Leo Compatibility – Who Are Their Love Matches?

Leo Compatibility

Leo, a fire sign and the sign of the lion are not tranquil beings. They will stick to their guns and live for the love of others. They are hopeless romantics and tend to be impulsive if they fall head over heels with someone. Thus, they need to be careful, because when they do meet someone who is “right” for them, it usually happens at the wrong time, especially when they are already connected with someone meant for them. If they don’t feel love, they feel as if they have nothing and thus can be easily hurt.

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You are a Leo, They are…

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Aries and Leo

This is a fiery, hot and passionate combination. There’s certainly no lack of passion at night (and during the day).

Taurus and Leo

A sensual, earthly and romantic combination, in which luxury and pampering plays a major role.

Gemini and Leo

You’re jealous of his many outdoor – contacts. But it all usually remains an innocent flirt.

Cancer and Leo

He rules the night and you rule during the day. Isn’t that a great deal?

Leo and Leo

You subject – despite feminism – to the will of your Lion King. But he’s such a sweet pussycat!

Virgo and Leo

He lacks the enthusiasm you wish for. And you get annoyed by his ever ongoing criticism (even in bed).

Libra and Leo

You fall for his charms, but you’re dead jealous of his success with the opposite sex.

Scorpio and Leo

He manages to give you the feeling that you are the boss. Side note: this is only a feeling!

Sagittarius and Leo

A great, fiery combination: playful, sensuous, almost animal. You guys are made for love!

Capricorn and Leo

You feel caressed and adored by him. He desires you and makes you feel like a woman.

Aquarius and Leo

He conquers you, step by step. And the quarrels by daytime, are kissed away at night.

Pisces and Leo

He writes poems for you or composes his way to your heart. He is your mystery, you are his Sun.

Friendship Relationship Compatibility


It is not easy to make friendship with a leo but they love being surrounded with friends. They are sensitive to their ego and therefore, they prefer making one close friend rather than friendship with many. They do not like to see their friends do better than them. They have good friend compatibility with: Gemini, Libra, Aries and Sagittarius.

Dating Compatibility


Leo Cancer love can work with a little effort. Cancer needs someone to take care and be the center of his or her world and Leo thrives on the attention. And while Leo likes to go places where he/she can be the center of attention, Cancer keeps the home fires burning always ready to welcome Leo home. In bed this couple is as fierce as a lion and the sex crackles with electricity. While the Leo Aries relationship is on fire sexually, they can be at odds as they both need to be the center of attention. Aquarius is the complete opposite of Leo, believing the needs of the group are more important than the needs of the individual. This can make for some intense arguments but in bed these opposites attract and the sex can get very steamy.

Sex Compatibility

There are certain signs that are more compatible in the bedroom with Leo than others. Leo Taurus love works very well as Leo takes great enjoyment in Taurus sexual skills to tease all the senses. In turn, Taurus enjoys Leo s fierce lovemaking. Leo love is not well received by Gemini and vice versa. Leo is not willing to add variety and spice to the bedroom so Gemini quickly gets bored. In turn Gemini is not willing to provide the sexual consistency Leo craves. Capricorn and Leo are practically perfect in bed together. Capricorn is so over-the-top needy when it comes to sex that Leo feels like a star in the bedroom and this serves to boost Leo s ego. Leo and Sagittarius are very much alike and will quickly become best friends. Given the explosive nature of these two signs any arguments will be fierce but the make-up sex will be outrageous and hot.

Do not forget, however, that every situation is different and the personal compatibility bond between two souls must be individually analyzed by having a personalized reading done.

How to Love match up with a Leo


A Leo female is often seen as being proud for who she is. Since she loves the attention, she’s not one to just be told that you love her. She also needs the actions to go along with what you say. Not only should you tell her how beautiful she looks, but giver her a kiss to show her that you mean it.

A Leo male is very down to earth and affectionate. He is a devoted lover and companion and seeks this attention to boost his ego. He is always in a good mood, so if something gets him upset or angry, it is best to get out of the way and let him be for a little while. He loves to be respected and the best way to do that is show how much you love and respect him by helping him out and doing favors for him.

The best connections for a Leo are Gemini, Libra, Aries, and Sagittarius.

Neutrally they get along best with Cancer, Capricorn, Pisces, and Virgo.

Their worst connections are Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius.

If matched with another Leo, they combination is pretty hot, and could either run its course or suffer major “burn out”

Leo Compatibility Chart:

Leo Sun Sign Compatibility

Things to Consider:


Basic Relationship Traits

Leo compatibility? What are Leo relationships like?

