Virgo Man – Sex, Attraction, And His Personality

BY Melissa Martinez


Virgo Man Personality



  • Super attractive and can be one to be organized
  • Patient and intelligent , makes the right decisions after analyzing the problem and all solutions.
  • Romantic and sincere
  • Super faithful type of guy
  • Sensitive, and this makes him want to be the type of guy to go out of his way to help solve issues.
  • Likes people that peel back the layers and let them see the real you.
  • not a one nighter type of man.
  • long term relationship type material.


  • Is a good lie detector, if you lie he will know. ( this isn’t a bad personality trait unless you want to keep a secret)
  • Can be a perfectionist at times
  • may take him a little time to show interest
  • doesn’t like one night stands if that’s your goal, if not this isn’t a bad thing.

His Planet – Mercury


Virgo is ruled by Mercury the great communicator. But unlike talkative Gemini who shares this ruler, Virgo’s talk is mostly in his head where he is busy analyzing every fact and fantasy that comes his way. Virgo isn’t happy unless he has something to ponder.

Mercury is inquisitive and inspires us to want to know more. The Winged Messenger influences the messages we receive and the ones we send. The planet influences how we communicate our wants and needs and how we convey who we are. To understand this man requires that you get inside his head and that is not an easy task.

Mercury energy is active and can shoot off in many different directions. Virgo’s mental energy taxes even him but more often everyone else. He likely has a dozen mental to-do’s in various stages of progress. He often goes down a path only to venture off in another direction and then back to where he started.

His Symbol – The Virgin


Don’t be fooled by the Virgo’s Virgin symbol. He can be a lustful lover and not always a faithful one. Virgins are self-contained and perfecting. They are also often unobtainable as they will not give themselves away to just anyone. With guy will not appreciate your thinking he is a easy catch.

His Element – Earth


The goddess of harvest could only be an Earth sign. Virgos have nurturing qualities that seek to feed both our minds and our bodies. The Virgo man is grounded by outdoor activities in an almost mystical way. He respects the Earth’s environment and will not tolerate you doing less.

Earth signs are logical and none more so than Virgo. He depends on reason and facts to make sound decisions. He can get very stuck in logic and overwhelm others with analytical criticism. He thinks he is just being helpful but will often offend the more carefree spirited. His analytical nature can cause him excess worry and while he looks at all the angles, he tends to fixate on the negative ones.

Despite his grounded nature, Mercury makes Virgo a bit airy. He may live on planet Earth but his ideas can get flighty and confusing even for him. Always keep in mind that Virgos live in their heads.

His Quality -Mutable


No amount of reason will prevent Virgo from adapting to his circumstances. A Mutable sign, which comes from the Latin root mutabilis meaning change, his guy may seem rigid but is anything but. He can change his mind, looks and attitude at will.


Virgo Man– He gives off the impression of being somebody who is in total control of his emotions, yet this is nothing but a disguise. He is actually sensitive, receptive, sensuous and cautious all at the same time. Thing is he has a hard time expressing his innermost feelings and therefore is mostly attracted to women who are effusive and vivacious. Nevertheless, he is horrified of the possibility of finding himself in the middle of some tempestuous scene or tantrum. Emotionality upsets him because he is both attracted to it and disturbed by it. His love life is seldom what he’d want it to be.

The woman a Virgo man ultimately chooses has to rank pretty high up on the standard scale! What he absolutely dislikes are any signs of coarseness, cheapness, or loose and careless conduct. Although he can’t express his emotional needs easily, you’ll find that he can express that which bothers him very well. He can be demanding, judgemental and quick to find fault. The one consolation to the woman in his life is that his demands are proof that he cares; otherwise, he wouldn’t even be bothered with you.

This is not the man who will sweep you off your feet or shower you with attentions. If you’re looking for Earth-shattering glow, keep looking because this is not your man; nevertheless, you can rest assured that come daylight, your man will still be there with you and not off chasing somebody else.

There’s no glitter with him, but there is a lot of quality and potential if you just give them a chance.

Virgo Man Traits

This man was probably a horse breeder in another life, he looks for a good brood mare to bear his stock, good bone and teeth are essential here. He will strive to help you if he thinks you’re a worthy cause but he is inclined to worry He is slow to respond and needs a woman who fits his idea of perfection.

