1. Zoe Lane Williamson says:

    My boyfriend and I are Astro Twins. We were born on the same day an hour apart in the same hospital. We never met our whole lives, though we grew up an hour from each other and were in the same extracurriculars in high school. We were in the same friend group in college, and had a lot of mutual friends for years before we finally dated after I broke up with my ex. Two years ago we even accidentally had our birthday parties together because we had so many mutual friends and we planned our parties at the same bar. Now we have our parties together on purpose. I didn’t know we had a name.

  2. I just started a new boarding school, and their is this boy that was born in Haiti who I share my advisory with. We had an instant connection, and while in the talking phase he shared that he was born the same day and year as me, I had to google his records to make sure that he was not lying to me. This discovery gave me serious chills. We are the same age and born the same year, it is super wild to me, P.S. we are both Taurus, and I know the stereotypical Tauruses and we argue so much and talk about one another, but know I see that this happens because our personality traits align, and we share the same attitudes and many similar personality traits.

  3. Shelly Gomez says:

    I met my AstroTwin when i was 18. We lived near each other but we had never met before then. We didnt have any mutual friends nor did we go to the same schools. Later when we started dating we spoke to his mom and found out that we were born in the exact same hospital just 4 hrs apart. He became the love of my life even though we parted ways. I always thought we’d eventually cross paths again until last year when his mom called me with the sad news of death. Hes my forever love. Mi amor eterno.

  4. I and my boyfriend share the same day,month and year..we met 3 years back…we are both Pisces..

  5. In middle school I meet a girl with same birthday and year where I moved to. Then found out same hospital and are fathers made bets in waiting room! I was born 20 minutes before her and we became very close friends. She passed away last year and feel she was my true Virgo twin

  6. I was born on same day same year in same hospital as someone and went to same senior school was in same classes. My youngest son was born on same day same year and hospital as another child and go same playgroup.And my mates son was born on same day n year as my other son but different city and hospital. Weird isn’t it

  7. Born 5 hours apart and can see the similarities but we just have the most predictable ? days together. Its not that bad and its not the good either, because it is very balanced, we both are SP in MBTI by Jung, Im ISTP he is ISFP we both are 6 by numerology chart, and he is emotional whereas I dont and I really dont need to be emotional. I knew and learned more when he appeared in my life. Times I avoided him since I really dont like to involve myself in a relationship… but its very interesting. Same birthday, been wanting that ever since high school. Met him in college but Im so lucky that we werent really enrolled at the same school. Perhaps I really see him as a friend due to our kindered relationship. Well, we do love idioms, we speak the same language like an aha moment when things around us are also happening like the same way. I dont know if this is because of the planets or whatsoever but Im comfortable with friendship with my birthday twin.

  8. What is it when you have the identical bday…same day, month and year and born in the same hospital as well…dated,broke up and reconnected 20 years later. I’m so curious to know the odds in that happening

    1. Weird isn’t it I went same school as mine. Just friends with him on Facebook. I call him my birthday twin and got him as a brother on Facebook friends list lol

  9. Me and my lovely wife were born to this world on 9 July 1980..same date, same month and same year…is that special enough?

  10. Dating a man who swept me off my feet recently and we share a birthday,but not same year,wonder if we will ever work out

  11. Georgia Allison says:

    my mam and i are born on the 17th of march at 5:35 pm exactly 25 years apart. i’ve always wanted to find out if there’s a meaning behind this… any ideas?

  12. My partner & I are both born on the same day, same year and he is only 2 minutes older than me and we were also born in the same hospital and our mothers were on the same ward!! We are both Taurus 5th may 1979. I’m hoping and wondering if we are compatible x

  13. Me and my wife’s birthday same date and month

  14. My husband and I are born on the same day 8 years apart.
    Our sun are 1 degree apart.
    Our Venus are 1 degree apart in the same sign.
    Our Moon are 10 degrees apart in the same sign.
    Our Mayan zodiac which changes daily are the same (The odds of that occurring on the same calendar day no matter how many years apart are quite slim.)

    The upside is that we relate.
    The downside is that we can’t hold space for each other because often we are both experiencing similar transits, so there’s no external viewpoint.
    We used to love celebrating our birthdays together, but now with 2 small children we both wish we had our own special day.

