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Sex with a Pisces

Pisces is ruled by the planet Neptune, and the individuals that are born under this sign have a tendency to become more interested or centered on heartfelt feelings and love more so than pure athletic sexual experiences.

Yet The Duality that they have within them which is represented by their sign of two fish that are moving in complete opposite directions of each other, can switch them from letting go of their Primal instincts and becoming one of the hottest and burning, Unleashed signs of them all.

Best Partners: Scorpio, Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus, Pisces and Cancer
Pisces Sex Position: Spoons Position
Pisces sex drive: Wild

The Best of them

The best thing that they bring to the bedroom is their affection, gentleness and their tenderness. Due to the fact that there are a water sign they bring a lot of sensitivity and deep feelings. They truly do have the capacity and the potential to become one of the most loving and affectionate partners that one could have sexually speaking.

The Worst of them

The worst thing that they might bring to the bedroom is that they can be pretty passive. A lot of the times when they’re in the bedroom they will let themselves be submissive to their partner and just go with the flow. Sometimes to the point that this might be at the expensive of their own pleasure. Unless they have a very strong interest in the person that they’re with, it might be only then that they put themselves out there and take the reins.

How often do they like it

This is an individual that when they are into somebody, or they feel a lot of passion towards a person, they can stay in bed all day and night to please their partner and themselves. However it should be noted that this is not what stimulates or excites them the most. That would be having experiences with their partner that are more based on their Feelings and sensuality. Role playing is defiantly a love of theirs.

How to Drive a Pisces crazy in bed

What to talk about

You have to be very careful with the words that you say to them. You have to remember that they are deeply emotional. Make sure that whatever you’re feeling is what you show them, because they will find out anyways. Take the time to listen to whatever their desires and wishes are. Then after you know you can express what yours are.

Setting the Mood

People that are born under the sign like to observe creativity, and they also like to feel free when it comes to their sexuality. So it’s very important to prepare the ambience and mood around you. You can try aromatherapy, and massage oils to start. They also really like Candlelight, or different lighting to set the mood.

The things that they love

This is a person that really loves romanticism. So they would love to have a situation where they have the naughtiness, but also all the affection and love that they could ever want. This is the one sign that the term ” making love” was made for!

What not to do

As mentioned before they really base everything around feelings and romance. So it’s important for you to gauge the kind of person that you’re with in the first place and what their boundaries are. Don’t go into the situation and aggressively talk about your desires.

Tying it all up

Pisces nature is fantasy driven, as is their sexuality. Pisces in bed is open to any suggestion for their lover. Sometimes the excessive need for sexual reassurance can lead Pisces towards a dominating partner in the bedroom. And while sexual Pisces is more than willing to experiment, this almost aching need for assurance can lead to poor judgement is a sex partner. Pisces sex is all about what the other wants and not about Pisces own needs. As a result Pisces can fail to be satisfied in bed unless the partner is attentive and puts Pisces sexual desires before their own. As sexy Pisces is so give to flights of fancy, fantasy role-playing can be quite enjoyable with this water sign.


pisces sex


Pisces  Sex Traits:


Regarding Pisces sex, remember that sex is an emotional affair for Pisces men and women. They are extremely sensual and creative lovers. They love playful sex and have plenty of fantasies. Being a Mutable Sign, people born under the Fish zodiac sign have a great appetite for change. When it comes to how to arouse a Pisces, remember that this native is often turned on by a strong lead. Women born under this sign respond to a man who knows what he wants, while Pisces man loves to be pushed in the direction of sex. Dominance scenarios can be great turn ons for Pisces, especially if they are being dominated by their partners.

Another turn on for Pisces is any kind of sensual enhancement: music, candles, soft materials, and aphrodisiac cocktails. They don’t need stimulants to get their sexuality going, but they love the ritual of preparing to move from the regular world into the dreamy world of sense and delight. If this takes a long time, Pisces is very content. The sexual rhythm tends to be languorous because they are absorbing so many feelings on so many different levels.

Being a Water sign, it is a definite turn-on for them to make love with a fountain or waterfall in the background; the bath can suffice though if there isn’t a nearby romantic river.  Imaginative and emotional Pisces like their sexual partners to be uninhibited. Not being the most assertive of signs. They expect to be told what to do and are unlikely to initiate a liaison. Their stamina depends on the amount of encouragement they receive. Once they’ve got going, however, they can often go on… and on… and on…

Seducing a Pisces

Pisces tends to want what they can’t have, word is, if you’re taken and you happen to have crush on a Pisces, chances are, you’ll succeed. However, if you’re single and available, worry not, you’ve still got a shot with the fish.

It’s really important that you be patient with Pisces, they tend to dream, a lot of dreams, and as unrealistic as it may be, it’s really important for you to respect it. With a Pisces, both men and women, it always helps if you keep yourself a little mysterious, because they are imaginative, so they would keep imagining what it would be like.

Talk about dreaming, it’s even better if you are his or her dream come true.

Looking sensual and sexy is a bonus point when seducing the Pisces, but of course, they will be moved by your imaginative ideas, so keep them out in the open even if they sound silly, Pisces would love to hear your imagination.

If you happen to be one of the independent souls, that is good to know, however, with a Pisces, we’re not saying you should cling, but at least show that you care considering the fact that they are quite sensitive and even insecure at times.

Pisces also love spur of the moment exciting plan so surprise them with your last minute ideas and get lost on the exotic island together. OK that might be them dreaming again, but hit them with something exciting to do.

With Pisces, you should always go with the flow and never push them for commitment and sex; they will swim to you when they are ready for commitment.

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How to turn on a Pisces


With regards to their turn ons, keep in mind that a plush rug in front of a roaring fire can also stimulate their imagination. After all, They have all the water they need in their nature. With a roaring fire, however, they gain exactly the element they lack. Relationships are important to Pisceans as they need grounding. They can be anything you want them to be. Their response adjusts automatically to their partner’s needs and they’re at their happiest when they can provide pleasure. If a little fakery makes someone feel better they’re happy to oblige.

Although not deliberately unfaithful, They find it hard to say “No” and that can lead to promiscuous behavior. This is the most compliant of signs and will imbue every sexual encounter with a sense of romance. When it comes to what turns on a this signs male or female, remember that this native loves to combine sex and food. Try a honey massage and get totally sticky licking the honey off each other. Good wine can also stimulate the senses of your Piscian lover and loosen the flow of sexy feelings.


Pisces Erogenous Zone


Wondering what are your lover’s erogenous zones? Don’t forget that their feet are very sensitive. Use your tongue and lips to kiss and suck your lover’s toes – that will take your partner to new heights of ecstasy. You can also massage their feet with oils during foreplay and you’ll see how aroused your Fish can get.

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