They are affectionate, warm, and caring sign and this is revealed a great deal in their relationships.

They have these traits because they need love, it is vital to them and he/she has to have it survive.

This is okay, however; Leo enjoys it all, he enjoys love and the feeling of being in love.

They  are very charming and attractive and enjoys all the attention he gets from being so.

Need for Passion

Leo compatibility is best with a partner who can love him just as passionately as he will love the partner.

Leo relationships that have a partner who can’t give Leo the passion he needs will have trouble lasting; Leo will get bored and won’t be able to find satisfaction in the relationship.

They want a partner who will be strong and in addition to this want a relationship in which he/she does not completely dominate over the partner.

Quick to Fall in Love

They do things whole-heartedly and falling in love is no exception.

They can fall very in love, easily and quickly, and may be in a few heavily committed relationships early on in life.

This happens because they believe and have faith in love,  instant love at that.

Their marriages can be a positive influence on them,  making them appreciate home and family life more, but they should not rush into marriage too quickly and should take more time considering things before speeding into it all.

Pride and Confidence in a Relationship

Leo is a masculine sign. A trait that defines them heavily is his/her confidence and self-esteem.

It makes sense then that they are  ruled by the lion.  They are very proud and self-sufficient and this helps them accomplish things well.

These traits hold true for them in relationships as well. They will be very self-assured and in addition will be very open with their ideas and opinions, often having the last say in a matter.

A slight problem that comes with this trait is that they will remember when their pride has been injured or damaged.

They may forgive easily, but they will rarely ever forget when a situation like this occurs.

As a Romantic

It very clearly shows that Leo is a romantic.

He takes his relationships seriously and wants to be (and expects to be) the perfect partner.

They like to fancy things and enjoy luxuries such as an upscale dinner or an adventure of the classy type.

However, they can also enjoy simplicity with their partner and will have fun adoring their lover at an amusement park or a sunny afternoon park date.

In the relationship, in regards to being the perfect partner and , they will try to be very thoughtful with the gifts and frills he or she grants their partner.

Often these gifts will be expensive and elaborate (all while being thoughtful) rather than something simple but possibly forgettable.

Needs From a Partner

They will be extremely generous and romantic with his partner.

He will be full of great, original ideas and will do well at catering to his partner’s needs.

However, again, they will need and expect an equally intense passion from his partner and this may be challenging for a partner who isn’t too quick on their feet.

They want a constant flow of loyalty and adoration from their partner and will live off of the encouragement and compliments they get in the relationship.

As a fire sign, they can be quite sexually demanding. Expecting lots of passion from their partners includes the bedroom.

If they are getting an ideal amount of passion from their partner (and especially if their lover is the creative type), however, they will be satisfied and continue loving passionately.

Faithfulness in a Relationship

In their relationships, they will expect fidelity from his partner. Without fidelity,  their relationship just can’t last.

They can be jealous and, even though they dislike this trait,  they can often feel like he can’t help himself from feeling it when he does.

They will give complete loyalty when his needs are being met, and will expect complete loyalty in return.

He won’t tolerate unfaithfulness, expecting none of it.

Even small things such as light flirting or playful bantering by a partner with another are things that the they frown upon.

Anxiety in a Relationship

Other than the minor issue of jealousy, they may have a couple other small issues in a relationship.

One issue they might face is being anxious in a relationship.

They fear anxiety and can often feel anxious because of a thought that crosses his head often: that he might not be able to get the ideal image he has in his head out of something (or out of life in general).

They want to lead slightly (lead but not dominate) in a relationship so that he can work towards the ideal relationship he wants for himself and his partner.

The anxiety they can sometimes face, should be fought by their own  hard work.

he/she is a dreamer but can accomplish his dreams, and accomplish a match with their partner, with the determination and confidence they have (which is strengthened even more with a partner who supports those dreams).

Staying in Something Bad?

Another small problem that they can face in a relationship is clinging to a bad relationship.

they might sometimes cling to a bad relationship because they won’t want to admit to themselves that something is wrong.

This persistence is okay when it is helping them focus on accomplishing a goal.

However, in relationships, when needed, they should take the time and convince their ego if a relationship is not going to work and should be left (or if something really needs to be fixed).

In Conclusion

They are generous, loyal, and an all in all pleasing partner.

They will want to be the perfect partner to their significant other and will face against all odds to give their partner everything they deserve.

If he can get total faithfulness, passion, admiration and care from his partner, Leo compatibility will come easily and will be ensured in the relationship.

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