  15. Layne Minard says:

    I know a guy who is my astrological twin. He was born in the US, but the time difference cancels out the difference in our birth times; the effect is that we are nearly identical chartwise
    It was strange because he looks like a combo of my father and my brother. I showed a web pic of him to my bro and he said, yep, he could easily be his brother.

    On this basis I refused to date him too much like familily and because I feel I always have known him too well, even when I hardly knew him, if that makes sense.

    (on this point, I worked with a person who married a guy born on the same day of the same year. They always have trouble when going through international border checks. It is always assumed one or both have fake passports. Neither have very strong personalities, at least that is how they project.)

    Re my twin again…he is a scientist, who flamed out with huge success early in his life, at the same time and a personal tragedy which he did not respond well to. Absent father. A lot of music in his family and his life. He is an overachiever I would say, but he is very intolerant of those he deems intellectually inferior, and he is exhausting to spend a lot of time with, and repartee wise, it is like being with Robin Williams. I am much more laid back, . Career wise, I am in a completely different field, haven’t flamed out, but haven’t excelled either. I expect this is due to being a late developer, and having had quite a few health problems. Anyway, Churchill was a late achiever, so there is time!

    We have some similarities my twin and I, but the ways we are different are very different. Much of this is because he was an only child, I was second eldest of 4. He is very in his own world.

    Oh, and he thinks astrology is bunk. Sometimes I think it is too, especially when I read some of the stranger theories out there…but it holds a fascination as well.

  16. I found mine, born on the same day and in the same hospital, but not at the same time (I’m still trying to figure out a way to ask him for his birth time. He doesn’t seem like he would be open to astrology, and I’m wondering if I could talk my way around it and still get an accurate time.)

    Like me, he is a good writer possessed of a sharp tongue and a fascination with online communication. Unlike me, he has a spouse and a child. He was the youngest of seven children. I was the oldest of seven children.

    But the thing that struck me the most is that we both had incredible disappointments in our mid-thirties that changed the course of our entire lives. I failed out of medical school, and got dumped by someone who I thought I was going to marry. Since then, I have never been able to use my mind the way I had hoped. I am a substitute teacher, and while I enjoy working with kids, I find teaching mentally stupid compared to medical study or practice. A year or two after I failed out of medical school in my early thirties, he had rehabilitative surgery for previous injuries but was unable to achieve full recovery. Now he can’t use his body the way he used to, or the way he had hoped to be able to, and he was more of an athlete than I was in the high school we both attended. He deals with a lot of chronic physical pain. I deal with a lot of chronic mental pain.

    Some days really are unlucky days on which to be born. But he has a tough trooper exterior, and I suppose I do, too. There is something comforting about a peek in the mirror.

  17. I would say that date and place of birth should not actually be taken into strict consideration. In fact, people may have been born in very different places and different hours and yet, if they are real astro twins, share important aspects.

    Being astro twins should in any case bring them into connection, one time or the other.

  18. Oh yeah! me to..me and my hubby we had same birthday s same year, same time, and the place is almost same im from the province of Quezon and hes from Quezon city here in our country! We do really inlove each other..

  19. Sammi Lynn says:

    thank you for this :)

  20. Adeline H says:

    I think a true Astotwin is somebody who is born on the exact same day, same year as you. I have a friend who is born the day before me and we really have an interesting connection. We are very different in how we approach life. but we will often have similiar experiences or a similiar sense about things. I feel like she really understands me on a deep level even though we are opposite. My step-daughter has a friend who was born within 5 minutes of her and they have a real twin connection. They have different rising signs but they respond in a similiar way and have events occur in their lives that are similiar. With my friend who is born the day before me, she will sometimes have something happen to her and then the same thing or something with a similiare feel will happen to me the next year. I don’t know what I would do without her.

  21. To be really “twin” you need a very similar AS and latitude so that you and your twin have the same house structure and thus, supposedly, uncannily similar life experiences. Same day, different AS will give same planetary influences and aspects, even to the Lunar position, but with different house structure would mean distinct differences. Still would be fascinating, though! It’s far more likely you’ll get a day match than an exact AS/house match.

    1. Zoe Lane Williamson says:

      My boyfriend and I were born in the same hospital an hour apart

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