Libra Man – Sex, Attraction, And His Personality

The Libra Guy

Not generally very athletic, very in tune with his intellectual side, creative and sensitive. He is really very fair, concerned with justice to the point of obsession. He likes to make everyone happy. The Libra guy has very acute intuition in a sense having X-ray spy vision, so don’t try to pull anything over this one. Women are rarely good enough and he can never make up his mind if he should date this one or that. But he can be a real pushover if the woman (or man) is confident and in control. Libra men especially like flattery. And they like to please a woman (or man), if you know what I mean.

Libra Man Personality



  • Is a man of amazing taste and has great aesthetic sense
  • Loves being around people and has a lot of different groups of friends
  • Feels more alive in a relationship
  • hes a good listener and will make you feel comfortable
  • Likes to go away to take time to renew himself and you as a couple
  • Attracted to people that realize his dreams and help him make them happen.
  • Super romantic
  • Wont waste time in relationships that have no meaning or future.
  • Long term relationship potential


  • Is flirtatious by nature, which can get him in a little trouble
  • Not really known for his empathy

His Planet – Venus


Libra is ruled by Venus the goddess of love, which he shares with Taurus. Libra loves beautiful things and sensual pleasures but, unlike Taurus, Libra’s connection with his stuff is more one of enjoyment that security. Libra enjoys a balance with the spiritual and material worlds.

Still never forget how important pleasurable possessions are to a Libra especially art and fashion.

Venus is expressed much more visually in Libra. Her appeal is more magnetic and mesmerizing here. Libra enjoys being looked at and touched and will give you good reason to delight in your guy’s sensual nature.

Libra is also the sign of partnership and nothing will prevent him from finding and marrying his other half.

Venus abhors rude and crude behavior and will not tolerate cruelness. When you are ruled by a goddess planet, you must follow certain protocol and a Libra will adhere to them completely.

Compassion and fairness are of paramount important to this man.

His Symbol – The Scales


Libra’s balancing act is no coincident. With the symbol of the Scales, your guy is constantly trying to even things up so everyone is content. This quality can make him quite indecisive at times and he will appreciate your stepping in and gently breaking the tie for him.

His Element -Air Sign


Like a breath of fresh air, Libra’s Air sign characteristics are always apparent. Quick thinking, unrestrained and freedom loving, Libra loves to chat and always has something interesting and caring to say.

The problem is he is often moving on to the next person just when the conversation gets fascinating.

Like the wind, Libras cannot be constrained so don’t even begin to try. Likewise don’t expect him to be too reliable or in the least bit predictable. The truth is that not even a Libra knows what he is thinking or planning next. Just enjoy the excitement.

Libras love to know what you are thinking and can make you feel so special. They are very intelligent and want you to make things right (balanced) in your life. You can really exhaust any Air sign with your personal baggage and even more so a Libra whose nerves are set on edge by a problem that can’t be fixed.

His Quality – Cardinal


Libra is a Cardinal sign with a kind and caring attitude. From the Latin word cardinalismeaning principal or pivotal, Libra wants to make things right in the world and won’t mind asserting his powerful and often times bossy or demanding influence to make it happen.

Libra Man – This is the man who is simply too popular with women. He has the odd ability to relate to the opposite sex almost on a feminine level, like one of the girls and that kind of understanding works very much in his favor. He is charming, elegant and very refined as far as his esthetic sense goes.

All the attention he gets makes him a bit spoiled, but he manages to get away with that too! Be warned though, if you don’t manage to catch his attention quickly, he’ll move on to a more promising prospect. His multiple experiences have most definitely made him a suave lover.

These men will spend a lot of time cultivating relationships. The Libra male not only wants a relationship, he wants a perfect love affair…. one where he can find the appreciation, understanding and even adoration that he craves. He is an idealist by nature and so is convinced that such a finding is possible.

He is the diplomat of the zodiac so very seldom will you find yourself in a quarrel with him. Chances are he’ll be able to find balance between what he wants and what you want.

