Cancer Woman (June 21 – July 22)

cancer woman

Cancer Lady

That’s me! Okay, number one thing: this is the most emotionally loony sign of the Zodiac. One minute Cancer girls are crying and miserable and the next they are happy as clams (who really knows how happy clams are anyway?) There isn’t a lot of middle ground. Cancer women also have very good memorys and if you hurt us, we remember and we will get you back: that’s right, we are vengeful! (hear me roar!) Cancer women love the past, their houses, food, their families, all the stuff that would make us good homebodies, except we rarely are totally happy in the casa. Cancer gals can keep secrets pretty darn good, but they are terrific story-tellers. As far as guys are concerned, she’s so insecure it’s scary, she needs constant reassurance you still love her and even then, she might not reciprocate for fear of being ridiculed. That’s a big deal to us Cancers, fear of being made fun of.

Cancer Woman – To the untrained eye, she’s that sweet, dream girl men carry around in some hidden compartment of their minds….but underneath that innocent exterior lays an extremely sensual woman.  Thing is, the key to that sensuality is love.  She will never be openly inviting.  She’ll throw you very subtle hints and if  you happen to miss them, you’re shit out of luck buddy.  Her feelings are too vulnerable for her to risk another overture.

The Cancer woman is very careful about falling in love.  Love and security are by far, her two greatest needs and therefore will pledge absolute loyalty to the man who makes her feel safe.   She will cling onto that man with all her might.  A betrayal of her trust is devastating.  It will take her an extremely long time to forgive, if at all, and even then, it’s a forgive but never forget.

She is old-fashioned in that charming way that makes her think that love is the secret of life and that she wants to discover this secret with the man of her dreams.  This is part of her charms and it’s what makes men feel protective towards her…so if it works, if it gets her what she wants, why fix it right?

She is a sentimentalist to the max and will collect mementos from the past and linger over them.  She’ll frame old pictures, cherish old letters and maintain contact with old friends.  She is devoted to her mate and her family.  She most definitely has the tools and the know-how to make home a place her man will never want to leave.

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Cancer Woman Traits

This lady is a home bird, she loves to travel but the return journey home sees a satisfied smile on her face and a look in her eye that speaks volumes. She needs her prince to play with her Cinderella, her home is her world, she’s moody and she’s brilliant at getting right under your skin. A favourite saying of the cancer lady is “After all I did for you” she’s a master at making you fell guilty and playing the helpless female but she’ll be by your side and right where you left her when you get back home unless a stray puppy needed help or some friend in distress called by and needed her don’t worry she’ll be back.

Cancer Woman in Love

This Cancer woman can be considered a true romantic and genuinely old fashioned girl at heart. This woman’s personality is not loud and obtrusive but rather rich, deep, and gentle.

The deepest desire of the Cancer woman is for love and security. She is a type of hopeless romantic who is on the search for true love and views love as the answer to everything in life. She’s looking for a man who feels this way too.

The Cancer woman is subtle yet flirtatious. You must read between the lines with this woman and pick up on the clues she may be dropping to win her love. If you’re not quick to respond you may lose your chance forever.

This woman is very cautious when giving her heart away or even revealing her inner most feelings. Trust is of major importance to the Cancerian woman be sure to win it immediately.

Lost love and broken hearts take a beating on the Cancerian woman. She may take years to recover from a broken heart, especially if it involves any type of betrayal. She will recover but probably will not ever truly forget or get over it. This only increases her caution with love.

This old fashioned girl loves to be connected to the past which can be good and as in the case of broken hearts bad. She loves to collect old objects from the past and look at them often. She is extremely loyal and devoted always keeping in touch with her family, friends, and mate.

The old fashioned nature of this woman helps her to make a home a warm, comfortable, and nurturing place to be. If you want this woman be sure to pay her plenty of sincere compliments, be loyal, and try to avoid criticism. A sensitive creature by nature both criticism and genuine compliments are taken to the heart by the Cancer woman.

Cancer woman are extremely good listeners and give great advice on almost all subjects. Be sure to appreciate this aspect of the Cancer woman you find.
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Sex With A Cancer Female

Turn Ons: A big, strong man with the proper priorities and pedigree; someone who can be both your protector in the harsh outside world, and your guide in the bedroom. Your superman must also remember every holiday with a special love note or gift or you feel slighted. You want to be proud of your mate and his achievements.

Turn Offs: Commitment-phobes. Unconventional or loosely defined relationships confuse you. You never rush into a relationship or consummate one before you’re absolutely, positively sure about a man’s feelings for you.

Cancer Woman Sex traits

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