Pisces Man – Sex, Attraction, And His Personality

The Pisces Man

He is passionate, emotional and very unstable. He idealizes the people he loves and thinks they can do no wrong. He is a big-time dreamer. And he ain’t real faithful. He just lives by the whim of a moment and so, if someone strikes his fancy, he forgets all else and just goes for it. Usually very creative these guys often become musicians and artists. They give great personal emotional gifts. And he will “talk around” an important matter, never really taking a stance (like a politician!) It’s annoying.

Pisces Man Personality


  •  Protective and a romantic
  • Charming guy for sure
  • Honest and doesn’t like confrontation
  • hates fighting or arguments
  • doesn’t like bad manners
  • always willing to help
  • a go with the flow kind of guy.
  • Brings out the best in other people.
  • If you want calm and inner peace this is your man.


  • can be possessive and territorial
  • needs constant affection to know hes safe in the relationship
  • sometimes emotional and very sensitive
  • often lack energy and determination in bad situations.

His Planet – Neptune


Enlightening and deceptive Neptune rules the last sign of the Zodiac and you will likely wonder which quality is influencing your Pisces guy on more than one occasion. Like Neptune, Pisces can be a challenge to understand.

Neptune is concerned with spiritual awakenings and mystical pursuits. It is a transgenerational planet spending about 14 years in each sign. Like other signs ruled by the outer planets, Pisces identifies with people near their own age and the events of their generation.

In mythology, Neptune was the son of taskmaster Saturn and the brother of expansive Jupiter. You could say that he was the black sheep of the family and you would be right. Neptune goes to great lengths to cloud the issues and rules over covert actions.


His Symbol – the fish


Two fish swimming in opposite directions is an apt symbol for Neptune ruled Pisces. The fishes’ river runs deep and Pisces often seems a contradiction in living. Which way is he going? Does he have a direction at all? Can he decide already and get to the point? Yes and no.


His Element – Water sign


Mystical, imaginable and emotional Pisces could be nothing but a Water sign. But unlike moody Cancer, Pisces’ emotions are ones of caring and concern for the whole world. He is often too softhearted for his own good and gets taken advantage of by others.

It is a rare Pisces that does not have psychic abilities, which can make him a wonderfully attentive lover who can anticipate your every desire. He also loves to know all your secrets and you can rest assured that they are safe with him.

Despite your unveiling to your Pisces man, you will never really know the mystery man of the Zodiac. Truth is, he doesn’t really know himself.

Remember his two-fish dilemma and you will understand this man’s confusion. But then Pisces are meant to be enjoy and not so much understood.


His Quality – Mutable


But of course Pisces is a Mutable sign. From the Latin root mutabilis meaning change, his guy goes beyond change by simply going with the flow without the need to ever shift gears. You’ve got yourself a regular chameleon, when you have a Pisces man. Just adapt.


Pisces Man – This man possesses real charisma. The secret of his success with women is his ability to always see them at their best; he truly has a sensitive nature which allows him to appreciate their inner qualities. He lives in a world of dreams and romance and thus charms women because of it.

He lives for the moment, and while it lasts, he’ll make it most memorable for his special lady… poetry, passion, moonlight, champagne…the works!

He would like nothing more than to find love in one woman, but change is something which appeals to him constantly, thus making it hard to stick to one person.

He has a very hard time sailing smoothly through the sea of his desires. Secret affairs and clandestine meetings are what mostly turn him on…anything where high risk is involved…and so, he’s totally into married women, for instance.

This is actually a man who will fall in love very easily, but mostly with the wrong woman. It’s quite common that a Pisces loses his heart several times during a lifetime, and always for the wrong woman.

In the bedroom he tends to get into different stuff….just like his female counterpart…but he’s always considerate and won’t insist on having his way if his partner is not comfortable with his fantasies.

To him, sex is much more than a physical release, since it’s more like the culmination of a romantic yearning.

