In a love affair he’ll be generous and tolerant, never giving orders. Loving them is a lot like having a very good friend. Just don’t fence him in… once he’s with you, he won’t stray, but he needs to feel like the emergency exits are always available, to be at ease.

Aquarius Man Traits

Loves the chase, wants what he cant have but when He’s got it if it doesn’t measure up to his ideals quickly loses interest and leaves you for dead. Can be a cool character to deal with but is very fixed in his ideas. Argues best with his hat… puts it on and walks away.

How to Attract an Aquarius Man

How to Attract an Aquarius Man.  If you are looking for a man who will be your best friend and faithfully yours, an Aquarius man will be the right guy for you.  The down side of an Aquarius man is that they are better friends then lovers, so passionate women find Aquarius men too boring.  Aquarius men are very curious creatures and very independent, so you will need to attract an Aquarius male through stunning looks and mentally stimulating conversation.

Aquarius men love to be free from anything holding them down, so you can’t be to overprotective or jealous when trying to attract him.  You need to switch up activities and create a free spirited atmosphere in your relationship, or the Aquarius male will feel too tied down and want to end it.  Aquarius men are also very ambitious, but they don’t want to be tied to an office or cubicle, so attract your Aquarius male by creating a great business together or finding ways to make money in unconventional ways.  Make sure his free spirited attitude is stimulated by your surprises.  Surprise Aquarius males with new ideas, go to places you’ve never been, or find different sports to play together to keep the relationship fresh.

On your quest on how to attract an Aquarius man, don’t ever think you can wrap him around your finger.  Aquarius men are free spirited and they can never be tied down.  To find a committed Aquarius man is hard, but it can be done as long as you have an easy going spirit and let him have his free time when he needs it.  When your Aquarius male says he wants to be alone, don’t push him into socializing.  Let him have his time or he will be scared off by your persistence.  Keep it free and open and  you will be sure to attract a great Aquarius man.

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Sex With An Aquarius Man

Aquarians are always quirky but surprisingly tender in the bedroom. But don’t be dull with this adventurer. Unconventionality will win him over in all areas of the relationship. He’ll welcome your suggestions so use your imagination. But remember this air sign needs mental stimulation from a partner so don’t make the mistake of just trying to have a physical affair with this man. Covert efforts are definitely recommended on this one.  Sex may get this attention but will never keep it or him

Turn Ons: A freethinker. Your mate has to have her own mind, her own goals and enough friends and composure to not depend on you to handle all her emotional needs. Meeting someone online is ideal for you, since you can exchange ideas and put technology to good use.

Turn Offs: A blushing bride. You aren’t interested in settling down early since there’s so much of life you want to explore, alone. If a woman thinks she can get you to commit by crying, whining, cajoling and yelling, she’s terribly wrong. You’re not the sentimental type — or a screamer.

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Aquarius Guy

Aquarius Guy