If, for some reason, upsetting incidents arise, he will surely walk away. He won’t engage in a fight because he never wants to give the slightest impression of being unreasonable.

As a lover, he’s outstanding. He tends to be knowledgeable about the human anatomy and add to that a very active erotic imagination…the combination is unparalleled! Lovemaking with him will always be a sensuous experience but make sure you always let him know just how good is what.

He’s very responsive to admiration and flattery. And a happy Libra will only result in a much happier you, for sure!

Libra Man Traits


Lively and very intelligent and with the gift of the gab. Likes to make himself popular with everyone and in love is inclined to be fickle takes some holding on to. A dreamer, and a connoisseur of beauty when he finds that dream he will commit.

How To Get A Libra Man’s Attention


Things to do:


  • As shallow as this sounds this man loves to judge beauty by his eyes. So if you’re interested in influencing him it’s best to keep yourself appealing to what  type of woman who looks for.
  • When it comes to love, he’s more into the word love itself, then the true experience of it.That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t want to feel love. This is a man that you have to keep the romance alive with, and you can do that by attaching sentimental things to your relationship. Or giving him tokens of  appreciation and love. Help open up his heart.
  • If you are his woman, he will always consider you his number one.  So do what you can to keep up with that status. Just don’t burn yourself out trying to do that.  The most important thing is to be you.
  • It’s important to keep an aura of tranquility and peace around you. One thing this man truly hates is being around confusion and disagreements.
  • He likes it when people come to him to ask him for advice on problems or issues they’re dealing with. When he does show his problem-solving technique, he usually shows a rational approach.
  • This is a man that truly does not like to hurt anybody’s feelings at all. It’s important for you to read between the lines when it comes to the things that he says and does. If he’s not truly into a relationship, he does have the tendency of staying in the relationship even if he doesn’t want to. By reading between the lines will know the truth about how he feels.

Things not to do:


  • He truly likes to analyze anything and everything that he comes across. Do not let this trait of his drive you crazy. There are some instances in life when this actually becomes a good trait.  Let it be one that works for you not against you.
  • He is known to be fickle at times.  This is because when he’s thinking about things he’s truly analyzing them. So don’t count on any decision that he makes as the end result, until he tells you that that’s the case. His answer might flip flop all the time until he comes to the final decision

How to Attract a Libra Man


How to Attract a Libra Man. The Libra man is an analytical man who needs time to think.  The way to attract a Libra man is to stimulate his mind with great conversation that makes him think about things.  The topic may be anything from philosophical ideas, education, or even politics and religion.

The Libra male isn’t interested in simple minded conversation.  He wants to have conversations only with people who are into a greater level of thinking.

The Libra man is a symbol of air and refinement.  Although he loves to analyze things, the Libra man is also very interested in peace.  He doesn’t like to constantly argue with his partner.

The Libra male wants peace in a relationship, so nagging him may scare him away.  The Libra male will even avoid confrontation and do whatever it takes to stop an argument.

If you want to attract a Libra man, you need to keep up appearances and be socially acceptable.  Libra males are not shallow, but they want what is perfect in the world, so they hold beauty and intelligence at a higher level than shallow, ordinary looking girls.

The Libra man likes to travel to places where he can analyze and learn things such as historical landmarks, museums, or other educational places.

How to attract a Libra man? through open conversation relating to things he is interested in while keeping the conversation light.

The Libra male is interested in all forms of art.  If you want to attract him, plan a trip to an art museum, lunch, and an afternoon of learning.  The Libra male will fall for anyone who stimulates his mind and also enjoys nature’s beauty in the world.  If you enjoy all of these things, then you will surely attract a handsome, compatible Libra male.

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Dating a Libra man


 How to approach him for the first time


when you approach this man for the first time, it’s good to come at him with a light-hearted feel. He likes a woman that’s friendly and gracious. Someone that shows a side of her that is lovely and delightful.

The kind of relationship he is looking for is one that  has a lot of balance within it. A relationship where there is a lot of equality between the two people. He’s not the type of guy that wants it to be 80% him and 20% her.