As a husband, he probably won’t be the best provider of the Zodiac but if he’s in love he will give unselfishly of himself… his time, his money, his love, anything he has. He’s the kind of man who will do practically anything for the woman he loves. He’s a dreamer and if you’re his right match, the dreams he’ll be dreaming will be to figure out how to make yours come true!


Pisces Man Traits


If you can hold a fish in your hand and make him want to stay you have a friend for life. These men aren’t the easiest, they change their minds at The drop of a hat and beware always the hidden agenda.

Can be very loyal and loving,you need to understand his moods and needs. When He’s off on one of his daydreams there is little thought for anything else,let the line out, he needs to swim just be there when he gets home.


How To Get A Virgo Man’s Attention


What to focus on:


  • He does have a tendency to dream big, but doesn’t always follow through on those dreams. Take the time to light a fire under him and help him realize that he can make them happen if they are realistic.
  • He is a gentleman that admires Beauty in all of its forms. Whether this is in the form of a flower in full bloom, or even taking the time to breathe in the air and admire a great landscape. Why don’t you take the time to dress beautifully for him and show him that there’s beauty for him to admire right then and there.
  • This guy is a true romantic. Unlike some guys that like to shut themselves off from romance, this guy is open-minded to it. So take the time to plan a candlelight dinner, or a night of a movie and cuddling. Anything that you find romantic he would be into.
  • This guy is known to show a lot of empathy. So if you’re ever going through a problem you can know full well that this guy is very sympathetic to what you’re dealing with. So talk to him about your issues, just make sure you don’t overdo it and burden him.


What Not To Do:


  • He loves to have his moments of Solitude. Let him have those because those are the moments he likes to recharge his batteries. Taking on other people’s issues and coming up with Solutions can drain him a lot.
  • Don’t expect this guy to be judgmental. If you personally have moments where you can be judgmental try to keep them to yourself.
  • This man is definitely a great listener, but don’t be the only one talking in the conversation. Let him be able to be part of it as well. He needs to be able to talk and give his point of view. He also needs somebody that he can turn to you and talk to you about things as well.
  • It is true that he’s a problem solver, but do your best to make sure that you don’t overburden him with other people’s issues. He does need a break from time to time.


How to Attract a Pisces Man


The Pisces man is extremely creative, sensitive and often times very shy around women.  To attract a Pisces man, you will need to be outgoing and even sometimes be the one to make the first move.

This is what makes it hard from Pisces males to meet someone, but their sensitivity and artistic behavior make them desirable to women.

Pisces men like innovation and creation, so when you walk up and strike up a conversation with one of these men, make sure to engage in conversation that is dreamy and innovative.

The Pisces man has interest in art and culture, so ask questions about cultural events, books, and art will keep him engaged in the conversation.

The Pisces man is perfect for women who need a man who listens to her.  He will listen to you, but to attract him, you need to be somewhat dominant in the relationship.

You will need to be sensitive to his feelings and show signs of love and passion.  Pisces men need beautiful women who believe in romance, or they will slowly lose interest in her.

Pisces men sometimes have an irrational, idealistic outlook on women, beauty, and love.  If your relationship falls into a daily grind, then you may lose the interest of your Pisces male.

Keep your Pisces man attracted to you by always finding time for the romantic side of things.  Take him on a picnic, go to an art gallery, or simply spend a romantic evening watching a movie.

Keeping the romance in the relationship will limit the chance of losing interest in your Pisces male.

He may even take control and cook you dinner, because Pisces men are listeners and want to stay happy in their relationships.  If you’re searching for a sensitive man who will stay faithful to you, then a Pisces man is perfect for you.

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Dating a Pisces man


 How to approach him for the first time


This is the type of guy that you can use different techniques to get him. Hitting his senses of smell with a subtle beautiful fragrance, a smile that showing some mystery behind it, or even a meaningful deep look. These are the types of things that could do more work for you then a full day of flirting that he obviously picks up on.

To get this man’s attention in the first place, you should be appealing and as sensual as possible. You can even be a little bit off the wall with this man, as he seems to be interested in women that are a little bit out of the ordinary.

