Gemini Woman (May 21 – June 20)

gemini woman

Gemini Girl

She is a jack-o-all trades, in other words, this chica is versatile. A great listener, charming, witty to boot, she is a great friend. She wants everyone to like her — even though she most certainly does not like everyone. She only likes her boys brainy, no empty-headed macho men. (why can’t all gals. . .) She is full of energy and always looking for new hobbies because she can’t stick to just one thing, she needs stimulus from all directions. As a result, she is sometimes a bit disorganized. But still, she sounds near perfect, eh? Well, she has this dark side: a place where she hates herself and doubts every move, every thought she’s ever had. So be a good friend to an upbeat Gemini girl and reap the rewards.

Gemini Woman – Men in general will agree upon the fact that Gemini women are enchanting and charming…they can cast a spell upon you instantly… but the downfall, many will also agree, is that they are extremely difficult to figure out.  It’s important that you keep in mind that they have a dual nature and thus, you won’t be so mind-boggled by her.  A part of her needs love and security but her strongest side calls for stimulation and novelty.  She’s big on pleasure and thus comes across as frivolous many times.

She’d secretly love to be a femme fatale but quite frankly, she doesn’t possess the patience, the time or the interest in most men that cross her path; they’re not interesting enough.  It’s extremely difficult for any one man to satisfy her on all planes (sexual, emotional and mental) and so there is usually more than one man on her string… in order to fulfill all her needs, variety needs to be the name of her game.

If you are out to be the only man in her life, this nature of hers is definitely a problem.  You’d have to be a very thorough mix of a man to keep her interested physically and mentally; if you achieve that, you can almost be sure she’ll be faithful for the long haul.  She possesses and endless sexual curiosity and is always willing to experiment… her response to sex is more physical than emotional because quite frankly, she never commits herself too deeply, or reveals too much of herself to anyone.

Don’t take her words at face value.  There will always be another motive behind her apparent one; even if she doesn’t quite see it herself.  She’s a woman of many masks but if you’re lucky enough to be the object of her love, you will see her true self, which is more than enough for any one man!

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Gemini Woman Traits


The lady who remains childlike and can’t sit still and talks endlessly is probably a Gemini. She is an infectious hostess at parties and has an incurable flirtatious nature. Any man who likes to be possessive is likely to be driven mad by her and the way she is able to charm and bewitch with the flick of an eyelid Mr. independent is what she craves, a man who is a man in every sense of the word and don’t expect her to come each time you call, she has a whole host of friends. Can she be faithful? Yes! but you have to earn it and keep up with all that wit!


Gemini Woman in Love


The sign of the Twins, the Gemini woman is on the quest for her astral twin or soul mate. If you’re lucky enough to be this person you’ll find love with this woman interesting, enduring, and brilliant.

The Gemini woman is one of dualistic characteristics. She craves love, security, and loyalty while at the same time she desires the new, innovative, and fresh aspects of life.

Love with a Gemini woman can’t be dull, conservative, or boring or she’ll be gone in no time at all. The Gemini woman craves an interesting, self confident, exciting partner who isn’t afraid to try new things.

Creative dates, conversations, or daily ventures are a sure way to keep this woman’s attention. Although she may be interested in you initially if you don’t keep it fresh this woman will become bored with you and move on to the next conquest without looking back.

The Gemini woman knows that to find true love she has to quickly put lost love and broken hearts behind her and she has a knack for being able to move on after failed relationships. After all she’s on the quest for her astral twin and won’t be delayed by relationships going nowhere.

Captivating (and keeping) the interest of the Gemini woman requires a person who is imaginative, fun, and adventurous al the while being nurturing and stable. Conservative partners need not apply.

Keep your relationship interesting and lively to capture this woman’s heart. But beware, the Gemini woman can prove to be jealous and possessive once she falls in love.

But don’t fear beneath the many faces of the Gemini woman lies a devoted, brilliant, and witty female who is sure to be enough to please any mate.

Impress the Gemini woman by talking intelligently about the topics you know best, don’t be afraid to try adventure in every aspect of this relationship, and you’ll win the heart of an intelligent, devoted woman with whom life will never be dull.  Never tell a Gemini you mistrust them. Gemini’s hate to be mistrusted and this could be a deal breaker.

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Turn Ons: An energetic intellectual. You love to banter, so if your guy’s shy, he’d better be  a good listener and a real brainiac. If the two of you look somewhat alike, that’s a plus, since Gemini is symbolized by the twins. Your man must like your friends and be comfortable in your scene.

Turn Offs: A moody, possessive homebody who wants to probe the dark recesses of your mind. If he expects you to stop flirting or commit quickly, you’re out the door, because you refuse to limit your social life.

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