How To Get A Virgo Man’s Attention


What to focus on:


  • He does have the tendency to show no emotion or that he can be cold at times. He might even seem immune to your tears or feelings. Just know that deep down inside he is very concerned about your well-being, and mentally analyzing a way that you can help you out. He might not show it but he generally does care about you, he just shows it in a different way than most other signs do.
  •  If he feels like you don’t care about something, he might test you by starting an argument with him. He will only do this because he’s trying to find out what your true feelings are about the topic you are both discussing.
  • This is a man that Believes In fairness above all. So if you’re in an argument with him it’s best to appeal to his sense of fairness. You will definitely score a point with him if you do.
  • He likes to play a paternal role (fatherly) in somebody’s life, so if you take the time to let him know that you count on him for things, he will do his best not to let you down.
  • He may have a belief on how you should behave around him and other people. Do your best to find out what he expects of you, and keep the status quo. If he expects too much from you then move on.
  • This guy is the ultimate problem solver, and once he’s taken the time to think about how to fix the issue he will. So if there are any issues that are plaguing you currently, give him all the details that he needs to know about what is going on, and you can be rest assured that he’ll take care of it.

What Not To Do:


  • When you can see that he is deep in thought, do your best to give him time to work through it. One thing that he does not like is when somebody interrupts his thought process. He is deeply analyzing all possible outcomes to come to a good decision.
  • Arguments happen with the best of us. When it comes to arguing with this man, it’s best to do it diplomatically. If you cross him, He will more than likely give you the silent treatment until he has calm down.


How to Attract a Virgo Man

How to Attract a Virgo Man. If you have never dated a Virgo man, then you haven’t experienced a perfectionist.  The Virgo man is a perfectionist, and he brings that into all aspects of his life.  He will also want a partner who attempts to keep things perfect even though mistakes will happen.  The Virgo man is extremely analytical and over-thinks many areas of life.  If you want to attract a Virgo male, then you need to appeal to his analytical and critical thinking.  When approaching him, ask him about life, philosophy, or even the more serious subjects of religion and politics.

The Virgo is one of the more insecure zodiac signs.  To attract a Virgo, you will need to be very supportive and often give him reassurance.  He needs a partner who can help him through the bad times and let him know everything will be alright.  When dating and attracting a Virgo man, give him advice in things of which he is unsure.  Give him helpful ideas and critiques, but don’t do it too harshly or you can scare away a Virgo male.  Be kind to him when giving him criticism and he will appreciate your advice.

Virgo men can sometimes be unorganized, so buy your Virgo man gifts that help him become more organized.  A more organized Virgo will become surer of himself and he will love and appreciate you for helping him increase his confidence.  When you do offer advice for your Virgo man, make sure to keep harsh criticism at a minimum, or you may find that he becomes defensive and avoids you.  If you manage to win over a Virgo man, he will forever be attached to you.  Virgo men are loyal if you prove yourself to be behind him through thick or thin.

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Dating a Virgo man


 How to approach him for the first time


This is a guy that takes his time to get what he wants. So the best approach to obtaining this man is to take things slow and steady. He’s not known for making hasty decisions so he’ll take his time when it comes to whether or not he wants to be with you.

When it comes to the heart he’s not known to gamble with his emotions. If something happens too fast or comes across as happening to suddenly he will look at it very suspiciously.

This is the man that really likes to date somebody that has the same interests as they do. So if you have that going for you, you’re already halfway there.

He needs to be stimulated mentally in order for you to get his attention, appearance itself will not win this man over.

So you got your first date


this guy is a gentleman to a T. What that means is he is not expecting the night to be a wild and crazy one.

He likes the first date to be in a place that’s not too flashy, somewhere where he can have a stimulating conversation to get to know you better. Take this time to get to know him better as a person, and keep your emotional thoughts in check. Don’t start talking to him about the emotional aspects of a relationship.

He does have a complex personality that you will have to navigate through,  but as you peel back those layers you will notice a sensual man that has your pleasure in mind. Just probably not on the first date. Then again if you drive him wild you never know.

He is looking for the type of woman or partner that can slowly integrate him into a world of pleasure and hot experiences.  As he becomes accustomed to you, you will start to notice that he will put your pleasure above his. If you can provide what he’s looking for. This is a guy that would genuinely support you and be generous with his time.

The truth is this man really needs to take the time to analyze his thoughts and feelings about whether or not he’s going to give you the chance to have that. Don’t fret if it takes a little bit.