He may show you or he may not show you that he is a true romantic at heart. It is usually rare if he is the opposite. These guys usually aren’t miserable when it comes to romance and life.


So you got your first date


The best idea for a first date with this man is something that involves him being able to concentrate solely on you. So with that being said it’s best not to plan anything that is considered a busy evening. This will also keep him pretty calm and centered.

His idea of a perfect date is one that has a natural flow to it. A date where you both don’t have to contend with waiting 30 minutes for a table for dinner, or having to settle with the Late Show at the movies. The mundane things in life really annoy him. The important thing to think about is that Simplicity is the key here

He wants to be in a situation where you are both not going to be interrupted. Somewhere that you can both discuss different topics and even possibly share secrets. Even if this involves the date taking place as your own home, that’s a cool idea to.

Set the mood with some music and even with some Candlelight if it is getting to that point. Break out the red wine if you wish.

Sexually speaking he is not the type of guy that will make a move unless he knows that it’s going to be reciprocated. He needs to know that everything’s a go. It’s important that you verbalize to him ahead of time what your intentions are for the first date.

If intimacy is not something you want to share on the first night, this guy is still capable of being considerate and tender. And can withstand the urge to push himself on you, which really isn’t in his nature.

When the time is right and it’s something that you are interested in, he will gladly go that place with you.


So you want to get out of a date with a Pisces man


  •  try to find anything and everything to start a fight about
  •  let him know that it his dreams will never come true
  •  show him an uncaring side
  •  be totally insensitive to anyone around you including him
  •  just be crude

Pisces Man compatibility


Aries woman

These two work better when it comes to a casual relationship. Their relationship potential in terms of compatibility is usually on the low side. The important thing that should not be overlooked is whether or not this casual relationship can be made into a long-term one. with some effort on both parts things could move into a steady relationship. The key word term though is Effort.

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Taurus woman

These two are pretty much completely different people, which isn’t a bad thing in this situation. They both will be able to contribute a lot to the relationship. They do have the ability to make a couple that is well-balanced and very happy. Due to the fact that there’s a pretty good chance this relationship could work,  their compatibility is considered medium.

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Gemini woman

There is a certain attraction between these two at the very beginning of a relationship together. Even though they might fall in love after a little bit, issues can arise that could be quite serious and detrimental to the couple. They both have a tendency to be unpredictable/volatile in situations and this is why they have what’s considered a low compatibility.

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Cancer woman

This is a woman that he can feel very connected to. She will also bring the understanding that he needs to make this into a very loving stable relationship. This is why they’re considered one of the best combinations.

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Leo woman

These two have a 50-50 chance of making it in a relationship. This is due to the fact that even though there will be a lot of happiness and passion between the two of them, situations can arise where there might be arguments that lead to breakups. What they need to do is set boundaries and understand what each other is willing to put up with. If they don’t do this then the future doesn’t look too bright for them.

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Virgo woman

In astrology these two are considered what would be referred to as opposite signs. In a lot of cases opposite signs seem to attract each other. That’s exactly what happens with these two as they are very highly compatible with each other. Their differences are what attract them to one another.

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Libra woman

These two work together really well as friends and that’s pretty much it. When it comes to a relationship there’s a lot of situations that could arise between the two of them that would end in a breakup. They have a lot of differences between each other which is why they have what’s considered low compatibility.

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Scorpio woman

These two have what is considered high compatibility for the fact that they have a lot of chemistry with each other, and have the ability to understand what each other needs in a relationship.  They both have the patience and understanding that is the backbone of this couple.

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Sagittarius woman

This is a woman that he is highly attracted to, but the only problem is they don’t really usually hit it off past friends. Their compatibility is considered quite low outside of a friendship. If they do take it in a relationship direction, they will have to prepare themselves for what lies ahead.

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Capricorn woman

This man and woman do have a chance to make things work in their relationship because they do have a lot of compatibility with each other. The only problem is that things are going to start off pretty slow between the two of them. At the very beginning they will both have reservations about the relationship and a little bit of distrust. This is something that they’ll both have to work through.

