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Libra Man – Sex, Attraction, And His Personality

Libra Man – This is the man who is simply too popular with women. He has the odd ability to relate to the opposite sex almost on a feminine level, like one of the girls and that kind of understanding works very much in his favor. He is charming, elegant and very refined as far as his esthetic sense goes. All the attention he gets makes him a bit spoiled, but he manages to get away with that too! Be warned though, if you don’t manage to catch his attention quickly, he’ll move on to a more promising prospect. His multiple experiences have most definitely made him a suave lover.

These men will spend a lot of time cultivating relationships. The Libra male not only wants a relationship, he wants a perfect love affair…. one where he can find the appreciation, understanding and even adoration that he craves. He is an idealist by nature and so is convinced that such a finding is possible.

He is the diplomat of the zodiac so very seldom will you find yourself in a quarrel with him. Chances are he’ll be able to find balance between what he wants and what you want. If, for some reason, upsetting incidents arise, he will surely walk away. He won’t engage in a fight because he never wants to give the slightest impression of being unreasonable.

As a lover, he’s outstanding. He tends to be knowledgeable about the human anatomy and add to that a very active erotic imagination…the combination is unparalleled! Lovemaking with him will always be a sensuous experience but make sure you always let him know just how good is what. He’s very responsive to admiration and flattery. And a happy Libra will only result in a much happier you, for sure!

Libra Man Traits

Lively and very intelligent and with the gift of the gab. Likes to make himself popular with everyone and in love is inclined to be fickle takes some holding on to. A dreamer, and a connoisseur of beauty when he finds that dream he will commit.

How to Attract a Libra Man

How to Attract a Libra Man. The Libra man is an analytical man who needs time to think.  The way to attract a Libra man is to stimulate his mind with great conversation that makes him think about things.  The topic may be anything from philosophical ideas, education, or even politics and religion.  The Libra male isn’t interested in simple minded conversation.  He wants to have conversations only with people who are into a greater level of thinking.

The Libra man is a symbol of air and refinement.  Although he loves to analyze things, the Libra man is also very interested in peace.  He doesn’t like to constantly argue with his partner.  The Libra male wants peace in a relationship, so nagging him may scare him away.  The Libra male will even avoid confrontation and do whatever it takes to stop an argument.

If you want to attract a Libra man, you need to keep up appearances and be socially acceptable.  Libra males are not shallow, but they want what is perfect in the world, so they hold beauty and intelligence at a higher level than shallow, ordinary looking girls.

The Libra man likes to travel to places where he can analyze and learn things such as historical landmarks, museums, or other educational places.   How to attract a Libra man? through open conversation relating to things he is interested in while keeping the conversation light.

The Libra male is interested in all forms of art.  If you want to attract him, plan a trip to an art museum, lunch, and an afternoon of learning.  The Libra male will fall for anyone who stimulates his mind and also enjoys nature’s beauty in the world.  If you enjoy all of these things, then you will surely attract a handsome, compatible Libra male.

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Sex With A Libra Man

Libras were born to mate. This sign is always looking for a life partner even in the sack. If you’re it, lovemaking will be incredible; if not, ho hum. This Venus ruled sign knows all about love so just follow his lead. He will appreciate a beautifully decorated boudoir and he will be so disappointed if your undergarments weren’t selected to impress him. But keep it refined with the goddess ruled Libra; he’s wants sophisticated not savage.

Turn Ons: You’re happiest when you have lots in common with your mate, so you look for a gal who’s smart, refined, romantic, idealistic and generous. You’ll court each other years into your relationship and mark each anniversary with a meaningful touch.

Turn Offs: Head cases. Too much dependency or emotional volatility throws you and everything in your life out of whack. You want a balanced, harmonious, reliable relationship made up of two equals.

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Libra Guy

Libra Guy