This is the gentleman that has a keen eye for the aesthetic. He is attracted to women that are feminine in appearance, and that take care of themselves.

This doesn’t mean you have to be a supermodel gorgeous, it just means that you have to show that you care about yourself.

He is definitely not the type of guy that is crazy about women that are aggressive, or that come across boisterous or loud. This one trait can push him away faster than you could ever imagine.

If you are the one asking him out on a date, it’s best to do it in a way that’s going to be softer in nature. Don’t be aggressive in this case.


So you got your first date


Now this guy is a quintessential romantic man. He loves Romance and is into a woman that embraces the same values. He is equally happy whether it’s a candlelight dinner for two, or a social event that takes place in a pleasant ambiance.

To him the ambiance is what makes the date perfect.  Whether it be the candlelight, or the music that’s playing at that moment. All of those things are important to him.

Sexually speaking if you’re out to get him on the first date, this guy is a true lover. So if your intentions are to seduce him as soon as you possibly can, he will be ready and willing. By the end of the night you’ll have messy hair and won’t care if you choose to.

One thing that you do have to take into consideration is that he has very traditional values.


So you want to get out of a date with a Libra man


  •    dress like you don’t have a care in the world
  •    start cursing like a truck driver
  •    completely forget to brush your hair
  •  play some hard rock while you’re eating dinner

Libra Man Compatibility


Aries woman

This woman can easily fall in love with this guy and in return he can do the same thing.  The one thing though is out even though the flame can be lit pretty quickly, it can be extinguished just as fast.  This one has a medium compatibility match up. If they’re able to keep everything fresh things can  continue to happen.

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Taurus woman

These really are two different people that will have a hard time making a relationship work.  At first it will be a strong attraction towards each other, but as things continue to progress, both  will figure that the relationship doesn’t have very much to go on. This is more of a short-term relationship kind of situation. So the compatibility between them is pretty low.

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Gemini woman

These two together can make a pretty cute couple as they share many points of view with each other. Being that they’re both air signs they have a tendency to understand one another quite well. So there’s a high compatibility match in the making right here.  Something magical can happen.

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Cancer woman

This relationship can be full of a lot of misunderstandings and arguments between the two of them. Even though there’s very little compatibility between these two, if they both decide to put in enough work and love into the situation there’s a chance that they could work out.

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Leo woman

When these two form as a couple, they will find that they will have an easier time than most to make things work, even though they still will have issues in their relationship. He will see and feel her love and admiration, and in return he will give her the same thing. this is one of the better combinations for the Libra man.

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Virgo woman

These two together have very different personalities which can cause them to have a lot of arguments in the present and future.  They have a really hard time understanding each other on a lot of different levels.  So the compatibility between these two is pretty low.

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Libra woman

A lot of the times when you’re dating somebody from the same sign, you’ll find somebody that will understand you the way that you understand them. With her he’ll find what is considered Real and True Love. Sharing a relationship that is very intertwined with each other, and has the ability to last for a very long time.

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Scorpio woman

He is very attracted to Scorpio’s very mysterious type character. She very much admires Libra for a how he comes across as very diplomatic. These two with a little bit of work, can find that their relationship can be very balanced and stable. So there is a lot of compatibility between the two of them.

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Sagittarius woman

This woman attracts him easily because she brings him the optimism that he would really like to have in his life. He brings her the adventure that she needs and wants. So together they form a very high compatibility match up.

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Capricorn woman

These two don’t really make the best of couples. Libras a man that likes to have a little bit of freedom in his life and a lot of spontaneity. Whereas she likes to prefer more peacefulness and reassurance within her life and relationships. So their compatibility is on the low side. They may find themselves in a lot of arguments that will be hard to overcome.

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Aquarius woman

This is a woman that he feels that he can have a very comfortable relationship with. He is able to spend a lot of time with her, but at the same time will give him the Independence that he needs to be able to live his life as well.  So this combination together can make a very high compatibility match up.

