Virgo Woman (August 23 – September 22)

virgo woman

Virgo Lady

Her standards are so high (and well, they should be, she deserves the best) but they are so high that no one, I mean no one can live up to them. If someone is not neat, well, forget them, they are out of there. She has secret longings that she is going to keep that way: secret. She believes in making herself a better person, seeking self-fufillment is a big theme in her life. She worries a lot and might have a chronic upset stomach because of it. She has energy to spare, always moving, always doing and accomplishing. And she loves her home. It’s her castle. Parties are fun provided all the people there are on their best behavior. And many Virgo girls think sex is not that big of a deal and folks should just get over it.

Virgo Woman– Looking from the outside, she appears calm, serene, almost emotionally unreachable at times.  But truth be it, underneath that cool exterior, intense emotions are brewing.  What the are is a bit afraid of emotion and the vulnerable state that puts them in…but once their heart is open and they unleash its content, they have a lot to offer a mate.

She’s not the type to fear being alone.  She’ll gladly sit hom with a good book instead of going out with a guy who she knows, off the bat, is not for her.  Virgo women are discriminating in that sense and a lot of good that does her since it keeps Mr. Wrong from intruding where he certainly isn’t wanted.  She fears nothing more than to become seriously involved, especially if it’s a live-in arrangement, with the wrong man.  Be assured that before entering in such a commitment she’ll make damn sure she knows where the exit doors are.

These women have a great sense of self-possession, in other words, their passion is controlled by discipline.  This is why they might give off the impression of evasiveness or reservation but they are greatly misunderstood.  Her amorous nature believes in true love.  When she truly falls in love, her inhibitions will go flying out the window and her passion will take over the show.

You can’t take her for granted though.  You must strive hard to win her, please her and fulfill her.  If you can, you will have a partner who pays you back in lifelong dividends of love, loyalty and happiness.

For the Virgo Man

Virgo Woman Traits

The lady with a single mind who craves the movies type of romance, she wants to be pursued with flowers and find you on the telephone when it rings, she needs to play games and test you out[just to see if you really do love her] she lives in the world of the perfect romance and forgets how complicated real life can become. She is gold for the man who wants it but because she hides so much beneath the surface will often find herself being abandoned for the flash of tinsle. Will she fight, in a word no! she’ll tell herself she did nothing wrong and sulk, it takes a special kind of man to understand this lady.

Virgo Woman in Love

The Virgo woman has many times been characterized as a cold, unresponsive creature. However this is simply not true.

The Virgo woman is one of the most misunderstood and conflicted of all the sun signs. This woman is very cautious against emotions and even distrusts them. She feels that if she trusts emotions she can be hurt deeply and this is to be avoided at all costs.

Woman born under this sun sign are a combination of sensuality and sensibility. She won’t give her heart freely or quickly to just any man. She approaches love in her own way and at her own pace which is usually rather slow.

One of the greatest fears of the Virgo woman is giving her heart to the wrong man and being trapped in a relationship with him. She takes time to reveal herself to her potential mate and this at times can be perceived as distant and cold. This is untrue.

Beneath the surface the Virgo woman is full of passion and deep sensitivity; she just won’t show it to many. The Virgo woman would rather stay home and watch a good movie or read a great book than waste her time with a man who isn’t the right guy.

This woman is a believer in true love and is on the quest for only that type of love. No other love will do for this warm, sensitive, and devoted companion.

The Virgo woman is not spontaneous or impulsive and likes to plan out every move they make – especially in love where their hearts are vulnerable.

This woman is attracted to intelligence and sincerity. Do your best to get her attention with these and use your loyalty and genuine interest in her to gain her trust. Once the Virgo woman trusts you she’ll open up who she really is underneath her cool exterior and you’ll find a deeply passionate caring creature.

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Sex With A Virgo Woman

Turn Ons: Stability and a sense of responsibility. You need to arrange dates well in advance, and if a guy says he’ll call, he’d better. Once you have that safety net, you relax and let yourself go. Your mate needs to enjoy your love of domesticity, so a gardener or holistic cook always sparks your interest.

Turn Offs: Disorderly conduct. Tardiness, flakiness and a casual attitude toward commitment bring out your critical, perfectionist streak. You’ll nit-pick a mate to death if he doesn’t meet your meticulous standards. And if he’s chronically short of cash, you’re chronically short-tempered.

Virgo woman sex traits

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