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Aquarius woman

These two signs together are better as friends than as a romantic couple. The spark between them just doesn’t ignite, even though they have the ability to have a lot of fun with each other. They have what’s considered average compatibility. If they’re able to overcome the friend zone situation there is a chance that they could make it as a couple.

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Pisces woman

These two as a couple find themselves in what would be considered a make-it-or-break-it situation. On one side of things that could be in a relationship with each other where they understand each other perfectly. On the other side of things they might find themselves in a relationship that’s full of arguments and disagreements. The important thing is that they take the time to communicate with each other  their own personal needs in the relationship.

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Erogenous zones


his zone is his feet. The best bet would not be to tickle them, try some firm massaging and hit them up with a little bit of massage oil.

Sex With A Pisces Man


Pisces is the Don Juan of the Zodiac. This romantic seducer will never tolerate gruff, rude or crude behavior. Enchant him with a single rose, silk sheets and a flowing but slinky dressing gown.

Lovemaking for a Pisces is a legendary fantasy. And boy, can they ever kiss. It helps to absorb romance novels so you “get” a Pisces man. Pisces spend their lives in a dreamworld so leave reality out of the boudoir.

Turn Ons: Mommy like rolemodel. Someone needs to be the practical one in the relationship, and it certainly isn’t you. If a woman can hold your hand and take care of the mundane tasks of living in the real world, you can supply enough tenderness for the two of you.

Turn Offs: Very little turns you off, actually. You can find that glimmer of hope in each new partnership and fall in love, instantly. Each mate is fresh and uncharted territory to you, and you don’t mind having a broken heart — it’s merely proof of having loved someone.

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How to Keep your Pisces man around


let compassion be your Guiding Light

The Pisces is one of the most compassionate signs in the zodiac. So open up your heart and let it guide you the same way Pisces does with his. This man is never unkind or cynical. His compassion for his fellow men and women is one of his best traits.

if you’re demanding, stop!

This is a guy that does not put up with a woman that is demanding and/or pushy. if you possess those traits you probably don’t want to be with this type of man. He will cooperate as much as he possibly can, but he doesn’t put up with too much.

What is logic?

This is a man that uses his imagination and intuition more so than anything else .So sometimes logic goes right out the window. To be able to understand this man you’re going to have to start using your right side of your brain, and put your thoughts in the clouds. If you’re able to connect with him on that level he will love you almost automatically.


This guy likes to live life at a slower pace. He’s not looking to settle down with a woman that is a worrier, or somebody that will push him to hurry up. If you take the time to slow your pace down and join him, you’ll feel a deeper connection.

Look after yourself

this man almost lives in a world that’s like a Dreamscape. His imagination takes him too far off places. It’s important for you to be self-sufficient or else nothing will ever get done in this relationship. He’s not a grifter or a mooch, he just needs a woman that will fend for herself as well.

Be stable

This is a man whose mind is always in the clouds. That doesn’t mean that he won’t be successful in life though. He will need your support and your ability to stay grounded. Give him the direction that he will need.

Add your dreams to the mix

Unlike some men of the zodiac this is one that truly wants to know all of your hopes and dreams. He will love hearing all about your fantasies,and any secrets that you keep. He’s just like having your best girlfriend on speed dial.

Feelings alert

This is a man that is very secretive of his sensitive side. He truly doesn’t want you or anyone else to know all about it. He has a very sweet soul, so keep that in mind when you talk to him. Tread lightly as his feelings can easily be hurt. So much so that you may never know. He will keep that bottled up inside until he can’t take it anymore, and just move on.

Romantic at heart

If things work out perfectly between the two it will be like living romance novel. The only thing that can bring this relationship crashing down is tension between the both of you. Let him see you your romantic side, and he will definitely show you his.

stay romantic

This is a guy that loves to flirt, and when he’s in a relationship it’s you that he’s flirting with. He will enjoy trying to make as many romantic moments as possible with you. He needs this romance in his life or else he will start to stray.

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