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Pisces woman

This combination has a 50/50 chance of making it. They have an average compatibility due to the fact that their relationship can both have stability to it, but also have arguments that can be turbulent. This is one of those situations where a little bit of work can pay off to make the relationship a success.

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Erogenous zones


his zones  is the bum and the small of the back.  use gentle and firm strokes on both areas. This will get your man going.

Sex With A Libra Man


Libras were born to mate. This sign is always looking for a life partner even in the sack. If you’re it, lovemaking will be incredible; if not, ho hum.

This Venus ruled sign knows all about love so just follow his lead.

He will appreciate a beautifully decorated boudoir and he will be so disappointed if your undergarments weren’t selected to impress him. But keep it refined with the goddess ruled Libra; he’s wants sophisticated not savage.

Turn Ons: You’re happiest when you have lots in common with your mate, so you look for a gal who’s smart, refined, romantic, idealistic and generous. You’ll court each other years into your relationship and mark each anniversary with a meaningful touch.

Turn Offs: Head cases. Too much dependency or emotional volatility throws you and everything in your life out of whack. You want a balanced, harmonious, reliable relationship made up of two equals.

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How to Keep your Libra man around


don’t play any games

Libra is not a game player. So when they are looking for the one they want to be with they take it as serious as possible. They are looking for their one and only true love.  In order to win him over all you have to be is his other half. Don’t play games with this man as your only be wasting your time and his. With this man is what you see is what you get.

Help him decide on things

This is a man that has to weigh every decision that he makes. Whether that decision involves something that is of the utmost importance, or even something that has no significance whatsoever.  So let him weigh those decisions on his own. But if you see that he’s starting to get very frustrated as to which direction to go, step in and help him make that decision.

Show that you care about others

as everyone knows Libra is ruled by the planet Venus. So if you show compassion for your fellow womankind or mankind this guy will love it. Make him Swoon over your love for kids,or even Pet’s. Break out your copy of The Notebook and together you might both shed tears over it. One of the keys to his heart’s his emotion.

Don’t complain so much

He’s not a guy that can take a lot of stress at one time. So the best thing to do is not overload him with any problems that you’re dealing with that are minor. He will truly want to know everything that’s going on in your life that’s upsetting you or is in your mind, and he’ll care about everything as well. So only come to him with the things that you truly need help with.

Let him soar

This is a man that is looking for his soulmate in life. So in a relationship if he feels like you are the one he will never stray away from you. He will be yours heart, mind, body, and soul. If you start to look at him as a possession that will break the bond between you both. Just let him be him,and you will reap the rewards within your relationship anyways.

Let him be dominant

They say that you should never stand up to a cardinal sign, even specially a Libra. He won’t be dominant a lot of the times, because it doesn’t happen very often.  When it does though it’s probably not good to fight him on it because he’s probably right.

Look for justice

As everyone knows the symbol of Libra are the scales. Justice for all. This is a man that truly Believes In fairness for everybody. So try to be like him in thinking that way. Start thinking that everyone deserves an equal part of the pie.

Share your secrets with him

This is a man that loves to know everything you’re thinking on the deepest of levels. When you open up your heart to him and he sees that you’re doing that,it will take your relationship to new heights. He’ll look at it as forming a new bond with you, which will help start making him think that you are truly that one person that he was meant to be with.

Be his soulmate

like mentioned previously the one thing that this guy wants more than anything is to meet his soulmate in life. He does everything in his power to try and find her, and you could truly be it. All you have to know is what to give him in return. He wants to be loved by someone completely and unconditionally. He truly wants to be accepted for the man that he is. He’s not an easy guy, nor does he want to be. He knows he’s not perfect but he’s a good catch. If you can show him that you can give all of that to him, his eyes will light up. Just give him that once in a lifetime love and he will be yours.

seduce this man

This isn’t the type of guy that just says let’s get in the bed and get it on. He loves to be seduced by a woman. If you introduced him to more sensual pleasures, passionate and sensual moments, he’s going to become even more intoxicated with you. You will start to become his addiction.

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