Houses in Astrology

Houses In Astrology

The natal chart is broken into twelve compartments (or houses) which are areas of space, each corresponding to the twelve signs of the zodiac. As stated earlier, the zodiac consists of a series of twelve constellations, which appear to surround the earth along the ecliptic.

As the earth rotates on its axis, the signs of the zodiac appear to move around the earth at a rate of approximately 1 degree every four minutes. If you look at the eastern horizon at sunrise on the first day of spring, you would see the constellation of Aries. Two hours later, if you could see the stars in the daylight, you would see that Taurus would be on the horizon.

This would continue, with a new sign rising on the eastern horizon every two hours, until sunrise of the following day when Aries would again be on the eastern horizon. Every 30 days or so, as the Sun’s position in the zodiac advances, at a rate of approximately 1 degree per day, a new sign would be rising on the eastern horizon at sunrise.

As a result of these motions; the rotation of the earth on its axis every 24 hours, and the apparent orbit of the Sun at approximately 1 degree per day, different signs will appear on the house cusps for different people depending on two factors: the time of the day the native was born, and the day of the year that the native was born.

Each house in the horoscope pertains to certain areas of the native’s life. Some houses represent only one or two areas, other houses represent several areas. A description of each house and the affairs it rules is listed below:

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1st House: your outward personality, your physical characteristics. The first house is also known as the ascendant.

2nd House: money, material possessions, your values and self-esteem.

3rd House: daily communications, short journeys, siblings, lower learning.

4th House: home, early childhood upbringing, the nurturing parent (usually the mother), old age. The fourth house is also known as the Nadir, I.C. or Imum Coeli.

5th House: pleasures, romance, creativity, drama, children.

6th House: work, service, health.

7th House: marriage, partnerships, close friends, open enemies. The seventh house is also known as the descendant.

8th House: your partner’s belongings, shared resources, wills, legacies, death, sex, support given to or received from others.

9th House: higher learning, philosophy, religion, law, long journeys.

10th House: career, public image, status, bosses, the authoritative parent (usually the father). The tenth house is also known as the Midheaven, M.C., or Medium Coeli

11th House: friends, hopes, wishes.

12th House: the hidden (unconscious) mind, secret enemies, self-undoing, institutions, hospitals, prisons, asylums.

Melissa Martinez

Melissa Martinez

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