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Part of fortune – you might also see this referred to as Pars Fortunae which is the Latin name, or lot of fortune.

Using an ancient mathematical formula and astrologist would be able to find the POF ( point in the horoscope) by adding the longititude of the moon, to the longititude of the ascendant, minus the longitutde of the sun.

People find success when their signs and houses appear in the part of fortune. The POF in a person’s birth chart is still considered by a lot of astrologists to show good fortune and ease.

Summary:  Its an arabic part, not a real planet or body, denoting where your pot of gold may lie

Part of fortune calculator

Calculate yours:

Ascendant + Moon – Sun = POF

Wanna know where your Part of Fortune, Part of Fame, etc., fall in your natal chart?

Here’s a handy online Arabic Part calculator: Be sure to have your chart ready so you can input the exact degree of your Ascendent, Sun, etc.


Does anyone else feel that the part of fortune is a significant aspect in their astrology chart?

Part of Fortune = Heart’s Desire. From my teacher: It’s a point in the natal chart where the sun, moon and asc work perfectly together. Conscious and unconscious. You do what feels right, don’t compromise. It accents the planet it conjuncts with.

Any good Books on this topic?

I have been reading about the Lot or Part of Fortune by Robert Hand and I found it fascinating. I find ancient astrology fascinating. For sure a good starting point. Another good book written in the English language about the subject is ” The Arabic part in Astrology ” by Robert Zoller.

How does it show up in the houses?

Heres A good video to show you the house meanings


Do Modern astrologists use this in their charts?

Modern astrologers seldom use the Arabic parts in their work either because they have not been trained to do it or because of the amount of additional work required, or just that they found them to be ineffective Each house in astrology has its own sets of Parts relating to the affairs of the house in question, 100+ parts can be extrapolated from a single chart. The most widely used Arabic part among astrologers is the part of marriage, calculated to answer the question by a client “when will I get married ?” It is calculated by adding the ascendant to the descendant and from this sum subtracting the natal position of Venus. As usual in Astrology sometimes it brings amazing results, that it can be used to rectify a chart, and sometimes it doesn’t

Do you use this in your charts?

I use fortune, spirit and the other hermetic lots in all of my work. I find them very useful in both natal chart work and in synastry. Each of the lots plays a big part in our lives. The lot of fortune isn’t about luck as much as fate/destiny–i.e. what happens to us and it also tells us what ‘work’ we engage in. As Peter Burns points out that the formulas are different depending if you were born by day or by night. If you were born by day, the lot of fortune is in the same phase in relation to your Ascendant as the natal lunar phase. If you were born at night the lot of spirit is is the same phase in relation to the Ascendant as the lunar phase. This naturally leads to the fact that the other lot will have a different phase.

So using lunar phases to begin unravelling the importance of these two primary lots is illuminating. those born with a New or Balsamic phase of the Moon will have the two lots hugging the Ascendant from both sides no farther than 45°. For the Gibbous and Full Moon births the angle will be the Descendant. The other four hug the MC-IC axis.I think of the lot of Spirit in terms of our ‘avocation’, our calling: what is our soul asking us to do. The lots ( part of fortune being one of them) are extremely helpful in synastry and help understand the longevity and strength of a relationship.

What is the history of the part of fortune in astrology?

Hellenistic astrologers in Alexandria used the Lot of Fortune as an alternate Ascendant — you could read the whole chart from the PF as well as the Asc. Fortune is also called the Lot of the Moon (as per the calculation details posted above), while the Lot of Spirit was the Lot of the Sun. They were a pair or a dyad, and the Greeks also used them to calculate planetary periods similar to the dashas still prevalent in Hindu astrology. The Greek name for Fortune was Tyche, the fickle goddess often depicted in Greek iconography standing on the bow of a ship (and the Greeks thought of the horoscope metaphorically as a vessel sailing the waters of destiny). The Greek word for Spirit was Daimon, defined by Plato as a “fiery indwelling spirit” or guardian who accompanies us into our current incarnation (yes, Plato was a believer in reincarnation) and who guides our spirit on its path.

Other asked questions:

How often does transiting part of fortune conjunct ones natal fortune? Is it approximately monthly, or far less often as it involves ascendant which varies with time of day?

 It’s because the PoF is a mathematical synthesis of the ASC, Sun and Moon…as the ASC moves in relation to the Sun and Moon, so moves the PoF. Since the ASC/MC are in constant motion (related to the rotation of the earth), with the MC changing a full degree approx. every 4 mins (ASC will vary depending on the Latitude) so, too, moves the PoF.

What is the orb for aspects to part of fortune? Are quintles and biquintles considered significant?

Within five degrees or so and I consider all angles in Interpretation.

Is there any relevance to transits over the part of fortune?

It can. The POF is kind of like the vertex, though. It may or may not bring something because its effects depend largely on how we are being interpreted by the outside world. It’s like an outer planet transit where you can say that this or that is likely to happen.

With a Pluto transit to the Part of Fortune, would someone gain more recognition during that period?

Not necessarily. Most likely it’s about good things coming in a result of being blown out of the water. Like if you get blowed up real good like and glue yourself back together better than you were before. Fortune through forced growth.

What about minor aspects like conjunctions to the pof?

Inconjunctions to the part of fortune are not well researched. They seem to point to aspects of our personality that we are disowning or neglecting or denying. You will not find information about inconjunctions to POF fortune anywhere that I know of. Most of my information is my own done through personal data collection. the house positions are agreed upon, the basis of the POF, the reason it IS, what has caused it exist, these questions are not well understood by most astrologers. It is seen as a point of good stuff an that is it. It is soooooo much more complex than that and goes back to what we decided we would be to protect ourselves as children. Inconjunctions point to the traits we originally owned but disowned and now have a hard time reintegrating into the personality as conscious adults.

Would transiting Jupiter conjunct the Part of Fortune in the 2nd house be a good time to buy a lottery ticket?

The 2nd isn’t really the house of lottery winnings. That’s more of an 8th house thing…other people’s money. When we talk about wealth and the 2nd house, we talk about hard earned money. The 8th is money coming from other people. It’s hard to pinpoint winnings from speculative games via transits alone. There are other techniques used for this like secondary and tertiary progressions. Also, solar arc directions.

Also, there must be a natal promise that you are bound to that kind of fate…to elevate your life financially due to a windfall. For example, a Jupiter or Venus in aspect to Uranus and/or Pluto is one of the natal signatures present in most lottery winners’ charts but isn’t a guarantee.

Your 2nd house isn’t solely the house that gets active at a winning. But also the 5th for the gambling/speculating factor, the 8th for reasons I have already mentioned and the 11th for sudden gains. The ruler of these houses must be connected somehow in the natal and should be activated during the time of winning without any affliction from Saturn.

Midpoints are also important. Especially the Jupiter/uranus mp.

Dont mean to be a party pooper. It might be a good time to find ways of earning though. It is also a good time to treat and pamper yourself.

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