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Leo, a fire sign and the sign of the lion are not tranquil beings. They will stick to their guns and live for the love of others. They are hopeless romantics and tend to be impulsive if they fall head over heels with someone. Thus, they need to be careful, because when they do meet someone who is “right” for them, it usually happens at the wrong time, especially when they are already connected with someone meant for them. If they don’t feel love, they feel as if they have nothing and thus can be easily hurt. For these reasons, Leo is most compatible with Gemini, Libra, Aries, and Sagittarius. The Leo’s compatibility with Tuarus, Aquarius, and Scorpio is usually negative. Do not forget, however, that every situation is different and the personal compatibility bond between two souls must be individually analyzed by using a test.
Leo Compatibility

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A Leo female is often seen as being proud for who she is. Since she loves the attention, she’s not one to just be told that you love her. She also needs the actions to go along with what you say. Not only should you tell her how beautiful she looks, but giver her a kiss to show her that you mean it.

A Leo male is very down to earth and affectionate. He is a devoted lover and companion and seeks this attention to boost his ego. He is always in a good mood, so if something gets him upset or angry, it is best to get out of the way and let him be for a little while. He loves to be respected and the best way to do that is show how much you love and respect him by helping him out and doing favors for him.

The best connections for a Leo are Gemini, Libra, Aries, and Sagittarius. Neutrally they get along best with Cancer, Capricorn, Pisces, and Virgo. Their worst connections are Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius. If matched with another Leo, they combination is pretty hot, and could either run its course or suffer major “burn out”

Leo Compatibility Chart:

Leo Sun Sign Compatibility



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