So you want to get out of a date with a Virgo man


  •   call him a crazy guy
  •   when he’s being logical laugh at him
  •   when you talk to him don’t be logical
  •   become a very impractical person
  •  be a very dull conversationalist
  •  be messy and unorganized

Erogenous zones


his zone Is his stomach. Either use your mouth tongue or fingers to move over it to tease him.

Sex With A Virgo Man

Virgos seem so uptight and prudish, right? Well a little but he’s just really picky so if he picked you, enjoy. Virgos are the sign of service so he will work hard to please his partner. Still the virgin does have standards so make sure the sheets are clean and your toenails trimmed. He’s got excellent taste so wow him with a classic goddess gown. Don’t offend him with raunchy behavior or weird positions.  He’s passionate but never undignified.

Turn Ons: A woman who needs a little help and guidance. An artistic or spiritual gal can bring out the softer, otherworldly side of you (even if you don’t quite understand it), while letting you take care of the details of living in the real world.

Turn Offs: Drama queens. Fights rattle your nerves, so if a mate needs to cut you down to bolster herself up, you’re destroyed. If a woman expects you to be a big spender or an alpha male, she’s better off with someone else

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How to Keep your Virgo man around


keep this man busy

This guy is definitely a thinker. So you have to help him make sure that that mental energy goes somewhere. Get him out into the real world and away from his mind, by either going to the movies or going out for a walk or something. Even a party could help out. When he’s left alone he has a tendency of thinking about things more than he should. It would be one thing if his thoughts were pure happiness, it’s another thing if he’s going into his mind to worry more than he should.

let the criticism roll off your shoulders

He does tend to criticize people a little bit more than he should. What you have to remember in a relationship with this man is that he thinks he’s doing it for the greater good. He doesn’t seem to notice that it’s really bothering you as much as it is. If you show that you appreciate his efforts to try and help, he will work even harder to try and be kind.

Be responsible

Since he is an earth sign he always has the mindset that he always has to be living in a stable situation. So make sure that you are making an honest living, and taking care of yourself financially as well as physically. Irresponsible actions really drive him crazy so don’t bring that into his lifestyle.

Try not to criticize him

Yes I know that I just mentioned earlier on you should let the criticism that he brings to you roll off your shoulders. The problem is, is that this man cannot take the heat when it comes to getting criticism in return. He can dish it out but he just can’t take it. Mentally speaking he thinks just like the symbol of his sign that he is perfection.

keep everything on the down low

This is definitely a man that you don’t want to kiss and tell about to your friends. He enjoys living a lifestyle that’s more private than most. So if he hears any stories about himself that he told you from somebody else he will be overly upset. Gossip is something that he likes to hear about other people sometimes if its saucy, but when it’s about him it blows his top. So keep everything about your relationship on the down-low. I’m speaking about the dirty laundry part, there is no issue with you talking to your friends about you being in a relationship with this man.

Keep everything sparkling

If there ever was a man of the zodiac that is a germaphobe this is the guy himself. So make sure your hygiene habits are top-notch. Or that your house or place are clean. You’ll see the same thing about him when you go to visit his house. His hygiene habits will be first in class.

his mind is it is own

This is a guy that is definitely very private and has a shy side to him. Like mentioned previously, he has a lot of mental energy that he has to deal with. So he has a tendency to be stuck in his own mind at times. If you take the time to talk to him about things he might open up about it. If you try and pry it out of him then you’ll find that he mentally will shut you out.

Keep the mood light

This man has a tendency to over-analyze everything. As everyone knows analyzing things is some serious business when it comes to brain power. So the best thing that you can do for this guy is keep everything light in your relationship. Keep the focus on the love and happiness you both feel in your relationship. The happier he is the more he will be tempted not to analyze things.

Let him serve you

Virgos true calling is to be somebody that serves others. Which is kind of hard to believe because this gentleman is really a Hermit in disguise. If he offers to cook a meal let him. If he offers to go to the shopping for you both, let him. Just make sure that when you do he doesn’t feel like you’re taking advantage of him. Also trust me,this man will know when you’re patronizing him as well. To get around that all you really need to do is show him genuine respect and love towards him,and appreciation for him as your guy.

Remember that you’re part of a team

This is one sign that can be content living by himself as well. So if he feels like he’s not getting what he needs out of the relationship he will walk away. This is where you have to bring in the team mentality. You both are two players on the same team.  Share the load together, make everything equally 50/50. Without this his mind will start thinking that he can do the exact same things but by himself without having to deal with a relationship.


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