Libra Woman (September 24 – October 23)

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libra woman

Libra Woman – She is, above all, an actress and so the drama level will be high, even if all her show is for an audience of one.  She needs to be the center of attention and in that sense is very much like Leo women.  The main difference is that Leo for instance, wants to be the sun in the Universe… Libra doesn’t mind being one star in the heavens, as long as she’s the biggest and brightest.  In other words, sharing the stage is not a problem, as long as she’s the prima ballerina.

She is mostly in love with the idea of being loved and is an expert in enchanting members of the opposite sex.   Her histrionics sometimes become a bit too much for her own self to handle and she feels she needs a break from them.  You see, she’s as lazy in love as in most other areas of her life, so once her primary need of enchanting the other, has been met, she begins to lose interest.  She’s always on the lookout for a companion who will enhance her image but in all honesty, that perfect mate exists only in her mirror!

Her mate should be a man who can set the stage well for her to shine.  This is why many of them are attracted to older, richer men, who are good in the art of pleasing a woman.  In her youth, she’ll jump among interesting guys but with the years, comes her need to settle into a comfortable long-term relationship.  She’ll probably marry more than once and when it’s time to part ways, chances are she’ll try to do it amicably since, who says an ex can’t remain an admirer for life?

For the Libra Man

Libra Woman Traits

Look for the dimples and the charming smile and laughing eyes and you’ve probable stumbled across a Libra lady she is a master at playing the helpless female in the company of men and she’ll jealously drop a broken wing on the floor for you to notice should you be paying a little too much attention elsewhere! She can be jealous but admit it: ? never! Her charming manipulations have you enchanted and she’s never wrong try going her way and she’ll do anything try going against her and you go it alone. With Libra it’s black or its white but she picks the colour!

Libra Woman in Love

The Libra woman is in love with being in love. She wants to be admired and adored by all she meets. This woman wants to be the star of the show and the brightest star in the sky.

Arranging as much as she can around her to suit her own needs to be the star and center of attention the Libra woman can appear moody and even needy.

Much of the time this woman is moody and expects others to intuitively understand her moods as well as her needs without her having to express them. She sometimes is misunderstood and just doesn’t understand why.

The search for love for the Libra woman is closely tied to her image. She wants a partner who will enhance her and pamper her. Often Libra women are drawn to older, more sophisticated men who have mastered the best ways to treat a woman right.

In addition to a lover who will all the items she desires to enhance her image the Libra woman wants a partner who is affectionate, understanding, and who has no problems catering to her whims – every one of them.

Much of the Libra woman’s love quest is in attaining the attention and admiration of a man. Soon after she’s won that she’ll often lose interest in the relationship and move on to find the next adoring fan. After all you can never have too many devoted fans.

Libra women are drawn to romance rather than the sexual aspect of relationships and often seek out permanent relationships. An appeal on the primitive level will do nothing with the Libra woman.

Libra women have a vast array of interests such as the arts, theater, decorating, art collecting, and more. Appealing to one of these is the best way to get her attention.

Keep conversation lively and don’t hold back with this woman too little for her and only bore her to death.

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Sex With A Libra Woman

Turn Ons: A gentleman. You know your place, he knows his, and you’re always on your best behavior as the courtship never ends. Someone who’s exactly your opposite also helps you value your unique gifts; you’ll balance each other but never compete.

Turn Offs: A boor. Sloppiness, rudeness and a lack of style repel you instantly, and if a man gives you a practical gift for your birthday he should start packing.

Libra Girl

libra girl

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